1st Lesson :John 16:7
‘Nevertheless I tell you the truth: It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away the Comforter will not come unto you: but if I depart, I will send him to you’.

2nd Lesson :John 12:24
‘Verily, verily, I say, unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruits’.

Golden Text: John 14:18
‘I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.’
Except a corn of wheat falls into the ground and die, it remains alone, but when it dies, it brings forth many fruits
Brethren, I have tried to restrain myself from giving you this revelation. I had wanted to give you rather slight revelations, but I cannot say why the Spirit persists that I should give this revelation, because it is not only a real mystery but also a deep and recondite wisdom of God. I believe that if there is anything that people should petition about and spend their money in order to destroy, it is death.

Many people have asked why God had established the invisible institution of death, that it should be abolished completely. This question has disturbed many minds as the people complain that death has wrought trouble upon the surface of the earth, that it is the greatest evil and so they conclude that it is a very bad thing.
People have joined so many secret societies with the hope that death should be abolished but nonetheless death has continued in its work. Different types of prayers have been offered and various actions have been taken to abolish death and rip it in the bud but it has actively continued in its work. Some people continue to agitate their minds about the death institution because the moment you think of it, you become flabbergasted for fear of it.

The wisdom of God passes all understanding. Man is always confounded by the wisdom of God. I had earlier revealed to you about the first ‘Adam’ who died and rose up again. You have been told that God caused Him to fall into a deep sleep. That deep sleep symbolises death. And He had died before He resurrected. This is so because except you plant the seed of corn and yam tuber into the ground and they die no new tuber will be duly reproduced.

If a person is not dead how could somebody be born into the world? You have lived in the world for a long time and one of your hands or legs have become paralysed, all your teeth have gone out, you will not be born again since you are still in the flesh. Why is it that you are ignorant about this issue? Know now that when somebody dies, in his rebirth, he will not come back alone. As you plant a yam tuber and until it dies it will remain alone but when it dies it produces as many as five new tubers. The same thing happens when a man dies. You and God who should be considered a foolish person?

When you are on earth in the flesh you answer only one name Okon. But when you die and resurrect again you will not come back as Okon alone but also as Asuquo, Etim, Kanu, Ikwo, Matthew, Kayode, Peter, and Sani, as many as possible. Reason with me, God created only one man, that one man doubled into two and from these two persons, the world has now witnessed an explosive population. Since the creation of Adam and Eve, have you heard that God has made another person? When you plant one tuber of yam in the ground and water it carefully, if it does not die completely, but still lives, it cannot germinate and will not bring forth any shoots. But when it dies completely and farmers take the dead tuber away, then will it reproduce itself into three or four big yam tubers; so is it with man. It is only after death of one man that many others can follow. Believe fervently that if a man does not die, no person will be born again into the world. As long as you live here in the flesh you will only remain alone but when you die you resurrect, in multiples. You will also remember that when Our Lord Jesus Christ was here in His last advent, when He was in the flesh, He was only seen wherever He went to. When He was at Jericho, the people there saw He, when He went up to Jerusalem, He was seen there. He was always seen as a single individual because He came in the flesh but when He died the condition changed. But before He died He had said it is expedient for you that I go away, for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you. When He died and resurrected, He appeared in multi-forms. He appeared everywhere at the same time and many people attested to the fact that He was seen in several places at the same time.

We should have the wisdom that Christ absence means He has come as multiple identical individuals. There is, therefore, the multiplication of ‘Jesus’ ever since His resurrection. You should no longer pray that until He comes back again, it is not meant that you should maintain and stand that He abides alone. The only condition He gave was that if He did not go away the Comforter would not come and if He did not die He would not be reborn unto them. Tell me the truth, if He did not die, do you think He would have resurrected? What crime did the Jews commit against Him? What sins did Judas Iscariot commit? What sin has God Himself committed in the matter relating to His death? Should it not be expedient for us to be joyful? Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself had said to His disciples ‘if you loved me you would rejoice because I go unto the Father for the Father is greater than I’. No person seems to understand that statement. We should be happy because if you do not depart you will not return. Sometimes you are poor, sometimes your hairs have turned grey and one of your legs amputated and if you do not depart with these deformities, you cannot come back as a very healthy man with all the parts complete as a handsome man or beautiful lady.

Most of you now lament, regret and complain that if you were still young or if you had the time to continue to serve God or if time were to be extended further for you to become a student, you would not have married. And I ask you if you do not die how can these wishes materialise. Many of us have lost our teeth, and we are blind, others are variously incapacitated with disabilities, but if you do not die how will you be born, if you are not born how will you have a chance to enjoy this kingdom of God.
Some of you argue that if your fathers or grand fathers, were still alive till today they would have seen God face to face; who tells you that they are not living? It was because of this glory that they died, that they may enjoy the kingdom. If you watch carefully, you will soon discover that most of us are now very old and incapacitated. You are unable to run more gingerly with some prowess, as you should have done. We have gradually leaned up and emaciated, blood, water and other bodily ingredients have become completely exhausted. With such a condition, how can you jump and take part in all the physical movements which we are always engaged in here. Have you the ability to participate in these activities?

Some of us here, when we were young, rendered melodious songs like a nightingale but today we only crow. So brethren, observe how God is good. If you do not die you will not be able to resurrect and live an entirely new life. As you wish you were an infant, you cannot fulfil your wish unless this body dies yielding the place to a new body in multiple forms. With such a multiplicity, you will enjoy the kingdom, you will not only feel light but will also see clearly and feel satisfied with yourself, and your request for eternal life will promptly be granted.

But I tell you that you do not go anywhere. Examine the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ, ‘I will not leave you comfortless, I will come back to you’. The emphasis is not in the future but the present because to die is to be reborn. The day you die is the day you are born. Have you never heard of people who attest that they had seen one who was dead here and there and yonder? I tell you most of the people you argue were dead, some of them are in Lagos, some in Port Harcourt and some in India and others in Russia physically and travel to several places, buying and selling, cultivating the land. You know that most of them also are engaged in their businesses. Are you not aware of this, but you rather say when a man is dead, he is dead and gone forever and that when a man dies, he will go into Hades. Where is the Hades? Where is the apparition, where is the grave itself?
Even the person you presume dead, is with you physically, because immediately he dies, he also resurrects and accompanies you to the cemetery, where you drum, he drums with you. This does not happen in a dream because immediately a person dies he rises up again. He walks with his native attire – cloth and shirt and hat and walking stick, or with European suit, going about his own business physically.

It is rather an ill luck for a person to die and resurrects physically again. It means he is still in the flesh, the same parts of the body are still found with him, his legs are still with him even though he cannot bite, his ears are also there though he cannot hear again. It is even bad with him because he comes back in the flesh. It may happen that he is driven back and he returns in the flesh, this is ill luck. I usually over hear some people expressing joy that God has preserved their lives, because some people died before the New Year’s day. And most others cannot get up because of illness and that they are not like those who die, but I tell you, those who die are better of than yourselves because they are regenerated. All his sicknesses, his poverty and wretchedness, tribulations and afflictions, and his problems and difficulties are all taken away and solved. He thus, becomes a new creature in multiple, though in identical forms. But you are still living in the flesh with all other encumbrances. Can you not realise that the dead person is better of than you are?
Upon all the projections into the various planes of creation, undertaken by people, one thing is sure and that is except you die, you cannot be born again. For as long as you are in the flesh, you are still human and cannot resurrect. In as long as you are in the flesh you abide alone and you cannot do anything, but when you die, you resurrect immediately. As soon as somebody is dead he is reborn. Do not weep and wail because he is around, still conducting his business without hindrance, he is more handsome and wiser than you are.

Do you know that there are many persons who live in the world and you cannot recognise or identify them? But I will not want to reveal that secret to you. There are many people here who will never die because they have already resurrected, being the children of resurrection. But they are moving about, living in houses, work in the offices, some are independent people, they are numerous in the world and you always regard them as ordinary human beings.
As at now Our Lord Jesus Christ is in your home, He is inside your body, He is inside water physically, spiritually, and otherwise, if He had not died how would it have been possible for Him to resurrect. The second lesson has told you that except a corn of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone but if it dies, it brings forth many fruits. Is that statement not an eye opener to you?

When you pray to God to take away evil and to wipe off from you anything evil, how will He do it when you have injected drugs and black power into your body? You have drank certain compound and preparations of concoction and you have so defiled your body that your body is useless. If you are not dead, how will you be regenerated, how will you have a new life and receive the desires of your heart when you have absolutely defiled and adulterated the body. Paul says in the flesh I am a servant to sin and in my spirit I am a servant to Christ. For the good that I would I do not, but the evil which I would not that I do. Now if I do that I would not it is no more I that do it, but the sin that dwells in my flesh.
Do you not know that this mortal body is filled with sin, the body is, therefore, corruptible, if you are not dead you cannot be born a new and if you are not regenerated, you cannot achieve the target of your heart desires. You have eyes but cannot perceive, you have ears, but cannot hear, and you cannot conceive with your heart.

You always plead that God should destroy death but year in year out you are still planting yams, maize, why do you continue to plant these crops? Why do you not keep them aside in the house if you will have yams and maize next year? I am compelled to believe that when the church was not established and the words of God preached and the Europeans did not come to evangelise you, your grand fathers had better understanding of this mystery than you have today. Because all of us here in the family will say you were one thing or the other in your previous generation, you are quite aware of this. If you had not died how would you have been regenerated into new life. You can also remember the article published in one of the daily newspapers of a child who died and came back to life after some years and told a certain man that she was his daughter. The man said he was not his daughter, to convince them, she told the father ‘Let us go to see the grave in which she was buried’ if she did not die, would it have been possible for her to be born again. This event took place few years ago, if she did not die, how would it have been possible for her to be born again. She showed her grave to her father and others. But till today, you still argue that people who die are still in the Hades. Where is the Hades? Go there and see.

The commission by God for man to go and multiply and replenish the earth means that to be born is death and to die is to be born. When you die, you are regenerated and when you are born you are dead. This is just the way the population of the world has increased by geometrical progression. It is the single and best method of man multiplying until God achieves His target. No matter how much you pray that God should take away death, it is a waste of mental exercise because you have defiled yourself completely with fornication, snuff and cigarette. When you take drugs and concoctions and inject black powder into your body, how will God do His work? You have to die before a new life in multiples comes. No person, except the Father, is responsible for this. Therefore, whoever is born is indebted to death and whoever is death is indebted to a new birth.
Do not plead that you should not reincarnate again because it is now too late. When you die, you reincarnate not as a single individual but as many persons. It is equally too late for you to pray God that you should not die, if you are not dead how will you be regenerated? If you are not born how will you die? This is the strategy adopted by God to cause the multiplication of people in the world. This process of life is the work of God. No matter what you pray for, light candle and burn incense and call the name Jesus or Jehovah, you will not succeed in destroying death now. You should not continue to bother yourself about this concept of death only let the will of God be done.

Examine these two statements made by people ‘until the end of the world’ and ‘world without end’ when a man is dead; people usually think that he should be given that last honour. You are not aware that he has reincarnated like a baby and adult or an old man with his different dresses; this means then that there is no end of the of the world. You thought this would be the end of this world, because the world has no end. It is world without end.
It is foolishness to feel that you are going to give the dead man the last honour, because if he had lived he would have enjoyed the fruits of his labour. His death means that he is being regenerated and has the time to enjoy his children. I am merely illustrating this lesson with the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ because what happens now is exactly what happened to Him. He was the first fruit of the Father and it was written about Him. It has not been about you. Since He is the Captain, commanding the Army, He is always used as an example to the world, for whatever happens.

When the Israelites were delivered from the land of bondage, the male adults were 600,000 but do not forget that in any population the women and children always out number the men population. But among those who left Egypt only two reached Canaan. The question is when the people had successfully settled at Canaan, was the population not greater than when they left Egypt?
Have you not heard that because of the sin of fornication 23,000 persons died in a day in the wilderness? For tempting God, many thousands also died, for murmuring against God, many thousands also died. Where did they die? Yet they were heading to the Promised Land. Would you argue that there was no land? In spite of the fact that so many thousand died in the desert, yet Canaan was densely populated. For one person to die, thousands of persons will be regenerated from the single death. Why then should you argue that a certain thing or event is bad, what is evil in it? Instead of your being grateful to God for making resurrection possible with mankind.

We have the reason to be joyful because the wisdom of God passes all understanding. A man lives to his old age, though there is nothing wrong with him, but he cannot see, he has lost his sight, he has lost his teeth, he cannot speak, or think or walk about because as you came into the world so will you return. If you do not go what are you doing on earth? When you have old parents or grand parents at home what can they do again, you have to do everything for them, fetch water and fire wood for them. They remain where they are and pass faeces and urine. If you have to shoulder such responsibilities, what is the use of their continuing live?
And so brethren, I do not wish to overload you, our first lesson will now be read. Listen attentively because the year 1983 is a wonderful year in which the wax will be removed from your ears and the planks from your eyes. The scales will fall from your eyes and you will see your way through, the words of today will dwell richly in your hearts.

1st Lesson John: 16:7
‘Nevertheless I tell you the truth: It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away the Comforter will not come unto you: but if I depart, I will send him to you’.

You are all aware that Our Lord Jesus Christ spoke in parables for without parables will he not speak. What is read to you is a parable and I am revealing this to you, today. Have you not heard what He says that ‘If I go not away’ that is to say if I do not die, I will not be regenerated and will not come back, but if I die I will come back regenerated. He said it is expedient for you that I die so that I can come back to be with you. You should be joyful, but if I do not die and as long as I continue to live, I shall remain alone, and you will not enjoy the full benefit of my life.
That was why they could not receive the Holy Spirit, because He was alone in the flesh. Since He was not dead, what would have been the benefit if He had continued to live? If Our Lord Jesus Christ were to live till today He would have been still in flesh and He would not have been profitable or beneficial to any person. The world would have perished.

If you do not die, your illness and pains will continue to ache and torture you, and you will ever apply scientific medication and indulge in the preparations of concoction, go for medical check up, and X-ray, consult oracles and inject black powder into your body. For how long will you continue to suffer? But when you die you rot and are dried up for a short eclipse and then come back in your new birth as a handsome small boy or beautiful little girl and enjoy the condition of the kingdom of God. When you are regenerated, you come in multiples.

This explains why when he resurrected, no person, even Mary, could identify Him. The disciples saw Him but could not identify Him; He was now a young man who could not be recognised. When it was morning, Our Lord Jesus stood on the shore but the disciples knew not that it was Him. He said to His disciples, children have you any meat? And they answered in the negative. The disciples were solely afraid for they thought He was an apparition. But He told them fear not, come and touch Me, I am He, for the Spirit has neither bone nor flesh. Come and touch me for I am a human being as you are. To convince them that He was the one, He asked them ‘give me fish to eat’.
While the Spirit is very strong, the flesh is comparatively very weak. Even as you are sitting in here, your flesh is weak unto death because if you do not resurrect, you cannot listen and hear this gospel not to talk about assimilating it. Because it seems to you as in the dream. It is not uncommon to listen to people who claim they have seen apparition. If some one dies now and after sometime when prayers are offered to God he resurrects, every person present will run helter-skelter for fear. How much more somebody who had resurrected and was appearing everywhere, if he appeared to you, would you not have been stricken with fear and you would have taken to your heels.

However, whether you believe or not, it is certain that they are in your midst buying and selling, they are in your offices, and workshops, they are in your homes; they are building everywhere in the mainland part of the state, in Lagos, in Kano, in Britain and in Cameroon. I can assure you that all those you presumed dead are all here with us. All of them are on earth carrying out their lawful occupations. If they appear before you, you will play host to them, eat with them and sleep with them. What are you going to do? Believe it or not there is no death. Sometimes you report to others that when you went to Lagos you saw somebody who wears the same resemblance as the man you knew in your town. He is the person but since your thinking is that when somebody dies he returns to the Hades, you are still ignorant. He is the man you assume to have known before.

If we had believed that to die is to resurrect, and if one does not die he cannot resurrect, we would have diligently and devotedly engaged ourselves in well doing. And do that, which is good unto ourselves, so that when we return we enjoy the fruits of our labour because all these things belong to us forever, we shall not die.
As a result of our foolishness or ignorance or without the wisdom of the truth we shout and wail when somebody dies in spite of his wealth. For that reason you are given to extravagant living because you erroneously console yourself that upon all your wealth you should always eat sumptuously while you are yet living. So that when you die you may not lose so much, and for that reason also, you begin to cause trouble and confusion for yourself and others. I tell you that you are not going anywhere. You may be unfortunate to be born into the same house you wanted to ruin by your extravagance, and the responsibility for defraying the indebtedness you incurred is upon yourself.
You should realise that most of our problems emanate from uneasiness and you become fed up and frustrated in life. If you were born into the family with silver spoon in the mouth, where everything has been ship shapely arranged, leaving behind for you a good legacy and heritage, you would not have worried yourself, neither would you pray that death should take your life.

Since the Father insists on perfection, if a yam tuber is partially destroyed by beetles, and is not wanted, instead a smooth one without any defect is wanted; that tuber would be planted and manure added; So that when it is regenerated, it would bring forth better tubers even more. If, therefore, you insist on such yam tubers, you have to continue replanting and enriching the soil nutrients. This is exactly what God does to human beings. He must always cause them to come and return several times, multiplying during the process until He gets the quality and quantity He requires.

What do you suppose is the meaning of the statement by Our Lord Jesus Christ when he said “But those who shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry nor are given in marriage”. Who do you think these are? They are the children of resurrection. They have resurrected physically and they neither marry nor are given in marriage because they will never die again. If it happens otherwise then, they cannot be. For even if you decide now that you will not marry, it is only a waste of time and you will be living in a fool’s paradise. It is only when you die and be regenerated that you become a child of resurrection. That New World, the kingdom of God belongs to the children of the resurrection because they have no feelings, or desires, or urges or appetite for sex or any other thing because they are like angels.

It is said meats for the belly and the belly for meats but God will destroy both it and them. The body is not for fornication, but for the Lord and the Lord for the body. But now fornication is the order of the day and it has so defiled the body, the temple of the Most High God, that the body is good for nothing. Now that you pray that death should go very far from you, if it goes, will you ever enjoy this kingdom? If Our Lord Jesus Christ did not die, do you think He would have enjoyed this kingdom? It is said flesh and blood cannot inherit this kingdom. But now you have been enjoined to kill and mortify it. Unless you mortify the flesh, you cannot be regenerated in the Spirit. That is why it is said when you refrain from fornication, falsehood, theft, exasperation and acts of sin, you have mortify the flesh, it means you have mortified the body and you will resurrect in the Spirit, and you will be seen lavishly. That is why Our Lord Jesus Christ says we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed within a twinkle of an eye. Do not doubt these words because not all of you will sleep, some of you will not taste of death for, if you mortify your flesh yielding place to the Spirit and when the Spirit enters into you and gains control over the body.

The doctrine delivered to you is meant to help you kill the flesh on the cross with its lusts and affections so that you are regenerated in the Spirit. As the body deteriorates, it means the internal life within you is waxing strong and healthy. As people complain about your health why you have so emaciated, why you have grown lean, whether it is because you no longer eat fish and meat. But in your Spirit, you are seen developing and waxing very strong as a new man. The dry fasting we undertake is likened to somebody dying, because during the period you do not eat, drink, wash, should not urinate and pass faeces, you do not wash or brush your teeth. It is equivalent to somebody gradually pegging away. It is death. It is only when the body dies that you can be in Spirit. When you begin to eat gluttonously, you die in the Spirit and the flesh begins to show that he is the monarch of all surveys.
If you are not in the Spirit, you must be in the flesh, if you are not in the flesh, you must be in spirit. Do not be afraid of anything because all what Our Lord Jesus Christ said, have now been made manifest. Our second lesson will now be read.

2nd Lesson: John 12:24
‘Verily, verily, I say, unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruits’.

Brethren, have you heard what is read to you? When Our Lord Jesus Christ was in the flesh, He was not seen everywhere, He was only seen at a particular place at a particular time. That was why when the disciples told Him, ‘increase our faith’ and He told them that He had not yet eaten and He had eaten enough then would they eat. That He was not yet glorified and when He is glorified then will the disciples be glorified. In as long as you are in the flesh, you can do nothing unless the body dies and yields its place unto spirit before you will be able to do good. If He is not dead, He cannot resurrect, if He does not resurrect He cannot assume that glory. Can you not realise that He is God, He is the truth and His wisdom passes all understanding, His wisdom has confounded the wise men of this world?

If you like believe, but if not, you need not be concerned again, for Our Lord Jesus Christ is the example of life to the whole world. He is the mediator between God and man. He is the Author and propagator of our faith. He is very typical example to the whole universe. He is a shinning example to angels and to all spirits. He was speaking about Himself when He said it is expedient for you that I go away, for if I go not away the Comforter will not come.
Do you remember that when He resurrected, His appearance was seen at several places in some places about 500 people saw Him, He was seen in the church, along the street, at the market square, He was lavishly seen everywhere, because He was a spirit. What I tell you is not connected with magic nor is it projection nor is it offering prayer but one thing is certain and that is if you do not die you cannot be regenerated. If He had not died He would not have resurrected, and no person would have seen Him and He would not have regenerated in multiples.

Since then Our Lord Jesus Christ has not gone anywhere. He is found everywhere otherwise the work of God would not have continued. His name is being called in your house, outside the home and everywhere else; people call upon His name freely and He is doing His work. But people erroneously continue to wait for His arrival praying always until Jesus comes back again. Did He tell you, He would go some where else. He has always been here with man because immediately He died He resurrected with a host.
Why Our Lord Jesus Christ is seen and found everywhere is that he has now come back as a Spirit. If God likes to open your eyes, you will see Him face to face everyday, wherever you are. As you see Him so do others see him at other places physically, spiritually and otherwise. It is not only in spirit that you can see Him, but you can always see Him physically. Down at 8 Eton Street, Calabar in Nigeria at the early beginning of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Sister Glover had a revelation in which she saw Our Lord Jesus Christ and the twelve disciples physically, and not in the dream.

You foolish and ignorant man who argues that there is no resurrection, was the yam tuber you planted in your farm the one you harvested. You can split one yam tuber into four parts and plant them in the ground. Before they germinate and grow into new bodies the parts you buried must actually die before the shoots grow into yams. During harvest you will not dig up half yam but whole yam tubers. Each of the split yam tubers can produce sometimes three to four whole yams. The same process applies in resurrection. He died as a single person, but He resurrected as a multiplicity of the ‘Christ’ and until this day, He is still with us, He does not die again, though people ignorantly pray that until He comes. He can come in various forms, He can come as woman, He can come as a young man, and you can see Him as a white man physically. He can appear to you and serve you as an old woman because He can take any form.
Sometimes while walking along the street you lament about who should assist you, and Our Lord Jesus Christ, appears immediately before your minds eyes and ask you where you come from and where you are going to. Thereafter He will escort you to your destination. That same Jesus Christ our Lord does it. Do not forget that at the time He is solving your problem and simultaneously another person in India has a problem. Another person in Britain has difficulties and another person is sick or hungry in Ghana, since He is now in multiple forms and since He is like thunder booming in all parts of the world, He is ever present to solve peoples’ problems He is neither discriminatory nor forgetful.

Now He is both in the Spirit and in flesh. When He was in the flesh, when He did not die and resurrect, He was alone and what should have brought Him to Africa. If He came to Africa, Europe would not see Him and if He were in America, the Asians would not have seen Him. But now He appears lavishly and is seen everywhere. What is evil about dying as a single individual but regenerated in large numbers? If you love particular specie of yam and you buy it in order to plant in and subsequently have the specie among your varieties of yam. When you buy it, you will not eat it but will want to preserve the specie by planting it. The single tuber can multiply to twenty, when you replant the twenty you may get 100 yams and you continue to plant until you have a whole barn of same specie of yams.
Those who continue to argue that Our Lord Jesus Christ has not resurrected, have they not heard what He has said. All those who argue that He will not come back again; do they read that passage? His return means coming, in the same token, your departure means your coming back, your coming means your departure. Did He not show His disciples how He would go to Jerusalem and suffer many things of the Elders and chief priests and scribes and be killed. Peter almost immediately rebuked Him and said far be it from you Lord that this shall not be unto you. But He told them that the third day He would be raised again. Resurrection is therefore, for all and sundry who believe in Him.

What is love? Love is God. Love is something, which is unchangeable and does not fluctuate. Everything will pass away but love will not pass away forever. What is faith? Faith is the ‘Christ’ which invariably is the Word of God. The Word of God you receive is faith, if you believe in the gospel you receive, it is the ‘Christ’. What is hope? Hope is the resurrection. All those who have hope in the resurrection have no problems, because they know that except a corn of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone, but if it dies it brings forth many fruits. The children of the Resurrection are always happy in the resurrection, they rather pray that death should take the body away that they may be regenerated to enjoy life in the kingdom, the fruit of their labour.

Saint Paul was one of the great men who believed that without death no person could resurrect. He had hope on that resurrection and that was why he said I am now ready to be offered and the time of departure is at hand. For I am in a straight betwixt two, having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better: nevertheless to abide in the flesh is more profitable for you.
Do you think that we still have a single Abraham, there is a multiplicity of Abraham everywhere in the world? Paul, John the Baptist, Peter and others have also multiplied and have replenished the earth. This wisdom is not known by any person. I am, however, talking about Our Lord Jesus Christ because there is no statement of his which has not been fulfilled. He said, except the corn of wheat falls into the ground and dies it remains alone, but when it dies it brings forth much fruits. Have you not seen much fruit brought by Our Lord Jesus Christ? He is with us everywhere, inside the sea, on top of trees and everywhere, He occupies every space protecting, saving, giving assistance, warding off evil, healing all ailments and maintaining every person and everything.

It is said, whosoever is born of God does not commit sin but he who begotten of God keeps himself and the wicked one does not touch him. Who is the Son of God? Is he not Our Lord Jesus Christ? Apart from Our Lord Jesus Christ who possesses love? Apart from Him who is merciful, truthful, apart from Him who can tolerate us, and watch over our souls? Can you not realise that if Our Lord Jesus Christ had not gone away He would not have returned in the multiple numbers He appears now? Because He realised the field was indeed all white but the reapers were not there that was why He said it is expedient that I go away that I may come back to you quickly and appear to you in abundance. Now He does not travel by canoe, car, and boat. But He is found everywhere and before He sends you to a place He is already there because He appears everywhere.

He dwells inside you; in your dream and in vision you see Him; He is speaking to you in Spirit; He is in front of you; He is sleeping with you and simultaneously, he is with your brother and other brethren wherever they are. Do not be deceived again that you should wait until Our Lord Jesus Christ comes back. Have you not seen Him now? He dropped down dead and almost immediately He resurrected with a new life in multiples. This resurrection is also meant for me and you and every person without exemption. Our Lord Jesus Christ went down to the Hades during which period He obtained the keys of Hades and death, chained death itself, broke the spear of death and destroyed Hades itself thus reigning supreme without barrier.

In the civilised countries even in the less civilised one, laws have been promulgated to legalise abortion to off set the Malthusian principles of population explosion, which if left unchecked will lead, to a world shortage of food. In spite of the legalisation of abortion in many countries, the world’s population is not checked. For as long as people die, people will continue to be born. Unless it is possible to stop death otherwise, there will still be births. The same law was to be promulgated in Nigeria. It would not serve any useful purpose. If you want to stop the growth of population, you have first of all to stop death. Because if people do not die no person would be born, even if you marry a hundred women, they will remain as males.

Tell me why people will not die. Somebody has completed his assignment on earth; he is so old that he cannot see again, it would be time for him to take his next assignment after rendering an account of his earlier stewardship. He cannot see or walk or do anything for himself and you will plead that he should continue to live. Why should he tarry any longer? Since he has completed his first assignment, he should take up the second.
Some people beget children at their old age, by the time you beget children, you are already too old, how can you enjoy them? You therefore, have to go so that you come back to enjoy them. Sometimes, you have been very kind and benevolent to many people. And you are not weary in well-doing, supposing you are old and cannot enjoy the fruits of your labour at a time the people should compensate you, you will not enjoy whatever they give you because all parts of your body are aching. In order to enjoy these things, you have to depart so that you can come back to enjoy these things. Why do you argue that it is not good?

Your main problem is that you are still ignorant of the fact that to die is to be regenerated. Such ignorance induces you to steal and be indebted to others, when you come back you will defray all your indebtedness before you can settle down to enjoy yourself. Some people immediately they are born, things are very good with them, and everything runs smoothly with them. It is the result of what they did that they begin to reap the fruits of their labour. Another person begins sufferings as soon as he touches down on the ground, he cultivates the land but finds it difficult to eke out a living, it is also the result of what he has sown that he is reaping. If you are indebted, your bank account will be depleted until you have defrayed your indebtedness. So long as you do not defray your debt, you will continue to repay the debt any time you come back to the earth plane. This type of occasion has occurred too often.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, has advised that when you ‘make a feast, you should call the poor, the maimed, the lame and the blind, that you should be blessed, for they cannot recompense you, for you will be recompensed at the resurrection of the just.’ About 99% of the population of the world do not believe in the resurrection. If you were to have hope in resurrection then you would not have taken thought of yourself about death because death does not exist, but a figment of people’s imagination. Forget completely about death but do what is good knowing that whatever you do, you are sowing for yourself.
The disciples struggled among themselves who will be the greatest among them, since He took His physical exit from this earth plane which of them stepped into his shoes. No person took over from him. Each person is occupying his own position, there is the division of labour and no person encroaches on the position of others. The Golden text will now be read.

Golden Text: John 14: 18
‘I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.’

What is read to you is quite plain though I do not understand any language. But Our Lord Jesus Christ was speaking in the present continuous tense, I am coming back to you, He did not say that He will come back to you. It is, therefore, erroneous for you to pray that Our Lord Jesus Christ should come back, He has not indicated His return in the future.

Read the texts to the ignorant and the fools show them to all the inhabitants of the world because I declare this from high heaven. When they hold the belief that He will come back again, I challenge the inhabitants of the world for this belief. He says it is expedient that He goes away, because if He goes not away, the Comforter will not come to you but if He goes away, He will send the Comforter unto you. He says again, except a corn of wheat falls on the ground and dies, it remains alone but if it dies, it brings forth much fruit. He says finally in the golden text I will not leave you comfortless, I am coming back to you. This means that Our Lord Jesus Christ has not left us for even one inch. He has been with mankind since His resurrection and the Father is doing His work. However, many people still feel that He is on the sky, while others say until He comes back again, and I ask you, where has He ever been to?

Has He not advised that whatever we ask the Father through His name, He will surely do it for us? Has He ever advised you to ask through any other name or through any other thing? But He says if you shall ask anything in My Name I will do it. Can a dead person or somebody who travels to distant place make such a statement? Ask your carnal father anything whether he will do it for you; ask the government anything you like whether it will do it for you. But ask Him, He is a living person, and He will grant your request.
You do not read your Bible, even if you read, you do not understand the writings, Our Lord Jesus Christ does not die forever. Do you also know that His ascension means descent? The day He ascended into heaven was the day He came down to the earth. Similarly, when He descended to the earth at His carnal manifestation, He ascended into heaven. The story of Our Lord Jesus Christ is a simple one. The time of His birth was the time of His death and the time of His death was the time, He regenerated full of power endowed with wisdom and prowess, having power to rule the world.

Can you not see the folly of man? Caiaphas had told the people you know nothing at all nor consider that it is expedient for us that one man should die for the people and the whole nations perish not. Our Lord Jesus Christ was of the opinion that it is expedient that He should die because that means coming up again. Brethren examine critically which of the actions taken against Our Lord Jesus Christ was evil, that of Caiaphas or those who arrested Him or His death. Because, if these things did not take place Our Lord Jesus Christ would not have come into the world.

When you are in the flesh you are in a confinement, like somebody’s movement is circumscribed by four walls of the prison. There are certain places you cannot go to. But when you resurrect and become regenerated you travel to any place at all without passport and visa. You can enter the flesh as well as the Spirit, enter the air and the fire also, it is quite easy to enter everywhere. Can you not realise that He is the doer of the work at this end of time in the world? When I tell you that I am not the doer but He, you always laugh.
Do not gaze at the sun or the moon; do not go to India or Britain. If somebody tells you that He is in the moon, do not go because He has come back, since then He has been here doing His work every time everywhere. He is never sick, does not experience pain, and has no problems.

Even the three days He was supposed to have been in the grave, He did not rest, He spent the three days destroying death and pains of death, collect the keys of Hades and of death and took complete dominion over Hades as the King of heaven. He also released all the members bound.
Do not say again that Our Lord Jesus Christ is in the sky, because He is always in the sky. He is in the sun, moon, forest, and water. He is in your heart and house. Walk majestically and boldly; call every time without getting tired. He is human, Spirit, fire, air and water, He is all and in all.

Do not be proud that you are doing the work, it is Our Lord Jesus Christ who does the work. Do not be conceited that somebody is capable of doing everything, no flesh and blood can do the work, apart from Our Lord Jesus Christ. That is why you are advised to mortify your flesh, and live by the Spirit. If you mortify the flesh, you will be one Spirit with Him. Though we have known Our Lord Jesus Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we Him no more. This explains why you are always told to mortify the flesh, refrain from drinking, fornication, adultery, falsehood, theft and the rest of the vices and surrender yourself to Him. See Him, serve Him and dwell with Him.

Have you not remembered that people in the world address you as witches and wizards, this is based on the little faith you have, because you are being seen physically everywhere. Two or three persons confess they see you at the same time, in their houses, at the hospital: you confess with them whether they close their eyes or not and so they conclude that yours is not a church but one of the most powerful witchcraft cult. They see you both physically and spiritually; you are being seen in the moon and in the stars, in water and everywhere. That is why no matter what explanations you put forward, they do not seem convinced that yours is not a secret society that you belong to a very powerful cult.

Many of you argue that you have never gone overseas. I tell you that have gone; you are entering inside water and loosing them that are bound in chains, you are climbing to great height and loosening the robes, you are entering everywhere and releasing all those who are chained, and liberating all those on bondage. You go to the hospitals and liberate those affected by the machinations of the evil ones. That is why they conclude that your witchcraft is the most powerful in the world.
Those who are Christ’s have crucified their flesh with its affections and lusts, and are now living in the spirit. This is a spiritual warfare. You need no candle or incense or perfume or any other thing but wherever you go to people are always petrified with fear and astonishment that they will openly express that the wizards have arrived again. The spirit will reveal to the people what you are and the elemental spirits of the universe will bow down to you.

Have you not been confronted with the question, what society do you belong to? As small as you are if you are seen in the spirit people will be bamboozled. One person alone to enter Calabar will ward off all evils and render all charms useless, so whenever people say you are a man of God, they will not believe but will argue that you are a witch. For the flesh lusts against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh, and these are contrary the one to the other, so that you cannot do the things that you would. If therefore, you mortify the flesh, you will live in the spirit.
The doctrines delivered to you have never existed somewhere else in the world. This marks the end of the period when everlasting gospels are given to you.

Brethren, I do not intend to be tedious unto you, one stroke of the cane is sufficient for the wise. Those who have ears let them hear may God bless His words. Amen.

Thank you Good Father.
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“And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold the Tabernacle of God is with is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away” (Rev 21:3-4)