1st Bible Lesson: Luke 18:16-17
“But Jesus called them unto him and said: “suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of God. Verily, I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein”.

2nd Bible Lesson: Luke 9:47-48
And Jesus, perceiving the thought of their heart, took a child, and set him by him. And said unto them, Whosoever shall receive this child in my name receiveth me; and whosoever shall receive me receiveth him that sent me: for he that is least among you all, the same shall be great.

Golden Text: Luke 9:47-48
“And Jesus, perceiving the thought of their hearts, took a child and set him, by him and said unto them. whosoever shall receive this child in my name, receiveth me; and whosoever shall receive me receiveth him that sent me; for he that is least among you all, the same shall be great”.

The Comforter unveils the Truth
Beloved Brethren, this is spiritual nourishment that we are going to acquire this morning. It is nourishment that has existed from time immemorial in its prepared form and we are only going to partake of it. God admonition on the relationship between adults and children has been made known from time. I am therefore not going to tell you something new. As our Lord Jesus Christ said, when the Comforter come, He will not speak of His own authority, but will only recall all that had been said and clarify to you what may not, have been understood. Make no mistake today, to credit Leader Olumba Olumba Obu with the final authority on this subject. As we derived all that we do and say here from the scriptures.
You are our witnesses on this score; You will no doubt agree with me, that the whole process, can be likened to a school where children are taught, and later put to a test, as a means of ascertaining that they actually understood what they learnt. We here just revise what we learnt from the scriptures, as we come closer to the final days that are already here.

The reminder
My advice as we get closer and closer to these days is that God in His infinite mercy is giving you this gracious opportunity for revision so that if you never hitherto believed, you should do so. Go and tell the world therefore that the end of the world is drawing near. On this note, I feel it is incumbent to remind you of what God said about children; His relationship with children, and His regards for them .It is on this basis that God looks at the world as little children. That statement of our Lord Jesus Christ that the kingdom of God is like little children is not clear to the world, You are aware that the world is moving forwards. What is this progress of the world? It is the children who are born. What you have not seen, the little children will see; what you cannot do, the little Children will do and where you cannot reach, they will reach.

Parents Cruelty to Children
It is quite piteous at this end of time to observe how you curse your children, when you pronounce woe unto them, If you go to a person’s house and see how he treats his children, you marvel at it, because he treats them like beasts. Very many children as soon as they hear the voices of their parents would want to vanish because of fear. Some of them quake at the sight of their parents. Even a person who is not capable of fighting his equal will always wage war against his children at home. Even a fellow who pretends to be quiet here becomes a talkative at home with his children. Most people who claim to know Jesus apppear to be very cruel with their children.

Children are innocent
Brethren, it is not easy to know how to bring up children. We should think very seriously about this because our attitude towards children leaves much to be desired. Children need to be studied and cared for. They just come into the world in innocence, and do not know what is in the world. They are all like tombstones. If you want to know the nature of children, compare a newly born child with a goat, sheep or calf, it does not understand, it looks blank. We do not know that our trouble is based on the fact that we fail to know how to get on with children. You only ask God to give you children, but you do not know how to bring them up in the fear and knowledge of God. If I tell the task involved in caring for and bringing up children, you will realise what great task you parents have. Among the whites, one who is a millionaire is satisfied with a lone child, because his preoccupation is how to bring up that child in a proper way.

Show Good Example
It is not difficult to rear children; rather what is difficult is how to nurture them in the knowledge of God. The trouble of many parents arises from shabby and maltreatment they mete out to their children. You complain that your child is useless and is not worth anything. You also complain that your children do not know God. Who is responsible for this? You are the cause; it is due to your useless attitude. Name any person whose parents do not know God, and they grow up to know God, and got related to Him, and I will tell you many people from the Bible who followed God from the good examples of their parents. What you sow is what you reap.
To bear children should not be our first duty on earth, but rather our duty should be to lead a life of righteousness acceptable to God. However, in your cases you begin with going to soothsayers, necromancers or consult oracle and mermaids, drink concoctions and wear charms in order to get children. What will become of these children when you get them through such means? You do not want to know God, you do not love; you steal, fornicate, curse, abuse and call people names. If you lead this type of life, what will become of the children you want to bear. You want money, cars, ships, houses and many children, but you do not want to know God and keep His commandments. You do not want to know anything about goodness, nor do you want your children to know and appreciate the way of God. What will be the fate of the children you crave to bear.
Do you know that all your blessings come from your children and the blessings of your children derive from your pattern of life, so that the symbiotic type of life of parents and children has much influence on the shaping of the life of the children? Remember what our Lord Jesus Christ said, “suffer the little children to come to me, for such is the kingdom of God”. Then he called the children and blessed them. Little children make up this kingdom of God, but do you recognise them, and do you bless them and get them close to you to appreciate your life?

Bless your children
I do not mean blessing them with wealth when you build houses for them, buy new clothes for them and prepare delicious food for them, but you should bless them with the words of God. Bring them up in the fear and knowledge of God and teach them the way to righteousness, employing simplicity, humility and understanding. This is the greatest legacy you can leave for your children.
The Most Important Thing
Those who were here yesterday heard a story on a similar subject: the kingdom of God.
This is to show you that bringing up little children and making them responsible human beings is the most important things to do. The world depends on the children as the future generation. It is true that there are people who are bad naturally, it is also a veritable truth that the environment plays an important role in the moulding of a person.

What you sow is what you reap
Evil men are born as a result of what the parents have been doing. It is what they sowed for their children. The evil you committed comes back on your children. If you steal, your children will be taken to roguery. If you fornicate, they will take to fornication. If you indulge in witchcraft, concoctions or charms, they will take to be same indulgence. When you, therefore, procreate a child, that same blood of roguery or witchcraft will recur. If I should take you any longer, you would realise that all what happens came from our ignorance in the treatment of children.
Before we can have good children, we have to refrain from doing evil completely and be determined to do well. Instead of pronouncing woes, we encourage them. By so doing, they will become good children. You are true witnesses to the fact that no person speaks good words to his children, he has no regards for them, and he ignores them, and consoles himself by saying provided they live. What do they live for?

Children are like empty pot
The reason why our Lord Jesus Christ compared the kingdom of God with little children is that little children are like blank sheets of paper, and empty pots, and it is your job as a parent to fill the pot and write on the blank sheet of paper. What ever you fill in the pot or write on the paper will show in the adult life of the children. You are aware that babies when they are born, are motionless, you have to move them about; they must be moulded by parents as to the formation of the part of the body. Any mistake by the parents leaves permanent deformities in the children. Whatever comes out of the life of a child is what was put in it. God has made it clear that we should treat little children kindly. We should desist from cursing them, pronouncing woe on them, calling them fools and saying what they do to you will be done to them by their children. In short predicting their downfall. When you speak like this, what do you think your children will become? Why is a cow more knowledgeable than human beings? It is because when a cow delivers, it will use its tongue to lick and clean the body.

The Importance of Blessing
You have been hearing how parents bless their children. Blessing is important. Abraham blessed Jacob. If Isaac had blessed Jacob and Esau at the same time, there would have been no trouble. But instead of blessing Esau. He told him he had already blessed Jacob and that there was no more blessing. He added that Esau would be subject to his brother Jacob whereas it would have been simple to bless two of them for the sake of peace. As a result of this, Esau and his descendants became subject to Jacob. That is exactly what happens when you curse and abuse your children. When you pronounce curses on your children they are cursed.
Again, Jacob called his twelve children to bestow his blessings. He pronounced curses from the first son down until he got to Joseph whom he blessed lavishly saying. He would be wealthy, elevated high tower, wise, fruitful and many other good things and that all would be subject to him. Was it impossible for him to bless all the children? Who was the cause of the trouble? What is the cause of trouble in your family? Who is responsible for its lack of performing well? It is the curse you pronounce on children. What have your children done to you to prompt your ill treatments for them? You always remain with them with heavy hearts and long drawn faces whereas they do not know anything. You should lead, guide, teach, mould, and be a light unto them with smiles instead of being fastidious.
If your child is a thief you had been a thief. Whatever he has done he learnt from you. Why do you not use kindness, patience, and truth to rear them up in the knowledge of God? By so doing you will remove the several curses pronounced on your family. As to the question of eating, most of your children do not eat from your plate and with your spoon. Which is greater? your child or your spoon? You do not allow your children to go near your bed, not to talk of their sleeping on it; you would not allow them to touch it. Is it how God has told you to treat our children?

Lead a Good Example
Instead of thinking of how you will lead a life of good example to the children, you go about stealing, fornicating, and indulging in preparing concoction, charms and consulting oracles before them. What type of life do you want them to live, when they grow up? God says: “I will visit the iniquities of the fathers upon the children unto the third and the fourth generation of them that hate me and showing mercy unto thousand of them that love me and keep my commandments”;
Think of how such a family will be blessed. Is the light of God shining in such a family? Now, one person has a hundred children, the hundred children bear one thousand, and the thousand, bear ten thousand and the multiplicity thus continue. What is the sense of having so many children without the knowledge and awe of God?
Which family was Sodom and Gomorrah descended from? Who were their great ancestors? Nothing happens without a cause, which can be traced. Sodom and Gomorrah descended from the first son of Noah. The descendants lived and multiplied into the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. The first son of Noah was cursed by his father. He went away, the descendants waxed in wealth and knowledge, and become prominent people who established the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Why did Noah curse the son? Because he saw his father’s nakedness, and laughed at him. If Noah had led a good life, he would not have been drunk, and would not have slept naked, and his first son would not have laughed at his nakedness.
This curse passed unto his children and his grandchildren. It was however, the second son who, when he discovered what happened covered the father’s nakedness and took him to a place of rest. Later on, when he returned to consciousness, he was told that the first son laughed at him, but that the second son covered his nakedness. It was because of this, that he cursed his first son. This is an example of “woe unto you” pronounced on your children. Noah cursed his first son, later the curse passed unto his descendants who were finally destroyed in Sodom and Gomorrah. Of what use was the destruction to Noah who pronounced the curse?

1st Lesson Luke 18:16-17
“But Jesus called them unto him and said: “suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of God. Verily, I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein”.

Parents’ Negligence of Children
Brethren, have you heard the lesson? Why do you bear a child and abandon him? Why do you impregnate a woman and when she bears a child, you run away from the child and the mother? Why do you bear children but later you drive them away, asking them who is their mother? Whose duty is it to care for a child, is it the mother’s or is it a joint responsibility of the father and the mother? Do you know that to reject a child is to reject blessings of God, life and all other good things? If you reject him do you know what the child will become? You, who commit abortion, do you know what the child comes to do or who he is – whether he is John the Baptist, Jesus Christ or Moses?
When pharaoh wanted to exterminate all Israelite male babies in Egypt, the mother of Moses, because of her love and humility, did every thing to save the life of Moses. If she had been negligent, and the infant Moses had been killed, who would have delivered the children of Israel from Egypt?

Parents are indebted to God
After the departure of the three wise men, the angel advised Joseph and Mary to take the child, Jesus, to Egypt because Herod was seeking to kill him if the parents did not obey the angel and the infant Jesus was killed. Who would have redeemed the world? We therefore have a responsibility for all little children.
You are indebted to God unless you nurture them up in the fear and knowledge of God. You have to teach, guide and love them, whether they are your own children or children of other parents. If you do this you will receive blessings from God.
Till today, many communities are still crossed about twin children and their mothers. They kill the children and their mothers. And some say that they do not want two babies, why? But for the timely arrival of the Christian Missionaries, who would have rescued the twins and their mother? Today some of these twins have become prominent persons in the society.
You who deliver a number of children and abandon them with their dad, and run away in favour of prostitution, thinking that you want the father to suffer, where are you going to? When you abandon them you cannot receive the blessing of God. Because of such attitude, the children suffer. Some parent who have separated, adopt the attitude of throwing their children from father to mother and vice versa. You do not know you are torturing the children who themselves have come in the likeness of God.
This gospel is not a simple one that one can easily understand and practiced, especially when it comes to the question of proper care for children. Look at a situation where mothers were taking their children to our Lord Jesus Christ for blessing, but his disciples prevented them and ordered them to be taken away. Unless you begin to change your attitude towards children, things will never be good in the world.
Here is an illustration: “There is a huge tree, which needs to be cut down, and you have an old blunt axe as well as knives which are no more useful. You are like these blunt implements. When God sends these little children, who are like sharp axes and knives, capable of cutting down a tree”; you reject them and ill-treat them; can you realise your foolishness? The word of God is preached to you, to enable you know how to get about with little children, how to nurture them when they are growing up and at different times. It is only when you know them that you are able to bring them up in the fear and knowledge of God. You say you want to serve God, and that if you were to see God that you would do everything for Him, the little children sent to you are the likeness of God therefore whatever services you would have rendered to God, had you seen Him render unto these children. If you want to prostrate to God, prostrate to these children. If you want this world to be good, you have to get along with children, with good attitude. Do not curse them, always bless them, be simple, tolerant, loving, show mercy and peaceful attitudes. Use humility to lead them to the type of life God wants them to live.

Parents should provide for their Children.
Realise that whatever you do to a child, he will grow up with that? If you beat, curse or torture him, he will apply the same attitude. And when he becomes a parent, he will apply the same attitude. If we continue with such attitudes, when do you think the world would be reformed? Is it the small that should bless the big, or the big that should bless the small? Is it the son who should minister unto his parents, or the parents who should minister for the son? What have you done for the children to warrant your abusing them every day? Is it because you regard them as defenceless and that no person would ask you any question? Most of the times, you abuse your children because you feel they have not sufficiently provided for you. What have you done yourself upon all the blessings of God? Are you not ashamed of yourself when you cannot provide for your children you turn around to ask the children to provide for you? It is not the children who should provide for the parent but the reverse should be the case. Where would the children get these things from in order to supply to the parents? If you serve and provide, you will receive blessings from God. These are the children of God, the Christ of God; they therefore need to be cared for properly. From now on do everything as if you are doing to God. . What ever you do to a child are done to God and this goes with blessing.

Stop Maltreating Children
The father of Abraham did not know that his son will become the father of many nations Was he himself the father of many nations? When the mother of Moses delivered Moses, did she know that Moses would be the person to deliver the children of Israel from Egypt? When Mary delivered Jesus, did she know that Jesus would be the Christ, Messiah, and the supreme Ruler of the universe?
I cannot enumerate all the good things, which have been done by men born of parents. We should help the children, supply what they lack. The attention of the parents should be focused on nurturing of children, speak well of them, care for them, provide for them, whether you know them or not, whether white or black. It is only in this way that you can be blessed. Do not order them about, harsh them up. Do not starve them and do not be difficult with them. The whole world should stop maltreating children!

Golden Text Luke 9:47-48
“And Jesus, perceiving the thought of their hearts, took a child and set him by him, and said unto them. whosoever shall receive this child in my name, receiveth me; and whosoever shall receive me receiveth him that sent me; for he that is least among you all, the same shall be great”.

Have you heard that lesson? You are now looking for God in the sky and Jesus to come down from the clouds. What about the children in your midst? Do you receive them, and are you happy with them?
The whites have gone very far from the blacks in this direction. A black man may go to the Western world and stay there for ten to twenty years, and may come back as a typical black man. Because he fails to imbibe the western world’s attitude towards children. Our Lord Jesus Christ said that any person, who receives him, receives he who sent him. Have you accepted Christ? You have always driven away the children who come to you. Sometimes children are very much surprised at the way they are beaten by the parents; you beat them up and say that they should die if they want to die. You complain that your child does not respect you. Do you respect your child? Who would respect the other? Don’t you hear that the three wise men travelled all the way to worship the infant Jesus? Do you respect and accept children? Our Lord Jesus Christ was a child. If you do not accept these children as the kingdom of God you cannot enter into it. Have you ever shown those monstrous eyes, which you show to your children to your equal or do you do this because you feel that they have not got any person to protect them? Is it evil for a visitor to come to your house or is it evil for a brother to call at your house and give you solace?
Do you know that these children are definitely sent to help you, put right what was wrong and to amend the mistakes you have made? You say that luck has run out of you. Have you ever wished your children luck?
We should now ponder over these questions and retrace our steps and show better attitude towards our children, because they are greater than we are. They are great prophets and Apostles of old who have now reincarnated. They are greater, see better, think clearer, and are purer than our selves. If you are not as pure as they are, you have no share in the kingdom of God. Now that you call him names, has he ever followed you to fornicate, to steal to drink? They do not know anything; they are as harmless as a dove. Why then do you oppress them and blame them? Are you not the person who taught them how to steal, fornicate and tell lies? You take them to soothsayers, and juju doctor, you direct your daughter to meet with a man. If she refuses you curse and disown her. You ask her to tell lies. When she refuses, you drive her away from your house. You teach the children all the evils they commit left for them alone; they would not hurt a fly.
If you were a rogue, you have to forsake stealing and live a life expected of you by God The children are sent to you in order that you may care for them, you should therefore try to care properly for them.
In this kingdom, many people claim that if it were in their youthful days they would have done this or that. Now that you are old and are weighed down with your sins, what about these little innocent ones? Would you not give them the chance to perform, by nurturing them well? Let us re-examine the golden text.

Christ, the Friend of Little Children
Brethren see what God has revealed to show you that God loves little children. In your house, you do not allow children to come, you always drive them away, saying that you do not want them to soil you or your house. Our Lord Jesus Christ advises us not to forsake the little ones, because the kingdom of God is like them. What lesson has our Lord Jesus Christ now taught us? If our Lord Jesus Christ went as far as knowing and recognising little children, holding them up and blessing them, then every person should be aware of the significance of blessing children. That blessing bestowed on little children by our Lord Jesus Christ has passed on to all children in the world till today our Lord Jesus Christ is the friend of little children, He walks with them, converses with them, sings with them and blesses them. Let us emulate the example of our Lord Jesus Christ by feeling free to talk to children, eating with them singing and conversing with them.
Do not worry yourself by having many children, and not being able to care for them, but be rested with having a few children and caring well for them in the fear and knowledge of God. It is wrong to say no child, what about all the children around?
Who owns them? They are the children of God if they are God‘s children they are your children. Therefore you should care for them, whosoever wants children is foolish and whoever wants many children is equally foolish, but any person who cares for children, serves and ministers unto them is great in the sight of God.
The whole world should love little children care for them, nurture them, in the fear of God in this way you will bring up a generation of good people.
It is foolishness for one to say the children of nowadays are senseless or useless. If they are senseless or useless, it means their parents are senseless or useless. It is a reflection of parent’s attitude. The reason why John the Baptist is great is that Elizabeth his mother was a lady devoted in the service of God, and his father Zacharias was a high priest. The union of the two brought about the greatness of John.

Why was Christ born of Mary? It was because Mary was a virgin who served God diligently, and Joseph was also devoted in the services of God. It was because of Mary’s chastity and devotion that she became the mother of the Son of Man, Son of God Christ the Messiah and the God incarnate. If it were you, you would have caused Mary and Jesus to be killed, because it was a law that any woman betrothed to a man who becomes pregnant without her husband’s knowledge should be killed. Who is that man to whom a beautiful girl is given in marriage and who has no intimate knowledge of the girl, but finds her pregnant and would not cause a lot of trouble or divorce her? We are told that Joseph was making secret plans to divorce Mary, but the angel of the Lord warned him, that she was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. If it were today, even if the angel warned you, you would do away with the woman. This is to demonstrate that Joseph was devoted to God and because of that our Lord Jesus was born unto him.
There is nothing you can teach little children, but do not look down on them, look on them with mercy, with tolerance, with patience and with respect. The whole world should live properly with children. We should speak well to them, act well and think well about them. Let us pray God to use children for the original purposes he intended to use them.

Brethren I do not want to take you on a long and winding course. Those who have ears to hear let them hear. May God bless His Holy words, Amen.

Thank You Good Father