A Farewell Message To The Universe

He have blinded their eyes and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should healed them. These things said a Esaias, when he saw his glory and spake of him. Nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him; but because of the pharisees they did not confess him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue: for the love the praise of men more than the praise of God. Jesus cried and said, he that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but on him that sent me. And he that seeth me seeth he that sent me. I am come a light into the world, that who so ever believeth on me should not abide in darkness. And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. He that rejected me, and recieveth not my word, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken the same shall judge him in the last day. For I have not spoken of my self; but the father, which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak. And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the father said unto me, so I speak.


Beloved, that is the farewell message. It is the spiritual food that will suffice you till eternity and you would no longer need any other preachment. Though blindness is said to be a bad sickness, spiritual blindness is the worst. Why the world is in this deplorable state is because of her spiritual blindness. You have heard Christ said thus: ‘I did not come to judge you but to save you’. I do not want money from you neither do I need your wisdom, praises nor recognition. The truth is that if I did not come, the world would have perished completely. And with My coming, I have transformed you from depravity to eternal life. My words are such that when you put them into practice they give you eternal life. To this end, you need to imbibe all My words and practice them. My words should be your watch- words at all times. From today it is expected that you all love Me and My words because these constitute the sure way to salvation. Practice My words immediately without depreciation for they constitute eternal life. If the world had loved Christ and His words, by now everything would have been streamlined.

Even the Israelites, had they accepted Christ and His teachings? If they had accepted Christ, they would have obtained salvation from Him. After all it is said, “light attracts light”. As I have come if there was even one person who possessed love, everything would have been streamlined in the whole world. I do not need a multitude of people to work with; just one is enough for Me to use in salvaging the entire community. John the Baptist bore testimony about Christ but our Lord Jesus Christ bore testimony about My coming into the world that is why He enjoined you to have love. What have hitherto tied you down is your lack of love, nobody in the whole world has love that is why the spiritual food has it that God has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts so that they will not repent. Everything has been fulfilled as spoken by Christ. Today I want to assure you that there is no more spiritual blindness and deafness. Those who were hitherto blinded spiritually, their spiritual eyes have been opened and those who were deaf have equally been made to hear so that you will be able to appreciate this love so that all may be well with you.


I have given you an illustration about a man, his children and the eaglet. The man caught the eaglet, tended it and had it to be among his children. Then came a trader who saw the eaglet among the chicken and said to the man, ‘that is an eaglet’ but the man denied and said it was an ordinary chick. But the trader insisted saying he recognises the eaglet. And so the trader turned to the eaglet and said you are eaglet, the king of the birds, you need to go up high in the heaven and what are you doing here among the chicken? Then the trader asked the owner to throw the eaglet into the air to set it free and let it be at liberty. The owner laughed and said he will not be able to accomplish that, and so he handed over the eaglet to the trader to try what he requested. The trader abandoned his luggage and picked up the eaglet and said, though eaglet you are the king of the birds, your abode is above’. And thereafter, he let the eaglet off and it jumped down and perched again on the ground. The owner was laughing at the trader because he thought the eaglet could not go up again. The trader repeated his feat the next day and told the eaglet that you are the king of all birds, including the fowls of the earth and when let go the eaglet it went back to the ground. Realise that six days are for the thief while one day is for the owner. The trader went on with this exercise for some days and on one fateful day, as he was saying everything and letting the eaglet down as in other days, it flew off into the air and never returned to the earth.


The above illustration refers to the children of God. God does not have any other thing apart from man but now you do not regard man as anything, hence, you kill man, and eat as food, insult man and treat him with all amount of disdain. As I watch the way you treat your fellowman, My eyes are filled with tears, if you will allow the light of God to shine on you, then your eyes will be opened. I need one person who will practice the injunction of love so as to work with him to perfect everything in the whole world. Man is the treasure of God but the way you treat your fellow human being is very pathetic. I am looking forward to seeing the day the scales will fall off your eyes, so that you will fully appreciate My teachings so that all will be well with you. Have you bought any idea from the point so far made? Read Hebrew 1: 1-6:

The Father has opened your eyes and ears and as well broadened your intellects for you to be able to practice His words. You will no more be foolish because up till now you were deaf and blind as a result of focusing all your concentration on he earthly things. This great light was hidden from all the inhabitants of the world. Who is man that all the angels have been commanded to worship him? All the angels are under his superintendent. Angels are messengers of God and not his children; as such they have to minister to man who is His son. All the hosts of heaven comprise angels, death, sickness, wind, sun and everything is under the supremacy of man who is the only begotten Son of God. Read Hebrews 2: 1-10. Read Hebrews 3: 1-6. Read again Hebrews 4: 4-10.


As you are, do you know that just one spoken work from Me can stop all the things you are doing here which are inimical to the Holy Spirit? At No. 8 Eton Street, Calabar, because of the rate at which members were committing fornication, I declared that right from that day anyone who indulged in fornication would see what would happen. A sister who went and indulged in the said act died on the spot, and the man ran away. The members all came and appealed to Me to repeal the statement and so I accepted and told them to limit the rate of fornication. Even now if you cause Me to make any pronouncements you will see what will happen. All these little sins you are committing now only one spoken work by Me will just take them away completely. Do you hear Me speak on all these things you have been committing? You regard Me as a periwinkle, which you can pick up easily. You even regard Me as your equal. You do not have any fear of God because of the love I have for you. Just one spoken word will stop all these things. If you say something should happen and I say no, can such a thing happen? If I say man should stop to exist, he will not exist any more. As you regard Me as your mate, do you know the Being in your midst? Do you think I am of this world, do you see anything in Me which is a replica of yours? Why are you so stubborn? Do you want to be damned? A local adage has it that you cannot splash water on your enemies. Right now if I issue orders that action should be taken against offenders same shall be effected. Even the animals are on the alert; they have dangerous swords ready to carry out My orders.

In 1974, during August Pentecostal Assembly like this, because of your deeds, I decided to show you the judgement equipment. When I showed the said things to you, what happened in this house? I only showed the equipment not judging the world and you saw what happened. I had intended to display them for three days, but pity made Me to take them back. Darkness engulfed the whole place. Vision was even given that if the sword were taken out of the shear, something disastrous would have happened. Now, who would have been left in the entire world? You do not believe in God and do not want to stop committing sins. What do you think I came to do apart from to judge the world? I have to start the judgement with you. Therefore, brethren, practice the word of God because the time is up otherwise, you will perish. No one ever confronts God and goes home scot-free. Many people are ready to inherit this Kingdom, this I know. You have been made clean from the spoken words even as you are here.


The book “THE WITNESS’ is the revelation of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. And all the money realised from the launching of that book should be used in printing more copies and it should be distributed all over the world. This book should equally be translated into different languages and distributed to all and sundry to read. This is the first time a book has been published in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and brought before Me before being sent out. Before now the practice was that once a book is produced it is introduced into the market for sale. But this very book has taken a very different dimension. It was published by an individual at the cost of N90, 000 (ninety thousand naira). Any good thing someone does here in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star try to emulate it because “light has to attract light”. And from today anything I say and you never dare to do it, it will be consequential to you. Endeavour to practice all the teachings you are given here and stop doing things on your own because anything which you do without having clearance from Me, you will have yourself to blame. Even now if you want to go to anywhere, if I do not give you the go-ahead order, you will surely meet with failure. Even when you go to eat the food I tell you not to eat, do you derive any benefit?

And when you fail to heed My instructions, do you think you have obeyed God? You have to be mindful of the spoken words of God because they are of significance. Watch all My pronouncements for they must all be consumed. The time is nigh for everything to be accomplished but things are still stagnant because I have not issued orders. That is why, from today you have to abide by all My words so that you will be saved. It is said that ‘today when you hear His voice do not harden your hearts’. You are told not to eat fish and meat, not to be angry, steal and commit fornication. Love one another and stop behaving unseemingly because all unseeming things incur the wrath of God on you.

This is when the key to your salvation has arrived, even if you want to go to the moon to do anything, if I do not consent to it you will crash land. Anything you want to do behind Me is bound to meet with failure, therefore from today abide by My instructions so that you will not perish. I know all your problems and I am gradually taking them away. There is a saying: Rome was not built in a day’. Anything I tell you to do, when you do it you will not have any problems. Stop doing things according to your dictates because this has been the source of your problems. By obeying the instructions of God you receive blessing from Him. This love I am talking about daily, do you know the benefit you will derive in putting it into practice?


Obedience is the key to salvation and if any of you were to be obedient to My injunctions, all would have been well with you. Do not do anything according to your heart’s desire because your heart will only end up misleading you but only abide by God’s injunctions. When Adam had eaten the forbidden fruit and Eve gave birth to the twins, Adam did not want to meet her again and so he went up the roof. Satan came and called Adam and he did not answer but when God called him, he answered. And when God asked what he was doing on top of the roof he said he was avoiding meeting the woman who was with him. So God asked Adam why he did not request for the desire to be taken away from him, so when Adam requested for it, God granted it to him. From that day they stayed as brother and sister in the house, so also it is with you here. Anything you do not want which is troubling you put the request before Me, and it will be taken away from you forthwith. It is not My intention to take anything away from you forcefully but when you are fed up with anything, then communicate with the Father and He will grant your request. Why I do not take away these things forcefully, is that it will result into some other thing.

God has time for everything. When you request Me to make pronouncement so as to accomplish a particular thing, when it is not yet time, I will not speak the word. When you are told to forsake sins do not harden your heart. If you fail to abide by all that I have taught you, then you will be known as a rebel. When you are told to walk in spirit it means you should abide in God’s instructions. Brother Essien Umo on coming here to read the Bible, started searching his bag for his eyeglasses and so I shunned him and told him to go on reading the Bible without the lenses and since that time did he not see clearly. Is he still using the lenses? No matter how thin the letters are he sees them clearly now, so also it was with Brother S.I.U. Etuk, and M. Akwang. Your main sickness is because you do not believe in God; right from the day you believe in God, all your problems will be taken away from you. Nothing is impossible with God, your coming in here everyday is not of benefit to you as long as you do not believe in God. Right from now, abide by the instructions of God. The overseas brethren have faith in God; hence, they often preach and practice what the Father delivers. Those of you who come in here do not practice the words of God and all what the Father is saying. None of you have complied and when someone reminds you of any injunctions of the Father, you will claim to have known all. You have the publications of the Father’s gospels, read them. Anything you are enjoined to forbid, the same must you forbid. This is My injunction for you today. All those who come in here to request for blessings, that time is gone. We are no more in the infant stage all have already been blessed. The moment I say go all is well, it is so accomplished, just as the flesh is leading you that is why you have been given this little message.

May My peace and blessing abide with the entire universe now and forever more. Amen.