The Holy Trinity God is One

It is very hard and almost impossible to write on the individual character of the Holy Trinity, (no wonder some religion don’t bother), They are divine and inseparable and therefore are addressed as ALL and ONE; Alpha and Omega, all creation under one ruler-ship of God. Galatians 3:20. When our Lord Jesus Christ, manifested as the Son of God to save mankind, He was also the Father John 14:8-11, and the Holy Spirit.

In this era that the Father Himself arrived, my first meeting and acknowledgement was in the spiritual world; during which He operated and washed my eyes with water, cleanse me from the Glaucoma sickness that I suffered from, for many years, He then introduced Himself as “The Father”. I was only a child, with little or no awareness of BCS let alone the Father. I had no idea of the physical manifestation of a Supernatural Being.
There is only one Father and that is the Almighty God, Matt. 23:9 – “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven”. It was the best thing that could happen to a desperate child who had lost hope. Any spiritual healer could cure almost any sickness, although none can claim to be the Father or have such power and command.

In another spiritual contact with the Holy Father, still as a child and not yet baptised; I was made to ask numerous questions about His deity and His new name, which he did not only explain but made all references from the Holy Bible. He then showed me the marks on His hands and legs. He showed me our Lord Jesus Christ hanging on the cross, with the OOO inscription above his head. These signifies oneness, John 10:30, “I and my Father are one”. He said He did not come to die again.
Later on after my baptism, The Holy Trinity (The Holy Father, The Holy Son and The Holy Spirit,) in another of my spiritual contacts took me, and showed me the world before it was created. It was void and covered with darkness as the Holy Bible described it – Genesis 1: 2. They also revealed to me that they have power, authority and control over the ruler-ship of this world.
The Holy Trinity is worth acknowledging and must be acknowledged, worshipped and honoured by all creations; especially man. Because they (The Holy Trinity) unanimously created man in their likeness – Genesis 1:26-27, Romans 1:20.

The Holy Word, The Divine Love and Eternal Life
These Three (Word, Love and Life) signifies the Holy Trinity God, and has existed before man was made. Out of the spoken word of God was everything created, out of love there exists Life, which is also Light and Everlasting. The Light is the Holy Spirit. There is no creation without the Holy Three. If these Three are one and creation can not do without Them, how can man claim and prove the non-existence of the Holy Trinity God, let alone do without Them? How can man define Word, Love and Life or moreso Godhead, when his knowledge is limited to the things he sees with his physical eyes and touch with his physical hands? -St John 20:25 & 29.

The Holy Word was in the beginning – John 1:1-3, He was the only tool that God needed to create the whole world and all the things therein. “YAK” meaning LET became the first manifestation of word in action, the creating tool and the power of invention – Hebrews 4:12. Hence all things are done with the power of the word, be it spiritually, mentally or physically, directly or indirectly. If word is God, then all creations are God – Rev 1:16. Word is a two-edged sword; on one side, it is a consuming fire and on the other, peace and tranquillity.
Note that all creation is god BUT all creation is not the Father. The Holy Spirit and the Holy Son are one with the Holy Father. They formed the Godhead or the Holy Trinity “The Everlasting Entity”. Those who love, honour and obey Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Son and the King of Kings; are one with the Father also – John 14:6-7, 17:25-26. The Holy Spirit who is also the silence listener and the positive director; has always been, but at this end of time has been personified as Christ promised. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are one whether addressed as He or She. One must not try to separate them in any way through thoughts, acts or deeds; what ever is bound by the Father, Son or Holy Spirit is bound by the Trinity God. What ever is blessed by the Father, Son or the Holy Spirit is blessed by the Holy Trinity automatically. It is a serious offence, sin and indeed an insult to think that the Holy Son – His Holiness the King of Kings and the Holy Spirit – Her Holiness the Holy Queen Mother does not know anything or worst still that they act on carnal advice or suggestions.

The Father repeatedly said that the ruler-ship of the whole universe has been handed over to the King of Kings. If an ordinary King should know every thing about his kingdom, how much more the King of kings and Lord of Lords who existed before creation and who made man in His own image. That is why the Holy Bible – John 4:24, confirmed that God is Spirit, and those that worship him MUST worship Him in Spirit and in truth. If you do not know the Holy Trinity God in Spirit; then you do not know them at all, even if you claim to be the right hand man; live with Them for many years or all your life; dinned or lied to Them and believed that you have got away with it; the wisdom of the Trinity God is Divine: beyond human imagination and comprehension.

God is love – 1st John 4:8, man was made out of Love by the Holy Trinity God, hence he was made in the likeness of God and limited power was also given i.e. to have dominion over the fishes in the sea and NOT the sea, over birds of the air and NOT the air. Man has totally gone beyond his boundaries (sea and air pollution, deliberate poisoning, animal slavery and murder, to mention a few). God designed that man should cater for all animals, birds, fishes and all other living things; and that the fruits and the herbs should be used as food Genesis 1:29-30, for man, animals, all creeping things and birds. As a leader of other creations, man derailed and falls out of his glory by using animals as food without mercy. Every living being have lives of their own, and are fully aware of their mission.

Vegetable’s Assignment
While I am writing these revelation; I met spiritually with vegetables, who were waiting to be washed, chopped and cooked as food, and others were to be dispatched and disposed off. I was also given some as my share to cook. But I was reluctant and worried about the treatment these vegetables were receiving in the hands of man. But to my amazement they appeared cheerful and normal; then I saw the king of the vegetable move close and I asked if he was aware of his fate in the hands of men. He answered yes. I told him that I was surprised at their bravery because when ever any animal, fish or bird is to be killed or slaughtered they are always very scared, or tried to run or fight back, but they were different; I then asked again if he was afraid to die. The response left me speechless.
The king of the vegetables told me with confidence that they were not afraid to die; because for that purpose were they created; that the animals, fishes and birds etc are afraid to die because they were not created for that purpose; no wonder brave animals like lions fight back, and also copy the bad example of eating fellow animals. Man has completely fallen from his first love, by disobeying, fighting, and insulting His maker. Man suffered a great deal but for the sake of the first love of the Holy Trinity God to man – John 10: 11 &17-1. Our Lord Jesus Christ willingly agreed, to come and save man by carrying all the sins of the world, and nailed them to the cross; thereby giving man a chance to reconcile with His Creator IF he confesses and repent of his sins. And accept baptism of the Holy Spirit and practice total perfection of goodness. Man must now hearken to this and return to his first love or remain in captivity ready to face the consequences; the work of grace finished on the cross of Calvary.

Freedom for Animals
I was mandated by the Holy Spirit to reproduce the everlasting gospel of the Holy Father titled ” Concept of Vegetarianism”. “The Mathematics of Good Friday” and “Mercy”, and add graphics and colours to it to attract easy reading. The aim was to distribute to the four corners of the world especially those that still eat animals including fish, those who still preach that our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on Friday and those who are seeking salvation by posting, distributing and publishing it on the internet web site for all to be aware.
I work tirelessly and happily day and night to achieve the objective and deadline. I started with vegetarianism. On the night I finished it I had inner satisfaction, and sincerely thankful to the owner of all wisdom and power; The Trinity God. I napped off on the chair and took off spiritually; I find myself on a lonely narrow part that leads to a farm. There I saw all different species of domestic animals eating grass and being cared for by men. There was no threat to their life, these animals were out of bondage of men, and were very happy to see me, I greeted them peace and they smiled in return and hand shake and said “peace of God” in their language which I did understood clearly. I became afraid when they all gathered around me kissing my hands, touching, stroking and parting me at the same time but the man who cared for them told me that they all love me very much and that they also appreciate my effort in contributing for their freedom. I was disconnected.

Animals submit to instructions of Man
Some years ago while in school, a snake went into the girls hostel during my absence. On my return, I instantly smell it’s presence, as I opened the door. It was dark, and every one was in bed. I told them that there was a snake in the room. The response was normal, they were up and running before asking how I knew; I told them I perceived the smell. I was asked again if I had perceived it in the past; I said “never” and realised instantly that it was my first time. I was about to be accused of making practical jokes and lying. But I knew that there was indeed a snake in the room. A lantern and touch light was brought in to search the room, but the snake was not found. I then asked every one to give me a chance to prove the truth. I then asked the snake to come out from its hiding that no one was going to hurt her, and that by now she must have realised that this is not her home. Within seconds of this statement; a big long black cobra crawl sluggishly out, through the back door, which I opened for her. I became the topic of every discussion for a while.
I had no idea or a second thought, why I experienced what I did.

Love is Man.
Our Lord Jesus Christ is love; life without love is either empty, lifeless or full of mistakes and regrets, nightmares, fears, uncertainties, disappointments, greed and difficulties. Love is the bond between God and man and between man and other creations; the growing parts of all creation towards the Creator and is made manifest through the exemplary life of the Holy Son of God. Love was born out of word and life was made manifest through love – John 10: 27-30. Yet everything that exist in the world today, existed in the spiritual world long before the Holy Word (God) made them into manifestation for the physical eyes – Romans 1:20, a sort of “copy and paste”. All things come from the spiritual world and return back to the spiritual world after its duration. Man, animals, fishes, trees and all creation are strangers or mere visitors on the earth plane. That is why they are temporary because they all have to return at the end of their services. The way of life while on earth determines the next level of elevation or demotion. Any man who claim ownership of land, water, children, wife, husband etc is a thief, liar and a disobedient child and will be judged. Man was only mandated to rule with limitations, and not to own, claim or reap from where he did not sow. The Holy Trinity God owns and rules the four corners of the world; Heaven, Earth, Ocean and the Hades – Rev 5:13, Colossians 2:9-10. The Holy Bible revealed that our Lord Jesus Christ rules in Heaven Rev 7:12. He fought and conquered His opposers; devil and his angels and they were all dropped to the earth and to the sea. Our Lord Jesus Christ came on earth and conquered through his priceless blood, and through death he went to the Hades and conquered. The spirit of the Patriachs (Holy Ghost) were released, and Satan was arrested and chained.

All spirits knows and honour the new name of God
In another of my spiritual world revelations, dressed in white with a white veil, I happened to represent the earth in a universal meeting held under the ocean. I chaired the meeting. There was total silence and great reverence at the mention of the greatest name of all – Leader Olumba Olumba Obu by the Queen of Atlantic Ocean.
Q: How is Leader Olumba Olumba Obu doing on earth?
A: He is doing very well, thank you.
Q: How have the people of the earth received Him?
A: they still need more time; they will receive Him soon or —-
Q: you know that Leader Olumba was first with us?
A: yea.
Comment by a mermaid: we know Him well.

I was disconnected. These spiritual interrogations confirmed what is already in Genesis 1:2 “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”
God is honoured on earth

On August 8, 1998 the day of the great march, to mark the movement from 8 Eton Street to 26 Mbukpa Street, and the day BCS members put on their Royal Robe “Soutane” for the very first time August 8, 1958. It was also revealed that our Lord Jesus Christ was baptised and revealed as the Son of God on August 8. Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Flag was revealed, unveiled and raised on the same date, 8 August 1998. (Rev 7:9-10) the flag is of two colours, white background and three dotted O. The white represents, righteousness, peace and purity. The red stands for love, word and life. There was great joy among the true children and angels of God.

The night that followed – August 9, 1998, I witnessed in the spiritual world the King of Kings in His Highest throne dressed in a Red sparkling Garment with many Crowns and powers; and many angels, visible and invisible in millions behind Him. There was total silence and reverence on earth. All the inhabitants and angels of this earth plane knelt and bowed their heads before His Holiness, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords Olumba Olumba Obu. I saw the flag otherwise known as the universal Flag; came out of Him who sat on the throne and the invisible angels picked the Flag before it reached the ground. I saw the King turned His face and I could see a radiant beam on the most handsome face, the Holy Son of God. The flag that was caught by the angels is a priceless treasure. I was satisfied that my Love (God) is glorified and honoured on earth as He is in heaven, and all other planes of manifest.

The King of Kings is the love, who came down as our Lord Jesus Christ and made love perfect by demonstrating the highest and greatest level of love, John 15:13. A shameful, slow and painful death on the cross of Calvary for the very man he made and also came to save. He knew the ignorance of man, and His mission, and so he begged the Father to forgive man for they knew not what they were doing. Ignorance or pretence has always been man’s sickness, yet the inability to listen, reason, understand and learn from previous experience proved even more deadly. Man must regret and apologise and be cleansed through baptism of the Holy Spirit before he could return to his creator and become one with Him. Mark 16:16, Matt 3:11

Our Lord Jesus Christ the love came, and love was made perfect through His precious blood on the cross. He then returned to the Father, but before He left seeing the sadness in the heart of His disciples,
He made three promises:
1. Our Lord Jesus Christ testified about the truth; and promised the coming of the spirit of truth, who will speak of Him and also guide man to the truth and reveal things which has never been revealed by him or anyone. John 16:13-14. This Spirit of Truth is the Holy Father and the Perfect Man as St Paul described in 1st Corinthians 13:10 & 12, “But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away” 12.”For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known”.
2. That He was going to prepare a place for them after that he will return again NOT from the sky and he will received them unto himself and they will be with him, and go with him where ever he goes – John 14: 3-4. An angel confirmed his return just after His ascencion, that he will return in like manner, NOT crash-landing – Act.1: 11.
3. John 14: 26 “But the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things and bring all things to remembrance, what so ever I have said unto you”. He, the promised Comforter who is the Holy Spirit (female) whom the Father will send in his name (the female is merged into the Father). John 16:7-8.
The promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ confirm the manifestation and reign of the Holy Trinity God and His Christ, Rev 7-12-17.

Life came about as an outcome of love, John10: 10. “The thief cometh not but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”. John 1:4 “In him was life; and the life was the light of men.” Life or light is the Holy Spirit which darkness cannot comprehend. With the presence of the Holy Spirit there is nothing secret under the sun from one man to another.
Life, (Holy Spirit) to man is the most wonderful gift of all, but why can man not value and treasure it? Is it because life is not priced and bought with man made money? Or man is used to learning from personal experience? Which often times is too late, or does man believe in evidence or live a life of uncertainty? Whatever the case, blessing could be likened to single or a relay race, but salvation is purely an individual race.
If you abuse word and ignore love, life could help to build back word and love; but if you abuse and ignore life then there is no hope of a second chance because life cannot be duplicated; and so is the Holy spirit if you abuse Her, Matt. 12:31-32. But the Father Son and the Holy Spirit are one.

Omnipotent: All-powerful and authoritative, Olumba
Omnipresent: All over at the same time, Olumba
Omniscient: All Knowledgeable and wise, Obu

OOO is the three profound identification of the Holy Trinity. One can not exist without the other. But from the time that Adam ate the forbidden fruit man started from that moment to claim equality with God, “O” Omniscience. Genesis 3:7. The punishment that followed was severe and still is. Man became an outcast, only hanging on a thread of rope waiting to be rescued or disposed of. Man went forth and claimed Omnipotence from the moment Cain rose up against his brother Abel, and killed him Genesis 4:8 “And Cain talk with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him”. Another heap of punishment on man by his maker followed in Genesis 4:12; this particular sin by Cain brought divisions, created boundaries and gave way to enmity among men; as a result, fear, insecurity and lack of trust was born among man. This is totally the knowledge and the power of man, which is still prevalent today. Romans 1:21-23. The scientist for example, are using their entire fake and unrealistic knowledge to undo the punishment of man caused obviously as a result of mans claims. The result is more devastation, titled: “the after effect”, and these they always try to cover up.

Unthinkable attempt
To be Omnipresent has proved unthinkable, and to attempt is like a fish trying to climb an Iroko tree. It is a mission impossible to man. As the head of a man is above his neck and body, so is the wisdom, power and the supremacy of the Trinity God above man and angel, and so shall it be. Amen.

Thank you my Good Father

Signed: Emem-Ette.

And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away“. (Rev 21:3-4)