The trouble with the world is that they have not accepted the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, which says that we should not call any person a teacher because we all are brothers. If we had accepted this teaching, we would have regarded ourselves throughout the world as brothers. There should be no discrimination between the white, black or the coloured people. And there should be no distinction between a man, woman and child. Division comes because we have rejected the injunctions of our Lord Jesus Christ to accept the other person as our brother. Read Matthew 12: 25:

“And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:” Read again

St. Matthew 23: 8 – “But be not ye called Rabbi; for one is your Master, even Christ, and all ye are brethren.”

No person actually knows what role I am coming to play in the world. Raising the dead, giving visions, and many other miracles, are part of God’s work, but My main assignment is to bring all the scattered children of God together into one fold. Read St. John 11: 51-52.

“And this spake he not of himself: but being high priest that year, he prophesied that Jesus should die for that nation; And not for that nation only, but that also he should gather together in one the children of God that were scattered abroad.”

Animals were created to serve human beings and that you sit in your position of glory and honour while all these lower creatures administer unto you. Right from the day you decided to wage war against them by killing them for meat, you lost your glory. That is why there is no peace between man and the lower animals.
Man is thrown into confusion. Both whites and blacks are in a state of confusion. If there were any possible means, people would have loved to go and rest in the Hades because there is no peace in the world. And if there were any entrance that leads to Heaven, every person would have loved to go and rest there because of the state of unrest in the world. But right now if you want to go to Heaven the gate is closed; and if you want to go to hell the gate is also closed, people have become antagonistic against one another. They fight and kill one another.

We know that it is not good to steal, but we continue to indulge in stealing. There are certain things we are forbidden to do, but yet still we continue to do them because the city is divided against itself. There is no other dwelling place of God apart from our heart. Our heart is the tabernacle of God, and if God does not dwell in you, pray fervently for yourself. If God does not dwell in you, it is just like building a house and leaving it for years and years without being occupied by any person. If you come back to see the house after many years, it will be grown with grasses, filled with cob webs, and many other filthy things because there is no person to take proper care of it. And in the same way, if God is not dwelling in you, know that you are useless.
The reason you look for animals, birds and fishes is to use them for food. The reasons that men look for women and vice versa is to get married and have children. Sometimes you will say that a girl is very beautiful, that if it were yourself of those days, you would have had her for a wife. A man marries a woman for two reasons only; but I ask you; are these the only reasons a woman was created? A man should realise that he is only a half, likewise a woman, and when two of them are joined together they become an entity. Minus a man, a woman is incomplete and minus a woman, a man is half. Have you ever come to this wisdom of truth? If all men in the world are assembled together, no matter their deliberations, they cannot accomplish anything because they are only half of what should be a whole. There is no other duty performed by a man, whenever they congregate to discuss matters, their natural instinct is to fight, kill and cause trouble because man is a naturally destructive being. The woman fold is a symbol of peace. Whenever women congregate alone to discuss matters, they can never accomplish anything because they are only half of a whole. They would not want anything that would cause confusion amongst them. But where there is no trouble, there can be no peace. It is said you should neither be hot nor cold; that is why women who are cool, and men who are hot are mixed together to produce a mid-way between hot and cool. The woman is a part of a man. What God has taken out of a man to create a woman is love; that is why all the time your mind and thoughts are concentrated on your wife. This is why when you sit in your office writing, you continue to think of your wife at home. If someone should come and steal your certificates, house properties, you will not wage war against that person, but whosoever tampers with your wife, you will wage war against that person and promise never to forgive the person.

Remember the story of Joseph and Potiphar. He loved Joseph to the extent that he handed over all the keys to his house to Joseph. Joseph controlled everything in Potiphar’s house. Potiphar did not bother whether or not he was given food by Joseph when he returned from official duties because of the extreme love he had for him. But from the day his wife falsely accused Joseph of attempting to be intimate with her, Potiphar, without bothering to ask, threw Joseph into jail. The reason why we fail in our diverse undertakings is because we do not observe the traditions of the whites, how they deal with their women.

When Moses was sent by God to deliver the children of Israel from the land of bondage, he argued with God that he was a stammerer, that he will not be able to withstand Pharaoh and his people. God gave to him a mouthpiece, his brother Aaron. Wherever he went, Aaron spoke on his behalf. In the same way, women are given to men as prophets. Everything that would happens to a man, wherever he would be, God would reveal it to his wife and not to him. Man sees nothing in his dreams, but all the things surrounding his life will be revealed to his wife. It is pitiful that man does not beckon on the woman. Women are regarded as insignificant personalities in the society. Because of this idea man does not want the advice of a woman in his business undertakings. And when he plans and fails, he carries his hands on the head and cries to the woman in the house. In the same way any woman who does business alone without being in partnership with a man cannot succeed. Man and woman have to join hands together before they can succeed. It is because of the way women are manhandled by men that makes them vow never to become women again in their next generation. They say this, because they do not realise their responsibility.

With all your so-called knowledge, you do not know that if you want to do anything a man and a woman must be brought together before anything is formed. Man is a half, likewise a woman. There is nothing created by God that has not got a specific assignment. And so it is our duty to investigate our assignments, and also the purpose for which He has created us. Upon all the academic knowledge you claim to have acquired, your claims to have lived on planets for many years, but you do not know that man, woman and child in the entire world come from the same Father. The opinion of the woman should be taken into consideration as well as that of the man. Do you know the role a woman is coming to play in this world? I know that as you are sitting down here, you still regard women as nothing. You even respect the domestic animals in your house than the woman. You command them in the house like soldiers in the war front. You hush them up, asking them to stand up when you are talking, threatening to beat them up if they fail to take your orders. When I hear all these, I shed tears for the woman. The judgement of all those who maltreat women are coming soon, and will be very severe. You only need a woman for one thing. After that you torment her. All of you here, have in one way or the other deceived a woman. Even if you have not been telling lies to other people, you will like to start it with a woman.

When things are so bad with you, you go to attach yourself to a woman promising to marry her, and she will accept you not knowing that you are deceiving her. Women are easily deceived because they do not believe in truth, they yield easily to falsehood. Women assume to know everything, not knowing that they do not know anything. There is a fierce war between men and women. The men plan how to deceive as many women as possible and the women on the other hand plan how to enslave men unto themselves. Do not deceive woman again, they are your sisters and you are all one. Read St. Matthew 27: 15-20

“Now at that feast the governor was wont to release unto the people a prisoner, whom they would. And they had then a notable prisoner called Barabbas. Therefore when they were gathered together, Pilate said unto them, Whom will ye that I release unto you? Barabbas, or Jesus which is called Christ? For he knew that for envy they had delivered Him. When he was set down on the judgement seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, Have thou nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him. But the chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude that they should ask Barabbas, and destroy Jesus.”

You are the only person who has the effrontery to marry so many women, but if you see your wife with another man, the house is set on fire. If Pilate had listened to the advice given by his wife, would he have perished? The wife told him to have nothing to do with that good man because she had suffered so much in the dream because of that good man. Pilate did not listen to his wife, as you do not listen to your wives today and have to perish. In the compound you live, all those who love you or hate you are known by your wife, you are ignorant of everything. The only thing you do is to look for money and other material things, but your wife knows the intricacies of life. It is your wife who protects your soul. Do you not know that your life is in the hands of your wife? She will be the first person to know what ever is going to happen to you. If she wants you to go naked, cry today, laugh or rejoice she is capable of doing it. If she wants you to die today, she can do it as well.

Even though you would want to go to the sun or moon to discover the mysteries existing in these planes, but I tell you emphatically that your life is in the hands of your wife. She is capable of making you to be poor or rich, if she wants to. Your troubles, problems difficulties and the rest of the events occur because you do not make arrangements with your wife. You only go to her when things are bad with you. When things are good with you, you go and attach yourself to another woman in the world and ignore your wife. When you meet with diverse conditions you run back to her again. All the petitions of your wives are before God and they are many. They have suffered so much because you do not treat them as your brethren. And the judgment of those who maltreat their wives is a difficult one.

1st Peter 3: 7
“Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.”

That is why I always sympathize with you because whether you acquire worldly knowledge or possessions, study in higher institutions of learning and be a member of any religious organisations, you are completely useless as long as you do not give honour and respect to your wives.
Brethren, have you heard the text read out to you? Can you rightly say that God answers your prayers as long as you continue to maltreat your wife? God does not listen to your prayers because you do not love your wife. You have never invited your age group for wrestling, but every time you will box your wife, beat her up and throw her away because she will fall immediately you push her. I am very sorry for women because immediately you are hard on them, they will begin to sob and surrender. As God compares Himself with man, so does He compare man with a woman. The wisdom of God is greater than that of man, and that of man is greater than that of a woman. Man’s knowledge or intelligence is greater than that of a woman.

GENESIS 1: 29-30
“And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.”

Only fruits and seeds are given to man as food: When were you given that authority to kill an animal and eat? If you eat meat of any animal, do you not know that you have eaten man? That is the very first offence against God. That is what I have devoted this time to teach you. All the words of God given to you now are not new: They are all those old words which had been given to you but which you failed to put into practice. You should know that the moment you eat meat, you have defiled the temple of the living God, and it is from that moment that you start to suffer. Where do you think the blood that comes from human beings, goats, hens and other animals go to? You should think over all these things having realised that men has blood, so also is a cow, hen, goat and other animals. They all have one and the same type of blood.

Why you people establish all types of institutions like the cinema houses, ball-room, dance halls; brew beer and all other types of liquor, is to obtain some form of temporary relief from life situations. You want some type of consolation because you have no peace in life. If you had been told sometimes that you would stay without drinking beer or any other drink and still be healthy, would you have believed? If you had been told that you would live without taking injections, drug, going to the juju man, soothsayer and to the necromancer to inject the black charcoal into your body, or to give you charms, talisman or concoction to wear, would you have believed? If you had been told that in this world you would lie alone on your bed, would you have believed? You would have said that type of thing would not happen in this world.
There is no man who sees the usefulness of a woman apart from being on bed with her. Even if she buys you a car, an aeroplane, an ocean steamer, or any other thing, you will tell her to keep all these things aside, and allow you to attend to the important thing. Our thoughts are all buried in this one fact, the idea of every man wanting to have the knowledge of all women. This is why immediately you see a man and a woman you conclude that they have been intimate. Even if this woman gives you a thousand Naira, the other person is not bothered about that. What concerns him or her most is that you had been intimate with that woman.

Learn from what we practice here in Brotherhood. In any of the meetings or fellowships, if the President or Chairman is a man, the vice president will be a woman. If a woman is made the secretary, the assistant secretary will be a man, just like that throughout. There is no business which select men only and works well. It will be war altogether. And there is no business you will select only women and it works well. This is because there will be peace all through without war. These two things have to work hand in hand. You adopt this policy when you come in here, but immediately you depart from this place, you say that such a policy can only be adopted inside Brotherhood and not elsewhere. You also know that a man has his specific role to play in this Kingdom of which no woman, no matter her education or position, can qualify her to be used as a substitute for the man? That is why I say that the first job I have to do is to unite all the human beings inhabiting this globe. Be it the black, white or coloured, man woman or children, all of them have to be brought together. Can you tell Me the reason you do not regard woman as yourself? Is it because of the bride price you paid to the parents that makes you feel that you have bought an article? And for that reason you have to jealously guard against this article. You hush her, command her that you placed so much money on her head. That you can even decide to kill her since it was your money you spent on her, and that it does not bother you at all. The woman will only argue that if you kill her you would lose your money. Therefore, brethren instead of bride price, show a thankful heart to your in-law.
By right nobody should pay or receive bride price. It is the worst crime we have ever committed before God. There are two sins that God will never forgive men; one, you must not receive bride price when your daughter is to be married. But commitments before God are great, when you collect the bride price of your daughter it means you are selling God. If you watch what the Hausas are doing, they are not committed to these sorts of things. They do not sell land and do not sell human beings. But you who call yourselves more educated than the Hausas have you seen what you have done?

When Sarah died, Abraham sent a messenger to go to the land of Israel and bring a wife unto his son, Isaac. Before he left, he was given so many things as presents: gold, chariots, money, and many other things. This errand-boy on his way prayed that God should reveal whosoever will be the wife of Isaac to him. That the very first girl he would meet and ask to give him water for his cattle: the first girl that respond, will definitely be the one.
Immediately after the prayers, he stood up. As he was approaching a well, he saw Rebecca and asked her to give him water for his cattle. She accepted and handed the bucket freely to the errand boy and even fetched him more water. The messenger became then convinced that she was the wife of Isaac, and gave her a ring. That was the origin of engagement ring. You go to a goldsmith to prepare something for you and you wear it in your finger. The engagement ring exchanged during church wedding is one of the things the world takes pride in. Take note that he had prayed for God to reveal the wife to him. It was then that Rebecca was revealed to him. How about you? Have you prayed God to reveal the type of wife you should marry? You meet a woman in the ballroom dance hall, cinema theater, school and the rest of the place and decide to marry.

When the messenger reached the house, the people wanted to entertain him, but he told them that he was not prepared to eat yet until he had told them the message he was sent there by the master. After discussing, they ordered the girl Rebecca, to be brought. Immediately she was told who the messenger was, she accepted to marry Isaac. The parents did not say that this or that should be paid. The errand-boy opened the bag and brought out so many things: gold, silver, and clothes because Abraham was a very rich man and so many things were sent. Right now that you are preparing engagement rings and giving them to one girl or the other, have you imitated the ways of Abraham? That thankful heart, have you got it? Have you passed it to your father-in-law?

In the same token, when Sarah died, Abraham went to his people to sell to him a piece of land so that he can use it in burying his wife. The people said that he was a priest and a big man there, and that he does not have to pay anything. Since the land belongs to them he should use any part of it. He plead with them that the land should be sold to him. But somebody said that the land he wants to use will cost so much but they do not intend to sell it to him. Due to his position as a big man and a priest there, he should take it free. And so he brought out the “so much” and gave to them to show appreciation of what they had done for him. He received that land free; he had to give them presents free.

The law is that you should not eat any man’s food for nothing and that a lazy person should not be fed. All these things hang on “LOVE ONE ANOTHER”. If you form the habit of going to somebody’s house to eat everyday without making any attempt on your part for a return march, when the food is exhausted, what do you think will happen to the two of you? Two of you will be stranded: there will be no food for you to eat. That is the debt you owe to everybody. When somebody does any good thing to you, you have to reward him. And that is one thing we do in Brotherhood. There is no big or small man, but we try as much as possible to keep this equality to all human being because we have been given these things free of charge, we are supposed to live as equal with every person.

You also look at your children without regarding them as anything. Animals in the bush are better than them. I want somebody to give Me the reason why you do not have regard for your children. Do you not see them with two eyes and two legs and a human head as you have? Do you know where that child comes from? Your Father is his own Father and you are all equal. Does it mean that when he is a child, he is not a human being? Do you know what he has come to do in this world? Do you know whether the child is not greater than you? Do you know whether his own knot is not even bigger than yours? The child has a specific assignment, to do the work of the Father as you also have. What he is sent to do, you cannot do, and what you are sent to do, he cannot do. Therefore, what you have to do is to join hands together and co-operate; try to build and accomplish all that you have lost. You must not regard him as small child even if he is one month old. Even the child in the womb knows what you do not know because God who dwells in you also dwells in him. Do you love or regard your child as yourself? For these things I came to the world so that there will be no difference between “A” and “B” or “O” and “M”, and to remove the barrier between all men. If one is missing, you cannot get a complete set. You should not joke with whatever is called “MAN”. You are a man, that child is a man, and the other person is also a man. We should always co-operate together. We should not have any disregard for any other human being. You should not cause disintegration and division among yourselves because if you do, you cannot stand firm. If you continue to quarrel, fight and hurt yourselves, you cannot stand. Because you regard the small child as a small person, you go and buy a bowl of meat and eat it all without giving any to him. When he goes out he tells people that his father is a bad man that he has eaten a bowl of meat without giving him. He will decide that when he grows up he would buy his own meat and would not give it to him. Do you know the reason why at any time you send your child to go and buy something for N1.00 he uses 50 Kobo to buy what you want and the other 50 kobo for his meat, and will come back to tell you that your article costs N1.00.

Your child is more powerful than you. It is said: “New broom sweeps well.” It is a new axe that cuts down a big tree. If you have a big tree to cut down and you try to use an old blunt axe, it will take longer time or days to cut. Why not use a new one, which is sharp and can cut it easily? Your child is the new sharp axe that can cut down the tree. Why do you begin to punish yourself and cause division between yourselves? Try to tell children that you are all equal.

ST. MATTHEW 18: 9-14
“And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire. Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in Heaven.
For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost. How think ye? if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray? And if so be that he find it, verily I say unto you, he rejoiceth more of that sheep, than of the ninety and nine which went not astray. Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.”

Brethren, have you heard that? What about you? If you hear that something is happening to your so-called enemy, somebody you declare as your enemy, you will say: I had told him that his sins will find him out one day, and so that thing has happened as a result of his sin. You will eat and drink and thank the God of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. Does it mean the God of Brotherhood is a killer? If you sue somebody in the law court, saying that you want to teach him a lesson because he stole your thing, is God pleased about this action? All what you are doing are not pleasing to Him.
Whoever is called human being is your brother and so you have to regard him as your brother, your own self and the children of the same Father. What do you lose in regarding everybody as yourself? What is your profit if you sow the seeds of division between you and your brother, sister or your children. Because it is quite clear to us that any Kingdom that divides against itself shall fall. And so brethren, what I have come to do is to unite the whole world into one entity. You are taught love, truth, humility, patience, meekness and all the other virtues of God so that you know how to live in peace with one another. If you have patience, you will know how to live in peace with any person. If you have patience, you can offer to stay with thieves, fornicators and all sorts of evil doers without trouble and without having the urge to take anybody to the police. You will use your sympathy to stay with them. If you are merciful, you will not plan evil against any person. You will be able to stay in peace with everybody, because it is this mercy that will guide you through.

Do you know that the Efiks have their own culture? The Quas and the Efiks also have their own culture. The culture of the Efiks is different from that of the Quas, and that of the Quas in turn is different. If you go also to Uruan, the whole culture there is different from what you saw at Oron. The Ibibios and Annangs do not agree because of the different cultures they have. This is what I have come to do – to unite all these groups together into one whole. The Annang man is very sharp with the matchet and so he will not spare you when you offend him. He will first of all chop off your head and then go to the police station to report that he has killed somebody, and then he will be prepared to be taken to anywhere. If you want to inflict corporal punishment on an Annang man, he will run away, but if you want to engage him in a duel with the matchet, he will thank his God, for that is what he is good at. That way of life is in his blood. And so the differences in culture, ways of life and behaviours make differences in the entire world. In the city this difference will exist. Unless these different cultures are brought together into on social and cultural whole, there will be no peace.

The bones of fish you eat and throw away; the coconut shells you throw away, and even the condemned irons scattered everywhere, if they are shipped to overseas, they can be used to manufacture something very useful there. Even the urine that comes out of you can be useful there, for one thing or the other. Do you know that all these things you throw away; small shells, rotten nails and other materials you condemn here are wanted abroad? Even people there look for contracts for the supply of these things. Do you know why it is said you should not spit out saliva or cough and spit out mucus indiscriminately? This is because when it is left on the ground to mix with the dust, you will breathe the disease again when it is evaporated. This also happens with faeces you pass into water, which causes water to be contaminated.
The world is revolving, it goes round and round. As the scriptures tell you that there shall be a time when sand shall return to sand, earth to earth, and dust to dust. If it were not so, we would not have had so many people in the world. When a drop of blood is lost, you know that blood makes a human being. So many people come out through blood that is dropped on the ground. When blood is said to be flowing somewhere, do you know where it goes to? And you also say that water flows out of the body, do you know where it comes from and where it goes? And so you have no right to say this thing is very good or that thing is bad, or that a thing is killing or that it is poisonous. Feed on all the herbs, the leaves and fruits or the trees, all are delicious.

I do not teach you about the time Adam was in the garden of Eden or when Abraham was a bearded fellow. All these are ancient history. What we have now are the new lessons about this New Kingdom of God. We have to forget about all these things that transpired in the past. Right now, you are being taught new lessons about this Kingdom of God but in other places they are being taught that until Jesus Christ comes back. They are waiting until Jesus Christ would come back to teach them. But, here, we say the Kingdom has already come, and that is why we are here, and you are being taught the lessons of this Kingdom. This is not the time to tell you when and where our Lord Jesus Christ was born, John the Baptist went about preaching the Gospel of repentance to people and eating locusts and honey. All these are history. We have nothing to do with them. We are in the New Kingdom of God which we have been saying in the Lord’s prayers. The Kingdom is already here. That is why we are told to love one another and we have to work because the Father also works all round the clock. We are all here as brothers and sisters.

1ST JOHN 4: 21
“And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also.”

Have you heard what is read to you? You always say that God knows your heart. He does not know. If you do not love the other person God does not know your heart. It means that if you do not love your brother, sister or neighbour, you do not belong to this Kingdom. It is only here that you have to be one. Where ever you go now to settle, be it at Aba, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Uyo or anywhere at all, you are given land to build your house, live there with the people peacefully without division. You are all one, be it in America, India or anywhere else. Black, white or coloured, we are one and the same people. Look at a sister sitting there, she comes from London. Everywhere people are shouting of Brotherhood; in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Britain, Nigeria and everywhere. So you should not continue to complain that you have no father, mother, brother, sister or children. What we are doing here is not raising the dead, giving visions, but to see about uniting every person in the world together – to bring them into that one indivisible whole.

Your attention is drawn to a situation at Ikot Itie Idung, where all the churches are now united. They have united together. We are working towards uniting all the churches together. What is the sense in causing division? Right now all the thieves have teamed up to form a union; the prostitutes have done the same thing, and the rest of the people. Tell Me the difference between a thief, prostitute, murderer, fornicator, swindler or what have you? They are all human beings. Tell Me the reason why you should not come together? Apostle Essien from Ndon Ebom came the other day and said that all the churches in that community want to hold a thanksgiving service on the 12th to make peace. In the past, there had been troubles in that community, and now all of them want to come together and co-operate. Individually, whether you have money, wisdom, children, it is not My concern. When you come together, everything is bound into one, there will be peace, love, money, wealth, knowledge, power, co-operation – there will be everything and nothing will be lacking. Right now if there is any person existing in this world who says he does not reverence Brotherhood, that person is telling a lie. Many people would watch and when you say that you have no person; no sister, brother or relatives, they jump on you and do to you what they like. But when they discover that you have many relatives, no person will come to you. When they look at you, they will say this man calls every person brother and sister, there and then they will fear you and they will say that all these people are brothers and sisters. And they will warn other persons not to go there so as not to be consumed.

A leopard or a tiger can do whatever it likes with a single cow, but if there is a congregation of cows, the leopard will hide somewhere and watch the cows because it cannot afford to devour any one cow with such a large number of cows. So when the leopard discovers that it cannot do anything, with all the cows, it would go to one of the cows and ask him what he is sitting down here for? Why not go and take fresh air and enjoy yourself with food somewhere there, there is no need sitting down here. It will go round and say the same thing to the rest of the cows and when it succeeds in dispersing them to different directions, it will have the chance of killing all of them.
Right now if you go to any place people will be watching to see if you are alone or not. As they go up they will see another group of people coming and conversing. They will walk down and still see one, two, three or more people coming, then they will be so discouraged from doing anything to you because you are so many, and that if they tamper with any of you, they will destroy him. The person has to allow them to pass. But if you walk alone, the people plotting against you will be watching and will be moving up and down the road to see if there are some other persons accompanying you. If they find that there are no other persons, they will jump on you, cut your throat and do all sorts of things to you. You have no other people to help you except members of Brotherhood.

A Pastor at Port Harcourt did not attach himself to his people and the laws of the land, but instead attached himself to Brotherhood. Now that he is dead, his people say they have nothing to do with him, that he was not with them. That is a challenge to Brotherhood and every hand must be on deck to see that we all go there to meet that challenge. No village, community, town, country or government can withstand Brotherhood. Should Brotherhood speak out others will all run away and go into hiding. When you begin to make the pronouncement that you have nobody and that you are alone in the world, that is instrumental to your situations and positions in life. You will not have anybody to assist you in life if you continue to say these things. You will be poor, will be sick and shall finally die. But once you continue to believe that Brotherhood will always be at your side, surely it will be.

God is the God of multitude. Therefore, every person is your brother. If you say that every man is your brother, every woman your sister, you will have power and nothing will influence you. In Brotherhood wherever we are given land, we have to build houses in villages, towns and cities, and even establish firms and other institutions so that people who have an occupation will be sent there to work. Your trouble is that many people want to live in the urban areas. If you are given a place in the village, you will say you cannot live there, that there is no electricity, pipe borne water, and all other luxuries. That is what I have come to do. If you have been weeping like an orphan, you have to re-arrange your thinking that you have people. You have brothers and sisters all over the world. When you go out and see the number of people you have, you will become very happy, joyous and will know that nothing is wrong with you.

Right now the whole world is filled with Brotherhood children. Every person you see outside will be wearing white, even those who has not baptized yet in Brotherhood purposely go and sew their whites, and put on and call you brother or sister. Go to Ghana, Liberia, London and everywhere in the world, you will see people with whites. Do you know what the world has forgotten? When Dr. Azikiwe was to form a political party, he went round and gathered all thieves, truck-pushers, and the rest of the lowly placed people to form the N.C.NC. But Chief Awolowo said that he want to form a party of decent men, of doctors, lawyers, millionaires and educated people, that was Action Group and said to themselves that the N.C.N.C. cannot cope with them. They forgot that the thieves, truck-pushers and their gangs became ministers with portfolios. And so all doctors, lawyers and other big men were standing aside in their houses and did not have a say. That was the decision of majority.

Don’t you know that man is the most expensive thing in the world? Even if he has crooked legs, broken eyes, he is very useful in the world. He has an assignment. When in 1977 the churches in Calabar and all over the country united together to wage war against Brotherhood, the Youth Fellowship was formed to counter the evil intentions of the churches. The so-called big men ran away and hid themselves. Those members of other churches thought it was our Father alone so that they could catch Him like a fowl as they did to our Lord Jesus Christ. They did not know that there is a multitude that they could not cope with. The big men had their role to play while others carried out the combat; they went on doing underground work urging others to go on with their support, financial or otherwise. If you go to government, police or any place throughout the nation Brotherhood is there. The thieves in Brotherhood have their own duty to perform. They do not steal indiscriminately. If they hear any body saying any evil word against Brotherhood they will mark that person, find out where he lives, one day they will go and clear his house. And so people will ask why did you say evil things about Brotherhood, whatever the person wants will be given him. And you will boast that without Brotherhood I would not have been what I am now, Brotherhood is feeding me. Brotherhood doesn’t discriminate. There are people listening everywhere to hear what people would say about Brotherhood. If you say evil words, you will be so marked out. Every one of us has different assignments. What a truthful person can do, a liar cannot do it. A liar, a thief, a fornicator and the rest of the people have their different assignments.

No person is completely useless. That is why death is not yet destroyed because it has not completed its own assignment. If there is anything going wrong somewhere, it will be informed to go and do its work. That is why when you are told to forsake sins, you frown that you are doing it bit by bit, saying that you are only doing it as a hobby to safeguard something, afterwards you will hands off everything entirely. The government has realised that it is unwise to continue to execute murderers, but they have to do it otherwise any person can just take up a knife and get to the market and start cutting off people’s head without any cause. They are just punishing them to keep down the incidence. It is only when the fullness of time comes that they will completely abandon the idea of killing the murderers.
Even if a woman is a fornicator, that does not prevent her from serving God. The other person is a rogue that does not prevent him from doing something for God. They are all your brothers and sisters. Everybody has a purpose, a sister who fornicates will be able to entice plenty of men into Brotherhood. The same thing is applicable to a man who is a fornicator. You will say that you are good, how many people have you brought in here?

It is a high time we unite all the churches, secret societies, and all other institutions into one. The juju doctors, necromancers, herbalists and the rest should be brought together also. If you do not bring them together, who will give very strong testimony, because it is the man who has gone far who will be able, after studying Brotherhood so much, give a good testimony. For you, your only testimony is that your wife has given birth to a child and that you have been promoted. But the juju doctor will be able to testify because he has tested the power of Brotherhood and has found himself wanting.
A tree has power, its bark has power, the leaves and the roots have power, but these small powers must be combined to form an impregnable power. Whether it is leaf, root, bark of tree, water, you have to bring them together so that you can establish one power.
Are you not surprised, about the healing water at Biakpan? You come from United Kingdom, America or any place at all and carry your empty cans to collect water, mud and sand from Biakpan. You drink it and it cures your sickness. Water from Biakpan is used as the last resort. It is put on special use only. Somebody can offer to give you a full bottle of Holy Oil, but when it comes to Biakpan water, the person will give you only a drop. Brethren, have you seen that? That is why it is said wherever your faith is, that is where your salvation comes from. Some people have their faith in trees, some herbs, some in water and some in spirits.
So those who are linked with trees have their cure from the tree, those who are linked to the leaves, water and even the sand have their cure from each of these. Those who are linked to the Holy Spirit have their cure, power and everything from the Holy Spirit.

If we love ourselves, we all shall speak only one language, have one culture, and one behaviour. But if we hate ourselves, there will continue to be many languages, we shall believe in different way of doing things. What happens in the world today about Brotherhood? You are sitting with your carnal brother or sister discussing, immediately you see your Brotherhood members, you will jump up and follow them and begin to converse. When they leave your brother or sister will be asking what you have been given, so that immediately you see a fellow member, you begin to mix, rejoice, talk and eat together. When you leave your parents or relatives, you do not even care about them, or what they are saying. They will say that they do not know what is wrong with you people. They will say that you are lost.
That sister who came from London did not care to go and visit her parents. She came straight to see the Holy Father first. Yesterday she was here, today she is here again. Right now she is very happy being with us.

Anywhere you go you first of all ask for a Bethel, even if you have had your storey building with so many rooms and comfortable beds. You do not want all these things. You will be looking for Bethel to stay comfortably. What has actually brought you here? What actually do you eat and enjoy here? It is that love which has been lost because people had been separated. For very many years there was no coming together. But right now the Father has brought everybody together. That is why there is joy, joy, and joy.

Let my peace and blessing remain with you now and forever more. Amen.

Thank You Good Father

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“And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold the Tabernacle of God is with is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away” (Rev 21:3-4)