“He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me”.

“If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple”.

“And another also said, Lord, I will follow thee; but let me first go bid them farewell, which are at home at my house. And Jesus said unto him, No man having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God”.

Beloved, the three bible texts you have read constitute the spiritual food prepared for you in this gospel. The spiritual song, which says, the marriage feast was done, but those invited refused to come, is meant for those who have been ordained pastors. If I should ask, what has really brought us to Brotherhood?
There is a saying, which instructs us to sell our precious stone only to those who knows its worth. Also, there is a biblical excerpts which has it that, we should not place our precious things before the swine, (St. Matthew 7: 6). My calling you into the Kingdom is not for you to come and donate money, neither is it for you to come and sing and dance but in order that I may feed you with the “Spiritual Food”. Most of you have been boasting of many years of your membership in the fold. But I am telling you the veritable truth that so long as you are yet to practice the gospel preached here; the many years you have spent here avail you nothing. Whoever fails to benefit from this gospel should know that he has failed to practice what is written in the first and second Bible texts.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has explained to us what really constitutes the Kingdom of God. It is likened to a treasure, hidden in a field, which a man discovered and in his joy decides to sell all that he had in order to buy the field. (St. Matthew 13: 44). Beloved, there is a spiritual chorus, which says that, you should sell all that you have and follow after the Lord. What do you think you are expected to sell and follow after the Lord? God Himself has said it openly that He is a jealous God. The testimony from one of My sons from America advises that we should always embark on evangelism to the outside world, teaching the people all what the Father has taught us, that we should avoid idleness. The good news preached to us here are meant for everybody. It also added that it is incumbent on you to make sure that you practice those teachings I impart to you. So beloved, judging from the message provided to you in this gospel, it is imperative that, you come into the hall, get the teachings imparted to you and also go out and impart the same to others. So beloved, the gospel of this day has its theme reproving you of your wrong doings and eradicating such errors.
Whoever comes in here, but fails to purge himself of all forms of material things is not worthy of the Kingdom. No matter the position one occupies here in the Kingdom, whether he is a child of God, Christ’s Servants/Students, pastors, deaconess etc., so long as he continues to love his mother, father, sisters, brothers, husband, wife and material things of this world, he is not worthy for this Kingdom. Therefore, the effort of such a person towards the progress of the Father’s work is in vain.
The injunction contained in the texts for this very gospel is not meant for only the poor, the needy and the disabled, but to all and sundry, irrespective of age and status. So, anyone who intends to inherit the Kingdom of God needs to forgo all forms of materialism.

Long ago, Christ spoke to us through His apostles and prophets among them were Paul, Peter, John and many others. But now, God is personally telling us that we are the luckiest set of people. Many people who do not have the opportunity of getting to the Headquarters received blessings whenever they read our publications and practice what is printed there in. If this is the case, how much more those who hear from the horse’s mouth and practice it.
Beloved, we need to embrace peace and shun violence, segregation, and quarrelling and other vices. This is because; it is such things that tend to destroy the image of God in us. So beloved, note that whoever comes in here with the ulterior motive of having money, houses, children, husband, wife etc., is bound to return home empty handed. This is because these things would not be made available to you. If you keep on begging for money and other material things from people, what would you say was your main aim of being called into the Kingdom? Anyone who indulges in such acts could not be rewarded with any thing godly, irrespective of the number of years spent in the fold.

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is never a hidden organization. So, for it to be well pronounced, we need to practice the word of God wholeheartedly for the four corners and the whole world to see. In fact, we should be such a set of people who always instruct the outsiders that, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is a sin-free Kingdom. This instruction can only be imbibed, if only we purge ourselves of every sin. So whoever wishes to practice this very gospel should go ahead, and on the other hand, whoever feels he cannot refrain from sinfulness should continue. But the fact is that, this gospel is nothing but a veritable truth. Since the people of the world do not embrace the truth, they do not intend to practice this gospel with the truth in it.
Anyone who keep on calling on Jesus, Jehovah and God at all times, but still loves his mother, father, wife, children and things of the world more than Christ is wasting his time because, such a person is not worthy of the Kingdom of God. Your failure to practice the injunction in this gospel means that you regard the injunction of God as a mere conversation without substance. In the same vein, anyone who does not forsake all that he has and follow God is bound to return empty as he came. Your failure to preach the gospel deprives you of the Kingdom of God. We have been told that one servant cannot serve two masters. You cannot love the world and God at the same time. It is this very thing that makes the whites, the blacks and all the churches not to be able to practice the gospel preached. So beloved, for us to be able to practice the gospel of God, we need to purge ourselves of all forms of materialism and the lust for carnal comfort. Most people wish to see the Father face to face in the vestry, but the question is, have you heard what is preached to you and put it into practice?

Furthermore, hearing and practicing the gospels preached, was narrated to us in the parable of the sower, for details, read St. Matthew 13: 3-8. From the parable contained in the passage, whoever listens to the word of God and practices the same has done the greatest work so far. Therefore, it is of no use for you to hear without practicing the word of God. But anyone who hears and practices the word of God at the same time, and also imparted the same to others is himself a ‘fisher of men’.
Again, the seeds said to have fallen upon thorns and were accordingly choked up could be likened to people who have heard and imbibe the gospel preached to them but due to their lust for materialism, they fall out of the path of rectitude. The act of coming into Brotherhood of the Cross and Star purely for the purpose of amassing wealth irrespective of the position of God, is what is happening in your midst. Moreover, it is also not uncommon to see such people derailing from the path of rectitude or abstaining from serving God, after being blessed abundantly by God. This explains the reason why David asked God not to give him too much, in order that, he might not be distracted from serving God. At the same time, he pleaded that God should not stop to provide for him with the necessities of life, so that he would not curse the name of God to be dragged into mud.

Once you have been crowned a king and provided with massive wealth, you are bound to shun the services of God. Much of your attention would be drawn to the comfort around you. The statement of David has brought to a manifestation all the words of God. The so-called distinguished people of this world do not always wish to serve God wholeheartedly. Rather, what you find them discussing at all times, is the welfare and growth of their various businesses. The distinguished and wealthy people of this world, are always money conscious. How would a money conscious person be able to serve God at the expense of his income-generating ventures?
Considering the parable of the sower as contained in the bible, the seeds said to have fallen on the rocky ground in which they had not much soil to sustain immediately they sprang up, they wither away because they were not deep rooted. This could be likened to those who embrace the word of God, but at a time when temptation and frustration start to set in, they easily fall out from the service of God.

Beloved, it is our failure to practice the word of God that deprives us of having testimonies. The question now is, what really do those people who are in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star for two to three decades, but still lack testimonies, come to do in the fold? What is their business here? Christ bore eloquent testimony to the truth. Therefore, we need to bear witness to the truth, beauty, power, glory and love inherent in the word of God. It is also our place to impart such to people all over the world. We are not to seek for wife, husband and other material things.
The other set of seeds said to have fallen along the path, and was picked by the birds. Could be likened to those people who take delight in listening to the words of God, but due to the fact that the preacher of the gospel is alleged to be a Beelzebub, mermaid, ghost and other imaginable evil things cannot imbibe the teachings of God. And those are the set of people who always profess openly that they cannot, and will not worship an ordinary man, but the real God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, beloved, it is not uncommon to see some of such people being completely converted to God and changed when preached to. But when they are advised that God only save those who save themselves, and as such, one should prepare concoction for speedy solution to his problems. Being ignorant and too flexible the person abides by such ill advice and derails from the path of rectitude. That was the reason why Paul instructed Barnabas to accompany him back to where they had earlier gone to preach to the people in case the evil one went there to make them fall. Read this in Acts 15: 36. Beloved, have you seen what constitute your failure and problems? It is not the listening to and assimilating the word of God that matter, rather, it is your being able to stand firm as a righteous man when problems and temptation befall you.

Your temptation could emanate from the wealth you are blessed with, the position you are exalted to and your shortcomings. But those seeds said to have fallen on the good soil and brought forth much seeds could be likened to those who hear, imbibe and practice the word of God at all times. Anyone, who says that he wants God and money, at the same time, has failed. In the same vein, whoever wants God along side with a wife or husband as the case may be, has also failed. Anyone, who desires God and the glory of this world, has failed.
But whoever desires God, must of necessity, forgo all the things of the world. Without that, he or she has failed woefully. God is Spirit and does not dwell in defiled abode. That is the reason why He always forsakes us whenever we defile His temple (our bodies). God is worthy to be praised and glorified. In fact, God has no rival in the whole world. The peace, love, mercy, goodness and other virtues, possess by God, are not and would never be possessed by anyone in the whole world. The worshipping of God is very interesting, enjoyable, profitable and full of life.
This is because, in Him, you find glory, love, peace, mercy, power and all the good things of life. The word of God is so satisfying that, if supplies all the needs and desires of all those who practice it. Beloved, what is that which cannot be provided to us, if only we practice the teachings of God. Your requests before God, could always be given positive response, if you have mortified the flesh and consecrated yourself for God. This is because it is after having mortified the flesh that God (the Holy Spirit) can dwell in you. It is quite a fact that most people coming into Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is purely for the purpose of having protection, healing and being provided with one thing or the other. But anyone who comes in here with such motive has failed woefully. So beloved, bear it in mind that, whoever comes into Brotherhood with the sole aim of acquiring material things has failed.

God is the creator of Heaven and Earth and the things therein. He is the sole supplier of truth, love, mercy, peace, goodness and power. The blessing of God has no limit. But when I see you being deprived of such blessings as a result of your failure to mortify the flesh, and render services to God, I pity you greatly. That is why I always say that blindness is among the worst diseases. Though some people do not wish to practice the word of God yet, the whole world has been engulfed by the word. Since it is meant that the coming of the Spirit of Truth should lead you to the accurate knowledge of truth, it must happen so. He would not make any pronouncement on His own, but will bring to your knowledge all that Christ taught. St. John 16: 13. Read our first lesson again:

“He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me”.

Through Paul, Christ said that, if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled only to those whom the God of this world has blinded their eyes. But for those who were ever waiting for this gospel, the gospel cannot be hidden from them, rather, it would always be clear to them. Beloved, when you regard as a joke the fact that, we are in the Kingdom of God, but not in the kingdom of the world, I always pity you. This is the Kingdom, where people will be supplied with everlasting joy, peace. That brother from America has seen the truth and has been saved. The word of God has it thus:

“I say then have they stumbled that they should fall; God forbid, but rather through their fall salvation is come unto the Gentiles, for to provoke them to jealousy. Romans 11:11.

From the above text, have you seen the extent to which the Israelites suffered right from inception, for refusing to adhere to the word of God; instead they clung to the material things of this world. Now, the Jews are so impoverished that they have lost both the Kingdom of God and the material things they lusted for. That brother from America rightly confessed that there is nothing in America to be much desired of. He said that, it is a waste of money to pay much money to fly to that place for anything. What is your main aim of longing to go to America, after being informed that America is the land of Satan? You are anxious to go to India, for one thing or the other. The question is have you not seen Indians trooped in here? What do you think you can gain by going to India? You claim that the country is full of magic and so, she is spiritually powerful. Some people would want to go to England to get power. I wonder what they gain by their sojourn.
This Kingdom is life everlasting. The long expected Kingdom has arrived, but you fail to enter because of your uncontrolled desire for material things of this world. Whoever loves his or her parents or material things of this world cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. I repeatedly let you know that there is abundant wealth in Brotherhood and employment opportunities but requires truthful people. Man’s problems emanate from the fact that he is totally besotted with material things. You should realize that your persistent crave for material things constitute your problems.
If you put your mind in money, children, and wife or in anything in this world, you have failed. All those material things abound in this Kingdom. Do you seek for respect, praise, and peace or kingship position? All the things you have in the world can easily lead to your untimely death. The children of God do not seek for such things. Once they receive the word of God, they have inherited everything.

The testimony given by Sister Odudu is in fact, the plain truth. At Atlanta Bethel, in U.SA, a white lady who is the mother of the Bethel, is seriously praying the Father to send someone to sponsor her transport fare to the Headquarters of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star in order to come and stay with the Father. However, the Father is yet to grant the request. There are numerous white people who the Father has called to Himself. All of them are ready to come down here to work for the Father.
You can easily tell the weights of both edible oil and that of water if only you have ever bore the two. Therefore, you should know that this Kingdom of God, which you now joke with as a result of your quest for money will be something regrettable tomorrow. You should wait and see. A little while, the gate will close. I have preached everything and I have done everything, but what remains is for you to put into practice what I have been imparting to you. But you continue to quarrel, tell lies, steal, fight and indulge in all manners of sin. Even before visitors, your behavior is nothing to be desired of. Obviously, it is possible to hide your sins from man but is it possible to hide anything from God? It is wisely said that, whoever loves his own father or mother more than God is not worthy of Him. And whoever loves his own sister or brother more than God is not also worthy of Him. You have all read of what happened to Our Lord Jesus Christ while He was teaching His disciples, someone went to inform Him that His parents; brothers and sisters were looking for Him. But He lifted up His hand and pointed to His disciples and asked ‘who is My mother, and who is My sister or brother’? ‘He Himself answered that they were those that abided by what pleases His Father who is in Heaven. He further said that such were His mother, sisters and brothers. Have you noted that?

Now in Brotherhood, for the fact that you have been ordained a bishop, a prophet, or a pastor, you go about bragging and celebrating feast and organize thanksgiving services to thank the Father for giving you a bishop or whatever. The question is, what significance do you attached to such things? On Sunday, 27th December 1992, Akwa Ibom indigents went to conduct a feast, of thanks giving for C.O. Akpan that God had given Akwa Ibom a bishop, that God loves Akwa Ibom and that He has given to them a bishop. Have you taken note of that? What is the meaning of such a thing? That is politics. Give Akwa Ibom what? What is Akwa Ibom and who is C.O. Akpan? You boast that your brother is this or that and for that reason, you feel so proud. I want to let you know that I am keeping watch of all of you.
Do we inherit this Kingdom with the flesh? Let us watch and see. You often claim to raise money to train your child who is in school, but you refuse to support any meaningful ventures here in the Kingdom. You give excuses for not participating in fund-raising activities. But God is everything and He is in everything as such, there is no white or black world. Give thanks to God for whatever you have done. If someone is being ordained as a bishop, your own part is to give thanks to God for His work. People should not use such ordination to boast their ego.
If you are a child of God, you should give thanks to God for we do that to bring glory to Him. Give thanks to God for the songs you render instead of giving thanks to man. If you give thanks to man, which could have been given to God, you should then know that you are controlled by the flesh.
Sometimes, you boast about Leader O.O. Obu, that He is the one that rules the heavens and the earth and that at the first time of His coming, He was a white person and now He is a black person. What do you mean by this? What child’s play is that? What did Israel do? And what did Asia do? And what did Europe do? Was it not that same thing? That is why it is said that whoever loves the things of this world more than God is not worthy of Him. People want their sons to be made prophets, pastors, and bishops. They want a particular husband and wife to be ordained. Many people would want their sons or daughters to be made Christ’s Student, Christ’s Servant. Their demands are endless. I wonder what material or spiritual benefits you derive from such requests. You claim that Leader Olumba Olumba Obu hails from Biakpan as such, He is your kinsman. Does your claim suggest that the Kingdom of God is from Biakpan? You would be making a mortal mistake to conjecture that Leader O.O. Obu is from here or there. Read the second lesson:

“If any man come to me, and hate not his father and mother, and wife, and children and brethren, and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple”.

I have told you to leave Olumba Olumba Obu alone, that we should center our conversation in the spirit. And that this Kingdom is not the handiwork of Leader O.O. Obu, rather, it is the Holy Spirit that constitutes the word of God, love, peace and the truth. It is good manners and understanding, steadfastness and straight forwardness. And these are the components of God’s Kingdom. I wish all the members of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star would have come into the fold in spirit, they would not have had any problems in life. At no time have I made any mention about Biakpan or Cross River State, Nigeria or Africa nor Europe. What I speak is the word of God. I am not concerned about mundane things apart from the word of God. I have not told you that I am a native of this town or that. I have no concern about the phrase, ‘I am a native of…’ You should know that this Kingdom is the fulfillment of the glory of God. God has come by Himself but has not sent anybody. Therefore, beloved, even though we had known Our Lord Jesus Christ through the flesh but since then nobody knows any man any more by the flesh.
When Our Lord Jesus Christ came, He lived in the flesh. It was said that salvation comes from the Jews. And this salvation does not come from Nigeria, and neither from Africa nor from Europe, but salvation comes from God. And for Jesus the Christ to say that His disciples should not go to the Gentiles, all cities of the Samaritans but only the lost sheep of Israel shows that He was in the flesh. The wholesome thing to do is to go to the entire would to make everybody disciple of God. Having known His inadequacies, Jesus the Christ then promised that the Holy Spirit would come to teach mankind and lead him to the accurate knowledge of truth. As such, it was expedient for Him to depart the world so that the Holy Spirit would come.
What has brought about the troubles in the whole world between the Arabs and Israelites was because Abraham had two wives and two children. One hailed from Israel and the other from Egypt and these women gave birth to two children-Ishmael and Isaac. The two children constitute the source of troubles today between Arabs and Israel. But the two warring countries have continued to kill each other. Then the question is, what type of God could there be, where there is no peace? Which God does these countries worship? A popular adage has it that; a blind man cannot lead another blind man. The source of man’s troubles is not from God but from man himself.

God made covenant with Israel. And Sarah was an Israelite and Abraham too, was an Israelite. But Hagar hailed from Egypt and was a housemaid to Sarah. Since God had made a covenant with Israel and not with Egypt, Ishmael could not rightly be the promised child, but unfortunately, Sarah did not have a child in time. As a result of uncontrolled desire for materialism, Sarah instructed Abraham to try Hagar, if she could be able to bear a child for Abraham since it was not possible for her (Sarah) to bear a child any longer, because of her old age. And Abraham, on abiding by the advice Sarah gave him, the attempt was successful and Hagar bore for Abraham a son, Ishmael.
As far as the reckoning of the world is concerned, Ishmael is the legitimate first son of Abraham. This was where problem emanates in the house of Abraham. As it is with the nature of man, Hagar saw herself as a co-wife to Sarah and as such, insulted her in some instances. As such, she attempted to send Sarah packing from her matrimonial home claiming she was the actual wife because she claimed that she was the first woman to give a child to Abraham. Hagar hailed from Egypt and God did not make His covenant with the Egyptian, but with the Israelites. At last, Sarah gave birth to Isaac, the promised child. And things changed automatically in the house of Abraham. And the time, which God asked Sarah to send Hagar and her child away, came. When Sarah succeeded in ejecting Hagar and her son from the house, Abraham was not in. But when he returned and saw Hagar and her child crying outside, he had pity on them and he became sorrowful. But since it was the directive of the Holy Spirit, for such to occur, nothing was done to bring back Hagar into the house. This explains the reason why we are told that, unless the Lord builds the house and watches the city, those builders and watchmen do such things in vain Psalm 127: 1. If God was not God, there could have been war in Abraham’s house. And that war could have soiled Abraham’s reputation. This story can be source in Genesis 21: 10-14.

God is a “Master Planner” as such, what happened was not a mistake. Hagar was pregnated by Abraham whereas Sarah was conceived of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Ishmael was a bonafide (flesh and blood) son of Abraham. While Isaac was God’s. The problem facing the whole world emanated from the controversy arising from the legitimacy of Abraham’s first son. Everyone is asking why Isaac should be Abraham’s first son instead of Ishmael? The inhabitants of Egypt regard Ishmael as the first son of Abraham while the Israelites claim that Isaac is the right person. It is that same position of the first son, which everyone is struggling for today. Such is the struggle for material things.
The Arabs recognize Abraham as their father likewise the Israelites. But the prophecy to that effect had had it that he would be the father of all. Now the question is, having heard of what was written in the book of prophets, why then should problems and segregation emanate among the inhabitants of the world? Really, there is nothing in the grave of Abraham. This is because during his death, the Arabs took part of his body and the Israelites took the other half, just for the sake of claiming the first son of Abraham. The war you always hear waged between the Israelites and the Arabs emanated from this very struggling.
So beloved, have you seen the adverse effect of materialism? Presently, if an Israelites goes to the land of the Arabs for the purpose of worshipping God, he would be killed without delay. The Christians have been advised not to regard the Moslems as being worthy. The Moslems on their part have been instructed not to count the Christians worthy. This is nothing but material controversy. So, use this instance to see the effect of materialism. The Israelites do not believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ and do not count Him for anything. This is because they regard the hometown of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Bethlehem as imaginary. Having been equipped with the information that, nothing worthy could come from Nazareth, and the Israelites themselves bluntly refused to believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Have you also seen the work of materialism in this case?
So beloved, you would be saved and would equally conquer, if only you are careful in whatever you do and follow after God sheepishly. For it is made known to us that, any child who walks circumspectively, would kill what killed his father and any child who does not walk cirumspectively, would be killed by what killed his father. If you should take a closer look at the government of different countries, you would realize that there are series of problems emanating from religious differences between the Moslems and the Christians. And this very war is as a result of Isaac and Ishmael. This is because; the descendants of Ishmael profess to be the patriarch (the first son) while the descendants of Isaac also lay claim to that. Is this not the main reason why a civilian president is yet to be elected in Nigeria today? None of them accepts to serve God wholeheartedly yet they want to rule. But can one without the fear of God rule?
God is love, peace, mercy, goodness and all other virtues. It is these virtues that God uses to rule effectively. But the question is, how many of the government officials posses these virtues? You complicate issues when you go out to preach about O. O. Obu. The people would never believe in what you tell them. They are of the opinion that should they believe you, it is a deviation from what their ancestors held to, about Christ and His Second Coming. Their belief will even remain an illusion. They do not want any other being apart from Jesus. No other name means anything to them. They have seen the truth no doubt, but their point of confusion lies in the new name, O.O. Obu. This accounts for the reason why I do not preach any name or person rather; I preach the truth to the world. God is the truth and the sole owner of the entire world and the fullness thereof. Christ bore witness to the Holy Spirit, which is righteousness. This righteousness is love, peace, patience, humility, long-suffering, goodness, charity and all such godly virtues. Mohammed even upheld to the truth that righteousness would come. Today, the righteousness, which is embodied, in love and clad in truth, is here.

If you ponder a little while on these words, you will realize, of a truth that, it is the taproot of every good thing. The same is the root cause of the suffering of the world today and in time past. It is because of this suffering that Our Lord Jesus Christ revealed the way out for His disciples, as recorded at St. Luke 14: 26. When one denounces every worldly thing to follow God, then he will truly love God and He too, will take full control of him and everything that belong to him. Gone are the days when you loved the material things of this world more than God, Henceforth, you must only love God and nothing else.
The problems of the entire world emanate from people regarding others as their relative wife, husband, sister, and brother etc. While they regard others as not being members of their families etc. or peer groups. The problem is not limited to families only. It cuts across ethnic groups, race and sex. Except you bury these notions, and completely forget about them, you cannot be the disciple of God. Eschew the love of man or material things; you must only love God, else you have erred. This is so because, if you love God, you have loved all men and indeed everything. If you love God, your love is universal. That is the reason why you have been charged to imbibe the teaching of oneness thus, loving one another. God’s love for you is equitable and that is what you must emulate. All forms of hatred and division were brought to its end when Christ said that, ‘it is finished on the cross of Calvary. Since then, everything has been made a new. This is the reign of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit prophesied; that a woman shall give birth to a male child who shall be called Emmanuel and He shall be the savior to His people. But the birthplace of He who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron was not prophesied rather, the scripture reads:

Revelations 12: 5
“And she brought forth a male child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron, and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.
Note that in this case, the age, nature, and tribe of the woman is not specified. And the question is why were these parameters not specified? It was the will of God that these things should not be disclosed He did not want confusion, rancor or violence from any quarters. Now He has taken control of everything that would have constituted a stumbling block to the manifestation of His will. And today too, you have been warned to steer clear from anything that is likely to pose a stumbling block to serving God in Spirit and in Truth. Even Christ had declared that whoever does the will of His Father who is in heaven is worthy of Him. Note also that: “He that doeth good is of God but he that doeth evil hath not seen God”.

All that is needed in this Kingdom is righteousness and nothing more. You must, of necessity, adhere strictly to the injunctions of Christ if you desire this Kingdom. This is not the case with other churches of the world. In the orthodox churches, while some enjoy unlimited right, others are extricated to limited privileges. For example, in the Roman Catholic Church, no black man can assume the position of a pope. It has never happen and will not happen till the end of the church. The funniest thing is that, even though you are a white man, except you are from Italy, you cannot be appointed a pope. The present pope is the first man that is not an indigent of Italy; hence he has been exposed to threat from all quarters. People, several times have threatened to shoot him to death. This accounts for the reason why he is not steady in the papal city. The Archbishop of Canterbury broke away from the Roman Catholic Church and formed what is today known as the Anglican Church. Despite the fact that some members protested and broke away from the Roman Catholic Church, they still feel and uphold that the post of the Archbishop is exclusively for the Englishman, hence the name, the Church of England. The queen is at the helm of affairs in the Church. Does all these and many more such things portray the whites as the worshippers of God?
Here in this Kingdom, such things do not exist. None of the things done by the white can be found in this Kingdom. This is the Kingdom of God. Everything here is owned by God Himself. You cannot compare this Kingdom to any other organization in the world, not even the governments. The governments of the world cannot function, independent of consultancy services. Once in a while, different governments go to another to borrow one policy or the other. But the reverse is the Kingdom of God. God does not require the input of any man when doing His things. Thank God He has come in full swing to rule over the entire world. It might interest you to note that some of the Britons also broke from the Church of England. Alleging that they want to establish, on their own a mode of worship that will make for worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth hence, the discovery of the place known as America today.
The original objective of the first inhabitants of America was to look for a befitting place to worship God. This they did at the initial stage and as a result of their dedication and devotion in God’s work, they were blessed with wealth. Having seen wealth flourishing in the country, they abandoned the work of God and opted for the manufacturing of arms and engaging in idolatry and all other vices. Today, you have seen that deviating from the path of rectitude has caused them a gradual economic downturn. You too have to learn from their mistake.

If you do not hold yourself from greed and lust for the material things of this world, you will equally fall short of the glory of this Kingdom. Let it be noted that except you are careful and devoted, worshipping and following God sheepishly, great will be your fall. Many glittering things and honor of this world will be featuring your way at random in a bid to lure you into accepting them. But once you give into their plea, believe Me, you will fall headlong. Hence, I implore you to beware of the material things of this world if you must inherit this Kingdom.
If you appreciate positions and agitate to be there for life, like most of you are fond of doing, it then means you have forgotten about the main object of your call to this Kingdom. Where then lies your hope of survival in the turbulent days ahead? Gone are the days when the flesh was ruling the world. This is the era of the elects of God and their Father. You would recall, when the mother of the two sons of Zebedee. Requested of Christ to give her two sons, the authority to sit by His sides in the Kingdom of God, Christ told her that it is not His place to grant such request, but that it shall be given to them for whom it is prepared for by His Father. St. Matthew 20: 20-23 And again you have been warned not to call any man teacher, for all men are brethren. There is only one Master and that is Christ. The effect of this has come to play in your midst today.

At the moment, there is no doubt that if Brotherhood of the Cross and Star were to be a man-made Kingdom, the so-called ordained ones would have destroyed it, even before now. They have used their capacity as ordained ones to stage a great fight against God. But unfortunately, they have not succeeded. I have not ordained you to lord over anybody rather, I have ordained you to go into the world and spread the words of God. You are not ordained because of your good works rather you were ordained so that the power to heal the sick, raise the dead and spread the gospel would be bestowed on you. You are not supposed to apply this power negatively but positively which is the purpose for which it was meant.
Contrary to the purpose, for which they were ordained, the ordained ones have turned it to a symbol of influence and terror. They feel all should bow down and worship them because they are ordained. They allege all their actions to be right, simple because they are ordained. Most of them, from the day they were ordained till date, they have not entered the hall again. They prefer to go round the remote areas, telling the brethren there to worship them that the Father has sent them to rule them. They do not even know how to preach the word of God, not to mention of them practicing it.
They command and scold people at the slightest misdeed and proclaim themselves big men. In fact, if these so-called ordained ones were to be given the go ahead, they would have really dealt hard with others. I have not ordained anybody a Bishop so that he may rob shoulders with Me or rule over anybody. Ordination is a mere formality. It is no passport for you to cause commotion in the fold. Position or no position, if you do not practice the word of God, you are perished. But as many as practice the word of God, they are free and worthy of the Kingdom.
Do not allow your head to get swollen because you have been ordained. Do not be misled by the lust for the material things of this world at the expense of the work of God else, you will not be counted worthy of this Kingdom. I have not ordained anybody to confirm the existence of a particular tribe, interest group or state, in the scheme of things in this Kingdom. This is a universal Kingdom, devoid any form of division. There is nothing like factions in this fold. No Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Rivers etc. We are all one, as far as this Kingdom is concerned. Read the golden text again:

“And another also aid, Lord, I will follow thee, but let me first go bid them farewell, which are at home at my house. And Jesus said unto him, no man having put his hand to the plough and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God”.

Here in this Kingdom, no man is recognized and treated with concession, every honor, respect and glory go to God alone. He is the sole doer of everything and deserves every glory derivable therefrom. He is love, truth and patience and does everything accordingly. The fact that God is love, everything in this Kingdom is done in love. Unfortunately the material things of this world have misled most of you in this Kingdom. You have given out yourself to be enslaved by these material things. And so long as you love these things, you should be sure of your doom.
When you were baptized into this Kingdom, you had one wife, but today you have a chain of wives and innumerable concubines. You were a pauper when you came into this Kingdom but today, you are a millionaire. You dupe and ask people to pay things like tithe to God and when this is done, you embezzle the proceeds. You are always striving to carve out an empire for yourself. Who taught you this? Do you ever stop to think of what your tomorrow will be with the vices you commit each passing day? You feel you have attained the greatest height ever attained by any man having been exalted in government, business, church, village, age-group etc. Is it true that you have reached a commendable height? Where lies your hope of salvation if these positions have forced your shoulders high and instilled arrogance in you? This is the root cause of your problem. You can never have peace of mind when you feel that you are occupying the most exalted position.
God, the Father is not bothered by any of your unwholesome acts. He keeps calling people to Himself everyday. Do not therefore see yourself as the greatest. In the Kingdom of God, there is no one who is the greatest except he that does the will of God. He that worships God in spirit and in truth is the greatest and he is worthy to be disciple of Christ. It does not matter what you have done, see yourself as doing anything rather, forget about the things of this world and hold fast to the work of God, if you desire salvation.

Some members of this fold claim to be full time workers in the vineyard of God, but they travel home every now and then, with the excuse of seeing their parents and relations. With this, can one rightly say that they can satisfy the work they signed for? Some of them carry about the number of years you stay here as Christ’s Student, if you do not forget about your relations and material wealth, you have failed. You can see the Kingdom of God. There is no way you can combine serving God and loving the material things of this world. The man mentioned in the golden text demanded from Christ the permission to first go and bid his relations’ farewell. And the question now is, have you read in the whole Bible a portion which indicates that the man had returned to Christ? He has not, even up till today, returned to Christ. This accounts for the reason why Christ said that any man that puts his hand into the plough but looks back couldn’t do the work of God. St. Luke 9: 62
It is of no reward to be called a child of God when you have not divorced your mind from the things of this world. If you came here with the mind that you will be made a chief, you have failed. Had you come here with the motive of being appointed the Father’s deputy, you have failed. Generally, if you came here for any material things you have failed. You had better stay back in the world and acquire these things because they abound there. None of such things is found here. Only love prevails. Do you not know that it is a very serious crime to attribute the glory of God to man or Satan? I repeat it is a grievous crime to attribute the glory due for God to Satan. This is so because Satan hates God. He would not want to do anything or identify himself with anything that is linked with God. If a fundraising ceremony were organized so that the proceeds may be used in the service of God, and an invitation letter is sent to Satan, he (Satan) would not honor such an invitation. The reason is that Satan does not donate to God’s service, no matter how rich he has. He would rather want to extort money from God to enrich himself. You have no reason whatever to waste your gifts to the people of the world, rather use it in improving this Kingdom. The only gift that the people of the world are due for is spiritual. This is the work of God and nothing else.
Use your resources in serving God and not to enrich Satan with it. The people of the world are the ones to pay tribute to you and not the reverse. The people of the world are laying claims against you; that you are one thing or the other, do not mind them, and hold fast to the work of God. Even Christ did not bother Himself with the things of the world when He started His ministerial work. The twelve disciples did not bother themselves either with their property, or any other thing rather they abandoned their wealth and positions in the world, and followed Christ sheepishly, preaching the word of God. Except you also shun and denounce completely, the material things of this world, you cannot worship God, in spirit and in truth.

You have seen the truth, but you have bluntly refused to practice it. It is often said that when one sees the corpse of a dead man he loved, he will be forced by the sight of the corpse to shed tears. But today, you have seen the corpse of your beloved, why have you not shed tears? Your action portrays that you did not actually love the man. In other words, you do not love the truth.
From January 1950 till today, I have not left Calabar for any place physically. I keep preaching the word of God from morning till night and to the next morning untiringly. Your academic qualifications and other vices have refused you, to learn of Me. I am stationed here because like worldly attainments cannot fetch you anything compared to what the saying goes; “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. In spite of the fact that I spare no time teaching you, what have you done to show that you have really heard Me.

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is love. It has no headquarters. Love is everything and it is the Headquarters of this Kingdom. It is erroneous to mention Calabar as the World Headquarters of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. When love is at the helm of affairs of anything, there is bound to be joy. However, you should be careful not to love the world and the things therein. If you do, the love of God is not in you. Everyday you confess that you are a sinner. What brought you here if, up till now, you have not changed? Were you called into this Kingdom solely for the purpose of confession of sins, and never changed for the better? Why are you enslaved to sin rather than to imbibe and practice the word of God? If you do not imbibe the teachings of Christ and practice the same, you will lose at the end.
Girdles are mere formality. They serve no useful purpose, so long as you do not practice the word of God. You are duty bound to take after God by exhibiting the virtues of love, peace, patience, and humility, among others. The Kingdom of God as Christ put it, is likened to a treasure of which, when one sees it, he goes back to sell all he had to acquire it, what have you sold to acquire this Kingdom apart from your evil tendencies and vices? No matter the extent of wealth you accumulate if you have no love, you are empty. This accounts for the reason why you are enjoined to humble yourself like a little child. The truth here remains that, your claims of being a big man in this Kingdom is false, except you refrain from all manner of sins.

The greatest, as far as this Kingdom is concern, is he that does the word of God. Your academic qualification and other worldly attainments cannot fetch you anything compared to what one good virtue will fetch you. One brother testified some time ago that, he was living in a house with other tenants, just because he wrote O.O. Obu at his doorpost, other tenants conspired against him agitating that he should be sent away from the house. The landlord having singled him out as one of the best tenants rejected the idea, claiming that the man has been very useful to him. He narrated his good but rare qualities to other tenants and stood his grounds that the brother should continue to live there. What do you think prompted the landlord to say those things? It is because the brother practiced the word of God, without which he would have been asked to quit. This explains the reason why I always tell you to live an exemplary life.
You err when you say that you are hated because of Brotherhood. You are the cause of your being hated. You want to kill two birds with one stone. That is to say that you condone evil in one hand and profess to be a Brotherhood member, on the other hand. This does not avail you anything. Start now to exhibit good fruit by hating and denouncing the material things of this world and hold fast to God, His teachings and praises, and you will witness a great change in your life.

It is said that a stroke of the cane is sufficient to the wise. May God bless His Holy Words Amen.

Thank You Good Father