About BCS

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is not a church, nor can it be compared to any other religious

It is not from any human tradition because all its teachings, practices, customs and beliefs come directly
from the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. it operates in an entirely new and unique way where the physical
and spiritual go hand in hand. Nothing else like it has ever existed on the earth before and never will, for
it has come to remain forever.

Prophecy Fulfilled
Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is the answer to the prayers of countless Christians over the ages
who have been praying, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”
It is not for Christians alone though, but for all God’s children for it has come to fulfill the prophecy that,
“There shall be one fold and one shepherd”. It is that long-expected kingdom foretold by prophet Daniel
that has come to break into pieces all other kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.

Love one another
There is one law in Brotherhood that all members are required to abide by. This is to love everyone
without discrimination, just as Christ loves us. When we do this it means we also love God because He
lives in each and everyone of us. The law of love is above every other law that has ever existed because
when it is practised and fulfilled, we are justified by God, for God is love. John 16:13, Matthew 6:10,
John 10:16, Daniel 2:44, John 15:12.