1st Lesson: St John 5: 30
“I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgement is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father, which hath sent me”

2nd Lesson: St John 12: 49-50
“For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak. And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak.”

Golden Text: St John 6: 45
“It is written in the prophets, AND THEY SHALL BE ALL TAUGHT OF GOD. Every man therefore, that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me.”

Beloved, this is the glory of God revealed in your midst for your benefit. This is in fulfilment of the scriptures – that in the days ahead, God would teach you everything. Today the Holy Spirit is in our midst, teaching us all things. A righteous one was sought after in heaven and earth, to open the seal; and to teach everyone written words in the book of God, but no one was worthy to open the book. It was for this reason, that our Lord Jesus Christ openly declared, that the Holy Spirit of truth would come and lead mankind to the accurate knowledge of truth. It is believed by all that there is no righteous person on earth.
God commissioned the prophets to come and teach human beings but when they arrived, they discovered that everyone derailed from the path of rectitude. Other sets of people went out, but they also found the world in that state of sinfulness. At the end of it all, He sent His only begotten son who declared to the world saying.
“I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. He will glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. All things that the Father has are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall show it unto you.” – St. John 16:12-15
This is not the time for you to emulate your fellow man. Rather, it is time we all should follow the Holy Spirit who is in our midst. He had stated:


That period mentioned is our present age. The Holy Spirit is now dwelling in us. He is our instructor teacher, Leader and the doer of all things. So, do not allow anyone to make you derail from the path of rectitude. Rather, be led by the Holy Spirit in you. As the heaven is higher than the earth, so also is the wisdom of God much greater than man. At times you would hear some church leaders asking their followers, to practise what they preach but not what they themselves do.
Some leaders advise their followers to refrain from eating the flesh, fornication, theft, falsehood etc., yet they are seriously indulging in those sins. Some of them advise their ‘flock’ to forsake fornication, but at the same time they are committing the act. They would even term such an act, holy. For now, God trusts no one. Hence, the Holy Spirit decides to come personally into the world to dwell in each and everyone. Our Lord Jesus Christ was a leader, taught by the Holy Spirit and for this reason. He was able to bring salvation to us. Our main problem is contingent on the fact that we are following individuals and not abiding by whatever advice the Holy Spirit gives us.
You have come into the Kingdom today, so that you should hear words from the horse’s mouth. It is your failure to do most of the things He advises you to do that account for your inexplicable problems in life. If it were not for the Father’s coming into this world at this end of time, the world would have perished. Whenever someone tells you something, before you react, listen to the spirit. By so doing, the Holy Spirit in you will discern whether the information is true or false. You will hear preaching, but the Holy Spirit in you will inform you that the word is not correct. At times, you may plan to do something and He tells you that plan is bad. Therefore, we have to abide by every piece of advice given us by the Holy Spirit at the expense of man’s advice. He is the one who sees things within and beyond.
The Holy Spirit does not only exist in 34 Ambo Street, but He is in the body of all His children wherever they are. He is our Leader and Teacher. Many that keep His teachings and instructions will He save. So the only person you have to emulate is the Holy Spirit.
You can find a person who was through the help of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, discharged and acquitted in the law courts returning to his former church. At the time, advises anyone who has problems to come to Brotherhood. You would also find such a person reviling and condemning Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. You need not look at such a person; rather you have to listen to the Holy Spirit in you and do all that He directs you to do. This is so because your salvation is contingent on His words.

The Father commissioned the angels and the prophets to come and teach mankind and salvage them. Unfortunately, not until He sent His only son to die, for the effective accomplishment of the task. Now, He has come by Himself to dwell with human beings and lead them in the right way. The golden text of this sermon has explicitly stated that the Holy Spirit will teach people and those who will keep His teachings will follow Him. We are really the luckiest of all the generations. Had it not been for the love of God, humbly accepting to dwell with us, we would all have perished. Therefore you should follow and emulate no other person other than the Holy Spirit. His teachings are wholesome, worthy of emulation. If you are given a vision for instance, all you need do is to listen to the Holy Spirit in you. By so doing, He informs you if the vision is correct or incorrect. Stop doing things out of your volition, as you have been doing in the days gone by, for God has now come to dwell with human beings on earth, though they do not know him. At times you do say that your heart tells you not to tell lies, commit fornication and indulge in the like sins. Note however, that it is not your heart that so directs you but the Spirit of God in you.
Christ was in the Spirit. He was the first person that God lived in; that is why He did everything according to the dictate of the Holy Spirit. Hence, He conquered. You are a witness to the fact, that on different occasions our Lord Jesus Christ was asked to heal the sick. He would wait for a while, to receive directives from the Holy Spirit, on how to go about healing the sickness. Thereafter, He would either place His hands on the patient’s head or take him by the hand or instruct him to take bath in a river depending on the Holy Spirit’s directives. Christ did nothing out of His own volition; therefore it is imperative that you do nothing out of your volition. A great number of you do make mistake by claiming that you are not being taught by anybody. If you are not being taught by anybody, how then do you have this wonderful knowledge?

Always inform people that God is teaching you.
When preaching to people, they must have the assurance, that you only say what the Holy Spirit directs you to, notwithstanding the reaction of the listener. There is a saying, that “an errand boy has never died for responding positively to his master’s instructions”.
Here in the Kingdom, it is the only one God existing that teaches all the people – Choristers, Pastors, Students, Christ Servants, or Children of God. You have but one God. Since it was destiny, that He would come and lead humanity, He has in earnest come to accomplish the set task.
If any person instructs you to fornicate or commit adultery with them, and claims, that the instructions are from God. No matter who the person is, or the position they occupy in the Kingdom; it is a woeful lie. God cannot, and will not instruct anybody to indulge in any sinful act. Also make the person to be conscious of the fact that God cannot instruct anybody to indulge in sins.
If a person tells you that God instructed him to tell you that you should embrace righteousness and be virtuous, you should keep to such instruction religiously because it is from God. In whatever fellowship and group you find yourself, always abide by any instruction given which is from God irrespective of the age, status, position and educational attainment of the person.
Here in this Kingdom, no one has the authorisation to do things out of their free volition. Nobody has a right to flout what the gospels ask us to do; instead, we should follow the Holy Spirit without resistance. Your problems emanate from the fact that you do not listen to the Holy Spirit in you. This is why you see most chairpersons, secretaries and other executive members of different organisations in this Kingdom not agreeing with one another. The reason is that, when this person tries to listen to the spirit, the other listens to the flesh. Consequently, their decision became conflicting. I am telling you the veritable truth that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is not of this world but from God.
If someone from another church informs you of instructions they received from God, and continue to advise you to fast and celebrate a love feast. Do exactly that, for it is from God. Never you shun the advice by claiming that he is not a member of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. In the same vein, if a member of Presbyterian church advises you, that God says, you should refrain from keeping the boyfriend you have been keeping. You will have to refrain from such an act, because the instruction is from God.

Many of you here long ago were asked to come here by the Father, but you refused. So your coming here today is not the work of the flesh and blood, but it is the will of God. However, having come here. Your problems have been solved. We are those who worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Many of you reject vision, regarding it as false. That is why you become annoyed and regret ever going on a ministry work to another place if a vision directs you to do so, and you will remark that such vision is a false one. You will then go on to quote that; “the Father has never been at the Village Square yet masquerade beats up his child at the same place”. Nothing would harm you in this Kingdom if you were obedient to the Father” yet it is your act of disobedience that deprives you of the Father’s protection and blessings.
It is advisable to be in the spirit, and by so doing we would not do what pleases the flesh. There is a saying that anyone who lives according to the dictate of the flesh shall die, while someone who lives according to the dictate of the spirit shall live forever. We do not have any business in segregating against non-members and embracing our members. Rather we should love everybody equally. Your coming here this week depicts that you are all crusaders. You are all soldiers of God. You have all been commissioned by the Father to come into the Kingdom this week.
Before now, when the Father used to call you, you would resist the call into this Kingdom and imbibe the gospel from the horse’s mouth. You would attribute your inability to respond to the call to financial problem. It is high time you all come into the Kingdom from all parts of the world to imbibe gospels from the horse’s mouth. Believe fervently that by your coming to 34 Ambo Street, your testimonies are on the way, and all your problems are no more. Here in the Kingdom, there is no sickness, healthy, poor or rich, beautiful or ugly, person. For we are all one in the Lord.
Some of you lament that you do not hold any position of responsibility in this Kingdom. I would love to ask you whether you are not a Brotherhood? Never allow such thought to disturb you, instead, always listen to the spirit and abide by the instructions He gives you. By so doing, you are all right. He is the Father who sends one on an errand and goes along to accomplish the task by Him. He does everything. So it is insignificant for you to claim that you are illiterate, inexperienced, wretched, etc. As such you cannot do anything. He has even told you not to be anxious of what you would speak. When you are faced with any difficulty, the Holy Spirit will delivers you, it is not you who speak, but the spirit of the Father in you. This is a proof that He is the one who does all things for us.
God knows what is good and would always enjoin you to do only what is good. He knows that respecting the leaders is good, hence, He admonishes you to be obedient to them. Therefore, if a person tells you that God says you should disobey your leader, you should discard such advice and make it clear to him that such advice does not come from God. Let no person stop you from being charitable to the needy, orphans, destitute, widows, etc., for it is God’s instruction that such people should receive care. He has also enjoined you not to begrudge anyone or to be recalcitrant in your matrimonial homes. He has also enjoined us not to behave as if we were hopeless and comfortless, but to put everything into prayer. In addition, we have to practise the word of God. As many that have received baptism into this Kingdom, are the soldiers of God. Their assignment is to serve God every day of their lives. Read the first lesson again:

1st Lesson St John 5: 30
“I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgement is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me”

As a sequel to the above excerpt, you are not the owner of yourself. Rather, it is God who owns you. He is also the one to instruct and lead you, and so, you, should refrain from speaking and doing things out of your free volition. In the compound where you live, there are virgins, even though the Father has been requesting virgins, to be brought here to serve Him. Although they are yet to come, whenever the spirit in them persuade them to come, they would all be here because this is not the time that people do things out of their free volition. The Father is often talking to us and directing us on what to do.
As the international chairperson of this Fellowship testified, there was a child of God in Lagos whom the Father commissioned to go to the prison and preach to people there. At the completion of the assignment, about thirty prisoners received baptism into this Kingdom. So this is a proof that it is the Father who directs all to accomplish every task. Anyone who does things out of his or her free volition cannot please God. Hence, they will surly die, whereas a person, who works according to the Holy Spirit’s directive, would live.
The Holy Spirit who is in our heart is jealous and desirous of our service. He needs us so seriously to avert being condemned along with other people of the world. We are God’s temples, but the people of the world are not aware of this fact. However, the Holy Spirit reveals it that we are His temples. Hence, we should not defile ourselves with sin, particularly fornication. We should live according to the dictate of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, if there is something you vowed not to resolve in your life, but the Holy Spirit directs you to resolve the situation, be sure you abide by that directive.
There is a brother in Warri – Delta State, who was given a vision by a small boy, to go on a ministry work to three stations. At the end of it, he should celebrate Feast. This brother who is a Pastor, instead of abiding by the vision, decided to scold the boy, and saw the boy as an inconsequential person. The boy reiterated to the Pastor, that the vision was from God. That non-compliance with it would result in his dismissal from office, divorce by his spouse, selling of his car and house, and that he would not have a place to shelter his children.
Despite the emphasis, the Pastor scoffed at the vision because it came from a poor small boy. In a characteristic way, the Pastor refused to obey the vision. By then, he was a boss in his place of work and had many houses and properties. After one year, the Pastor was dismissed from work. His wife left him. He sold all his property and did not have refuge for his children. Finally, he came here and testified, advising other members that no one should scoff at the Holy Spirit’s directives. So many people are disobedient and stubborn.

The scripture says:
“If we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged. But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world” (Corinthians11:31-32).

A true child of this Kingdom does not belong to any particular Bethel. Instead, they go into every nook and cranny of the world, serving the Father according to the instructions from the Holy Spirit. This explains why we have the song, ‘My disciples be ever ready by day and by night’. Do not give directives to people out of your free volition. Instead, instruct people as the Holy Spirit in you directs. Make sure you direct according to the Holy Spirit’s directive, irrespective of the position of the person you are sent to, so that you might be justified for being obedient. The receiver of the message may receive judgement accordingly, depending on his response to the instruction.
Since we have knowledge of the fact that His advice is life everlasting. We should be obedient to Him and make sure we do not resist an evil doer. The contentment of all couples with their partners is essential. On no account should you commit adultery with someone’s husband or wife. On no account must you be harsh with your children. Never segregate against any person or group of persons, but accept every one. Husbands and wives should respect each other; because a couple is one, you need to endure each other. God is not lazy and He is not an idle Being. That was why Christ said that His Father worketh hitherto and He works. Therefore God cannot instruct anybody to be a parasite. Instead, He gives everyone the ability to find for his daily bread.
Read the second lesson again
2nd Lesson St. John 12: 49-50
“For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak. And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak.”

Make sure you refrain from adding to or subtracting from the Father’s instructions, and do not ever do what the Father does not ask you to do. In short, whenever you wish to put any message that is from God across to the listeners, tell the people the message as you receive from God as His advice constitutes life eternal.
Here in this Kingdom, it is the dictates of the Holy Spirit that everyone adheres. Besides, it is not the knowledge of education, or wealth acquisition, or beauty that is used to accomplish many spiritual assignments. Rather, it is the Father’s directives, which are used as imputes to accomplish every spiritual work in this Kingdom. The knowledge, power, and doctrine that are here in the Kingdom are not of this world, but from God.
There lived a woman who was revealed to go and minister prayers on a pregnant woman, but she refused. As a result of that, the pregnant woman gave birth to a premature child. The woman (a visioner) became lame, a price she paid for her negligence of duty. This is the cause of most problems of many people in this Kingdom.
There was also another person asked to undertake ministry work to three stations, but he refused. As a consequence, his plague was hernia. He took the sickness to hospital, it was not an easy thing to be identifying, but each time he came back home, and the hernia would re-appear. One day, he decided to go on the ministry work as was directed. Where he went, the demarcation was a river. Hence, he crossed the river to the place. While on his way to the place he felt like defecating and as he went into a nearby bush to defecate, he observed at that spot, that the hernia disappeared to date.
There are many stories here in the Kingdom for you. Moreover, your disobedience deprives you of such joy and glory. There are some people here in the Kingdom who have stayed for up to three decades, without consulting medical doctor for any sickness. Rather, what they do when they are sick, is knock their heads on the ground, fast, pay tithe, give free will offering, etc., healing them of their sickness. So there is no sickness, fear, deceit, loneliness, etc., here in the Kingdom.
Your problem emanates from the fact that you have failed to understand that the words imparted to you are from God; hence, you act contrary to them. Here in the Kingdom all the things done and words spoken are from God. You should therefore discard the habit of treating the word of God with levity. The shoe that we do not put on, and all other doctrines practices here in the Kingdom, are not pronounced by Me to be practised. Rather, it is the Father who pronounced such practices. The word of the Father is efficacious and that is why I do not toy with it and do not wish any of you to toy with it. Always be charitable to the needy and widows, for these people are Brotherhood. Never impute sin to anyone. Do not hate and begrudge anyone, for these are the words of God.
Always listen to the Holy Spirit at every time, and make sure you abide by His injunctions. Whatever He directs you to do, you must. Never allow financial problem to debar you from doing whatever God advises you to do. Any time you set of to do whatever God directs you. He is ever ready to accomplish such assignment for you by himself. The scripture has it that, as many as hear God’s word would follow Him. So always listen to Him and do not doubt His instructions, for by so doing you would be His, and salvation is yours. Do not fail to relate God’s message to whoever it is meant for, and do not claim to be a visioner. You are all visioners of God, and His mouthpiece.

submit yourself to Him always, and make sure your hope and boast is in Him. In so doing, He would lead you to the accurate knowledge of truth. Establish your faith and hope in Him. Do all that He directs you to do for his directives are true and wholesome. When the angel of God advised Joseph to flee with our Lord Jesus Christ, so that He would escape being killed by Herod, there was no trouble in the city. Joseph did not raise an objection to the instruction. In the same vein, you have to emulate what Joseph did by always keeping to whatever advice God gives you without asking questions. Read the Golden text again:

GOLDEN TEXT St. John 6: 45
“It is written in the Prophets, and they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore, that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me.”

Beloved, following the excerpt above, it is a veritable truth, that as many as imbibe God’s words and practice them, would follow Him. While those who do not imbibe His words, and refuse to practice them. He would condemn. The many that do things out of their free volition, at the expense of God’s directive, would receive perdition as their reward. Let us be the set of Crusaders who imbibe and practise His words, so that we are called Crusaders by example.
When Saul attempted to kill David, David went and hid in a certain bush. Then God made it clear to David, that should he continue to hide there, Saul would kill him. He should therefore flee from the place. Immediately, David fled the place. You always sing that the spirit of the living God should come and lead you, as it is written, that He shall lead. There is no statement that neither a person nor an angel shall lead. Instead, it is the Holy Spirit who is to lead. Therefore, shun all other people’s leadership and subject yourself to His leadership alone.
The children of God are often informed of what would happen, before such event takes place, so that there is nothing happening in the world, which surprises them.
If you have not been taking the word of God seriously before. You should start now to practise them seriously. Whenever you are faced with one tribulation or the other, He is always there to tell you that the tribulation is a price for your disobedience, or is to test your faith in God. So always listen to Him so that you will be able to face any tribulation that befalls you with confidence.
If God instructs you not to board nor drive any vehicle throughout a certain interval of time, make sure you do just that. This is because there is a reason for giving you such instruction.

During Men’s Fellowship with the Father last week, the international chairman of the Fellowship testified, that when he came here last April, he knew that the Father would not fail to wash his feet among the twelve apostles. Hence, he decided to stay on till that night. Now a day to that day, one of the brethren who came with him that time, wanted him to accompany him home. The brother did not remember what he resolved to do and so he accompanied the brother home. On their way, they had a motor accident. During the time the Father performed the washing of the feet, the Father asked about this brother only to be informed that he had left for home. This brother blamed himself for being disobedient to the Father’s advice. This constitutes the problem we have in this Kingdom.
Disobedience brings diverse problems to human beings. That is why those whom the Father reveals Himself to and they refuse to recognise and embrace Him often have problems, as testified by many of our brethren.

Let those who have ears hear. May God bless His Holy Words. Amen.

Thank you Good Father.