1st Bible Lesson: Luke 5: 35
“But the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken away from them, and then shall they fast in those days.”

2nd Bible Lesson: Acts 13: 2
“As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them”.

Golden Text: Matthew 17: 21
“Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.
Brethren, this is that bony part of the gospel. Many of you find satisfaction in materialism and so do not listen to the gospel. When the apostles asked why they could not cast away the demon, the Lord replied that it was because of their unbelief. That if they have faith even as small as a grain of mustard seed, they would be capable of removing mountains from one place to another. This is done through prayers and fasting, which all human beings hate. Why did he make such statement? It was because men are like eggs. They change wives like shirts. So Our Lord told them that any person who divorced his wife and marries another committed adultery and the man who marries the divorced wife is also an adulterer. The apostles were weakened on hearing this and said it was better not to marry because they had wives. Christ seeing their minds told them that not every person could do it. It was for those whom the Father had given ability. Christ told the apostles that when the Comforter shall come he would teach them everything that Our Lord Jesus Christ had taught them in parables. If He had not come, you could not have been able to read and understand this bible even if you studied it for twenty years or more. The bible was written in the spiritual language and interpreted also in the spiritual language. Many churches in translating the bible cut off the portions on fasting and prayers to suit their whims. This therefore means that they are not allowed to see this glory.

What do you mean by mortifying the flesh? The hidden thing in this New Kingdom is fasting and prayers. As soon as you pray and fast, the flesh dies and you are in Spirit. If you do not believe in the Holy Spirit, why do you then fast because Christ did say flesh and blood couldn’t claim this kingdom. If you have not the Holy Spirit, you cannot fast from 6am – 8am. The day you fast from 6am – 12 noon, you are seen fainting and various dishes must be laid out. It was needless for the apostles to fast because they had not yet the Holy Spirit. The Lord did advise the apostles that it was essential He went to the Father, that if He were not gone, the Holy Spirit would not come to them. To trap Him, the Pharisees and Scribes questioned Him saying why His disciples did not fast while John’s fasted. Our Lord cunningly answered that the disciples did not need to fast while the bridegroom was still with them; they would be required to fast when He is taken away from them. If He did not cleverly answer them, they would have used this to attack Him. Because he was the Son of Man and knew the spirit in man and as the Son of God, He knew the spirit of God and so he answered them in that way. You should pity any person who jokes with the words of God. This is the fulfilment of the words of Christ.

Did Our Lord Jesus Christ not fast for 40 days and nights? Did He fast before or after He had received the Holy Spirit? You were told that after baptism, the Holy Spirit led Him into the wilderness. Did He not receive baptism at the hands of John? John the Baptist was sent, to clear the path, to kill the flesh and to be in readiness to receive the messiah. John was sent as a forerunner in the spirit of Elijah to straighten the crooked path that is the flesh. Many people disregard fasting, prayers and baptism. If these were not important, Our Lord would not have asked John to baptise Him, would not have fasted for 40 days and nights and would not have prayed to the Father on several occasions. If Our Lord were not baptised, the Holy Spirit would not have descended on Him and it would have been impossible for Him to fast for 40 days and 40 nights. The physical body cannot do these things except the Holy Spirit. Any person, who receives the Holy Spirit and has faith in it, can do all things.

It was written, food was made for the belly and the belly for food but God will destroy both. This is that time of destruction. You were enjoined to do 40 days daily fasting during this lent. If you can do more than that it is still good so that you can receive the power of the Holy Spirit. You had been informed that you have to prepare the house, clean it and remove unnecessary things, ready for the Holy Spirit to come in. When Saul, later on Paul was caught, he went blind and without food and water for three days. Some people when caught complain of having fever and not eating and so you stay fasting without you knowing it. This is necessary before the Comforter dwells in you. Do you know that God is a consuming fire? Some people think they have not been fasting. When you are ill for two weeks and could not eat or drink, that was fasting. There is no other way to pass through except by mortifying the flesh because unless you do this you cannot be a disciple of Christ. This lent is yearly and must be observed by every person. It was said if you die with me, you will resurrect with Me. If you cannot fast because of the love food, how will you fare?

All those who have been weakened with food, anger, lust of this world, the Holy Spirit will tomorrow, Easter Monday break down and rebuild. The reason for the three Pentecostal in a year is to revive your spirit. This takes place in the whole world. The Holy Spirit is likened to an egg. If you do not abide by His precepts, He will leave you. You bear one another grudge, tell lies, base your thoughts on earthly things; He will leave you because He loves peace and Godly virtues. In as much as you have surrendered yourselves to the Holy Spirit; He will come and live in you. Because you are branches and cannot stand by yourselves to bear fruits so the dry fasting is necessary to cleanse you to be joined to the parent plant, the Holy Spirit. This is an impossible thing for a worldly person to do. Many people comfort themselves saying Our Lord Jesus Christ had finished fasting. And that the Holy Father is doing it. I tell you that not up to twenty people in this large assembly had participated in the 40 days fasting. It is written that the true worshippers are those who worship God in Spirit and in truth. The three days dry fasting should have been on Thursday, Friday and Saturday but so that you might not be weak, the Father shifted it from Monday midnight to Thursday midnight. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Perfect Teacher and so does not teach confusion, for it is improper to teach subjects meant for the secondary school in a University. You will observe that whenever the Father sends you on an errand, He does this in order to take away your problems and He, the owner of your bodies may enter His abode. If you eat, it is like eating faeces, and does not allow the Holy Spirit to come in and do His work. Many people do not know the reason for Our Lord’s Second Advent. His disciples did not receive the Holy Spirit while they were on ministry with Him because the Holy Spirit is not so cheap. He could not give Holy ghost because He said that “If I do not go to the Father, the Holy spirit will not come “Christ knew that if He did not die, men would not purified to receive the Holy spirit. Brethren, Christ told the disciples, “wait until the Holy Spirit descends on you.” After this injunction, they continued to pray and fast for the Comforter.

There are people in this world who live in the bush, unmarried and not eating and waiting for the Holy Spirit to descend on them. There are people who can fast for three months and still go strong because the Holy Spirit has taken His reign and power over them. What bothers us is food: this is what brings you illness. Many of you claimed to have left everything, Father, mother, children, what about food? Some of you after the three days fasting eat up three days food to fill up the gap. This can be compared with the pig going back to dirt after a good wash. You eat what you had vomited. Some of you would be ready to pay N1,000,000 or more than undertake the 6-6 fasting. What did Christ say? Any person who does not take up his cross and follow me is not suitable for me. In Mark 8:34-35 Our Lord said any person that will follow me must kill the flesh. So if you are one that plays with fasting and praying, I must tell you clearly that this is the way you must come about in this New Kingdom. Moses before receiving the laws from the hand of the angels, not from God directly, fasted for 40 days and nights and yet broke the tablets when he met his followers worshipping an idol. Tell me who does some powerful work without fasting because I cannot point that person to you.

Christ did say when I would come; I will find my abode in you. In His first advent, He said, foxes have holes, the birds of the air, have nests but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head because man was filthy. The blood of sheep and various types of animals were used to cleanse man to receive the Holy Spirit but it was to no avail. The Pharisees fasted because they were not pure. It was a sign of repentance. Fasting had existed right from Adam. Those who fasted then had not benefited because they were not pure. It is the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ alone that can cleanse or purify man to receive the Trinity God. The three-day-dry fasting also cures you. What God hates is what man loves and vice versa. Many Visioners, prophets, apostles, students and the rest do not fast.

“But the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken away from them, and then shall they fast in those days.”

Do not look for power elsewhere. The Holy Spirit is the power that enters into you when you keep body clean. Whenever you sin, fasting is the soap to clean you. It was written that it was better not to touch a woman, a man should marry one woman, that a husband has no power over his body and a wife too has no power over her body. That the husband has power over the wife and the wife has power over the husband. That there should be no union unless the two parties agreed and for a very short time and after this, both must fast and pray so that the Holy Spirit may come back to them. If these instructions are not carried out, they become rebels. Many of you complain that the Leader does not empower you to do what He does. I ask you, after leaving here, do you not go to fornicate? The Holy Spirit will go back to where He came from. It does not mean that the Holy Spirit has no abode when He leaves you. I want you to have His abode and become that stone that scatters anything that it touches or anything that falls on it. I want you to have salt in abundance so that you may have this fountain of living waters. When you are in spirit, no person can stand or challenge you. If you keep the Holy Spirit by not sinning then the Father would have been living permanently with you. So you have to fast and pray so that the Holy Spirit may come and take possession of you. The laws that you are given are the laws of the Holy Spirit, so when you commit adultery and fornication, you are not offending the flesh. In fact the flesh wants it. The Holy Spirit wants fasting.

You are exposed to danger when the Holy Spirit leaves you. It does not punish you. You cannot drive away a demon without fasting, praying and possessing the Holy Spirit. Flesh cannot drive away satan. The work at hand is not to make you have children and wealth but to have the Holy Spirit and keep Him. People allege that you are not worshipping God but something else because hitherto, the disciples of Christ were killed but now nobody is able to kill or harm you. The flesh cannot do the work the Holy Spirit does. Go to the carnal churches and see that nothing can be wrought, even the bell ringer sleeps while ringing the bell. A person, who sets an alarm clock in order to be awakened for prayers, hears the ringing, stops it and continues to sleep. Brotherhood of the Cross and star does not need wealth or anything else but to kill the flesh so that the Holy Spirit can come in and live in you and so you may have everything. Christ said He that is sent by the Father, He does not measure the spirit unto Him. The spirit is often given out in measures, so that if you exhausts your own share of the Holy Spirit, you have to remain empty and if you go to cast out devils, it is like firing a gun without bullets. A person with the Holy Spirit tells you go, you are cured and you are so cured. A person without the Holy Spirit is noisy and empty. The three Pentecostals shake and worry the world for the more they look and investigate the Brotherhood of the Cross and star, the less of it they see.
The Pentecostal is to revive you, gives you the Holy Spirit and you become very bold.

When the Holy Spirit is in you, you have no more taste for food, clothes, money and wealth. A person with the spirit of God cannot be found completely occupied by trading or farming. It is said that when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, they did not experience any hunger, that they and the animals were friends. When Adam was God’s abode, nothing disturbed him but as soon as he disobeyed the Father, he was filled with fear and emptiness and the Holy Spirit left him. The Holy Spirit returned at the time of Our Lord Jesus Christ since He was the Son of Man, Son of God and God Himself. He became the embodiment of God, so He had to say I, and the Father are one. He was the Apostles bridegroom and while with Him, they need not fast My work is to prepare you so that wherever I am, you may be there also. This work is greater than enriching you materially. The key of Brotherhood of the Cross and star is to kill the flesh and allow the Holy Spirit to reign supreme. You cannot serve God with money but with the Holy Spirit.
Pastors, apostles and the rest of you cannot pray for the sick and they receive health because you are filled with food. There is no power in the churches because they have done away with fasting and prayers. Some people declare: God helps you and you help yourself; that is by fasting. “Whatever I teach you had already been taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ because Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. That is why I make references to bible. You have been empowered to fast, pray and sleep on the ground and you are protected against all elements.

2nd Bible Lesson: Acts 13:2
“As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them”.

Brethren, since you are Thomases, have you heard that portion read to you? The disciples believed firmly on fasting and prayers to require the Holy Spirit and so they started to fast.
Do not go to any body for x-ray or prayers or visions. They are elementary. The x-ray is for those out side BROTHERHOOD OF THE CROSS AND STAR. Any time you offend God, fast, pray and beg for forgiveness after this He will come back because you had cleansed the house. How do you know that the Holy Spirit has left you? When the spirit is in you, you will not want to drink, fornicate, become angry but will want the good of others. This means the Holy Spirit is doing the work, seeing evil in others, believing in juju means the Holy Spirit has left you. Division in the Bethel is another indication that the Holy Spirit is gone and you the members of the Bethel have to fast, confess and having purged yourselves, He will return and wonders will be performed in the Bethel again. Do not run after visions.

What drives the Holy Spirit is fornication, food and wine. God did not give Adam and eve wine, but fruits. Fruits are the food of the spirit: other foods fight the Holy Spirit. Many of you have reached the stage of feeding on fruits alone. A lover of food or a heavy eater is not in spirit. Lovers of food are haters of Christ. You have to fast so that the words of God may penetrate into you. Before, the Jews went to the mountain at Jerusalem to pray but it is not today. Any person who looks for the Holy Spirit should not come as a fool. You were asked to come and receive power so that you may live a life in the land of the living. See how the churches fast without praying and pray without fasting. Fasting and prayers together works like magic.
If you can do nothing else, try to observe this, fast and pray for you to do difficult works. Pains and problems are taken away through fasting. You do not need to tell people your problems. Hide your fasting within yourselves. If you are Brotherhood, you should give others prayers and not receive their prayers because it was said that the children of God are to judge the world and the angels.

“Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting

What I tell you now hinges on fasting and prayers. It is the power and secret, the key in BROTHERHOOD OF THE CROSS AND STAR. If today the whole country wages war on you, just fast and pray and you will see what the Father will do for you. It is a pity for those who cannot fast and pray. Unless God watches over a town the watchman does it in vain. Any person who has power to pray for you does it through fasting and prayers. Even the demon gives you fasting although it eats while fasting. Those people who say that the doctor had diagnosed that they have no blood, who should be obeyed, God or the doctors? If you have no blood then fast and pray for it. When you ask the Father to heal you and instead of going to the hospital. You ask for salt that is palatable; fast and pray and you will see your illnesses disappear. When the Holy Spirit is in you, you do not need visions or go to people to remove charms from you. You should rather prophesy to these people because the Holy Spirit is in you. I have this jealousy for you. I have to tell you these things because you are all tools and you must not be empty. You are the servants of the Most High and if you submit to Him completely, He will use you in the waters, on the skies and under the earth. Build no Alter, just purge your mind of anger and you are alright. At Christ’s first Advent, He was empowered to do works but when He was taken away from them, they went back to their various ways of life. With the descent of the Holy Spirit, they were emboldened to preach the word of God. Peter was the Leader, “thou art Peter, (rock) and upon this rock, I will build my church”. Peter, James and John were empowered to lay hands on those the other apostles had already baptised and the converts received the Holy Spirit.
If Herod had succeeded in killing Peter after James had been murdered, there would have been nobody to give the Holy Spirit. So Peter was miraculously released from prison. The 16 soldiers who kept watch all slept. This wonder was wrought through fasting and prayers.

Our Lord advised that we should not allow food and drink debar us from this kingdom. Since you finished the three days dry fasting, you have been feeding like cows. You are offending the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit and food are at war. Food does you more harm. You do not have to come here for prayers, just fast and pray, eat very little and remain in spirit. As soon as you eat a little piece of meat, the Holy Spirit leaves you. The Holy Spirit does not want artificial things. He is the oil, medicine, injection and everything. A person with the Holy Spirit is strong and nothing can happen to him. Seek for the Holy Spirit and you can foretell the future. If you do not receive the Holy Spirit, you have yourselves to blame. The impact of the Holy Spirit shakes even very heavy people.

Those who have ears to hear let them hear. May the Father bless His Holy words. Amen.


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