Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can God be Man ?

Gen 1 vs 26 : “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,….”. Original Hebrew form of likeness is “דְּמוּת” meaning similitude. The physical appearance of man is therefore of God (Gen 1 vs. 27;  ) and when the word is put in the image, that image is God (John 1: 1-14).


  1. Can Man see God?

God came face to face with Jacob and Jacob touched his Hands (Gen: 32 vs. 30). When the word is not in the image of man, man cannot see God (Exodus 33: 20). But when he puts his word in the image of man, He becomes man Himself. Moses therefore spoke to God face to face (Exodus 33: 11, 20-23).


  1. Who is Leader Olumba Olumba Obu?

Leader Olumba Olumba Obu is the word made flesh (Rev 12:5, ) a fulfilment of a divine promise by Our Lord Jesus Christ (John 14: 15-16). As the word Himself, He has come to sanctify the world with His words (John 17:6-8), change man from sin to righteousness and establish absolute righteousness by setting up God’s Kingdom, a fulfilment of the third and last covenant between God and man (Heb 10: 16-17).


  1. Why do members of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star go Barefoot?

BCS members do not wear shoes especially inside the Bethel or any place of worship. Exodus 3:5 Act 7:33 – Romans 10:15, Luke 22-35


  1. Why do members of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star wear the white Soutane?

BCS members wear distinctive long white robes or garment called ‘Soutane’ or the “Royal Robe”. This garment is worn by all members regardless of their age or position within the Kingdom, to Bethels or outside the Bethel.Rev.3:4-5, 7:9 & 14. White soutane is the same raiment that Our Lord Jesus Christ wore when He was transfigured, Matt 17:2.