Golden Text: St. Luke 18: 17

“Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.”

Beloved, it is said that to be fore-warned is to be fore-armed. You who are in the habit of scrambling for exalted positions, take note of the warning above. Except you receive the Kingdom as a little child, you cannot enter into it. If your motive in this Kingdom is to assume exalted position, you have perished. If you come by anybody that professes to be a very important person in this Kingdom, disassociate yourself from him, for such a one is already in hell fire. It is a very serious offence for one to see himself as a very important person in this Kingdom. The truth remains that the self-acclaimed “big men” cause the problem of this world. The principal stock in trade of these so-called big men is evil practices. This accounts for the reason why I am telling you that you should not identify with everybody that says that he is no more a child. You are a living witness to the fact that a little child is an embodiment of humility and obedience, whereas anyone who professes to be a big man would always view himself as one that is above the laws of God. He is thus, not humble, meek, not even tolerant. He wants to be worshipped by all. True as this is, how then can such people serve God?

The problems of these so-called big men are enormous. The same is the case with anyone that says that he now can see clearly, that his eyes are opened, or that he is now in the light and that hitherto, he was in darkness. These groups of persons see themselves as the people of substance in the society and that, without them, nothing can be done. Who are you to feel that nothing can be done without you? God is the doer of everything and not man. For you that are desirous of the Kingdom of God, humble yourself like a little child and receive this kingdom else, you have perished.
There are no two ways to following God except you humble yourself like a little child.
I have told you to learn of Me, have you ever seen Me professing to be very important? I am humble, meek and mild and same must you be, if you care for the Kingdom of God.
A lot of people think that wealth is a qualifier to the Kingdom of God. Far be it! What qualify one for the Kingdom of God are humility, love, faith and truth. The little children, you should note, have no problems. They do not commit sins; theirs is righteousness to practice at all times. They do not think of any carnal thing. All they delight in is truth and love of God. They are always ready to serve and obey whatever instructions are given to them. Obedience is what they live for. Whereas the exact opposite is the case with those professing to be ‘big men’.
Beloved, let us learn to behave like the little children. Let us always abide in love, obedience and truth. Refrain from carnal thoughts, words and deeds and hold unto that which is pleasing to God. Let us, like the little children, not subject ourselves to our personal thoughts. We should always listen to and do that which the Holy Spirit directs us to do. Let the Holy Spirit direct you in all you have to do. Do not deviate from the teachings given to you here everyday. Listen to His teachings and put them into practice. These teachings, you will realise constitutes life. Just like the little children that is always ready to learn, let us always learn from the Holy Spirit, if you desire eternal life.

It is difficult to deal with an adult, but a little child is humble, meek, lowly, loving, truthful and willing to learn. These are the qualities required of us by God. In case you did not know who a little child is, a little child is a servant, an uncomplaining servant. It does not matter the magnitude of work you give a little child, he is ready to put in his best, but an adult will tell you outright that he is too big to be a servant. An adult prefers being served to serving; whereas the reverse is the case with a little child.
Except you humble yourself like a little child, you cannot follow God. You should be ready to serve humanity selflessly and to worship God in spirit and in truth and wholeheartedly. From today henceforth, see yourself as a new-born baby. Do not, at any time, see yourself as an adult. You should, at all times, be willing to learn just as a little child. It is only in so doing that you can inherit the Kingdom of God. You are duty bound to devote your life to learning from and practising all that you are taught in this Kingdom.
The little children, as you know, do not spare any time doing anything other than serving God.
It is very rewarding to serve God even as a little child. Recall that if Hezekiah had not served God while he was a little child, he would not have had more years added to his life. 2nd Kings 20: 2-6 If you do not serve God now that you are young, what can you do when you are old? You can only gain entrance into this Kingdom as a little child. Put aside all the wisdom you feel you have acquired so far and humble yourself as a little child if you desire to enter into this Kingdom. Disassociate yourself from the vainglories of this world and follow God sheepishly so that He may teach and make of you what He wants.

Beloved it is said that a stroke of the cane is enough for the wise. Let those that have ears hear what the Holy Spirit has imparted to the entire world. May God bless His Holy Words. Amen.

Thank You Good Father