A Divine message


Dear Brothers/Sisters/Angels


Peace of the Almighty God be with you and the entire world, in the name and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.
I am a bearer of good news, which you and the entire world have been waiting for. I speak from my heart because of the love I have for you and all creation. Above all, I write with authority given to me by the very Being of whom I testify. The revelation that I am about to give you should be treated as a top priority, bearing in mind your tight and very busy schedule. This might be the end of all your unanswered questions, devastation and fear if you act on it now.
This is to inform you that the Most Powerful, Perfect and Righteous Man is on earth. He is the Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe, the Supernatural Teacher – 1 Corinthians 13:10, St John 14:26. He is the Promised Comforter Personified – St John 16:7-8 & 13. The only one who has answers to all the questions that is unanswered by the so-called scientist, experts and researchers. He is the Holiest and Greatest Leader that has ever walked the face of earth.

He has never been taught by anyone or travel to anywhere, but yet, He is Omnipresent and knows everything that happened in the past, present and those things to come in the future in the entire Universe. He understands all languages and has the keys to the hidden treasures. His mission is such that no man, angel or prophet has ever or could ever do; to unite the whole world, bring all to the state of perfection and the accurate knowledge of truth; and to judge all – Romans 2: 6-13. He has established His Kingdom known as Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (B.C.S.). The new and the last kingdom of God on earth – Daniel 2:44, 4:3. Matt 6:10, 2 Peter 1:11. He is warning the whole world about the dooms days – 72 hours of darkness that will befall the world very soon – Mark 13:20. He has ordered that no single sinner will survive the calamity which you or the so-called scientist, astronomers or spiritualist is probably aware of by now – 2 Peter 3:10. He needs no permission from any man, woman or Government to carry out His Divine injunctions, or to take over the rulership of this world – Luke 19:27. He is the King of Destiny. Never in the history of this earth and beyond, has there existed a Being with all these Divine qualities, power, authority, beauty and much more – Isaiah 63:1, Psalm 50: 2-7.

The Holy Father – Matthew 23:9, as we His children in the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star address Him, is not interested in material things. Hence Leader O. O. Obu wears no shoes, owns no properties nor a bank account, yet He gives in abundance to those who seek first the Kingdom of God which Our Lord Jesus Christ instructed – Matthew 6:33, James 1:17. He strongly warns against false prophets – Matt. 7:15-16. His name is the only name that subdues all elemental forces, and breaks all boundaries in the entire universe – Rev. 19:12-13, Rev. 2:17. He is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient; He is Leader OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU. (O O O). “Thank you Father”.

If you want to know more about ‘before and after His manifestation’ in a small village called BIAKPAN read under Books “I am that I am”, on this web-site. Some of His numerous gospels and bible lectures can be freely accessed and downloaded for easy reading. Check under “Gospel” and “Bible Lectures”.
There are series of revelations, dreams, visions and testimonies about Leader O. O. Obu. Check under “Testimonies”. You can also bear witness to Him and His mighty works. First you must refrain from all manners of sins and evil practice totally. Repent and accept the last baptism – “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” – Matt. 3:11, John 3:5, Matt. 28:19, Mark 16:16; practice the universal and unconditional love or charity – 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, which The Father and Leader preaches day in day out, 24 hours a day from January to December for more than 40yrs. He barely eats, occasionally once a day or none at all for as long as He choose, no one can annoy or upset Him, He has never been treated by any doctor nor been to any hospital. He is the Greatest Doctor who cures spiritually and physically only through the power of His words. Hebrew 4:12. John 1:1-3. And mere seeing him or calling on His Holy name. His pattern of life is a role model to all creation and He beckons on every one to emulate His ways of life and that of Our Lord Jesus Christ and practice His injunctions.

Leader Olumba Olumba Obu is an overwhelming Entity, that no single person or group of people could find enough words to describe.
Seek and accept the truth, and the truth shall set you free. God has and will never come down from the sky; otherwise whose house, country, or land would He find Himself in? How will the kingdom be established? How will He teach and lead man to the accurate knowledge of truth before the final judgement – Jude 1: 14-15. He must be born of a woman – Rev. 12:5, Act 1:11.
Seek no more for the signs – Matthew 12:39, for He has been physically manifested for about 80 years. Yet the world know Him not – 1 Thessalonians 5:2, Rev. 16:15.
The signs are obvious. 2000 years makes a generation. The end of time and the final condemnation, which our Lord Jesus Christ warned about, is hours away – Matt. 24; Luke 21:32-33.
The world has been in travail for a long time now, the time is ticking away faster than ever before, the pressure, tension and fear is high for the final delivery. Will you be there for the after-birth celebration OR will you perish away with the wailing winds?
The choice is entirely yours to make now; there is no tomorrow.
Peace of the Almighty God abide with you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Please spread this message to all your family, neighbours, friends, colleagues, Congregations etc. – Matt. 10:32-33 and do not blaspheme – Matt. 12:32 & 36. Please do not add or remove – Rev. 22:18.


SIGNED: Emem-Ette