And he that doubted is damned if he eat, because he eateth not of faith; for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.

Have you seen the source of all your problems? You claim to be bewitched by your enemy, and that someone is against your progress. You also attribute your predicaments to witches, incubus, juju, mermaid and other evil forces. But this sermon is going to reveal your real problem. By the time you read through it with concentration, you would have known the real source of your problems and disappointments in life. You have been told to believe in the Truth, which is life but that doubtfulness is death, suffering and all the woes that betide you. All problems in life emanate from doubtfulness. Whatever you embark on, in this life, if it does not originate from sound belief, it is an exercise in futility and it, goes with suffering, lack of progress and death. There is one spiritual chorus, which has it that:

“It is through faith that one gets into this kingdom.”

If you claim that a certain day, (Sundays for example), is not a good day for you, because of your believe that day would not be good for you. You also claim that friendship is not good with you; this is quite true because you are in doubt of it. You claim that marriage is not favourable to you; yes; it must be so because you do not believe in it. You do not believe in marriage and you do not like it, if you dare force yourself into it, marriage would dash you to the ground, tear your clothes, pierce your eyes and block your ears. You say, ‘If I eat in the night, I do not feel well.’ Accordingly, if you dare take food at night, you would suffer from it. If you claim that garri does not go well in your system, any day you dare touch it, you would suffer from instantaneous stomachache. What is the cause of all these problems? It is said that, whatever you do if it is not from your total belief and faith, it is a sin.
You claimed that someone hates you; yes, someone would never like you till tomorrow, because of your negative view about people. You claim that a particular man, is a witch, I cannot go to his house, so that he may not bewitch me. As a result of this, you live in perpetual fear and worry. If the man passes by and you happen to catch a glimpse of him, immediately you feel very uncomfortable and weak. You would not mind to tell people that the man has bewitched you. If you want to embark on a certain venture, you get yourself tensed up in a situation of indecision. You get confused whether or not to go into this venture. If you find yourself in such a position, the best thing to do is to steer clear of such business; it would not work out well. Since you have doubted your chances of success, you are bound to fail if you finally go into it.
Someone comes to you to beg for something of which you obviously have. In your heart, you place yourself in a situation of indecision; “should I give or should I stop to give out this thing, you ask yourself”. You continue to ponder whether to tell lies or to say the truth. Dear brethren immediately you do this, you have put yourself into trouble already. If you finally give out the thing, it attracts punishment instead of blessing.
Upon all your years in this Kingdom and your claim to be religiously inclined, did you know that whatever you do which does not come from your total belief and faith is a great sin? Someone invites you to join a partnership in opening a business, but you start to doubt whether or not the person would dupe you. Eventually, if you change your mind to join the business, you would experience a loss. It may even land you in police case or in a sick bed in the hospital. The reason is that, you never believed in the success of the business from the onset.

It is said that:
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and up-braideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. (James 1: 5-8)

Doubtfulness; has caused a lot of untold hardship, problems, confusion, woes and ruin in the entire world. That is why I am prompted to expatiate on this recondite wisdom because the situation in the world is very pathetic.
Take for instance, your frequency in coming to the hall to hear from the horse’s mouth yet you are frosted with doubt. Do you drop doubt from your mind? How many people really believe that they are saved? What you are reading is not out of vision, dream nor prophecy but the word of God. Whatever you doubt about before finally embarking on it; is a sin on your part. You want to marry a person but people try to discourage you. On your part, you reluctantly say ‘Well let me try and see how the marriage would go’. Do not attempt because you do not believe in the marriage. I repeat do not dare to marry the person anymore because, if you finally get into it, you would meet failure. But whatever you believe in, the opinion of others notwithstanding, go on with it; whether crossing a mighty ocean, jumping a flame of fire or whatever situation, provided you sincerely believe, you would go through it successfully. You would also see the glory of God clearly manifesting in you, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you were opportuned to listen to testimonies of two different brethren from Rivers State on two different occasions, you would agree that the two testimonies pointed to one thing. They were all about faith and believing truthfully. One of them said that there was an incident of fire outbreak in their compound. As the fire razed on, people ran helter-skelter and there was a stampede. His children wailed but he had confidence in the Father. So, he called on the Holy Father, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu to quench the fire for him, since his hope and trust were on this wonderful name. Immediately, the fire was instantly extinguished. Many others who witnessed the dramatic extinguishing of the fire did not believe that it was as a result of the wonderful name called.
Eventually, the next day at that same environment but not in this brother’s house, fire broke out due to their disbelief. They ran to this same brother of the previous day and called him; ‘fire extinguisher please come to our rescue. They rather referred to him as a ‘fire extinguisher’, instead of his real name. He, without hesitation, went to the scene. With this same wonderful name, (Leader Olumba Olumba Obu) he commanded the fire to quench and immediately the fire miraculously quenched. As a result of this, so many of them got baptised.
If you were in the position of this brother, you would run miles away, because you do not believe in God. So many of you are spiritually empty, because you have no faith in God. That is your main sickness – faithlessness. When you are faced with little problems, you become so weak and faithless. What then is your benefit in coming to hear from me from time to time without building up your faith in the Father?
People may point accusing fingers to certain group of people as terrible necromancers, witches, juju priests or murderers but so long as you do not believe on these things you move very majestically on your way. Even when any of these necromancer persons sees you at a distance, they would hide to make way for you because of the spiritual force in you. As you move about, this force that accompanies you would destroy all the diabolical substances on your way.
In a small village called Ikot Ubok Udom about twenty years ago, a preacher was to be poisoned in his Bethel. He actually saw when this person dropped the poison in a vessel containing the holy water but, he damned the consequences, and with a cup he fetched the water and drank. After drinking he pronounced, manure, and true to his faith, he was not hurt at all. He even ordered for another cup, and nothing happened to him at all. Do you see what faith can do?
You go to your brother’s house and a very delicious meal is presented before you, but because of your doubtfulness you say to yourself, ‘if I take this food it would be injurious to my health. I do not know whether or not there is poison in the food’. As far as you have this doubt in your mind do not dare to take this food. If you try, even if it is one ball of foo-foo, you would slump to the ground and start vomiting blood on the spot. At this point, you would confirm your earlier anticipated fears that the food was poisoned. It is quite untrue, there was nothing like poison in the food but your doubtfulness.

Therefore, this gospel is delivered to you as a precious gift, so that if you were a king of doubtfulness you should drop it henceforth, because doubtfulness is the worst sickness for any soul. You claim that, you have tried different things without success; yes, it is because of nothing but doubt. There is no evil power behind your failure in achieving anything; it is because you have doubted God.
You often claim that everybody has a word of testimony but none for you. Have you not heard about a brother who magnified God in his testimony? He said, if he had the time he would continue to testify till even the next morning. This brother testified that in his village, a man got missing and the whole community assembled to consult a necromancer.
He alone objected to this, believing that he has a Father, who is greater than everything. So, when he appeared in the village assembly, he told the gathering that nothing should be considered because there is a Father who is able to do all things. Filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, this brother promised the villagers that within three days they would surely see this missing person. “Whether the person was dead or not, within the next three days he would he seen.” He assured the villagers. The next day as a hunter went on his expedition; he saw this man in the forest and brought him home alive. What was responsible for this?
Many of you refuse to say out what is revealed to you. You often claim that people would not believe you or that they would laugh to scorn, should you dare say it openly. Many people are really glorifying God, for their wonderful experience in this Kingdom, but some of you do not gain this experience because of your doubtfulness. Some of you do not even behave as baptised members at all. There is nothing that God cannot accomplish. Let me declare it openly to you that, it is not because of your goodness, nor love for God in a situation, which He shows His mercy to you. But your greatest hindrance is doubt. You find yourself entangled in serious problems because of doubtfulness.

There is another testimony, in which a gang of robbers surrounded a man. They forced this brother into their car and sped off to an unknown destination. He was not shaken because, he believed that the Father was always with him. To him, the robbers had their guns as their protection but he had Olumba Olumba Obu as his fortress. They drove him far into a remote place, a place when you find yourself in, should consider it the end of your life. They ordered him to get out of the car with at least five hundred Naira (N500.00) as ransom or else he should forget about his life.
At this point, this brother expressed his regret that they ought to inform him earlier because five hundred Naira was too small amount for them to demand from him considering his level of wealth and status. That he has more money at home to give, even more than the amount they demand. Since he believe in the Father and has the Father as his protector, he told them with all amount of confidence that if they had informed him, he would have prepared for them, at home
As a result of their quest for quick money and since the man could not produce the needed amount on the spot, they acted foolishly. They asked him whether the money was really at home. He quickly confirmed this and assured them that they would be well taken care of if they should accept to accompany him to his house. As they drove close to the site of his company he pointed at his workers who were still working. He asked them to stop the car when they finally got to his house.
He came out and asked them to follow Him upstairs. ” Come and get the money”, he assured them. Some climbed the stairs along with him while the others stayed to keep watch. Immediately he opened his door, he went straight to his wardrobe, removed the mufti on him and put on his soutane. He told them ‘now is the time, you all are in your military uniform, I too have to wear my own.
To their greatest surprise, he told them that he had no money to give to them that they could do their worst. They threatened to shoot him, he rebuffed and even asked them to take him where they felt was safer for their action. As they were standing contemplating on the next line of action to take, this brother abandoned them and went downstairs to board the robbers’ car. He asked them to take him along and that he was ready to follow them to any length.
His children started crying; he hushed them that Olumba Olumba Obu was before and behind him, the robbers would never harm him.
When they finally drove off, at a distance, one of them asked the man, ‘by the way, what rank have you in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star’?” He replied that, he is neither a pastor nor an apostle but an ordinary Brotherhood of the Cross and Star member. He told them that, whatever they feel they could do, he was equal to the task.
They further asked him, why he did not inform them earlier that he was a Brotherhood of the Cross and Star member. That they would not have wasted their time. They asked the man to go back and even apologised that they did not know he was Brotherhood of the cross and Star member. They drove him back to a point and asked him to go down. One of them brought out money to pay his way home, but this brother objected.
Who among you can do this? He had no gun or riffle but only the name. On your own part, you are face to face with the Father yet fear and cowardice grip you. If a little thing happens now, you would be the first to take to your heels, raising alarm while on your heels.

What saved this brother from this situation? Was it not faith? Faith is something you cannot see but yet you believe. If anybody reads this sermon and stamps it in his mind, ejecting the spirit of doubt from his mind, he has completely overcome all the problems of this life. If you believe this gospel and put it into practise, you will realise that there is no body, witch, juju, incubus, ghost, and indeed, nothing exist, except the Most High. He is in everything, reigns in everywhere and your way is wide open with him.
With this type of faith, people would say that the Father has given you witch, even some members of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star would accuse you of extraordinary power. You would always believe that, there is nothing at all that can harm you, believing that Father is before and behind you. You would be sure that you have a Father, a real wonderful Father who owns and controls everything, nothing can flap its ugly wings again.

When people would tell you that this or that person is a thief, do not believe it. They would tell you, that lady is a prostitute, you should never listen to them. Instead tell them that she is a very good lady. When they say, that man is a wicked man, you would disagree with them that he is a good man. You would always believe that since the Father is in everything, he has conquered all things. This is the key to your progress in life. This is exactly what is expected of you. But if you are told, ‘look, that person is a thief,’ and you readily accept it. If the accused person come closer to you, you ask him to steer clear from you so that he would not steal your things.
When someone comes to you in order to assassinate the character of another person before you, if you believe that what the informer tells you is true; you would not always want to see the person whose character had been assassinated. You would always be afraid that if you go closer to him, what he did to the other person would be extended to you. That is your failure and downfall. In the absence of doubt one is completely perfect because, the Father had given man the power to subdue everything under the sole of his feet, but your hindrance is doubt.

In another instance, one Obenuku came up with a similar testimony. That a gang leader had sent a message to him to announce to the entire Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. That any day they discover any stealing of property of a member of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, they should know it is not from armed robbers but some disgruntled members of the fold. This is because, according to him, no real armed robber would have the mind to steal from a Brotherhood of the Cross and Star member. That Brotherhood of the Cross and Star has saved many of them from death and some of them have actually got baptised into the fold.
He said, he would have resigned from the deadly act of robbery but there is nothing he could do because, it is his occupation, which he had signed to do. He went on to say that, at first eight of them were arrested, 7 were condemned and finally executed but he alone was saved. In another occasion, 10 of them were arrested, 9 were shot but he escaped. That the Father should be praised because He has helped many of them greatly.
If an armed robber could testify to the power of God, how much more you who sits daily before the Father, hearing directly from the Horse’s mouth. You continue to doubt God even as you are sitting there with this gospel. Why do you continue to doubt have you examined yourselves? There is yet another sister from Kaduna who came here (34 Ambo Street Calabar) to glorify God, in her testimony. It is said that out of the word of your mouth, you would be judged. As far as you do not believe in God, what do you think He could do for you? What was responsible for the instant healing of the servant of the Centurion you read from the scripture? It was because of his faith. He said to our Lord Jesus Christ that his servant was terribly sick. Even our Lord Jesus Christ was a little worried of the situation and so, asked this Centurion to go that He would come and meet him at home.

Nevertheless, the Centurion forbade Him not to come under his roof, but that He should only speak a word for his servant would be healed. Did he doubt our Lord Jesus Christ? He only wanted Him to speak just a word and everything would be well. Our Lord Jesus Christ was surprised at the level of faith of this man that He said:
…Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel. (St. Matthew 8: 10)
The Centurion, as you might have read in the scripture was commander of the army, in which case he issues orders to his officers and they were carried out promptly. Yet, he said he was not worthy that Christ should come under his house. It was at this juncture that our Lord Jesus Christ said:
And I say unto you, That many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the Kingdom of Heaven.
But the children of the Kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (St. Matthew 8: 11 – 12).
He finally commanded the Centurion as follows:
…Go thy way; and as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee. And his servant was healed in the self-same hour. (Matt. 8:13)
When he got home, he discovered that his servant was completely healed, playing outside with others. In order to be quite convinced of the power, behind the healing, he asked them when the servant got well. They told him and it was the exact hour that Christ pronounced the word.
But in this generation, have you not witnessed something greater than this ‘Why then is your heart filled with doubt? Why, do you still doubt?

During the Nigeria civil war, I discovered that many members were greatly sad because even when I said hallelujah! No one responded. So, I had to declare on the spot that, right now, the war has come to an end. Did it not stop as I ordered?
You come to me and I pronounce that you have been given power, but you turn round to look for water, oil and prayer. You continue to request for one thing or the other whereas you have been given full authority over all things. What more do you want? Do you not know that you are Olumba Olumba Obu yourself?
Dear brethren, can you now see your pitfall? It is said that whatever you doubt, whether a day, month, food or work is considered as sinful on your part. The actual month, food or work, which you disbelieved, is not sinful but rather your act of doubt. This is the source of your problem.

Even the inhabitants of the world now do not doubt me. Juju doctors would go to the extent of assuring a sick person that he would pay him a certain amount if he takes his sickness to Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and comes out unhealed. He would tell you that their power or potency with regards to charms and amulets has all failed, that the only place true healing is done now is Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. He would assure you that you should take your sick person to Olumba Olumba Obu for quick and instant healing. All the secret societies, occultists, necromancers and all others believe in the Father.
Some members doubt the presence of the Father in their midst. It is because of your doubtfulness that you keep on lamenting. Upon all the words of life imparted to you daily, are you still in doubt? You have been warned times without number that, you should stop the eating of meat and fish yet you continue to eat them because you are in doubt. You have also been asked to refrain from fornication, you continue in spite of several warnings because, you do not believe in the word. You have also been warned not to drink, but you continue because, you do not believe, you continue to steal and commit other vices because you do not believe at all.
A profitable assignment has been given to you that, you should go into the field for everything you need is there but because of your doubt, you cannot think about such. When you are told to hand over all your problems to Him, for He thinks of you more than you think of yourself, you doubt this claiming that if that were true, how would you be faced with all these problems? You would even tell yourself that the Father continues to say that everything is well, that it is a mere slogan, which cannot be enforced. By so doing, you doubt.

You have been given a telephone number that, whatever happens at any point in time, go on your knees and dial the Father for all would be well, you doubt this and say that, you have not such faith and that you are a new convert. But immediately you leave, your next option is to find a visionary to tell you what to do. The person would tell you that your father or mother has bewitched you, and you readily accept it. In order to solve your purported problem, they would collect from you the little money you would have used to feed yourself and children in the pretext of conducting a feast.
Also, when you are instructed that when someone strikes you on one cheek, turn the other, for everything works for your good, you dispel this telling yourself that is what they always say at all times, that all is well. How can a man like me slap me and go scot-free? ‘NO! I must pay him back.’ At this, you doubt the voice of the Holy Spirit and flout His divine order to your detriment. When you are told that you are in heaven, you quickly, in a surprise mood ask your friend, ‘do you hear what the Father has said, that we are now in heaven when in actual sense we are here in Calabar? Each time you doubt His pronouncement, you cannot benefit from it. This is the cause of your downfall.
Why is it that even those who are in overseas countries enjoys the glory of God more than those of you in the physical presence of the Father? It is because of your state of doubtfulness. You are too much in doubt.

So, let this gospel be a guide to you in your daily life. Always remember that whatever is not from a sound belief and faith is sin. You are asked to hold fast to whatever you believe and to put it before your God. It is said that:
Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge but he that hateth reproof is brutish. (Proverbs 12:1)
In our doctrine, you can bear witness that we do not use candle, perfume, incense nor any of such things; we do not go to the river or burial ground but we depend on the word.
That was why our Lord Jesus Christ said to His disciples:
…Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. (St. Matt. 17: 20)
You have been told repeatedly that, there is no ghost, apparition, mermaid nor witchcraft, why do you continue to believe that these things exist. This is why you fail. This situation prompted our Lord Jesus Christ to give the following assurance as stated in the scriptures:
He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues:
They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.
Then why is it that you are not accompanied with these signs? Is it not out of your doubt? Therefore, let everyone who comes across this sermon spread it to both members and non-members that doubtfulness should be stopped. When people come across a Brotherhood of the Cross and Star member, one – who believes in God and he is blessed abundantly they would speculate that there is some extra-ordinary power behind him. A mere song that a Brotherhood of the Cross and Star member sings on his way to his business renders every diabolical substance there useless and dead. What else should one add this power. If there is any man or woman in this world who claims to have evil power, I challenge him to come out, I will only send a little child to sing ordinary spiritual chorus and all his evil power would be subdued.
In Rivers State, there is one community that once had an oracle in a ‘shrine’. Then, a member of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, each time he returns from service, would sing and pass along a foot-path beside the shrine. To the greatest surprise of the people, the power of this oracle was rendered useless and the juju died off. Note that this brother was not a visioner, he was not even aware of what was kept because, he was a stranger there. But this thing died just because of ordinary songs he sang while passing on the path from time to time. Even in the nearby environment, their entire juju also died.
When they discovered this, they went to prepare another set of juju but on each occasion as this brother returned from service singing, all the charms and juju died instantly. Therefore, in order to save themselves, they had to send two persons to him. They told him that their entire juju died because of his singing each time he passed by their shrine. That he should avoid the path while going to his service. This brother was surprised and started asking them, when this actually took place. They told him that at first, all their medicine died due to his songs. They went to replenish the stock a second time, and all were dead. Have you not heard of one Friday Aha who was a great medicine man? People used to sue others in his shrine.
Because, everything that one would dread was there. But Brotherhood of the Cross and Star members sang and passed when he turned to look at them, all his medicine died completely.
As he rang his bell as usual, there was no more response. He tried all he could to awaken his juju they were all dead. So, in a bid to save himself he ran to Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and got baptised.
If the world were to be given the power, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star would not have existed till now because, the destruction caused to all juju and other diabolical substances are so great. However, some members, being ignorant of the overwhelming power in the Kingdom still doubt.

In Oyubia-Oron their chief raised alarm because Brotherhood of the Cross and Star members rendered their entire juju impotent and useless. He called on his people to rise and do something before it was too late. All of them assembled and decided to sue Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. But others argued that they had no evidence and should they sue them, it would be an exercise in futility.
The members of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star who went on outing did not sprinkle water, nor conduct spiritual work, but the whole juju in the land died. Finally, the village assembly went in disarray and confusion and decided to summon Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and claim damages. But their chief prevented them from doing so because they had nothing as evidence to show that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star members caused the demise of their charms and juju. Today, that community is now very peaceful.
The ordinary outing embarked on by members of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star has very great Spiritual significance. That is why, the moment members of secret societies see you all in white trooping out, they take to their heels. Besides the outing, even your ordinary soutane has spiritual significance. A mere putting it on and going about your business, even in the office, everything is subdued. That is why some of these men in top governmental posts who are also members in secret cults would not want to see a member of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star in their offices.
Many of them would say ‘I don’t want to see a Brotherhood of the Cross and Star member here.’ If you do not want to see a Brotherhood of the Cross and Star member, whom else do you want to see? It is because of their doubt, that many of them get themselves destroyed in the process of trying to fight or investigate Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. You have been advised not to pray and request for anything but only give thanks to the Father.
Always believe that from the very day you had baptised of the Holy Spirit in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, you have been saved. For how many times is a person saved? Whatever the situation at any given time, always believe that everything is well. Do not doubt anymore.
Christ said:
But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (St. Matt. 6:33)
Believe fervently in God, be ready to serve Him, surrender your entire heart to Him. Stop fornication, lying, stealing, and other vices. Do all He asks you to do, go into the field and render services to God. Then wait and see if you would not experience a dramatic turn of event in your life; the glory of God would Surely manifest in you.
But being the sons and daughters of doubt, you receive this gospel with absent-mindedness, why then do you continue to avail yourself of the gospels when you are not ready to believe? Do you not know that your action constitutes a sin? If you were to believe on what is preached to you daily, you would not have experienced any problem anymore.

Take for example, Brother Etop’s frequent use of his white soutane. Since the day the Holy Father revealed to members that the white soutane we put on is a wonderful garment and indeed glorious to go about with, and kingly too, Brother Etop cultivated the habit of wearing it from time to time. If you should start to wear your soutane, you would not be in lack; even outsiders would treat you with reverence in any place you go.
From the day the gospel of white soutane was delivered, Brother Etop dress in white soutane wherever he goes to, even at work. This too has worked wonders for him. But in your own case, if you want to fornicate or steal, you remove it and dump one side and put on mufti, which would be difficult for people to identify you. In your satanic expedition, you get entangled with problems; people engage you in physical combat, beat you up and tear your clothes. When you finally resurface, you testify how you, a child of the Holy Father, were beaten up while on your lawful business.
It is said:
Wherefore (as the Holy Ghost saith, Today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day of temptation in the wilderness (Hebrews 3:7-8)
Have you not hardened your heart? When you are warned not to quarrel and fight, you feel quite unconcerned. You fail to believe and even pay deaf ears when you are warned not to drink nor smoke. This is because; you are seriously in doubt about God. In spite of your doubt, you keep on coming here. What else do you want? What do you think God can do for you? For you to go away from the fold you cannot and to believe in God, you cannot. See the golden text below:

And he that doubteth is damned if he eat, because he eateth not of faith: for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.

I had given you this illustration before, let me further repeat it to buttress this gospel. There was one judge who handled a case involving a necromancer. This man, knowing the seriousness of his case threatened the judge with all sorts of unimaginable things. True to his threat, the necromancer started sending ghost, thunder, juju and so on to harm this judge, but the judge was not hurt because he was not aware of what was going on; none of these things had any effect on him. He did all in his power to harm the judge but the judge was quite unperturbed. So, he decided to take a different line of action. He started sending anonymous letters to the judge threatening to send ghost to destroy him. Another day, the judge also received anonymous letter warning him that he would get lost while in his chamber. Letters continued to be sent to this judge threatening him. So, one day the judge became afraid and doubted his resistance to his diabology. As a result of doubt, he died.
At this point, the angel was disturbed by the doubtful expression of Zacharias and so he retorted:
“I am Gabriel that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak unto thee, and to shew thee these glad tidings. And, behold, thou shalt be dumb, and not able to speak, until the day that these things shall be performed, because thou believest not my words, which shall be fulfilled in their season. (St. Luke 1: 19-20)
Do you see what doubtfulness caused the man? He would not have been dumb but for his doubt. The same is the case with many of you in this fold. When a vision is given to you, you get angry; a preacher deliver a gospel that touches you, you get annoyed, everything is annoying to you because you do not believe the word of God. Then, the question is what do you want from God?

A stroke of a cane is sufficient unto the wise, let those who has ears hear, may the Lord bless His Holy words.