“But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth. For the Father seeketh such to worship Him”.

“And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the spirit of His son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father”.

“But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that man teach you; but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him”.

What name will you therefore give to this place? You are told that the annointment, which you have received from our Lord Jesus Christ, abides in you. As the spirit teaches you adhere to His teachings. Also, you are told, “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth, for the Father seeketh such to worship Him”.

Our second lesson tells us that ‘and because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying Abba, Father’. The golden text tells us, “But the annointment which ye have received from Him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you but as the same annointment teacheth you of all thing. And is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in Him”.
When you call this place a prayer house, you have failed. If you call it a service center you have failed. If you also call it a church, you equally score no point. Do not depart from the Holy Spirit teachings because He dwells in your heart. There is no other name for it than the Kingdom of God. In your house, the Spirit is teaching you. When you are lying down, the spirit is in you. The Spirit walks with you. It follows that the Spirit prays, sings, dances, gives visions sees and changes us just as one of My children has rendered in a song that the Spirit does everything. Can you not see the truism? Before the manifestation of anything, such thing had already been accomplished spiritually. The song rendered is not just a song. It is the summary of the gospel you are about to receive. What we are left with is to say Amen.
Listen to the prayer offered by the Holy Spirit. He says out everything. The testimony the Holy Spirit gives lays bare everything. This is the reign of the Holy Spirit. He says out everything. What He referred to when He said, “The true worshippers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth”, is now made manifest. There is somebody whose wish was to be the first to arrive for the opening of this Pentecostal Assembly, but since the Spirit directs him elsewhere, he cannot come. Also, there are some who had doubts about coming for the opening of the Pentecostal after hanging up on a number of activities for themselves. But since the Holy Spirit leads, such people find themselves here.

The trouble with you is that you do not believe that it is the Holy Spirit that leads. You do not also know that what our Lord Jesus Christ had prophesied are all fulfilled in this generation. Is there any one of you who had not received the Holy Spirit? Is there anyone who is not led by the Spirit? Many of you complain about your inability in executing carefully documented plans. Your plans avail nothing because what the Holy Spirit had planned must be fulfilled. What do you think the spirit in you comes to do? He has come to lead. Nobody in this world has the ability to do anything any longer because it has been written that He shall lead and He has to lead forever and ever. The flesh, its lust, affections and passions had been crucified on the cross. Therefore the Holy Spirit reigns, and His reign has neither a beginning nor an end. Do not consult any person on what to do; speak to the Spirit and listen to Him and He will tell you what to do. If He tells you to move forward, do so. If He tells you to move backward, do so. If He tells you to sit down, obey. If He tells you to keep quiet, do not speak. If He tells you to shout, start shouting, and if He tells you to laugh, do so. He is now in your heart talking to you. Whatever He bids you, that must you do. If you desire to open a healing home let Him do if He names it a healing home, call that place by that name. If He opens a place and calls it a prayer house, call that place a prayer house.
Today’s teaching is very important, for all mankind. It shows us that we are the children of God, and that is why He sends the Spirit of His Son to abide in us, crying Abba, Father. Your problem is that you do not listen to the Spirit in you. If you go to do what He has not instructed you, you are in trouble because those who worship God must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We have to follow the Spiritual instructions. To worship God in spirit and in truth means following spiritual instructions and hearkening only to what He tells you to do. Let our first lesson be read:

1st Lesson: St. John 4: 23
“But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth. For the Father seeketh such to worship Him”.

Brethren, have you heard what is read to you? You are that lucky generation. This explains why our Lord Jesus Christ says that heaven and earth will pass away, but the word of God shall not pass away till all are consummated. This generation has not yet passed away; the word of God shall not pass away, till all are consummated. This generation has not yet passed away, but all the things spoken of by our Lord Jesus Christ are manifested. We still have about thirteen years to complete this generation, but all that He had said are fulfilled. Many of you are worried about what to do for God. You profess that you will cook for Him, or trade for Him. What you have to do for Him is to listen to the Spirit and obey in all ways. The problem with many of you is that when the Spirit leads, someone begins to resist Him. If He cuts off your head, you have yourself to blame. I have warned you time without number that this Kingdom is not a place where one behaves, as he likes. It is not the place you have to obstruct another person from doing what the spirit directs him to do.

Brotherhood is the Kingdom of God, which you heard would come. It is said in the Lord’s prayer, ‘Let thy Kingdom come’. Here, we have the Kingdom. The flesh does not control the Spirit; it is the Spirit, which controls everything. All rulership has been given to the Holy Spirit. He has to reign forever and ever. The reason He did not do much work in the last advent is that the Spirit was not yet glorified. Why the disciples could not do much work was that the doctrine was strange to every person. What happened then was what was billed for that era. During the short period of three years, which Christ operated, it was the Spirit, which led Him in everything. That was why He told the disciples to wait at Jerusalem until they were clothed with the power from above; and when they received the power, it was the Holy Spirit, which led them.
Our Lord Jesus Christ told the Samaritan woman that ‘the time cometh when it shall neither be on this mountain nor in Jerusalem that you worship the Father, for you know not what you worship’. We worship what we know because salvation is of the Jews. Right now, all of us in this Kingdom and many people through the whole world worship God in Spirit and in Truth. They know what they worship. There is no person in Brotherhood who does not know God. And every person who worships God in Spirit and in Truth knows the true God. Many people are suffering in prisons because they do not know that it is the Holy Spirit that is working. They are in psychiatric hospitals, and where they did not expect because of their stubbornness. Brethren, this is the reign of the Holy Spirit. What pleases God most is for us to hear His voice and do whatever He tells us to do. If He tells you not to tell lies again, you must stop telling lies. If He tells you not to take medicines again, you must stop. If He says that you should not steal, nor tell lies again, you must stop forthwith. But you do not listen; and that is the source of your problems.

You are told not to commit fornication again; but you refuse. Many of you continue to eat meat. Even now, you still eat strangled meat. But the Holy Spirit has told you not to eat meat again. There is no need preaching to anyone again because the Spirit, who is in you, teaches you everything. He has shown you that lying is not good; you should not steal, tell lies, and indulge in the preparation of concoctions. The Spirit has taught you everything, but you refuse. Because of your stubbornness you have problems. Many of you have been told from your childhood that you are not of the world and that you have to serve God, but you argue; and until today you are still arguing. This accounts for the poverty you now find yourself in.
This generation is the generation of the Holy Spirit. I am telling you that if from today you submit unto the Spirit, all your problems will be over. We do not know witches, mermaid, or ghost; but it is your disobedience, which brings your problems. What He says you should not do is what you do and for this reason you suffer. If the Spirit tells you to do something and you refused, He can inflict you with any kind of sickness at that instance. Rather, you can disobey the voice of man or that of the government because there is nothing they can do to you. But if the Spirit warns you not to do a thing, like He has told you not to steal and you go to steal, He can cause you to become blind instantly and no one will question Him.
Zacharias, for example, was in the Alter serving God and the angel Gabriel appeared unto him. He told him that his wife would give birth to a male child who should be called John. Because he doubted and asked how this thing would come to pass since he and his wife are old, angel Gabriel told him, since you do not believe you will become dumb until the day this thing is fulfilled. From that time, Zacharias was dumb until the day his wife put to bed John the Baptist, when he started to speak again. That was his profit. Many of you are suffering in like manner. You do not know that the spirit is the Father; He is the Lord, and so, He can punish you in any way because of your disobedience.
Many of you question whether going on ministry work will solve your problems. Yes, if you walk in the Spirit and comply with His directives, you have no problems. It is the Holy Spirit who is working in this Kingdom. The Spirit can tell you to fast for one day and break a little feast. If you obey, your property, which was lost about twenty years ago will be brought back to you. We should not indulge in diabologies; we should not consult any person. We should not entertain any thoughts but we should rather listen to the Holy Spirit. Whatever He tells you to do, do that and all will be well. The Holy Spirit is the Father, the Mother, the Son, the Friend, the Wife, Money, wealth and everything. The time for any person to knock you on the head has passed. The time for you also to behave, as you like has passed. When some of you are told by the Spirit to go and greet somebody, you resist and say that you have already vowed not to have anything to do with such a person. That is the source of your trouble. If you fail to go and greet that person, you could be punished. Remember what happened to King Nebuchadnezzar. Who has ever resisted the will of God and gone scot -free? Many of you are resisting the will of God; and by doing this; you invite problems to yourself. The Holy Spirit has taught you everything. If you do not want to obey Him, that is left to you. The Scripture says that we have carnal fathers who have chastised us for their own profit, and we submit to them. Shall we not listen to the instruction of the Holy Spirit and live? Let the 2nd lesson be read:

2nd Lesson: Galatians 4: 6
“And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the spirit of His son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father”.

Since you are the children of God, He has poured out that Spirit into you. That is why we call Him Abba, Father. The statement that a brother shall not teach his brother, his neighbour saying, know the Lord, for all shall know Him from the least to the greatest is fulfilled today. You err when you say that a year old child does not know God. A child of one year, or two or even three knows God very well, even better than you do. The child knows his father right from the womb. Is he not a Spirit? Brethren, be not deceived. Your shortcomings hinge on obduracy. All the troubles, deaths, sicknesses, poverty, gnashing of teeth that beset you result from your refusal to listen to the Holy Spirit. Secondly, you do not realise that this is the reign of the Spirit. Also, you do not know that you are the children of God, and for that reason, He sends the Spirit of His son to dwell in your heart.
Brotherhood means the children of God. He has poured His Spirit into all the inhabitants of the world. But many of them, because of ignorance, as I had already pointed out, are in hospitals or remand homes, or under detention; some are in the grave subjected to various forms of punishments because of their ignorance. You have heard that some ate and slept; some became sick while some went on transfer. If we should search ourselves, God would not judge us. If the Holy Spirit directs you to give two naira to a person, do not refuse with the flimsy excuse that you gave him something last week, but he was not grateful because you may be punished by any form for your refusal to give him the money.

Our Lord Jesus Christ bears eloquent testimony of this when He said, whoever blasphemes against the Son of man shall be forgiven, but whosoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit shall neither in this generation nor in the generation to come be forgiven. As for Me, I do not fear any other thing apart from the Holy Spirit. I fear neither man, nor government. Because the Holy Spirit is called the fearful. In your own case, you have a time schedule when you feel the impact of the Holy Spirit. It is different with Me; I am always with the Holy Spirit. If He does not direct, I do not act. If He does not see, I cannot see. If He does not alter anything, I cannot change anything on My own. Whatever is introduced by Him, is what I follow.
What the flesh loves, the spirit does not love. What the Spirit loves, the flesh does not appreciate. But I declare to you now that, right from today, you should listen to the Spirit. What He teaches that you must do. Do not question. Do not argue because the Holy Spirit has power to do anything. What He shuts, there is none to open. What He opens, all the inhabitants of the world cannot shut. It was on this note that Peter told the elders and the judges whether it would be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God. If the government invites you, but the Holy Spirit tells you not to go, stay put, for nothing will flap its wings. If the government tells you to sit tight, but the Holy Spirit tells you to move, you should move immediately. If you delay, the punishment that will come to you will be immense. What can the government do to you? The Holy Spirit reigns in heaven and on earth.

The reason you are told to fast, stop eating fish and meat, and to refrain from other vices is to enable you to really see how the Holy Spirit performs His functions. When you see the Holy Spirit at work, you will know that you are in the Kingdom of God. The ammunitions we glory in, such as guns, aeroplanes, atomic bombs, are regarded as rubbish before the Holy Spirit. By making a pronouncement, all those things will be completely demolished. Millions or battalions of army are like filth before the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit talks, they will all sleep. The weapon of war we have is not carnal. If a man is able to invent and bring in new techniques, what do you think about God? What do you consider of the words of our Lord Jesus Christ when He said; “if I go, He shall come, but if I go not away, He will not come unto you”.
It is because our Lord Jesus Christ saw that the people did not believe, or have any faith in Him. For this reason, He decided to go back to the owner of the vineyard. He said to them, ‘I have yet many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now; when He, the Spirit of truth shall come, He will lead you to the wisdom of truth. People keep asking you, ‘Did our Lord Jesus Christ not walk from house to house and from city to city? Why is it that your Leader does not walk from house to house? Is that your understanding? Is this the era of outdated weapons?

This is quite a different weapon in use. The Holy Spirit is now reigning. Would you say that the weapons used for the 1914 world war were those used for the 1939 war? If we have another war today, will the weapons of 1939 be in use? Such outmoded weapons will no longer be used. So it is with the weapon of God. The Holy Spirit has come in person. Without expectations you find things happening. Look at the case of our Lord Jesus Christ. He invited people to walk with Him, but they would not follow Him. Some promised and some bluntly refused. All the time He was going about His duties from place to place bleating as a goat. They did not believe Him. They did not reckon with Him at all. The disciples who propagated the faith were slaughtered like goats or fowls. They were not regarded as human beings. Do you expect He should come back in that name? He has come in a grand style to face the necessities of our time. If you are a white man, He enters your house without notice and deals with you the way He wants. Presidents, governors, sorcerers, juju priest, blacks, thieves and rouges have the same experience. The only panacea is for us to listen to him and do as He bids us without questioning. Anything outside this leaves you in fire.
You get sick and become poor because you do not keep to the divine will of the Holy Spirit. Have you not been told that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit and whoever defiles that temple, him shall God destroy. You are that temple of God; that is why you have numerous problems come to you. This is no longer the period our Lord Jesus Christ referred to when He said, “Foxes have holes; the birds of the air have their nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head”. You are His building and were bought with a prize. He has the right to rule over all creeping things and winged animals. Do not plead with any person to know God, for from the last to the greatest must know and serve Him. This is not the time to argue the word of God, trying to support your claims with various scriptural nominations. You should stop such acts. The only thing to do is to listen to the Spirit, which dwells in you. Let the golden text be read:

Golden Text: 1 John 2: 27
“But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that man teach you; but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him”.

Have you heard what the scripture says? One of our brothers was given a vision to go on ministry work, but he refused. His prize for refusal was hernia. He struggled the best he could but to no avail. He attended hospital for surgical operation, but on getting to the theater, there was no more hernia. But by the time he got back home, the hernia re-emerged. It was then that he was reminded of a vision that he was given, to go on ministry, which he refused. If he should go on the ministry work, he would see the manifestation of the glory of God. One his way to the ministry work, he branched into a bush path to ease himself. By the time he finished easing himself, the hernia disappeared till today.

Brethren, but for your stubbornness, none of you would have any problems. If you listened only to the Spirit the owner of the house and do as He bids you, you would not have problems. Can you realize why it is said that the Lord is Spirit, and where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty? All the things you do are deliberate sins and you work against yourself. You console yourself by saying that Olumba does not know what you are doing. Is the omnipresent Spirit of God not seeing all? Does He not reward you accordingly? It is said that the Spirit that abides in us is zealous about us. He resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.
At times, when you enter into the path of iniquity, He will confuse your intentions and demolish all your plans. You would then attribute it to witchcraft, mermaid, apparition, enemies and so forth. From today, do not listen to the flesh. Whatever happens in this world, do not give a superficial judgement. Listen to the Spirit and He will tell you the meaning of what has happened. Do not bother yourself again going to make inquiries from any body. In all things, listen to the Spirit. Since you come to Brotherhood, have I ever invited you to all night prayer session? Have I invited you to pray in the desert and make your request to God? Have I ever set aside a special prayer day? Have I required a group of people to accompany Me to the vestry for a special prayer? Why must I do that when God dwells in Me? Have you ever heard Me advising you? The adviser is there. If you do not hear Him, there is no other voice to adhere to. This explains why I keep telling you to listen to the Spirit and do as He directs you. Since God has come, He has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father. You have only to receive instructions from no man but from Him. Do not advise any person again. We have the same Spirit in us with diverse gifts. The trouble you create for yourselves is the misunderstanding of this issue. When people close to you pray to their God, you have no right to go and disturb them, because God does not send you.

Here, we walk according to the dictates of the Spirit. The Spirit directs us and we have to obey. Obey the Holy Spirit and God will be happy with you. Do not argue. Even as I am standing, if He tells Me to alight from the pulpit, I will do that with speed. I do not have to waste time. Should you delay, you cannot foretell what would happen. Pray always. There is no time limit for praying because it is the key to this Kingdom. I told you time without number that before I enter the Alter from the vestry, I have to pray. Before I leave the pulpit, I have to pray again. Before I stand up to bless you after the gospel, I have to pray. After that I have to pray again before leaving for the Alter. When I arrive at the Alter, I have to pray. What happens in your own case?
The Holy Spirit does all things. He chooses the texts. He preaches. He answers Amen. I have told you this but you would not hear. The flesh avails nothing. If you continue in the flesh, it pays no dividends. You have eyes but cannot see ears but do not hear legs but cannot walk. But the Holy Spirit is omnipresent and omniscient. What He teaches you need not question nor doubt. It is for this reason that I always listen to Him. During the 1939 war, when people were running up and down, since I had surrendered Myself unto Him, He told Me to be calm and that nothing would happen, I remained calm. We have never departed from each other. Come to think of it, if the Spirit of God abides in you, where do you need to go? The situation is then very clear. Whoever abides in the spirit, and hearkens to the Spirit, has no problems because He is always true. If He told you that nothing will happen, nothing will happen too. When you want to leave, where will you leave Him to? He is with you and He is in all things.

What happened during the Nigerian civil war? People dug trenches, took cover in many places did you hear that Obu ran to any place? The Father told Me to be calm, for there was no war with Him. There were no trenches, nor protective shelters. Indeed there was no problem. I told members to remain in their houses, for their houses were Bethels to shelter those around them. When you are in Spirit, you can remain in any city and nothing that invades it will get on you. You can walk around in the heat of it quite unseen. I do not know what you think about the Spirit. This spirit is God. When God is with you, there will be no occasion that anything evil will stumble on your way. Your only problem is your recalcitrance. You are faced with numerous problems. When you are heady. If you had listened to the song rendered by one of the choirs, you would have heard the summary of the gospel. The word is the Spirit. The word is God. The word is money. The word is a mother. The word is everything you can think of in this world. The word and the Holy Spirit is one and the same thing. If the Spirit tells you now to leave for any place on the surface of the globe, do so immediately. Do not pose any question as for what you are going there. While there, you will meet somebody who will tell you he had sought for you for quite sometime. Today, you are well informed that as the same anointment which abides in you, teaches you; listen to Him and do not depart from His teachings any longer. Do what He tells you and refrain from what He tells you not to do. You need no one else to teach you, whether the person bolts from the blues, or from the water, or from water beneath the earth.

A stroke of the cane is sufficient unto the wise. He, who has ears, let him hear. May God bless His Holy Words. Amen.