1st Lesson St Mark 1:6
“And John was clothed with camel’s hair, and with a girdle of a skin about his loins; and he did eat locusts and wild-honey’:

2nd Lesson Romans 14:21
“It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor anything whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak”.

Golden Text: I Corinthians 8: 13
“Wherefore, if meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my brother to offend”.


I think after listening to these texts, your brains are now alert and your eyes are opened. We do not speak out of our own authority, but we speak as we are empowered by our Lord Jesus Christ. As John the Baptist had said, no man can have anything except it be given him from heaven. Our Lord Jesus Christ confirmed this when He said, I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. Howbeit, when He, the Spirit of Truth shall come, He will lead you to the wisdom of the truth. (That is the authority quoted). He shall not speak of Himself but what He heard from Me, that will He reveal to you.


The first correction that I have to make is the (Efik) translation which renders locust in our first lesson, as an insect of the grasshopper species. This is a blatant and misleading translation. It means locust beans and not locust as an insect of the grasshopper species. An example of the bean is what I am holding up, which you should all gaze at. If you argue that it is locust (grasshopper), does that not mean that John fed on animal? Because locust the insect is an animal. Where do you find locust (grasshopper) again these days?

As God had said that the fruits and seeds of all herbs and trees shall be food for man; that was why John ate the locust beans. The misleading translation should be corrected with immediate effect. Since it was God who sent John to the world to practice the truth, that was why it was said beforehand that John would come neither eating nor drinking. This was in consonance with the commandment of God in the beginning, that the fruits and seeds of all trees and herbs shall be man’s food. It was for this reason that John the Baptist fed on locust bean and honey. Throughout his mission, he was not sick but he was rather filled with power. That was a living example set for us. For this reason, do not go back into your former ways of life.


You may begin to cogitate what manner of food you will eat. I am also going to tell you, what God had said in this regard. The type of food prescribed for man by God is found in Genesis 1: 29. From today that should be your food. Today is the day to sort things out. Like a local adage says, “the cow has delivered in the market place and there is no need, its closing its legs”. There is no point hiding anything since many church dignitaries will be highly interested in this gospel. Read the food prescription for man:

GENESIS 1: 29:

“And God said, behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat:

Beans is food. Melon is food. Groundnut is food. Orange is food. Paw-paw, Pineapples and all kinds of fruits and seeds are food for man. The instruction is that the fruit and seed of every herb bearing seed and every tree yielding seed, shall be food for man. That is to say, all seeds and fruits of any herb or tree upon the surface of the earth, shall be food for man. You are true witnesses to the fact that beans, as foodstuff is rich in all food requirements and sufficient for man as food. I know, as you know, the food nutrient in beans. You know too about melon, bananas, oranges, paw-paw, plantain and countless number of fruits and seeds abounding everywhere upon the surface of the earth.


The Garden of Eden is not a folk tale. It is simply a reality. If fruit bearing herbs and trees are planted, they provide people with more than enough food. The instruction to man had been that all the fruits and seeds shall be his food, but one was singled out which he should not eat. From the time the knowledge became elusive to the people of the world, they departed from the path of God. The Spirit of God in man was dead, and the Spirit of God departed from man.

There was no time that God instructed man to kill and eat birds, animals, or locust insects, because these animals have their kingdoms. God’s motto is: “live and let’s live”. The earthworm has its kingdom. Birds have their own kingdom. God does not tell you to have conflict with them, but has spotlighted that all the fruits and seeds of herbs and trees shall be your food. Have you fed on fruits and seeds, and you are not satisfied?


There are many fruits for any one to eat. You cannot count them all. If we plant them, including coconut, there is not one that you are forbidden from eating. Eat, and drink water and you will be satisfied. John the Baptist ate locust beans and honey and was satisfied. Is the purported “Beelzebub oil” in Brotherhood, not made out of honey? Is it not the oil that is used in healing various sicknesses?

All the troubles in the world which hinder man from knowing God and the imminent ruin of man, results from eating meat and fish. By this act, the world has departed from the ways of God, to the path of perdition. It brings about sickness, afflictions, gnashing of teeth and death to man. You can bear witness, that if God did not love man by sending John the Baptist in his fashion, the world would have perished. You will note that it was neither John’s father, or mother, or the priest who advised John not to eat meat, since they were killing and eating animals with bones and skin. As our Lord Jesus Christ had said, anyone who is filled with old wine will not need new wine, because he will always say the old is better for him. But in this case, what option do you have? I know many of you will not sleep. Your hearts are troubled about the seeming difficulty in practising the gospel. What is so difficult in practising this gospel?


It is the first commandment God gave after creating man. He said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat”. This is the first instruction given by God to man. Many people complain of what to do, and argue if they cannot eat things like egg or milk. Egg is a bird. Milk is taken from an animal and so it is part of an animal. Do not eat any of those things. They are not prescribed for man. The only food prescribed for man is either fruit or seed. If you love life, follow the prescription. Our Lord Jesus Christ at the end of every preaching would say those who have ears let them hear. The children of God who are the children of this Kingdom, do not find it grievous to practice. It is rather pleasant to practice. If you follow the prescription, you will no longer be sick, you will have no pains, there will be no movements of objects in your body system which you attribute to witches and wizards. The fish and meat you eat, causes these problems, because you have eaten of the forbidden fruit.

I do not yet want to dwell on the repercussion of eating meat and fish. The penalties and disadvantages I do not treat. I am only dealing with the superficial aspect. At another time, I will speak on the disadvantages, repercussions, and the untold penalties to mankind. Come to Me by tomorrow, or at anytime you chose. There is a book in My possession written by a white man titled, Why You Don ‘t Have to Eat Meat. I will give you to read. I do not read the book. I know that he may not deal deeply on the issues but if I go on to expatiate on this issue, you will cry and shout to the top of your voice. If you eat a piece of meat, it is poisonous.


Do you not know that the animal is human? (or likened unto) God your Creator, also created goats, hens and all the animals. He first created them before creating you. Your brethren are the “animals”. Any animal is your brother, and you are a brother to the animals. If any cut is inflicted on you, blood will come out. Blood will also come out if a cut is inflicted on a goat or hen. If you compare, the blood looks alike. You have instinct, and they too have instinct.

If there is a person in this building, an animal will know that there is a person. When you speak, the animal hears. The animals equally speaks. But since God has given you the power of superintendency over them, you should cater for their welfare. You are not told to kill them. Because of this role, God gave the reasoning faculty which is the likeness of God in man. That is the only aspect that men surpass animals. Otherwise the animals could manufacture guns and shoot you, as you manufacture to shoot them. Animals smell, see, hear, speak, walk. The only sense that eludes them is the reasoning faculty. God does this intentionally so that man can use it as the instrument of governing the animals.


I tell you that they enjoy themselves in their own kingdom more than you, to the extent that they do not even imagine there is another kingdom. When you see them gathering you may feel they are playing, not knowing that they are deliberating on a very important business. They have various institutions as we have. They have chiefs, police force, the army and every other institution.

All animals created have both male and female. The trees have their own kingdom. They attend meetings, have their chiefs, converse and do their own thing, their own way. Their kingdom is equally very enjoyable. If I say that you are a member of either the plant or animal kingdom, you will wonder how. Do not bother about that aspect but believe that you are also a tree, or a fish, or an ant or bird. Therefore, you are a brother to them all, and they are your brothers.

I have many things to tell you, but I cannot tell them all at once. Because some may not be of much good to you, and some will do far more greater good than you imagine. God did not enjoin that you should rule over man. All human beings are of one kingdom, and are given the same glory. He appointed man to superintend over fishes, animals and other creatures. If man makes an attempt to govern man, he will put up stiff resistance and even ready to fight.


In the northern part of the country (Nigeria) and around the desert regions, animals are used as means of transportation. These animals carry loads, listen to instructions and do many other things. The horse is an example of such animals. If we were to know ourselves, we would train them all. They are the ones for man to govern. They can go on errands, carry loads, keep watch over the house; while a man goes about his normal business. When you try to exercise such control and power over a human being, you will be opposed all-ways. The power of superintendency of man over animals is the first grace man has lost. If you were to cater for, and feed the snakes, goats, dogs and other animals, they would watch the house, go on errands, sweep the floor and do other domestic chores. Brethren, the effort we waste in training men, if we were to concentrate our attention in training the animals, they would have given similar responses. We would use them for our errands, sit back to enjoy our glory. What obtains now? You are antagonistic against animals. While you kill them, they also attempt to hurt you. With such a situation, can you exercise any control and authority over them?


You can see how the whites train dogs, and other animals. If you keep one dog to keep watch over the premises and it barks, every person will be scared. There are various things animals can do if they are trained.

If you train a parrot, for instance, it can call somebody’s name and report situations. In your absence the parrot can keep record of all those who called at the house, and report same when you return. That is one grace man has missed.

It is on this basis that we are told to love them. If we were to love them, re-direct our attention to training them, they would equally pick up. A human being is born with the same characteristic features as animals, and into similar circumstances. If the animal should be given the same care, attention, and treatment, as its human-being counterpart at birth, massaging and stretching the necessary parts of the body, cutting hair and clothing, the animal would respond as human beings. You are not more beautiful or handsome than an animal. They hear when they are spoken to, and can move when they are told to do so. Some animals can convey you, as well as loads, from one place to the other. That is one grace we have missed because of our stupidity.


More so, you do not know that when you kill an animal, you have killed a human being. When, for instance a native doctor demands a cock and hen from you, he is in effect asking for a man and a woman. He does not know this and you do not know too. But the moment the cock is killed, a man is dead somewhere. When you kill a cock you have become a murderer and will stand before the judgement seat of God to answer for it, and you will also be killed.

Can you realise why you are told not to kill any fish or bird or any other animal? It is because they are all human beings. Abel did not know that all the sheep he was tending were all humans. When God demanded that Cain and Abel should offer sacrifices unto Him, Abel chose the fattest of his ram, and offered it to be burnt as a sacrifice. He thought that he was presenting a ram not knowing that he was offering himself. He gave his own life. It was not Cain who killed him, it was self inflicted. Can you realise the wisdom I have brought to you? It is the recondite wisdom. If he did not offer that ram, he would not have given his life and nothing would have happened to him. You pray to God to take away death. Where do you intend Him to take death to? You are still killing fishes, hens, cocks and other animals. Are those not human beings you are killing? People die as a result of what they do.


Secondly, whenever you eat meat or fish, your heart is troubled because you have defiled the temple of the living God. The house becomes impure. Wrath, strife and all kinds of filth will fill the house, and you will not have peace. Then, the Holy Spirit has departed from you. The moment the Holy Spirit departs from you, love has departed from you. Peace has left you. Truth has left you. Mercy has left you and patience is elusive. What you find are ill feelings and anger, fighting and quarrelling, because you have defiled the temple of The Most High God. Your eyes will be darkened, while you will be eclipsed in spiritual darkness, indeed, you are dead already.

Can you realise the recondite wisdom of God? It is on the basis of His wisdom; that He said, Elijah will come before the Messiah. That was why John the Baptist, who came in the power and spirit of Elijah, neither ate nor drank any other thing apart from that which God had prescribed from the beginning, namely: fruit, locust beans and honey. Because of this, his eyes were opened to know God. Upon the number of people in Israel, who was able to identify our Lord Jesus Christ? By feeding according to God’s prescription, John recognised God, his heart was clean, he was wise and powerful, and the Father dwelt in him.

A lot of people still contend that till our Lord Jesus Christ comes back, some are of the opinion that He has not yet come; while others claim that there is no God. Because of eating of fish and meat, man is overshadowed with darkness, and he dies. Sickness, anger, animosity are all found with you. You always pronounce woe on people and their mothers. There is no peace, no matter how rich you are. Your heart is always troubled as a result of eating meat. Because of the tendency to eating meat, a young girl no longer menstruates. Little children suffer different forms of sicknesses. How come all these things? It is as a result of the meat and fish you eat which defile the body, the temple of the living God. There is no more life in you, and all your life is wasted. Your ears will be blocked, and your life is not worth its salt. The doctor says you are anaemic? It is true, you are bloodless because you do not eat fruits which constitute the body of our Lord Jesus Christ and which provide blood. Fruits give you blood and life, and power and good health, and beauty and all the glories of God. You have left the glory of God to base things. I do not intend to belabour you, our first lesson will now be read.

1st Lesson: St. Mark 1: 6

“And John was clothed with camel’s hair, and with a girdle of a skin about his loins; and he did eat locusts and wild-honey’:

Have you heard that? If you begin to eat fruits from today, brethren, you will no longer grow old. You will not be sick and you will not have any pains. You will ever be young. You will no longer know what it means to be angry, your eyes will be open and you will see God face to face, as you enjoy this Kingdom. You will have much blood, power, and vitality. When you refrain from meat, death, sickness and lack will be afraid of you. When you refrain from meat and fish, you will no longer know anger and troubled heart. You will experience real bliss and peace in your innermost heart. You will always be happy, because the Father dwells in you and you in Him. You will see His glory everyday.


What gave John the Baptist the sort of power he had? It was because he kept to God’s prescription by eating only locust beans and honey. If you begin from today to live on fruits, you will have the same power because the Father dwells in you. There is neither witchery nor ghost nor charm. It is the meat and fish you eat that move as animal and fish in you. When you are examined by the medical doctor, he will either tell you that you are anaemic or have impure blood. It is true you are bloodless or your blood is impure or your blood contains too much water. This is true because you continue to eat meat and fish.

As God has made coconut with water in it, so has God put sweetness in paw-paw, so has He made man and equipped him with all good things. You are God’s building, His husbandry and His city. It is because of disobedience that you kill animals for your meat, and as a result you suffer. When it is reported that somebody is fat, why is he fat? Is it not the result of stealing, prostitution and surfeiting? Is obesity a good thing? Come to think of the effect of meat on man. God has created fishes, hens and goats into very lowly and dishonourable places. When you eat their meat, where do you find yourselves? Can you not realise how you are living as beasts? Even animals are now wiser than you. If you no longer eat meat, mourning houses will cease to be kept, necromancers and juju doctors will fold up. All the secret societies in the world will cease to exist. Consequently, you will no longer have any problems. You will feel sound and happy, Brethren, I will want you to come in and enjoy this Kingdom. People will no longer die, because the animals you kill are human, and when you stop killing them, they will no longer die, and human beings will consequently not die as a result. People will no longer be sick. Goats will not be missing. Animals will no longer be killed, but will be allowed to carry on their businesses while human beings go on theirs. In that way, life will be worth living for both men and animals.


Brethren, open-eyed blindness is a grievous sickness. When you claim that you are civilised and your eyes are open, what evidence of civilisation do you have? Do you think civilisation subsumes speaking and reading the English language? Engineering is not a product of English language. English language is not used in manufacturing or inventing anything. It is the product of God’s knowledge. Do you think that the person who invented aeroplane was learned? It does not require being learned, God is the one who teaches man to do everything, without the direct application of any language.

It is said, when the Comforter comes, He will lead you to the knowledge of the truth. If we are able to maintain our purity and sanctity, and practice this injunction of God, that means we will only be conversing with and answering questions from God. You will no longer argue that God is in the sky, but you will see Him face to face. He will use you to wrought mighty works. In all things you shall be free.

When people talk of going to the mountains or to Jerusalem, what actually do you go to do there. Here is God before you, conversing with you, but your sight has been blurred and your ears blocked by the meat and fish, which God has directed you not to eat. God is not far from any person, but we ruin ourselves; most especially by eating meat and fish. This way, we defile the temple of God and it attracts perdition and sickness into our system. When you eat goat meat, the goat will seek a place of abode in you, and begin to move around you. These animals whose meat you eat, move in you, and you complain that you are poisoned or charmed. There is no one poisoning us, but we have introduced foreign bodies into our system. “Whatever tastes delicious in the mouth of a sick man, that will he eat and die,” according to a local adage.


Brethren, it is good for one to hearken to the injunctions of God. The moment you depart from the instruction of God, you face destruction. Are you told that John the Baptist was ever sick? Are you told that he was ever hungry? Throughout the period he lived, he neither drank wine, nor took snuff, nor committed any other vices. He depended on the locust beans and honey for food. He never suffered hunger till the day he completed his assignment. Therefore, a man lives not by food or meat or fish. God has done a wonderful thing for us.

Imagine the abundance of foodstuff; yams, cassava, plantain, beans, maize, groundnuts, rice, and all kinds of seeds and fruits. Tell me, what more you need for food?. If you cultivate these crops, there will be no problems.

From cassava you can prepare many varieties of food: garri, foo-foo, cassavita, sliced cassava, and whatever else you want. If you eat and drink water, you will be sumptuously satisfied.


Whoever continues to eat meat has been billed for perdition. The reason is that, I cannot see why your life can be adversely affected if you do not eat meat. It rather helps you to live a better and more pleasant life. If you go to many parts of the world, like Jerusalem, they neither know nor have lot of foodstuff as we have here, but rather, they live on fruits. You claim the whites are powerful and civilised, that is due to the fact that more of them practice vegetarianism. As I am teaching you now, it is not pleasing to those who have pre-knowledge of this truth, since they feel they had spent a lot of money to acquire the knowledge.

This lesson is not acquired free. It is a very significant and efficacious lesson, but I have given to you free of charge. You complain that your dreams are confusing, or that you cannot remember your dreams as you used to do when you were young. Your dreams should be confused because of the meat and fish you introduce into your body, which defile the body. Experiment from today, that you have heard this gospel. As the Scripture says, today, when you hear His voice, harden not your hearts. If you keep to the prescription of God and eat only what you are told to eat, you will witness a remarkable change, your eyes will be opened, your ears will be opened, your understanding will be broadened. You will hear about and witness for the glory of God, as well as find peace for your soul and long life for yourself. The second lesson will now be read:

2nd Lesson: Romans 14: 21

“It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor anything whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak”.

Have you heard that? If you stop eating meat all will be well with you. The money you spend on meat could well be saved, or utilised in more beneficial ways. When you buy a cock for your house, your neighbour is hopeful that he will be given a gift. Your children in the house also think they will have a share. Every person around will be looking at you. If you eat the meat and refuse to give your neighbour, you have called for trouble. If you do not give the meat to your children, they will begin to plot how to get the meat, since you have denied them the privilege. Can you not see how the inhabitants of the world are unnecessarily preoccupied with theft of hens, theft of goats and other meat products. You stay in a bar to eat five full chickens, or up to five dogs at a sitting, to the extent that you exhaust your salary, that one day, and even get indebted to people and on top of this, you suffer from dysentery. “I know that those who sells animal products will be angry, but their anger cannot affect me “.


God has kept time for everything. The time of foolishness has passed. This is the time for the Holy Spirit to lead you to the knowledge of truth. As has been rendered in a song by one of the choirs: the world is looking for life where life cannot be found. Do not eat meat anymore. Do not drink wine. Do not kill and eat hens, goats or any animal, for they do us no good. Eating of meat does not admit you into the Kingdom of God. Refraining from meat does not remove you from the Kingdom of God. What, therefore, is the use of eating meat?

There are many people who will kill and eat human flesh in the absence of hens and goats. About 99 percent of the inhabitants of Africa are cannibals. If we no longer eat fish or meat, there will be no more killings and we will not only have peace, but we will see God, be alive, be rich, and will be devoid of all problems. Complaints of meat poisoning, fish poisoning and so forth will be a thing of the past, since you eat neither fish nor meat. Anger, troubled-heart and repression will no longer be experience. At all times you will feel pleased. At all times the Holy Spirit will dwell in you, and you will have the feelings of satisfaction, peace, good health and power.


When you eat meat or fish and pass effluvium, the obnoxious smell will cause every person around to run from you. The reason is that your system is dirty, and the air reflects your inner self. What do you think your body looks like in this light. God is not there with you, because the temple is defiled. You are the temple of the most High God. It is said that whoever defiles the temple of the Most High, him shall God destroy. You destroy the temple of God by eating meat and fish. There is nothing that I can safely point to, as the benefit one derives from eating meat. I have not seen its usefulness to man. The only thing I see in meat is its evil, punishment, death, lack, sickness, tribulations to man, and the departure of God from His own house. People always cry that God should help them refrain from fornication, but why is it that you cannot defeat the younger son, and you go to challenge the elder son to a fight? If you do not refrain from eating meat and fish, how can you refrain from fornication? If you do not refrain from eating meat and fish, how can you refrain from anger? If you do not refrain from eating meat and fish, how will the Holy Spirit dwell in your heart?


This is the greatest enemy of man. If it were not so, God would not have instructed that all seeds and fruits of trees and herbs shall be your food. This instruction is clear and distinct and admits of no other interpretation. If you introduce any other thing, you are to blame.


I thank God immensely, because at first, I wondered what kind of life I was living, without eating meat, or fish, but I know that the Father was doing His work. You cannot have anything except it is given to you by God. I tried as a man to eat meat or fish, but could not. It is not that it is lawful to Me to eat meat or fish, but I neither need nor appreciate them. I have never tested them since I was born. I have no business with such things. When one complains that he has the urge to eat meat, I wonder what stimulates such urges in man. I have no business with meat or fish. I am not implying that you should stop eating them as well, but I am impressing upon you that I have no need for them, since I know myself. I did not know that the Father wanted to do a significant thing for the people of the world. Were it not so, how will I preach this gospel?

When you argue that you want to be like the Father, what do you imply in your argument? But you have neither refrained from meat or fish. Can you realise the cause of the downfall of many in BCS? Can you also realise the power in Brotherhood? You complain that the Leader has not shown you the source of power here in Brotherhood. Have I not revealed this power to you today? Those who eat meat are now very sorrowful, and do not knock their heads on the ground. God loves this generation immensely. As He had sent John to live that sort of life and to leave an example for mankind, so does He teach us purity and sanctity. You know that maize by itself is food. Banana, plantain, oranges, and other fruits are more than sufficient. I do not know what has become of the inhabitants of the world. The lesson taught you now is not an extract from any book; neither is reference made to any authority. I was born with this understanding.


Brethren, it is high time that you be crowned. Do you see the gentle progression from simple to complex? We started with telling you to refrain from sin, removing all its vestiges from you. The gospel delivered today is a giant leap. I know that many people find it difficult even to say hallelujah, especially when they begin to weigh the possibilities of refraining from meat. Today, the urge to eat meat is taken from you. The inhabitants of the world will shout, when they listen to today’s gospel, that “Leader Obu has ‘killed’ them”, that He has instructed that people should no longer eat meat or fish. They will ask, what does He want them to do? I have prescribed what is required of man to eat. People who sell animal/meat products and restaurant owners, some who are even present in this hall, are almost petrified. They are thinking of what to do with the animal/meat they have in stock, and pleading that I should give them a little more chance.

Did you know all this while you were killing people and yourself, you did also defile the temple of God? It is for this reason that your sensitivity to minor threats are high. When a little thing happens, you will die. You age out within a few years. If you begin today to refrain from meat and fish, you will ever remain young, healthy, and beautiful. All the body requirements will remain intact.


You may argue that you have not slaughtered any animals, you only buy and eat. If you stop eating, that person killing animals for sale will not find market for his trade. If a native doctor is no longer consulted, the next thing will be for him to abandon his practice and engage in another job. If a woman determines to take to prostitution, and because of this, she sets her house and adorns herself as is normally done; and throughout a whole month no customer calls, if she lacks customers for months, she will have a change of heart. In the same way, a young man who promises to be intimate with every woman, wherever he goes his request is turned down, and he is abused by women, will be dissuaded by the disgrace he faces, to leave promiscuous life with utter abandonment. If women do not accept the approaches of men, men will warm their seats.


Wherever there is a speaker, there must be somebody to practice. Wherever somebody is practising the word, there must be a speaker. When you say that somebody is very troublesome, it takes two persons, and not one to cause confusion. It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor to do anything whereby thy brother stumbles, or is offended, or is made weak. Meat and fish issue brings offence and confusion to the inhabitants of the world. A great many of the calamities in the world come as a result of eating meat and fish.

Let all the inhabitants of the world thank God, because the Holy Spirit has come at this end of time to lead man to the knowledge of truth. If this type of gospel were delivered in days of old, that people should not eat meat, the preacher would not only be the object of ridicule but would stand the chance of losing his head. But now I am preaching this sermon with boldness because millions of people in the world have already become vegetarians today. Millions are also looking for the way to becoming vegetarians. That is why the Father throws the day wide open for the entire world to enter in and receive eternal life.

When you light candles, burn incense, and accompany your worship music with orchestra in your church, I say stop drumming, go and practice this gospel. If you want power from on high, stop eating meat and fish, stop drinking, fornication and committing other vices. By that you will have power and will see the glory of God. Your eyes will be opened and you will see God face to face. I do not say you will only hear His voice, but that you will see Him physically. You will also swim in the ocean of good health and enjoy enormous wealth. You will express with surprise whether God had been around you all along. Brethren, I do not want to take you further than this; the golden text will now be read. Whether the lesson comes to you as a surprise or whether you are weeping, the fastidiousness of a he-goat does not prevent its sale:

Golden Text: I Corinthians 8: 13:

“Wherefore, if meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my brother to offend”.

Have you heard that! God has blessed the reading of today’s gospel. Even if He did not bless others. I do not quote anything by heart. Every time you argue that Olumba says one thing or the other. Am I the writer? Is it not our Lord Jesus Christ who passed through the mouth of St. Paul to write what is read to you? You should now opt to make the same statement: It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor to do anything whereby my brother stumbles, or is offended, or is made weak. And this is the echo of this statement that if meat makes my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh while the world stands, lest I make my brother to offend. That is a vow which you have all taken today.


What God loves is what man hates and what man loves is what God hates. The native doctors all demand that you should bring a cock or hen. In mourning houses, animals are killed for meat. If every person refrains from eating flesh, there is peace, there will be neither poverty nor lack. Anger will become a thing of the past. The world will enjoy absolute peace. It is for this reason that we have acquired our own land. You will see the Garden of Eden with your naked eyes. On our land, fruits of various kinds will be planted extensively. Pineapples, oranges, paw-paw, pear and all others will be planted. You will go there and eat to your satisfaction. We will not rear any animal for food. Neither goats, nor pigs, nor cows are wanted for food since they are our brothers. The fruits and seeds of the trees and herbs are also our brothers. Since He owns the garden, He has prescribed that we should eat fruits and seeds.


Obedience is better than sacrifice. Why did Adam and Eve fall from the expectation of God? Was it not because of disobedience? It is said, “a child who walks circumspectly will kill what killed his father. A child who is careless, whatever killed his father will kill him also”. You blame Adam for being the cause of any suffering. Are you not also killed by what killed Adam? This explains why at this end of time the Father reintroduces a new commandment by revisiting what had already been given to man, so that it becomes possible for you to enter into the Kingdom of God, as it is not expected that you should perish. This Kingdom had not been established for trees or animals but for human beings who should inherit it.


Coconut, palm kernel, and all kinds of fruits shall be man’s food. In your community, whether it is mainland, or upland part of the country, donate land for the cultivation of fruits. Whether it is in Cross River, Nigeria or in Europe, acquire land to plant fruit trees. You will see the set up of the Garden of Eden with your naked eyes. By the Garden of Eden is meant the cultivation of different species of various kinds of fruits extensively. When they eventually yield their fruits, you can pluck and eat without any problems. You will realise that by that time we will have no difficulty. As we begin to live on the prescription of God, you will witness the gradual unfolding of the glory of God, and a comparatively different atmosphere governing our living. All what you will witness and feel – power, happiness and joy, will not give room for you to be confronted with any difficulty. You have been hearing when we say, that we are staging a go-back to the Garden of Eden. Before, you hear Me speak to you with vigour and power, in BCS, about ninety nine percent are now vegetarians. They no longer have anything to do with flesh. What remains of them is only one hundredth. These are the ones who will complain that what is left for them to do is to stop eating fish.


Your brothers and sisters have turned vegetarians. How many of you still remain eating meat and fish? It remains a little step for you to cross unto the other side and have eternal life. It is worth mentioning that (Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe) is a vegetarian. He does it in a peculiar manner. There are many people who are vegetarians though some do not practice it properly. When you ask them, they will tell you that they are still taking eggs, bread and biscuit and drinking milk. I will tell them that theirs are different.

Brethren, I think that today, being the anniversary of the Association of Brotherhood Academic Students (ABAS), is a very lucky day for all the inhabitants of the world. This is so because I have been treating this subject on the surface. But today, it is elucidative and elaborately declared from the highest heaven; Since God does not wish that we should perish, but that we should have eternal life, that is why He has sent the Holy Spirit to us at this end of time. Many people complain that they are bewitched and seek for powerful oracles to consult. Do not consult any oracle again. It is eating meat and fish which is killing you. The reason you are recalcitrant with God, is that you continue to eat fish and meat. What has darkened your eyes and blocked your ears, is that you are eating meat and fish. From this hour, as you have accepted Him, you have peace. You have seen, you have heard, and the stones are removed from the walls of your heart. You have witnessed the illumination of God.


All the inhabitants of the world have a testimony from today. All those who are in prison, the sick, the barren, and people with various problems, from today, the Father has taken their problems away. Most of your calamities and encumbrances result from eating meat and fish. God has turned His merciful eyes on humanity. He has seen that we are all blind and stupid; and for the reason, sends the Holy Spirit to lead us.

Most especially those who are in the universities. You fry here, roast there, bake and boil your food. Fry no more because that means death unto yourself. If you want to pass your examinations, eat fruits. Wisdom, wealth, power, peace, beauty, good health and long life will be bestowed on you. You have heard that in the past, people lived up to eight or nine hundred years. Why was it possible? It was because they were vegetarians. Today, young people look older than their ages. Some are obsessed. Obesity is a disease resulting from eating of fish and meat. Brethren, I will not be tedious unto you. Read again Genesis 1: 29 as your protective charm. There is no question again concerning this issue. Know now what you have to do.

Genesis I: 29:

“And God said, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which upon the

face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seen; to you it shall be for meat.

Do you have any other question to ask? That is the voice of God. The fruit of any tree is your food. Any herb that bears seed, to you it shall be for food. Now, we are in the new earth. Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS) is neither a prayer house, nor service centre, nor healing home, nor church denomination. It is the Kingdom of God. Since we are back to the Garden of Eden, our food is as was first recommended by God. All fruits and seeds from trees and herbs are our food in this Kingdom. If you eat something else, put yourself in prayer. Since we are in the Garden, that is why we have to be prepared by planting fruit bearing trees and herbs.


Many of those who are partially blind, or do not see their way, if they now begin to practice this gospel by eating fruits alone, their eyes will be opened. Those who are suffering from hypertension will have their blood normalised if they practice this gospel. Many who are certified anaemic, by practising this gospel they will be filled with blood. The blood content of one person can be more than enough to donate to a hundred other people. Those who are left with ten days to one year or so to depart this world to the world beyond, because of their disobedience. By beginning to practice this gospel, thousands of years are added to their days. All those whose faces are wrinkled, legs crooked and they are oldish, by beginning to practice this gospel, they will be rejuvenated and will become handsome young men and beautiful women.

Because of eating fish and meat, we are disconnected from God. Our link to the fountain of living water is cut short from us, thereby rendering us ineffective. From this instant, the pipe is reconnected to that fountain. You can feel the pulse inside you. You will be surprised to see yourself look very young and smart. The swollen cheeks and protruding belly will be no more. When somebody sees you, he will see you as a beautiful young lady.

You will be called beauty, and people will wonder how you come about such good health and beauty. More so, all forms of indiscriminate desires will be taken away from you. All the troubled hearts, exasperation and fighting which have formed part of you will be found no more. You will experience relative bliss and concord. This in effect is the Kingdom we were looking for. the knot that had loosened, which had caused the world to question what has brought about trouble, and leading to some blaming it on women or money or other things, has today been righted. None of these or other imaginable things bring troubles. We have been told not to kill and eat them but to superintend over them. The injunction is for you to eat fruits but you have left that which you were told to do, and have done what you ought not to do. For this reason, there is no life in you.

I will not be tedious unto you. A stroke of the cane is sufficient unto the wise. He who has ears let him hear. May God bless His Holy Words. Amen.

Thank you Good Father.