Do not leave sin too late …repent

This Everlasting Gospel delivered by the Sole spiritual Head, KING of Kings and LORD of Lords of the Universe, LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU, is remarkable for its timely warning and intense pronouncements.
Although painstaking care has been taken to translate the sentences and expressions from their original flawless vernacular into the English Language, that attempt to mediate these everlasting Word of God can only be approximate. The occasionally repetitive rhetorics of this homily are to emphasise the depth, power and seriousness of the AUTHOR and THE WORD.
Readers who make the effort to absorb the contents, not intellectually but spiritually, cannot fail to discern that illumination which is essentially the birthright of the Children of God as it is only they who “hear the word of God’ (John 8:47)
It is advisable not to treat this message with contempt because it has not been accompanied by a whirlwind advertorial with raging reviews; trumpeting headlines nor high profiled celebrity campaign. Indeed, most relevant messages remain so by their straightforwardness and sheer simplicity. This is it!

Now takes the supreme privilege and pleasure of presenting to all and sundry the WORD of the Almighty God as expressed in THE FINAL NOTICE.

PREAMBLE: 1. Hear the word of God …
(Response: Thank you Father!)
2. You may fall down on your faces… indeed, fall down on your faces in worship of the Almighty God…
3. Our God is no respecter of persons …

1st Lesson
“I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.” 1 Timothy 4: 1-2(KJV)

2nd Lesson
“Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, nut on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house; Let you light so shine before men, that they may see your good work, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”. Matthew 5:15-16(KJV)

Golden Text
“And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them. And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and
brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.” Revelation: 20:8-1O(KJV)

This message is brought up for every variety of persons and groups within the entire Universe and these include:
* those who lack faith … who do not stand firm;
* those who glory in being obstinate;
* those who claim to be in possession of personal and family shrines and fetishes and those who claim affiliation with magic, enchanters and other forms of divination and demigods …

To these people I strongly urge them to stand firm because this gospel is particularly meant for them. Furthermore, the gospel is equally directed to:
* all those who feel scornful, highly positioned and therefore claim to lead
* all those who continuously harass the household and the family of God.
* all those who lay claim to various aspects of power, prowess and feats of strength
* those who believe they are capable of performing a variety of wonders even to the extent of boasting more hard-heartedness than the pig-headed Pharaoh
* himself if the same era were to be replicated or re-enacted today…
To all these assortments of persons, I further urge that they stand firm and gird their loins because something ominous has piled up and is looming closer and closer than ever before.

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE … A glimpse of the danger…
Therefore, arising from this impending doom, I counsel that you go and spread this message to all and advise those who seek life to climb down in absolute humility and total self-abnegation; in obedience to, and ready compliance with, the instructions of the Almighty God.
This instruction is compelling because the imminent war is not physical but a spiritual one which peculiarly defies and maintains a total difference from all conventional weapons like clubs and cudgels: slings / bows /arrows; guns / tanks and inter-continental ballistic missiles. It is the War of the Lord’s Day already foretold by a religious anthem, which eloquently reveals that:

“It is the fullness of time and the Father has ordered:

• death to commence its work
• swords to commence their work
• plagues to commence their work
• famine to commence its work
• and ALL other weapons of death to commence their work”
Have you not witnessed these events lately …?

Verily, whoever fails to acknowledge the supremacy of God deserves pity. He does not appreciate what is steadily coming on which, to put is succinctly, is complete extinction. Advise all and sundry; advise yourselves with equal vehemence and sincerity that all should turn towards the path of rectitude. Furthermore, while you are on this mission, avoid the hypocrisy of double standards, lies, deceits, dissimulation and contentions because the times are not to be toyed with although God intends that all be saved.
Indeed, He comes with many destructive weapons, which I cannot recount, to you. In my usual way, when I am about to end any sermon, 1 will conclude by requesting those who have ears to hear … which is exactly my intention so that none will claim ignorance of this message.

If you embark on a war with some 10,000 men against an opponent confirmed to be ready with an overwhelming 20,000 similarly equipped warriors, is it not advisable that you hasten towards a truce and an eventual peace treaty to avert the alternative of your being completely wiped out? BE WARNED to desist from harbouring the wrong notion that God is incapable of any measured response when challenged! I assure you that God can respond in any way. If only people knew what has already transpired and what is about to happen, none would warn anybody against the practice of ANY evil no matter how little … even when such an evil appears as ordinary as offering a rebuke; extending an insult and or expressing anger. The weapons in question are not physical armaments, but spiritual and unseen; and nothing in the world can alter their set goals and objectives when unleashed.
Emphatically, be assured that God’s weapons defy all combined super-power (Britain, United States and Russia) containment.

GOD’S WEAPON IS THAT SWORD; be not deceived … repent…
Therefore, let us hear and heed this admonition, hence 1 am using today, the first day of the week to make this clarion call to all those who take God’s much vaunted vengeance as a distant joke and cynically wonder whether or where God has got missiles, warships and war planes. Such a misconception merely raises the question as to whether these physical armaments are, in fact, anything to go by. All the physical weapons when compared with the spiritual ones are mere toys fit for the scrap – heap. Know ye therefore that the real weapon is:
* the SWORD that proceeds from His mouth
* that SWORD that proceeds from the mouth of God…
that sword is what He uses to discipline, within a second, all those who act in defiance of His ordinance. The whole world put together has no weapon and therefore no defence at all. Our only defence is to completely submit to God and depart from evil.
Do not wait to be told to abstain from sin. Refraining from all manner of sinfulness is the only way to save you from the impending doom.
Some examples of these weapons of war available here include the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, otherwise referred to as AIDS; Diabetes; Kwashiorkor; Cancer; Asthma etc. the totality of which are not only numerous but defy any therapy and can, without any warning, render one useless within a moment. Therefore, today’s admonition is to enable you refrain from murder, lies, stealing, fornication, adultery, deceits and all other acts of sinfulness which evil people wrongfully associate with heroism or power. In their thinking, to forego these tendencies denies them of a preconceived aggressive valour. Please be NO MORE a hero in committing evil.
Be assured that all displays of power and negative greatness have received the death knell and had been finished with.

Emphatically the weapons available here are not physical ones. BE WARNED! Yes, Brotherhood, it is claimed, warns that to avoid perdition, all manner of evil like murder, stealing; armed robbery, adultery, fornication stubbornness etc should stop.
It further urges that we live in peace, anger not; express love and humility in order to escape this on-coming spiritual war. It advises that you should NOT RESIST if anyone threatens you so as NOT to divest yourself of this everlasting life to which we are all entitled … otherwise, you will find yourself highly disadvantaged.
Should you insist on following the path of vengeance I will merely waive you a sorrowfully resigned goodbye. Since you can neither control nor combat this on-coming onslaught, the only way out is to abstain from all evil and adhere sheepishly to the instructions of the Almighty God.

Brethren, I say these things with absolute zeal and conviction and I FURTHER assure you that the conviction, enthusiasm and zest with which I say all you are hearing today far exceed those of the distant past. If you were to know what is on going, you would pity all murderers, armed robbers and the obstinate ones. In reality, none can afford to be obstinate. Let our FIRST LESSON be re-examined.
“I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.” 1 Timothy 4: 1-2(KJV
Even the prophecies of Our Lord Jesus Christ disclosed to the disciples in the Scripture regarding the End-of-Time upheavals, do not constitute one-tenth of what is about to happen. You will see; for instance, that a whole country, like Nigeria or indeed, an entire continent like the Americas disappear completely from the earth? Can you imagine the whole landmass of Africa and its contents ceasing to exist in just one day? These days, European nationals of the world powers, with all their knowledge, technological advancement in arms etc. are lying low with dreaded silence. Do you still find nationals of these countries brag and arrogate airs of superiority to themselves? These observations only confirm that evidence has convincingly emerged of something which nobody ever imagined or expected would happen. Therefore, if things should be like this with the so-called men and nations of eminence, what do you think of yourselves who, by the usual yardsticks, are no better? Is it not safe for all to remain quiet and live in humility allowing the Almighty God to freely shower his grace, mercies and salvation on us…? BE WARNED! Be equally assured that against this spiritual warfare:
* death can not compete with it:
* ailments/plagues have no power over it;
* wants cannot measure up to it;
* swords/machetes and guns and all those physical weapons with which we pride ourselves and hope upon are nothing to go by.

It is for this reason that we in this fold are unperturbed and I advise that you NEITHER deter NOR fear any of those who threaten you with armed robbery; assassinations; deceits and vexations of all kinds. Dare these people and give them ample opportunity to exhibit their nuisances so that they can come face to face with that disarming and disciplinary FORCE/POWER which was revealed to Nebucchadnezzar (as interpreted by Prophet Daniel) and summarised as follows: –
‘…that before the end of time, various forces/powers will flourish and operate in sequence ……… but at the of it all, ONE particular force/power will emerge to dominate, subdue and swallow EVERY other power/force before it. … … ‘
Now, consider or think over those words. If all of you here were to have the knowledge of hearing and heeding these admonitions, men of anger including armed robbers etc, would crawl on their knees in repentance and would be so deterred from crime to the extent that monies piled up in unguarded and unsecured drums would remain untouched as they would never be stolen by thieves or armed robbers. Were all assassins, troublemakers, men of anger, thieves etc. to know what this End-of Time portends, none would question this message except to heed the charge urging us:
‘In the Name of Jehovah God and His Christ to preach the word of God in and out of season reprove and admonish with patience, long suffering, compassion and tolerance in every way possible.’
because of the great disaster awaiting mankind. Its form and nature can never be imagined or described. The vernacular adage says:
“neither its tail nor head can be ascertained … “
Brethren, something is both heating up and fusing close to explosion! The song just raised translates this message as:
“Let the sinner think of himself to avert perdition even in the face of all the agony and suffering (of Christ) on the cross.
and its relevance is not in doubt.

TESTIMONY OF THAT POWER … In the offensive
Recall that when recently, the Nigerian Government sent in armed troops to put down disturbances between two warring communities within its Niger Delta region, series of ironies emerged. Firstly, the armed troops sent to disarm and keep the rioters at bay found themselves, to their utter surprise, inexplicably disarmed by the two warring factions on both sides! Secondly, members of the Brotherhood of the Cross & Star, operating within the vicinity of both communities and without any physical weapon whatsoever, became the ones who kept the peace and provided the welfare for all sides. Thirdly, although unarmed, both warring groups entreated members to keep away from, and not to walk in their white garments, near or around some designated areas. It was reported that these outing activities deadened or neutralised the talisman or fetishes used to prosecute the communal war! Have you heard that? Do you know, brethren, that you are all antidotes or tranquillisers and neutralisers to appease any force whether physical or spiritual? Most of you within this kingdom are not even aware of the implication of the power available here and with which you are fortified … how much more the implication of this kingdom! Know fully well that once dressed in this white garment after baptism, you are robed in Christ and fittingly identified as a ‘fearsome being’!
But, quite frankly, do you know this? that you are all fearsome beings? Does anyone know this much?

Let me refer you to the testimony about a male flirt who sought to enchant a young sister of this fold as his sex partner and so consulted a confessed magician (now a member) to prepare the charms that will seduce the girl for his purpose. After several attempts to lure the young lady into a sexual relationship, the magician confessed all his devilish efforts to the lady and asked her what sort of protection she had that so continuously defied all his magical charms directed to affect her. The poor girl did not even know what answer to give, as she did not know whether she was invested with any power or not…! WHO amongst you all here knows whether he or she is spiritually empowered or protected? Who, in fact, knows himself or herself? Ironically, most of you are still afraid of one thing or the other.
But the day year eyes (including those of evil doers, will open, none will steal nor commit any act of sin. Note that only one day the entire world will be silenced into submission and acceptance and peace will reign. To make this emphatically clear, I am not saying that this will happen in two days; I say it will happen in just ONE DAY – the very day the implication of this Kingdom of the Brotherhood of the Cross & Star is made known to you. Know also that only one angel can devastate the entire world in a second.
Do you know this…?

you who claim that you are not in subjection to any power/force

you who claim that you are indifferent to what any man says

you who claim that even The Almighty God descending from above cannot deter you from your pet intention or chosen course of action?
Do you know what God is? Some of you even pretend to be God.
Does that Name not frighten you? Well, I stand in awe and fear of that name! The song rendered which translates as:
“Olumba has overcome the war … The work of the flesh has ended”.
should be fully noted. Let our 2nd Lesson be read again:
“Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, nut on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house; Let you light so shine before men, that they may see your good work, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”. Matthew 5:15-16(KJV)

Brotherhood of the Cross & Star has manifested itself in its true and powerful perspective to the good of every person and all accepts it as the last hope of mankind and of the entire world. Nevertheless certain persons/groups/communities do rise to attack it in some ways as was the case recently where a community summoned one of my missionaries of one our healing homes to a Kangaroo Court and ordered him to disclose the source of healing power so freely displayed and prevalent in the Brotherhood of the Cross & Star. If he failed, they reportedly insisted, the establishment should be closed down and be taken elsewhere.
Anyone who happens to come from that community should be in fervent player. If one had never heard of Brotherhood of the Cross & Star, it is herein made clear that the action from that community tantamount to unbridled effrontery: but none will challenge those who engage in such unworthy enterprise. They will be properly encouraged BECAUSE that happens to be one of the dramatic ways with which the Almighty God encircles those he wishes to use for His services.
LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE …as repercussions are disastrous…
The Almighty God does not engage in warring ventures but wants us to live in peace. This notwithstanding, certain baits exist which lead many fools to wade into where angels fear to thread only for the former to get totally quagmired. Note that if you do not tempt God, nothing uncomfortable happens to you. Some people exist who have negative traits, which they wisely recognise and thoughtfully suppress or keep in check. On the other hand, there are also some others who, though aware of their shortcomings, thoughtlessly allow themselves to be carried away by a compelling longing to be heroic or to boost their ego only to get entrapped by the disciplinary force prevailing here. So also are some other people whose time has been duly appointed by providence to confront the Brotherhood. . And in so doing, get caught up in the exercise.
These latter categories of persons are reminiscent of a man who contemplates suicide and goes to play with the tail of a serpent and the local pidgin English puts it as:
‘trouble dey sleep, nyanga go wake am’
which translates classically as:
“trouble serenely lies asleep only for empty and curious pride to incite it to furry”
The insult of detaining, coupled with the idle and vain cross-examination of that Brother (as to the powers inherent in this Kingdom: so brazenly displayed by that community referred to above will attract its proper repercussion in due course; and all who are wondering what will happen as a result of that brinkmanship will watch the full drama as it unfolds for them to see or hear… PLEASE BE WARNED that most communities did pass through that ordeal! Know ye all that Brotherhood of the Cross & Star is irresistible and unassailable. It comes up ANYWHERE and at ANYTLME and manifests itself at will and has no pleading whatsoever with any person or group. These admonitions as herein NOTIFIED are not only for those who resist it but includes all those who engage in ungodly acts.

THERFORE, brethren, I further repeat my counselling that we all labour to promote love because the world has seen this illuminating light radiating from, and the salvation available in the Brotherhood whose virtues are no longer hidden. Allow nothing to startle or frighten you. Even if the entire world including armed assailants were to gang up against you with various armaments, do not fear because they are all bound for destruction in the great fire. Neither invite nor deter them but continue steadfastly to enable the result of your good works to unfold; for it is through your excellent accomplishments that the Almighty God attracts those destined for salvation to come in. Since you do not catch a thief in your vineyard by noisy alarm, so also you cannot extend this clarion call by noise and alarm but by silently focussing your radiance for all to behold and gain entrance into the household of the Almighty God.

Very soon, you will not find ONE single armed robber in Nigeria even in Africa. Neither even magicians nor assassins etc will operate to due course. Even now, those things merely exists in your various imaginations based on the fears you harbour over people’s ability to harm you with ordinary moulded scarecrows, disguises etc. When you allow your mind to be disturbed, you falter and are dead even before you realise it.
When you have the accurate knowledge of the truth over these dramatised and illusory fetishes, divination, etc.; you will move with confidence without any bother. All those fears based on make-believe fetishes; divination, demigods, magic etc. are mere illusions. They are all groundless and do not exist. Be it known that this is:

the era of the Almighty God

the era of peace

the era of love

the era of oneness
An era which is devoid of anger and rancour. Therefore I plead that we all live in love and peace. If you wish to do good, go ahead; otherwise stay quiet, humble, meek and, with sustained merciful disposition. WATCH with your eyes and await what is unfailingly looming closer and closer. God does not wish that we perish; His enduring patience operates to give us sufficient NOTICE for repentance despite our vain utterances. This should not be mistaken for weakness or inability to control the situation.
He is merely ensuring that His promises are kept despite our continuance in evil doings. Inevitably, the wisdom of our ancient sages which warns that:
“The stubborn chicken heeds instructions in the pot of soup (that is after it has been slaughtered)”
will operate against all infidels and rebels. When warnings and admonitions have been persistently drummed into your ears persuading you to desist from sinful acts of murder; stealing; lies; adultery, fornication etc. etc, and you reject all these, it takes only one day for the repercussions to affect the unrepentant ones adversely. God is no respecter of persons and we all know that He only has to blaze forth his frown for us to fall by the sword.
PREACHING IS MANDATORY … No matter the circumstances

If you: lack money

Lack strength

have no house

lack good health or are ill and, whatever your problems may be,
try to entreat and admonish people with pleadings, by going from house to house and urging them to abandon sinfulness anger, malice, counting sins for others and refrain from challenging the will of God but to maintain a lowly, humble and meek posture. BE WARNED! as there is neither repentance nor salvation in the grave. All things have been accomplished, truly fulfilled and the era of the Almighty God properly ushered in and effectively established.
The song that translates as:
“All things have come to manifestation/fulfilment; I am the Alpha and the Omega. Halleluyah, Amen”
remains significant and valid today.

THE FINAL NOTICE.. No other power exists
After such a long rope, this is the FINAL NOTICE I am giving to the entire world Do not misconstrue its finality to mean that Brotherhood of the cross & Star is cowardly or fearful of any situation; powerless: incapable of any imagined feat that the brain of man can conceive … Indeed, what can the Kingdom not achieve … ?
Nothing is beyond its reach. It is EVERYTHING. It is the beginning and the end.
All the heavenly hosts and the earth know it including the waters beneath. All things created and uncreated submit to it … including the angels. Therefore, the emphatic question remains to be:
‘WHO are you to flout instructions and neither hears nor heeds the Word of God? ? ? !!!
Have you ever heard of its fame? Even as far back as the time of Lot when his wife was asked to proceed without a pin out of Sodom and not to look back…
But for merely remembering her treasured trinket box and looking back in disobedience she has remained, till today, a pillar of salt. This syndrome will affect a number of people so as to firmly establish the word of God; as I see no reason, despite warnings, for continued disobedience to the ordinances of God. Even Europeans have relaxed their tendencies towards sin and other insulting and contesting acts of pretending to be God with or within any of the elements. Know that no other power exists either on land, air, water, fire etc. What you witness here is nothing but the real power of The Almighty God who Himself has made His dramatic advent. Meanwhile let me say this to you all: tell all and sundry including mothers and fathers; brothers and sisters; sons and daughters; parapsychologists and fetish priests; contenders or and war mongers that all those beggarly elements hitherto regarded as symbolising power, (whether in physical weaponry or magic etc) have been confined to oblivion and are no longer in existence. They should come forward and obtain peace.
Another song which translates as:
‘No other power takes dominion except God’s rulership and glory which is everlasting’
is valid please.

Next, I say this to clarify the points raised by that incident (already referred to above) where that member of this fold was subjected to detention and cross examination over the source of power inherent in this kingdom. Neither he nor any of the members present at that gathering know or knew exactly what to say in answer to that vain and harassing cross-examination. In answer to that question, let me tell you this … listen and you will see it now… That all surmounting power:

which defies water

which is an awesome thing even feared by the waters….

which will set these mighty oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and rivulets ablaze…
and not a single hay, whether in the heavens above nor within the earth beneath will be left untouched EXCEPT He, that Almighty power that pervades and prevails and which will remain unfazed, unshaken and immovable … This power as herewith confided is neither from men …

nor from any demigod

not from magic

not through money

not from spirit

nor the angels nor any other
thing to be conceived of but from:
Therefore, we MUST have to fear Him … and, if you were a stubborn child, please turn a new leaf…

Our Lord Jesus the Christ did forewarn that:
“all that was done to me will be extended to you if they believed me, they will believe you also; if they disbelieved me, they will disbelieve you also. I tell you this so that none would have any excuse to absolve himself”
Again, when Jesus the Christ used questions to answer questions: when the Jews prompted by idle curiosity confronted Christ with a question as to the source of his power; whether from man; our Lord’s rejoinder was similarly questioning as to demand the source of John’s baptism; whereby both the admission of the baptism being from God was as fatal as its denial. In their limitation, they chose and claimed ignorance to hide the fact that if John’s baptism were to be advertised as sourced from God, the issue of their non-belief in John’s mission would be held against them. If, in the alternative, it was claimed to be of man, the crowd would, in their anger over John’s downgrading as a prophet of God, stone the questioners to death.
This is the way to treat all those who, knowing you are of the Brotherhood fold, confront you members with petty and idle questions about the Kingdom. Do not go beyond their self imposed limits for that would be insulting to the Almighty God of Hosts … and NO MAN can dare the insult to God’s condescension of graciously opening the way of salvation for all arising from the mediating role of His only begotten son based on the shedding of that precious and innocent blood.
Outside that, who could have dared any insult on the Divine … who is in fact the God of Hosts…?

Without much ado pay attention to where this power comes from as we take a recast of our Golden Text:
“And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.
And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them. And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.” Revelation: 20:8-1O(KJV)
Have you heard that…?
That is the answer to the source of power; and if one should dare any of those idle questions, you may see fire consuming one but the Father does not intend any of these extreme happenings because His mercies and abiding covenant are far greater than we can ever imagine and do override the ridicule and mockery with which we regard Him.
OUR JOY: The Finale
Our greatest joy lies in the fact that no matter the source and fury of the raging flames from the heavens above, His children can neither be touched nor torched! Should the source of this disaster erupt from the earth beneath, His children will remain unaffected! No power, whether sourced through man, trees / forest; fire /water / air/land exists to shake His children! Indeed, in the face of any danger or risk to life, His children are fortified and protected from all of them.

The song which translates as:
“This Almighty God should be strongly held unto …
This Wonderful God should be tenaciously held unto.
remains relevant.

I have finished. At the end of every admonition, our Lord the Christ would always ask those with ears to hear … Don’t you have ears? Therefore, let whoever have ears, hear and may God bless his Holy words. Amen!!!