How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts.

And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.

Brethren, that is the revelation of our lessons today. The theme of this gospel serves as an eye opener to those who are God’s own elect; it is an interesting gospel to the understanding of true believers. From the various gospels that had been preached throughout the whole world, there is none that has no connection with this very gospel, since it is the bone of contention to many.
From daily observations, it is always a surprise that you can see some people sitting together with you as brethren of the same faith, eating and singing all along as seen in the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star; but suddenly they move out and begin to spread useless and careless talks about this New Kingdom. They will even proclaim that the Leader is Christ and God and yet within a short while they rush out and begin to blackmail that very Leader; they start calling Him all sorts of names, as King of Beelzebub, juju priest or even a murderer. This should not surprise you because the gospel of today is the clear answer.
This group of people can be seen among the apostles, students, choristers, elders, in short from every section of the fold; but if you have had this gospel planted in you, when you see them, do not doubt because as the scripture say, this is the last generation and fullness of time when everything must come to fulfilment. You are also reminded that it is not all the children of Abraham that come from Abraham and not all the children of Israel that are Israelites; therefore NOT ALL THOSE WHO CLOTHE THEMSELVES WITH WHITE ROBES ARE ACTUAL MEMBERS OF BROTHERHOOD OF THE CROSS AND STAR. No matter the length of the time they remain, these personalities are not the real children of God, because they are deceitful prophets and must surely depart from us. All these must happen in order to conform to what had been written in the bible that heaven and earth shall pass away but not a jot of the word that comes from God will pass without being fulfilled. Therefore there is nothing that had been happening or will happen now that had not been written about, and this gospel reveals what had long been written about this time.

Consider the daily events around you and you will realise the fact that these deceitful workers have filled the whole world? They have no spirit of God in them; they only seek for their own livelihood through hardship, yet when they see those who would serve God, they turn to mock at them, giving them all sorts of names. They jeer at you, and if you try to follow God with your implicit faith, they will tell you that you are struggling for nothing and that you are not worshipping God in the correct way.
If at any time you happen to mention to them about forsaking sins, or that it is proper for one to love one another, they will mock and make jest of you. They are the people who open churches upon churches, joining every denomination seeking for high position as chairmen and treasurers, in order to satisfy their own selfish ends; and they would remain in churches struggling for money placing their minds on nothing but material things of this world. While inside the church, they cause confusion, they fight, fornicate, quarrel, steal, and do all sorts of evil vices; and when they become tired they simply jump out. These persons can be found in all churches, schools, offices, and market places, even along the streets and all over the world. They are not of God, but stumbling blocks to those who want to serve him. They are very trickish and cunning in their ways of life through lust. Some money can be entrusted to you by the organisation for some purpose, these persons will remove the money thereby causing you to have a bad name among the fold. This group of deceivers go about performing strange wonders, just to mislead the chosen ones of God, if possible.

Think of someone who is a Pastor, Bishop or Reverend; he is in charge of a church or a Bethel, yet he will cause all the women and young girls to fornicate with him, what sort of a dignitary is he, is he not among this group of false prophets? They act just to fulfil the scripture, that wherever the children of God are there you will find these scoffers who are there to mislead the weaker souls. If they join any organisation whose uniform is black, they will sew up to three or five in different styles; if the clothes is white, they (the deceivers) will equally sew the best types of white soutanes and other patterns; they put on this clothing and mingle with the children of God in order to cause confusion because they are not out to serve. They mix easily among the women in order to cause them to fall away from the truth. Someone may think that members of the organisation are not willing to serve God; this is not so, but it is because of the activities of these confusionists that the work of God seems to be dying out completely.

The children of God are found all over the world but according to the scriptures, it is said that at the end of time, many false prophets will arise; they will clothe themselves in wolves’ skin and pretend to be serving God. The preaching is different, their footsteps and manners are quite out of order and because they belong to the world, the worldly people love them. BUT WHERE NO HIGH POSITION IS ALLOWED, THEY RUN OUT AND START TO BLASPHEME AGAINST THAT ORGANISATION. On the other hand, if you caution or pretend to overlook their bad behaviours because of the outward personality, they will plant deep roots and corrupt all the members, and where they find enthusiastic members trying to handle God’s work, they will discourage them by telling them that God wants only the heart and not practical services.
With the so-called ordained Pastors, Apostles, or Prophets when anyone is sick, instead of offering prayers, they instruct and direct that various drugs stocked in their briefcase can heal. They go from house to house telling people that God helps those who help themselves. They confuse people by teaching that God does not forbid fornication because God made Adam and Eve; and that He created women for men for this purpose. They confirm their vain teachings that men and women cannot stay without fornicating. Therefore watch out because these men are deceivers, mockers and jesters because they have no Spirit of God and do not listen to the word of God. But in case you really want to know their works, join them in an organisation, watch their actions and you will see surely that they are outstanding; therefore take this gospel as a watchword in order to arm yourself, never to be trapped by these interlopers.

There were some good prophets, elders, students or choristers but because of the behaviours of these false prophets, they were misled and they left their positions. So it is to prove that if you visit other churches, ask those who left and they will tell you their different stories being that they were trapped out by these deceitful prophets. In reality, there is no gain in their false actions; but they do this in order to test the faith of the children of God. Remember the temptations of our Lord Jesus Christ; when the Spirit led Him into the wilderness after the forty days fasting, He was tempted by the devil. Since Christ knew and entrusted His faith in His Father, he never fell a victim. So it is also with Adam and the forbidden tree in the middle of the garden, which God directed Him not to eat of its fruits, being for good and evil; this tree caused division among the children of God.
The true children of God are born just like that, so are these false scoffers and they try you, but never to succeed. This is seen among human race; in a certain family you can find some who are born children of God, while others are not. Remember that Moses and Aaron were of the same parents, and then Moses became a true Prophet while Aaron his brother was false. When Moses went to receive the commandment from God, his brother, Aaron turned to the evil passions of the children of Israel and made a moulded calf out of their gold trinkets for them to worship as ‘a god’. This action displeased Moses on arrival and he became angry and broke the slate of the laws. From this you can see that the question of individual characters cannot be waved off by prayers, it is one’s own destiny.
Therefore you are forewarned. You often pray in your daily prayers that “Lord, let thy kingdom come”, this is the kingdom you have been praying for and these false prophets are out pretending to be the disciples of Christ, visiting from house to house, town to town, delivering false teachings in order to lead many souls to destruction. They pretend to work hand in hand with you as children of God, but at the same time they will start criticising and they run out when their evil works do not fit, and begin to cause embarrassment all over. It was because of this that our Lord Jesus Christ said at the close of every sermon, “he who has ears let him hear”, because he knew that not all those who gathered to hear his teachings were the children of God. These false prophets would pretend to love God, they prostrate, and knock their heads on the ground several times; they weep for their sins and show all manner of repentance, yet our Lord Jesus Christ has identified them as deceivers and mockers. They do not cherish people pointing out their own mistakes, and if you do this, they will blame and quote you as having no love; in fact, they are neither good for foofoo nor porridge!

At your stations, look closely and you will distinguish these false workers, even their personal appearance. This reveals that not all those who put on white soutane are true Brotherhood of the Cross and Star members. They worship God outwardly but inwardly they are far from Him. Most people become worried about their behaviours, because they speak and discuss in such deceitful manner likely to cause a breach of peace until they carry out their operations. At any time you bring in any good suggestion, or even call the name of the Leader, they turn to oppose outright. Do not be surprised because since they are born like that, whatever they perform must be faulty too. Inside the church, they place marks on their seats acquiring a special portion all the time, and if anyone happens to make use of those seats, they start to struggle and quarrel over it. Never criticise and do not ask them to quit, but at long last, they will leave on their own. After they might have gone out and you happen to see them and ask to know why they departed, they will turn to say “Oh! Leave me with your Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, there has been nothing much to see there”. They blaspheme against the Leader, and proclaim that they are worshipping ‘Jesus’ because Jesus shed blood on their behalf. They curse you as fools that you are worshipping man; and by this you become confused and get mixed up. They will remain inside the church and oppose God; if love is being preached, they say, “they are being saved by grace” that no one can love one another. They never fast and will abuse those who go on fasting as worst fools thinking that they are punishing themselves; and that Christ had already fasted and ended fasting for mankind. They would neither enter the kingdom nor allow any other person to enter. These personalities are many and can be seen everywhere. Let our first bible lesson be read again.

First Bible Lesson: Jude 1: 18
The scoffers referred to in the above passage are those who claim to be church goers, calling themselves Christians, yet they continue in fornication, quarrel and getting angry all the time. They preach in churches, even inside their cars; you see them along the streets telling other people to forsake stealing, fornication, anger, bearing false news against one another; they pray with a spirit even to move mountains, yet within a short while they turn round and steal other people’s money or property and go off their way. During their preaching they will first quote and open where it is written “woe unto him who serves drink to his brother”, yet they will depart from what they quote, and preach outside such passage. They know why they quote that passage, in case there is a child of God around their area of work; if arguments arise, they will argue that the bible says one should drink a little for the protection of the stomach, but never to become drunk.
They are the preachers who stand at the pulpit and tell the congregation that God helps those who help themselves. Your brother who is a Bishop, Pastor or Reverend may sit in a discussion with you and if you happen to tell him that it is against God’s instructions never to drink or take drugs, he will oppose and claim that drinking is not against God’s doctrine, that he has been studying religion abroad and never has come across that portion in the bible, and that one should take medicine for health protection. These church dignitaries try to serve God out of their own personal understanding and not with the laid down principles of God and by so doing they lead many sheep astray. If a Bishop or Pastor could render such teachings that there is no harm in drinking, taking drugs or fornicating, what then is expected of the members; by this, sins are multiplied.

As part of their apparels, these dignitaries clothe themselves with talisman and rings and get into the altar to render sermon; counting for themselves that they are being protected by foreign powers. This must happen because it was said that a time would come when people would depart from the truth and please themselves with all worldly things. The chosen children of God cannot face any stumbling blocks except those destined for perdition. Therefore never be angry whenever you hear they mock and ridicule you. To some extent, they cannot stop performing these functions being part of their duties in fulfilment of the word of God; but be steadfast in your faith with God. Here in Brotherhood, you find them going about giving false visions and demanding money for it, they will tell the out-stations that the Father requires the money as donation. Their visions are based on witchcrafts, enemies and juju being buried in your home; they will direct you to native doctors in order to prepare concoction. They sell the holy oil and water; therefore whenever you accept such evil practices, you fail. They have power of visions such as the children of God; they preach with zeal but full of deceits, they are the faulty workers. But MY HAPPINESS IS THAT I KNOW THAT AT THE FULLNESS OF TIME, ALL OF THEM WILL DEPART ONE AFTER THE OTHER. What is most pleasing is that they cannot mislead the real children of God, chosen and ordained for this kingdom. Therefore this gospel reveals to you why this must happen, because by destiny they are what they are.

During the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, He at one time said to the multitude, “You will not believe me because you are not of my sheep, but my sheep know me and I know them by name also. The Father who gave them to me is so mighty that nobody can get them out of my fold”. This same statement is referred to you in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, that no matter the extent of the shame and torture, my true sheep cannot be deceived and taken out from me. You are witnesses that no matter the trials, when you become stronger in faith, they become disappointed and fall out. At times you will be confronted by this group who offer you fat sum of money with luxurious cars pleading with you to forsake Brotherhood of the Cross and Star; but if you do not, they will become marvelled as to what your Leader has done to block your mind against such wealth, as they term it.
Even within your family circle, if you do not agree to their ungodly decisions, your name will be crossed off from the family meetings, yet you will show no concern. Yes, this is so because the Father who gave you to me is mighty and nobody can easily snatch you out. If on the other hand they see a wealthy member, they will ask the less fortunate one whether he really wants to join Brotherhood of the Cross and Star; if the fellow gives consent, they will turn and enquire from him what he is ready sacrifice in order to become rich, because the richer members have reached the final circle of the church and whether the less fortunate can afford a human being to offer. Thereafter when they turn round to see the poor dancing with all happiness, these mockers will ask if the less fortunate is indeed the member of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star; that he is poor because he has not reached the final circle. Therefore be thankful to God about these various statements as laid down in the bible as a guide to the children of God as touching this present time.

God’s own elect should have no boast of themselves; it is not out of your steadfastness that made you to remain in Brotherhood of the Cross ad Star, but through His own promise that none of His sheep shall be separated from Him. You have heard about Job, whose faith was counted for him as righteousness. Upon his tribulations by sickness, deaths, loss of wealth and the like, caused by these very scoffers, yet he did not stumble, instead he became richer than ever. Even our Lord Jesus Christ, since He was the Son of God, the Father protected Him and He did not stumble. From this it is clearly seen that Satan has no power over the chosen children of God. Satan being of the world only goes about preaching false doctrine to the people of the world who are being misled to destruction. But the children of God always listen to the word of God and now this lesson is being delivered to you so that you can be guided accordingly. Now listen attentively to what our second lesson will reveal.
Second Lesson: Matthew 24: 11

From personal experience, have you not seen them today in the world? They themselves know that God is neither devil nor ghost, but the WORD, from the effect of word THEY KNOW THERE IS NO CHANCE FOR THEM IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD, THEY THEN GO ABOUT LECTURING FALSELY, CRITICISING WHAT THEY DO NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT BROTHERHOOD OF THE CROSS AND STAR as a whole, in the real sense of the word. They can only deceive their very counterparts because those of God are born like that and have been given a promise by God for their protection against evil. You can equally testify that at the time you wanted to join the fold of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star; they tried by all means to dissuade you with false news about what they claim to have known about the fold. They would broadcast all over causing you a lot of embarrassment, and once you become baptised, they make you their resting place (parlour) with visits in rotation, awaiting their evil operations.
Another major point is that through the ignorance of men, they often allege that when they were members in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star the Leader demanded seven human beings from them as sacrifice and as they could not accept such offer, they went out. If after such falsehood, they realise that you are not still convinced about the story, they will turn to enquire from you what gains you have derived from Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. Sometimes these scoffers can borrow certain amount from you, and when you demand for its refund, they turn to quote you as having fallen off from the practical side of “love one another”. Thereafter forget about such money completely. Others will allege that the organisation is for graduates (and start counting them by names) but you being an illiterate there will be no room for you in the fold. The most interesting part is that when they point out that you are worshipping man, giving glory, reverence to an ordinary man like yourself, and that they are worshipping the true God and ‘Jesus’, you become mixed up and plan to deny your faith. This group of people form ‘Crusaders’ comprising lawyers, doctors, engineers, and so on – almost all are learned men, in order to keep themselves from the truth; if Satan could be so efficient in performing its own functions, how much more the children of God. Remember the blacksmith whose working instructions were ordered to be burnt because his nature of work seemed to disturb certain people at that time. When the blacksmith heard about the plan, he became confused in that he would no longer be getting his livelihood; so he on the other hand started a campaign among the very people and opposed the idea. So you see that most actions being carried out are the effect of spoken WORDS. The war of Armageddon we are hearing of is not to be fought with physical war implements, but by Words; all the time there must be someone who stands out with an idea whereby the people around must join and carry out the operations. It is better we leave them to their duties because they will perish with their works.

You have been authorised to go into the world because when you preach as a child of God in order to save souls, these prophets will equally render their own counter-preaching; even yet what you have already planted will help the sheep to retrieve their faith in God. It is not true that you should not call people to God’s salvation, tell them about the glory of God and the marvellous work witnessed among the people throughout the whole universe. According to the scripture – “all those who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”. Now the big question is: how can they call upon Him whom they do not hear of? It is difficult to pray for someone to help when you do not know anything about such a person or to have heard about him as to whether such can be helpful to you when you call on him. Because of the false doctrines of these prophets, the world is convinced to believe that God has no power or is never in existence, that power can be obtained from juju, concoctions, water-gods, herbalists, secret societies and such like; therefore many people deny the existence of God and fix their faith on this line seeking for help and power thereby they perish. Another question comes that – how then can they hear of him when there is no preacher, and how can somebody preach if he is not being sent? Now you all have been given the power and order to spread this glory throughout the world in order to gather back the misled sheep to the fold of God.
There is none who has not seen the glory of God in Brotherhood today. From the existence of man, he dwells under the influence of ‘TRADITION’ – that is the act of what my great grandfather had been doing. Because of this same belief the problem now facing the world is that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star has come to stamp out Tradition, that if someone dies there will be no mourning house to be observed, even no ringing of bell notifying such death, that drinks will not be allowed during the funeral celebrations, that as a member in Ekpe, Obon, or any secret cult, counting on their losses, they objected never to join Brotherhood, which they term a ‘Society of deceivers’. They are fully satisfied remaining in their former denominations, which they claim were founded by their grandparents, also that when in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, one does not reckon on his relations any longer, being immediately hypnotised by the wonderful power found in the fold. From this you are aware that these scoffers, because of misleading information, cause most actions of the people in the world. Sometimes it may be that you are experiencing mere headache, but when you happen to discuss how far the pain is worrying you, any of these deceivers will start to give instances of how his/her relation died because of such headache. With fear you join him to prepare concoction, thereby you fail.

It is said, “you are judged by your own words”. This statement should be a guiding principle to everyone, because from your conversation to the world they will pick and use your own words and play their politics. If you visit a doctor and he happens to know that you are a member of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, and possibly you were on fasting, from what you tell him about your health, he will diagnose and confirm to you that you are anaemic – short of blood – yet he is telling a lie because the blood that is being pumped into you during fasting period is over and above normal level since God is indwelling in his own children.
Another can be that you complain about certain disorders (mostly as a young girl). The doctor will ask how long since you had sexual intercourse with a man. You then tell him you have forsaken fornication for about two years now, he will surely laugh you to scorn and pour a curse on you that as a young girl you want to kill yourself by staying away from man for so long; and that you must look for a man right away in order to get refreshed. He will curse God and the doctrine of your faith as misleading, therefore if you are worried and become convinced of his medical prescriptions you start getting involved in fornication in full desire than before and thereby you fall from the truth. Their duty is to mislead, therefore never discuss your problems with any human being and never trust anyone. Table your problems before God in prayers, because you have been told that whenever you are sick, or when you have a serious case, coupled with various tribulations in life, go on your knees, knock your head and converse with God who will solve all problems for you. Now, let our golden text be read again, listen attentively.

Golden Text: 2nd John 2: 19
Brethren, the above passage is self-explanatory which serves as war implement in the whole world. These deceitful prophets are in our midst but since they cannot cope with the work of the Holy Spirit because of their destiny, they retire and become engaged in blaspheming against Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. It is true that the kingdom of God is by struggling, it is likened to a fisherman’s net being cast into the sea, whereby when he drags it to the shore he will find dead objects, stones, wood and fishes; he will then select out to himself only what he needs. So it is that these false prophets will surely be selected out because they are not of us. This gospel reveals that those begotten of God can never be shaken by wild and vain talks; they remain steadfast even under wild storms. If you see anyone who leaves Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, watch closely and you will know that he was not meant for it. Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is no church, prayer house, juju shrine, neither is it a secret cult; but the New Kingdom for the children of God. If you doubt this statement, cast your mind back to the various accusations, shame, temptations, abuses, blackmailing and such like, being meted on Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. It is up to the climax which could have caused most of you (the members) to deny this new kingdom; considering even your family waging war, husband and wife against each other, people ridiculing you at offices, and along the streets; all these only to threaten or persuade you to deny your faith, yet you are still firm and Brotherhood of the Cross and Star still stands forever. Amen.

The most surprising thing is that though series of warning are being spread around that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is a secret cult and no one should accept its teachings, yet it is very easy for a Brotherhood member to convince thousands at a glance while these false prophets cannot change even a little child in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. Yes this is so because Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is the new kingdom of God, and it is only the children of God that can save the world from hell fire, they are to judge the world and the angels; therefore call them in so that they may not perish. The bible contains the prophecies and testimonies of the work of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and the faithful Apostles; therefore testify to the world about His glory and power from what you have heard and seen, because the time is at hand and it is through your messages that many souls will gain salvation.

Brethren, we shall not go further, he that has ears to hear let him hear. May God bless His Holy Words. Amen.