“And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children, My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him”.

“Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent”.

“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another”.
What have been read to you summarise the theme of our Revelation. This Gospel is an eye salve. It is also the panacea for all the sicknesses and problems of the world. It is a special lesson for the people of the world, the whites, blacks, and coloured as well as other creations of God including the animals. You do not understand the three lessons read to you but I am now going to analyse them so that you may grasp the importance of the lessons. All sicknesses, lack and wars, which afflict you are what the English people refer to as the effect of the matter. But what I want to analyse to you is the cause of the effect.
I have been telling you that the whites are not wise, as they want people to believe, in fact there is no person who is wise in this world. If it were not so there would not have been a case that an untutored person should reveal what your problems are to you. Because it is said that a blind man cannot lead the blind. If a blind man leads the blind both of them will fall into the pit. This statement subsumes the stupendous tendency of man. What you refer to as an enlightened person is the one who can write and read his name. Civilisation or enlightenment does not imply building a school or manufacturing aeroplanes. And I sympathise with you because the whole world is blind and sick and lame.
All the church denominations are, per se, not churches. All the hospitals you build are not hospitals per se. You are witnesses to the fact that if you go to the hospital, the medical doctors will complain that there are no drugs. Upon all the drugs you manufactured, people are still afflicted with sicknesses in the world while the incidence of death is unprecedented. You go to the necromancers but they cannot heal you. You go to the hospital you are not cured. You go to prayer houses but your problems have become insurmountable. That is why I have prescribed this panacea once and for all. I want to compare earthly situation with the heavenly situation. The first lesson says that “you have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children. My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him”.
If the cause forgets the cause, then the cause becomes annoyed. Right from the time Adam disobeyed God’s instruction, the whole world had rejected instruction and that is why you are all suffering. There is no other salvation for the whole world apart from today’s cure and if you do not obtain it, you have perished. It is said “today, if you hear His voice harden not your hearts”. The sufferings, which afflict the world, are not pleasing to God. All your tribulations and afflictions are a cause of sorrow in heaven among the angles. This is the cause of all the problems, tribulations, deaths, earthquakes and famine in the world because the cause has forgotten the cause. You are witnesses to the fact that after God had created everything, He told Adam to eat of every fruit of the tree in the Garden excepting one; and the day he ate of it he would die.
You are also witnesses to the fact that when they did not eat of that fruit, there was neither sickness, nor death, nor hunger, nor lamentation, nor hatred, nor any other problem. The sun did not scourge them and the rain did not beat them. Man was living with the wild beasts like lions and the serpents. He was lying down with them and there was no problem whatever. But right from the day they forgot the instruction and ate of that forbidden tree, that was the beginning of all the sorrows of today. If somebody is sick and does not disclose it to you, you will not find him looking for a cure. Even if you tell him that he is sick, he will deny the fact and tell you that there is nothing wrong with him. In the same vein, any sickness, which cannot be diagnosed, has no remedy. And so when somebody says that he is sick, he will look for a doctor. And if you know the name of his sickness, you can refer him to the appropriate physician. That is why Our Lord Jesus Christ said it is not the physician that looks for a patient but it is the patient who has to look for the physician. I do not want a handful of you but all the inhabitants of the world to come here and obtain salvation. But since they do not know that they are sick, neither do they know the nature of their ailments that is why they continue to suffer these maladies. The day they will realise that they are blind, they will come and buy this salve.

The inhabitants of the world do not know that they are poor. But they are poor and they do not have anything. They do not know that they are dead, and that there is no life in them. Out of the mercy of God, this message is sent to you, so that you may realise the love of God for man. Just as Adam was instructed not to eat of the fruit in the middle of the Garden, today you have been given a new commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you”. There is one pertinent question to ask: Have all the inhabitants of the world not forgotten this commandment? Have the whites not forgotten it? Have the blacks not forgotten? Have the women not forgotten this commandment? Have the men not forgotten it? That is the cause of all the lack, death and tribulations in the world.
There is neither witchcraft nor juju, nor apparition nor mermaid. There is no other thing that is troubling you but the fact is that you have forgotten the exhortations, which you were given by God. Can you not realise that even though you give all your goods to feed the poor and give up your body to be burnt but if you have no love, it does not profit you anything. I am not saying this, so that you may have love but the fact is that if you do not possess love, you will not see Him. And you are in death and darkness, you cannot see your way through, you are sick, poor, wretched and there is no good thing in you till eternity.
I want to prove to you that I have brought the teaching that has never been taught in this world. To show to you that God loves man, He says, remember where you derailed from the first love and go back and start practicing love and there will be no more deaths. No sickness or lack will befall you again. All evil will be over. You have heard the second lesson read to you. “Nevertheless I have somewhat against you because you have left the first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove the candlestick out of its place, except thou repent”. The removal of the candlestick subsumes the destruction of the world today. It is said that whoever hates his brother abides in darkness. He does not see where he is going. Where is the world today? Is it not deep in animosity? A mother kills her child, a brother kills his sister, a friend kills his friend, because the world is in darkness.
It is said that when all hope is gone the Saviour appears. You have gone to the sun you have studied science and have gone to the depths of the sea, what good thing have you achieved? There is no good thing you have achieved. That is why you have to return home as a wanderer because your Father has prepared for you. You confess that you have broken the Ten Commandments of God, but God does not have Ten Commandments. He has only one commandment, “love one another”. He says you should love one another as He loves you. So if you love one another, you are walking in the light and there is no occasion of stumbling in you. Any person who loves others is the person who is enlightened. He has seen very far. Any person who loves all is the person who has what surpasses the whole world. Whoever possesses love is the person who has all the powers in heaven and on earth.

Any person who loves everyone is the person who never dies but has eternal life. Whoever possesses this love has passed from death into life. Death has no power over him; sickness has no power over him. He is not in lack and hatred has no dominion over him. Can you observe how God loves us? His commandments are neither grievous nor tedious. All your problems arise from the fact that you have departed from the first love, which God enjoins that, you should love one another as He has loved you. That is why the whole world is in darkness with the attendant deaths, tribulations and killings.
Since God does not want the world to perish, that is why He has released this golden message from heaven to the whole world. There is nothing that can save man apart from love. Whoever rejects this message rejects life and every good thing. That is why God says “Today if you will hear His voice harden not your hearts as your father did”. Why was Our Lord Jesus Christ killed? He was killed as a result of lack of love. The prophets were all killed because of lack of love. The Apostles, Peter, Paul and the rest of them were killed through lack of love. What is the cause of hatred and division in the churches? It is lack of love. If you sing as a lark and pray as Elijah, but you do not possess love, you loose. God is love. Our Lord Jesus Christ is love. The Holy Spirit is love. Love is oneness, to regard every person as yourself. If I regard you as myself, I will not kill you. If I regard you as myself, I will not lie against you. If I regard you as myself, I cannot disgrace you. If I regard you as myself, I will not look at you with intent to commit sin against you. If I regard you as myself, I will not abuse you. Love is the fulfilling of the law. When you have love, you have accomplished everything.
Death, sickness, tribulation, poverty will all be over, if there is love. Why punishment has plagued the inhabitants of the whole world is that they have rejected this instruction. That is why the whole world is covered with darkness. All the inhabitants of the world should remember from where they had fallen away. All the inhabitants of the world should possess love. There is no white man who possesses love. There is no black man who possesses love. There is neither church nor government or city or male or female who possesses love. And so all of you have to turn new leaves today and possess love. There is no need erecting houses and naming them Cathedrals and churches. All these things do not mean a thing. There is no need to designate any person as pope, bishop, or pastor because none of these designations serves any useful purpose to anyone.
God has already given us a new injunction to love every person as He has loved us. Follow after love with all earnestness because there is no other thing, which we have to do apart from possessing love. Do not sin again. Do not hate any person. Love is of God because God is love. Christ is love. The Holy Spirit is love; therefore, this commandment is from God. If you do not possess love you have no life in you and you cannot have peace. You do not love a person so that you may be loved in return. You love because you are complying with the instruction of God. You do not love a person so that he may honour and reward you. You love him because you are doing that which you had fallen away from. We are sick and afflicted and tortured because we have forgotten the first law of God, which is Love.

“And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children, My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him”.

Many people say that God does not love them and that is why they are suffering. This is not true; He does in fact love us because He does not want us to perish. And so any time you are beset with tribulations, confess your sins, forsake your sins, love others and begin to do good and your problems will depart from you. That is why I say that many of you here in Brotherhood do not know yourselves. Did you know that love is the eternal life you so desire? Love is the doer of this work. Love is never exasperated. Love does not steal. Love does not fornicate. Love does not tell lies. Love does not kill. Love does not quarrel. Love does not impute sins unto others. We have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren. Whoever does not love abides in death. All those who hate their brothers are murderers and no murderer has eternal life. Did you know that a visioner is blind? Do you also know that the prophets are blind? Do you know also that all the pastors are blind? Whoever does not possess love is blind and he cannot see his way.
Brethren, I am telling you this with tears and great sorrow in My heart because what will plague the world shortly cannot be subdued by any other thing except love alone. And that is why this Gospel has to be distributed to all parts of the world as a warning. Whoever has and practices love is saved. What you are seeing is that love has come down to dwell with men on earth. That is why His light has lightened the whole world. The entire world is filled with His knowledge and power. This is the new heaven and the new earth where righteousness dwells. Right from today, do not request for money or for life or for good health or for vision. Practice love and love every person. Do not think evil of anyone. Do not tell lies any longer. Do not be exasperated with any person. Do not commit any act of sin. Love every person and all your problems are solved.
Whatever problem besets the world is due to their lack of love. If you are sick it is the chastisement of God. If you possess love that sickness will go. If you are in lack, it is because you do not love. When you have love, your lack will go. Our Lord Jesus Christ used earthly things to illustrate the heavenly things but this one is strictly spiritual truth, which is dished out to you. He said “go and heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils”. What does this mean? Does it refer to the worldly sickness or the physical deaths or to the physically lame or blind? No. He was referring to the spiritual situations. Do you know that whoever hates his brother is dead? He is sick. He is a leper, He is lame. He is poor. He is blind. Did you know this? That is why you are instructed to start having love because till eternity there is no other work which we have to do apart from loving one another. When you start loving others, you will see how things will begin to move with you. Do you pray and ask for anything? Have love and demonstrate it practically. If you love God, love the human beings, which you see. Speak good and pray for the good of others. When you do this, within a day or two, you will have a testimony. You will be transformed into a small child.
There is no person that loves, except Our Lord Jesus Christ alone. If He had not come and given this new commandment, the whole world would have perished. Even if you keep all the Ten Commandments of Moses but fail to love, you will perish because the commandments cannot save you. The visitation of God as manifested in Christ was to hand down the new commandment, quite distinct from the old commandments. The rejection of this new commandment is the cause of all the woes that have befallen man, and the darkness that has engulfed the whole world. You are witnesses to the fact that from January to December every year, we do not preach or demonstrate any other gospel apart from love, and till eternity, it is love alone that we are concerned with. People come here and carry out research into this power. They argue that power is in the Biakpan Water. This is erroneous. Power is based in love. The moment you possess love you are free. From today, do not owe any person anything apart from loving one another.
Love does not consist in giving out money. But if you can think good of others and speak good of them, you do not become a stumbling block unto others. If you do not fornicate, and tell lies, and disgrace any person, if you regard every person as yourself, then you are practicing love. If you possess love you cannot close your eyes when you see others in lack and you are in a position to help. If you have love, you will not fail to be merciful unto others. If you have love, you will be patient when others treat you badly. If you possess love, you will never impute sin unto others, no matter how you are wronged. If you possess love, you will not fail to tell the truth to any person in this world. It is love that is doing the works you are witnessing today. Right from the time of Adam, love had died completely. No person possessed love. But now all the power you witness here as well as the light of this Kingdom is the love; and so right now, all the inhabitants of the world must possess love. You are not killed by man. It is not your father who kills you. Neither is it juju or any other thing. You die because you have forgotten God’s instructions. You had departed from love a long way off and you do not possess it, that is why you die. Let us read the 2nd Lesson again:

“Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent”.

How do you receive what is read to you? Children of Adam, how is it? It is said that a child who walks circumspectly will kill what killed his father. But a child who fails to walk circumspectly that which killed his father will also kill him. You have repeatedly been blaming Adam for eating the forbidden fruit, but what is obtained today? Have you not found yourself in that same mess? Come to think of it, of all the fruits present in the Garden, it would have been impossible to consume all of them till eternity. What then caused Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit? The reason is stubbornness. They lost sight of that instruction of God not to eat that forbidden fruit. Adam and eve went on to eat it and that is why death, sufferings and all afflictions have beset the people of the world even till today. What benefits did they derive from eating that forbidden fruit? They had no gains. Rather, it brought untold evil on them till this day. Can you then realise the authenticity of the scriptural statement, “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou has left thy first love”.
Since Adam departed from that first love with his children, have you not realised the outcome of it? Death, sickness, disgrace, lack and all afflictions have beset mankind. Look at how human beings are living like animals. You observe the sinking down of houses, fire disasters, thunder-bolt, shipwrecks, earthquakes, the lion whelp and other disastrous occurrences. These unfortunate situations are the resultant consequences of this one thing, the violation of God’s instruction. God answers one name at a time. He does not repeat His name in any two visitations. Can you notice how He had changed the order? At first it was the fruit of the tree, now God Himself has come back to change everything and make it a new. He says, a new commandment I give to you, that you love one another even also as I love you. Do you know why people die, why they are sick and in lack, it is because of the absence of love.

That is why I tell you that I can never plead with you, but one thing is sure and that is, if you have no love, you must be sick, wretched, blind, deaf, dumb, lame and you must be amputated and cast into a fiery furnace. With this state of affairs, there is no way of escape for you no matter how fervent you can pray. What are you going to pray for? It is high time that man knew himself. Some people have initiated into as many as 20 secret societies, but their problems continue to mount and increase more than ever before. When they indulge in all forms of diabology, they worsen their situations. Going to the hospital for medication means jumping from frying pan to fire.
Somebody who confesses to be a wizard, also complains that he is perishing; necromancers complain also that they are perishing. Many others who claim to be powerful including soldiers, complain that they are perishing, why is this so? It is because you have forgotten the exhortations of God. Many people have embarked upon researches to find out the causes of the stresses and strains of man. They attribute the cause of trouble to women; others attribute to other causes. But what is the source of sin? The source of sin is man’s forgetfulness of God’s exhortation, that is to say, the first love man had with God.
Brotherhood is not new. Every person in the world is Brotherhood and the injunction is to love all brethren. Where is that love? That is the cause of our problems. You therefore have to stage a go-back to that first love. Do not fear any person but fear love, and this exhortation. Once you have love, you have no more problems, you are free. You have heard of the Armageddon War. Our only path of salvation from the coming plagues is for all of us to have love. From today that you have received this Word of God, it is incumbent on every person to have that genuine love which is devoid of all evil intentions and dissimulation. Who is the person making this statement? It is Our Lord Jesus Christ who made this commandment that we should love one another? Is it not that same God? You have to retrace your steps to where you had fallen since He gave this new commandment unto you, that “ye love one another, as I have loved you”.

The entire inhabitants of the world must from today remember from whence they had fallen, and repent, and do the first works. Anything short of this, will be disastrous. There is no other escape route for mankind than this. Or else, there will be heaps of dead persons every where for the vultures to feed upon, fire will come from above to consummate the world, there will be earthquakes, men will turn blind. You will sign up for death but to no avail, you will look for what to eat without success, you will eat up your children. The impending doom is too frightful if you fail to have this love for one another. You have heard what the scripture says, “or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent”. Can you realise the panacea for your infirmities? Has the world the knowledge of this realism? People will cogitate that it is his father who has killed him, that her husband killed her, that the wife is responsible of his passing away. None of such stories holds any water. It is not snake that kills people. Nothing of such contentions is true but it is the non-existence of love among them that is the cause of their predicaments. Since you have no love, you are dead.
Note that it is said, “Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent”. When your candlestick is removed, you are damned.
Can you explain why a Brotherhood member should go on transfer (death)? Has that member love for another? As you are all here, can you attest that you have love? Has any of you love? That is the reason you go on transfer. That is why you are sick. All the afflictions plaguing you are not attributable to any person, but you are responsible for them. Even now, if you start to have love for one another and put same into practice, your problems are solved. You will ponder over why a president is sick, why a millionaire has certain infirmities, why a governor is sick, why a king is sick, why those highly placed personalities in life are sick. They are afflicted with such infirmities because they do not possess the virtue of love, “Love ye one another”. They lack love and that is the answer. People will question why a medical doctor, chief consultant, musician, astrologer, astronomer, astronaut, aquanaut and those who study the science of mountains, sun, moon and other fields, be sick? Why are they wallowing in the murky waters of problems? The answer remains that they have no love. Consider the huge sums of money expended by man to research into the different medications. The height attained by the many occultists, the acquisition of diabology in all its ramification, the acquisition of differing powers, the proliferation of prayer houses, yet death is still having a firm grip on man, death still reigns supreme in the world. Why? The reason for this development is that you have left the first love. Love of God is not abiding in your heart. That is the undeniable truth.

Brethren, have you heard all these? Have you ever been told about this by vision? If visioners were to see their way, would they have charged you ten, or twenty Naira for visions? Here, everything is granted you gratis, but you sell Holy Oil, you sell the gospel, you also sell the spirit. Why is that so? It is because there is no love. This explains why all the inhabitants of the world are beset with problems and difficulties.
Do what you may, if you have no love, all you do cannot profit you. Love works no evil to his neighbour, love is the fulfilling of the law. You are true witnesses to this statement of the Father. Have you not observed this love, do you not feel it? When Peter asked our Lord Jesus Christ how many times his brother will offend against him and he forgives him, whether it was seven times, our Lord Jesus Christ promptly told him, I do not say seven times but seventy times seven times, which implies that you should not impute sin upon any person. All the inhabitants of the world are My witnesses for the statement I now make. Upon all your calumny and blasphemy, have I even been exasperated?
Since God created this world, if there is any person who has ever suffered from evil utterances, blasphemies, calumnies, defamatory statements and statements, which are infringing on man’s character, name the person? Even you always ask why I should not retort or react towards these defamatory utterances. Reacting and retorting means hating the calumniators but whenever you hate, you die. If I had departed from this love, Brotherhood would have died a natural death. That is why I continue to abide in the love of God. Even if you want to remove the pulpit, I will help you to carry it away. Read the golden text again:

GOLDEN TEXT: ST. JOHN 13: 34-35.
“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another”.

Brethren, how do you feel about what is read to you? Yesterday you thought I had a special means of ruling. I do not rule with any other thing but with love. Do not look into the tithe box, do not go to Biakpan Water, do not look at the soutane, it is only love that reigns supreme, there is no other thing. The scriptures have told us that, whosoever professes to be a leader and transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Our Lord Jesus Christ and has no love, God or the Son. But all those who abide in the doctrine of Christ and show the expression of love, to the extent of loving all men as He loves them, they have both the Father and the Son.
Whether they cajole that you eat groundnuts, bananas and plantains, you can eat groundnuts and bananas and plantain but what is important is that love only. The only thing we have to do is to love every person. Do no evil thing against any person; do not treat any person with evil. If you have two things bestow one to him who have not. Regard every person in the same way. It requires neither prayer, nor song, nor dances. If the world were to know the one who is in their midst, no person would have wasted his time and dissipated his energy on what he does. You are all aware that it was since 14th February 1942 that I challenged the whole world that if any person is able to annoy Me under any circumstances, I shall give him my most precious and amiable thing. For I know that when I am annoyed I have failed. Where is the person who accepts the challenge squarely? You have tried your utmost best, by jumping into the altar, by extinguishing the light, by beating up people, have I made any comments? You pass faeces and smear the hall with it, yet I embrace you and give you peace. Is it the love we are talking about? That love is indwelling in Me, and it must be expressed.

In our domain, there are no counterfeits, falsehood is not known, craftiness is not known, exasperation is not known. I know neither anger nor any other evil tendency because in our domain, there is no exasperation. It is only love that is known. Wherever you turn to, there is love, you lift up your hand, there is love, and so I see no other thing but love alone. Love does not see what is evil. I have never listened to evil utterances. I have never seen anything evil. When you show Me any thing purported to be evil, I will rather refer to it as good and beautiful. Now all members of Brotherhood have concluded that if the Father recommends somebody as good, do not be associated with him, because if you associate with him, he will kill you. To the Father every person is good. It is what you attest after due observation. The exhortation given now constitutes a new commandment, when you forget and depart from it; sickness, poverty, wretchedness, penury and death set in. And whoever does not abide in this love, cannot even see his way through, he is neither defensible nor excusable. The only safety way is for you to show the expression of love.
Remember when the people asked Our Lord Jesus Christ, “Where, Lord, will this happen”? He answered and said unto them, “wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together”. What is this carcass? It implies love. When you complain that your business is liquidating, it means you have no love. If you complain that your matrimonial home is very stormy, it is only that you have no love. If you complain that you have no employment, it means you have no love. If you complain being sick, it is only due to the fact that you have no love. When you complain that your parents have all died, it is the consequence of lack of God’s love. If you decide from now on to love, you will observe all what I tell you. Just settle down and be loving and do not unnecessarily dissipate your energy, but love every person and become reconciled with your Father and He will look after your welfare. At the beginning of this gospel, I mentioned that I was going to use an earthly thing to illustrate a heavenly situation by an anecdote. Many people think that I have forgotten about it. Here is the anecdote:

Once upon a time, there was a certain man who sent his son to study law. After he had prepared him, he sent him off, but as he was moving beyond his compound he called back his son and gave a copy of the Holy Bible with the instruction that as he reports at school, he should make it a point of duty to be reading his bible every fifteen minutes and everyday. On his arrival at the University, he forgot entirely the instruction of his father because as he started to enter into the intricacies of law study, he discovered that religion was not compatible with law and so he forgot about the Bible. He did not even know where the Bible was but continued to study his law and led a riotous life of piping, chasing women, drinking and attending ballroom dances and cinemas, because his father was a wealthy man.
In course of time, his money started reducing and he was almost exhausted of his pocket money. He wrote to his father to send money to him with the shortest delay, before he was expelled from the University for non-payment of school fees. In his reply, the father sent a very short letter that he should read the Bible. He wondered what association the Bible had with his complaint that his money had exhausted. He quarrelled with his father and questioned if his letter was not properly read to the father, that he had nothing to do with Bible because the complaint was not about the Bible but lack of money. He at once wrote another letter to his father that he had borrowed money from his friends and that he was highly indebted to them, that he was living on the street, that he was rusticated from the University. As his mind directed him, he vented his anger on his father. The father again sent a simple reply. “Read your Bible”.

When I tell you to love one another, you burst into laughter; the sentence is short but pregnant with results. The only single cure for all your problem is the simple injunction to love one another. With the very short reply, he buried himself in very deep thought because at that time, he had £100. 00p. He went and hired his friend to write his father on his behalf. The friend wrote an eight-paged foolscap letter complaining that the position of his son in the university was very deplorable, that because of anxiety, he was gallivanting the street as a demented fellow and that he was indebted to many people, that he was rusticated from classes. He wrote his friend’s father in the language he could understand. But the father in his usual tradition, replied to him to advise his friend to read his Bible. After reading through the letter, the friend was shocked at the reply to his letter. He was so flummoxed that he was compelled to ask his friend to tell what his father advised him before he left. He told the friend he should not mind the old man who at the time he was leaving, gave him a Bible with the instruction that he should real the Bible after every fifteen minutes. On hearing this, the friend asked him where the Bible was. And asked that they should move down to his hostel to look for the Bible. They both went into his hostel and started searching his library and everywhere including his boxes and suitcases but the Bible was not seen. Though he had to spend every Sunday to polish and study his law books, he did not know where his Bible was lying dormant. The law library was his god at the time. But the friend resolved that they must find the Bible and they searched everywhere until they found it under the bed, already wet and moss growing on it, and his friend lifted it up. As his friend was trying to dust and clean, he opened it and unexpectedly, saw a cheque of fifty thousand pounds (£50, 000. 00p) inside the Bible. They were never taught how to knock their heads to worship God, but at that moment, both of them knocked their heads on the ground. No person advised them to change their course but the following day, they changed their courses from law to religious studies.
Brethren, can you draw an analogy between this anecdote and the theme of our revelation today? That son had forgotten the instruction of the father; you too have forgotten the exhortation of loving one another as He loves you. All human beings both blacks and whites, all angels, trees, fishes in water, birds of the air, and all animals in the field have forgotten the exhortations. What is that exhortation? It is love ye one another. If you love one another, then will men know that you are the disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ? If you have been going to the sun, do not go there again. If you have been going to the hospital, do not go there again. If you were a member of any secret society, if you are one who says long prayers, light the candle, burn incense, spray perfume, play an orchestra, please stop all these, but practice “Love one another”.

If you begin now to possess all these things, you will have peace, your sickness will be healed, your poverty, wretchedness, death, Hades will be taken away because you have passed from death into life. No matter what you do, if you do not love all men, you have not done anything and you will continue to abide in death. That is why the church denominations are to be pitied, as well as prayer houses and those who blaspheme and calumniate, because they abide in death till now. That is why this gospel is sent down to all mankind because it is a revelation of the recondite wisdom of God, which no person has ever heard. Where did you hear it? It is a vision, which no visioner has revealed, there is none. It is a statement of Our Lord Jesus Christ that whosoever believes in Me will not taste of death. If you practice this particular gospel, you will not be wretched; you will neither hunger nor thirst.
I do not know in what vein I would explain this gospel to you, but suffice to say that when you practice it, you will remain at one place and see in the whole world, all things, which will appear small and infinitesimal. It will not require you closing your eyes but you will see things both far and near. He is the only person who sees. Any person who has love sees and hears, he has wealth and has power and knowledge and he is everything. What I reveal to you today is what I had before I was five years and it is what I know. That explains that throughout My life, I know nothing about falsehood, because falsehood is death, hatred, theft, as well as whore mongering is death. Any person who indulges in these things ends himself to death. I have nothing to do with anything, which is evil.
Whatever sin you commit – theft, falsehood etc., I will embrace you but you will die. You have killed yourself. This explains why the worldly people blame you. But I have brought the virtue of love, peace, truth, mercy, patience, humility, meekness and self control but none of you makes any attempt to practice the injunction. But you continue to commit these acts of sin. Tell Me, how you will not die, how you will not be in lack, when you do not believe in the word. It is said when death will be swallowed up by life in victory, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written “O death where is your sting? “O Grave where is your victory?”. The sting of death is sin and the strength of sin is the law. But since love has come we are no longer under the law. In this Kingdom, it is love that reigns supreme; we are not at all under the law. There is no law here but love alone. Love ye one another.

And so brethren, it is said one stroke of the cane is sufficient for the wise. I do not wish to be tedious unto you. Those who have ears let them hear. May God Bless His Holy Words. Amen.

Thank you Good Father.

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“And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold the Tabernacle of God is with is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away” (Rev 21:3-4)