1st Lesson Ephesians 4: 29

“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers”.

2nd Lesson Colossians 4: 6
“Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man”

Golden Text James 3: 2
“For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able to bridle the whole body”.

Brethren the above texts form the basis of our lesson. The texts also form the indices for the identification of a child of God. In the world, a person who gives you some money, no matter what he does to you next, even if he curses or disgraces you, would still be regarded as a very good man. Does it mean that once a person gives you money that automatically makes him a man of God? If a person buys a car, builds a house, or gives food to his fellow man but turns round to curse him or disgrace him, the world would still regard such a person as a man of God. Are these the things that identify a person as a man of God? Through Paul, did Christ not say that even if a man should sell all that he has, distribute the proceed to the poor or even offer himself to be burnt, would gain nothing without having love?
What is responsible for the downfall and destruction of the whole world? It is evil communication. What the world refers to as juju, apparition, witchcraft, death or ghost is none other than evil communication. All the superstitious beliefs and fetishism are founded on evil word. Who is the “Creator” of these evil things? It is the evil man himself. When God made the first day, He blessed it. He also blessed the second day, third, up to the seventh day. He equally declared the world and the fullness thereof as good and perfect. The question is where do the evil things come from? This explains the reason why we are enjoined not to allow evil communication to proceed out of our mouth. If everyone should from now cease to speak evil, evil will also cease to exist.

The sower of the good seed in the vineyard did a good work by planting a good seed. But at night, the evil one (an enemy) went into the field and planted bad seeds along with the good ones. The bad seeds here represent evil communications. The real meaning of Satan is evil communication or vain words which does not take glory to God. Our greatest salvation is to avoid vain words to proceed out of our mouths. If we abide by the word of God which we hear daily in the forms of gospels, testimonies, songs, visions, dreams and prophecies we would be saved. If we hearken to God’s injunctions that come in these forms, then the evil route shall have been sealed. If we speak only edifying words then evil will cease to have a place in the world. Our Lord Jesus Christ made it clear when He said that, you have been made holy by the words He gives to you. What changes a man? What prospers a person? What gives a person good health, peace, love, happiness and joy, it is the word of God, edifying words.
A local adage has it that; “good words prevent quarrels, whereas evil and provocative words fuel animosity”. If you observe closely, the source of all problems in the world is traceable to evil words. When you hear of sowing a bad seed, it is nothing other than vain words. Satan himself is none other thing than evil communication. The bad seeds sown by the enemy, are the evil words, abuses and curses, which ultimately are responsible for the sickness, starvation, poverty, war, mishaps and deaths. It is responsible for all the problems in the world.
Jacob had 12 (twelve) sons and Reuben was his first born. Others include Levi, Simeon. Judas and the last born, Benjamin. When he was about to die, he invited all of them for blessing. When they had assembled, he called Reuben and emphasised his position as first born and then cursed him for defiling his father’s bed. He stated clearly that even if all the wealth in the world were given to him, he would not prosper. That curse explains the source of poverty in the world today, which indicates the fact that, this group of people come from the stock of Reuben. If Jacob were to come round and see the manifestation of his spoken words he would not fail to weep. Consequently, if Reuben were to be present to know the root cause of his penury he would vow never to touch a woman, even if such a woman were to be offered to him free. If he had not defiled his father’s bed, he would not have been under a curse. That is why it is said that “a wise man sees an evil far off and takes precaution; but foolish man waits for the evil to overcome him”.

It is also said that “a child that walks circumspectly will kill that which killed his father, but a child, who is careless, would be killed by the same thing that killed his father”. Is the world today not mature enough to know itself and walk circumspectly?
Jacob did not stop his curse on Reuben; he extended it to Levi and Simeon. To these two sons of his, he cursed that the sword shall not depart from them for their part played in the destruction of both human and material resources. He vowed that his soul would have nothing to do with them. That is why no matter what good thing you would do to a person of the likes of Levi and Simeon, they would end up chopping off your head.
This is fulfillment of the curse upon them. The descendants of Levy and Simeon thus produce warriors, violent and heartless murderers. The twelve stars signify the twelve tribes of Israel, which also give the source of the twelve months of the year and the twelve Zodiac signs. Therefore, any person who is born in the same month which Levi and Simeon were born will be violent, destructive and murderers depicting the stock they rightly come from. When Jacob was on his way home, he tarried in a certain city with Levi, Simeon and their sister. Incidentally, the son of the King of the city happened to meet Jacob’s daughter, and they fell in love. The prince slept with her, and she conceived, and gave birth to a baby boy. When investigation fully proved that it was the king’s son that was responsible for the pregnancy, the king apologized and promised to do whatever he was asked to do, in order to marry the daughter of Jacob to his son. Jacob gave the king, the condition of being circumcised with his household.

Circumcision was at that time a mark of the children of God, the descendants of Abraham according to God’s promise to him. Circumcision was to the Israelites what baptism is to Christians today. Both Jacob and the king’s families were assembled to settle the matter. But Levi and Simeon whose sister was involved in the incident were not happy with the affair in the first place and, therefore did not accept the settlement. Under normal circumstances, Levi and Simeon were not expected to make any contribution towards the settlement, therefore, their opinions were not necessary and were not sought for. Although the case was amicably settled, these two brothers were still dissatisfied.
Their father who would have been considered to have the last say in the matter was brushed aside only for the two sons to take the law into their hands. Thus, they went ahead and destroyed the indigenes of the place and their properties. This singular act of his sons caused Jacob to escape for his dear life. It was because of this that, when it was time to bless his sons, Jacob cursed Levi and Simeon that the sword shall never depart from them. He also vowed that his soul would have nothing to do with them. This also separated them from Jacob. You would now realise that if the murderers of today were to be aware of the historical background, they would refrain from such acts.

Unfortunately, the whole world is taking delight in killing. God distances Himself from all murderers. Even though some of these people go to church claiming to enjoy God’s protection and guidance, they are merely making false claims. It is said that, come what may, no sinner will ever be saved. Whoever kills another person shall be killed. Whoever commits adultery and fornication shall not go unpunished. The lesson however, that you should hold fast to, is that you should not allow evil communication to proceed out of your mouth.
Whenever the word of God falls to the ground, it breaks mighty rocks and rises up to accomplish the intended purpose. The whole world is replete with sins as individuals and groups continue to wallow in abominable acts. The stock in trade of the inhabitants of the world is to curse, to maim and to kill. The husband would curse the wife and the wife would also curse the husband. The parents curse their children and vice versa. That is what has kept the world in the position it finds itself. All these go to prove that the source of evil to the world is evil words. If I should enumerate all the areas of your afflictions, you would realise that your problems are from evil communications.

Now, if Isaac were to know the efficacy of the word, he would have been quite objective that, he was not misdirecting his love. Isaac called Esau, his beloved son, and asked him to prepare him some food with fresh meat. The mother, Rebecca, when she heard this, immediately directed Jacob to bring a ram. The ram was slaughtered and Rebecca used the meat to prepare a delicious meal for Isaac. When he asked his mother how he would go about the differences in his voice and skin, she told him not to bother. Jacob had a deep voice, and in order to deceive his father, his mother advised him to inform his father that he (Jacob claiming to be Esau) lost his voice while he was returning from the bush in search of animal. Esau was naturally hated and to successfully deceive the old man, Rebecca covered Jacob’s arms with the skin of the ram on Jacob to impersonate Esau.
While Esau was still in the bush hunting, Rebecca had prepared the food, which Jacob served his father Isaac. On presentation of the food, Isaac observed that the voice he was hearing resembled that of Jacob, when he felt Jacob’s body coupled with the excuse he gave as regards his voice, Isaac was convinced that it was Esau kneeling before him and so blessed him. Immediately Isaac had finished showering blessings upon blessing on Jacob, Esau appeared and went to his father to inform him of his return from the hunting. Isaac was most disturbed when he realised that he had been tricked, because he was blind. When Esau insisted that Isaac should bless him, he said that he had no blessing left.
In our present age, unlike Isaac, the blessing of our Father is exhaustible. If Isaac were to come around to see the consequences of his action on the blacks, their predicament today, he would have wept. The source of the suffering of Africans is traceable to the statement, which says that, the elder shall serve the younger. Out of anger for being tricked, Esau decided to kill Jacob. But because Rebecca loved Jacob more than Esau, she advised him to escape to another land. On the other hand, Isaac their father loved Esau more than Jacob because of taking very good care of him.

The whites are so abundantly blessed and they prosper a great deal because of Isaac’s blessing upon Jacob. Nevertheless, Esau’s predicament could not entirely be blamed on Isaac. In fact, to a greater extent, Esau is to blame for the whole situation. One day when he (Esau) came back from hunting he was so hungry that he went and asked Jacob for food. On his part Jacob told him to decide between food and his birthright. Esau being so hungry decided to sell his birthright in exchange for the food. This can prove to you the efficacy of word. It also confirms the nomination in the bible that, through the words of your mouth you will be justified or condemned. Esau, therefore, was responsible for his predicament. So, each one of you is responsible for your misfortune or predicament. Esau did not think of the slightest implication of his verbal transfer of birthright to his younger brother. He thought after the meal everything would end there. Little did he know that it was stamped and sealed; it finally came to pass as he had spoken.

The word is God. Right from the beginning, the word had been with God. Everything that exists is a manifestation of the word. Whether it is death or life, prosperity or lack, peace or war, good health or sickness, good or evil and even man, are all the manifestation of the spoken word. It is for this reason, that you are enjoined not to allow evil communication, to proceed out of your mouth, but that you should utter only words that are edifying.
When all else had failed, the word was still there on the lips of Isaac for him to speak. In spite of the disappointment, Isaac finally prayed to God to ‘remember’ Esau in the scheme of things. That word alone remember is what has restored Esau to his rightful place today. This, also confirms the scriptural nomination that, Ethiopia shall rise. The goodness and prosperity enjoyed by the whites are the birthright of the blacks they had cheated. Whatever advantages the whites have belong to the blacks. All the human and material resources abroad, in America and in Europe came from, and belong to the black race. The Africans have really been exploited and cheated by the whites.
Africa is so richly blessed. Fortunately for the blacks, it was only their birthright that was sold not their land. Since Isaac had prayed God to remember Esau, the manifestation of that plea is taking place now in Africa. Civilization is said to have originated from Africa, in Egypt. During the 2nd world war, there was acute scarcity of salt. One of the reasons for the scarcity was because Egypt, the chief producer of the commodity then rescinded its contract with the foreign firms that undertook to produce it. All the good things you can think of, such as gold, oil and the rest of the minerals, both materials and human resources are derived from Africa. The wealth that abounds in Africa is inexhaustible. The whites will surely bow for the blacks in this world.

The former USSR outlawed Christian religion calling it a religion for the lazy. In 1917, the Russian government dealt a devastating blow to Christianity in the region and put it to rest. That same year, three nuns revealed the dissension of the Holy Spirit in Africa. The whites started from that time to search for the Holy Spirit for the purpose of discovering or locating Him. God has done that in remembrance of Isaac’s prayer that He should remember Esau, representing the blacks. These things are happening now because this is the close of age. All these things further confirm the efficacy of the spoken word. You are the architect of your own fate.
A local adage has it that “the death of the monkey is caused by its own mouth”. Nobody is mindful of the spoken words; instead, many people are after physical features, such as the land, the eyes, the legs, the head and the other parts of the body. All these parts of the body are not as important as the spoken word with positive or negative effect. The sun, sky, mountains and valleys, human beings, fishes in the water, birds of the air, trees and animals in the forest are all manifestations of the spoken word, God declared: let there be light (day), night (darkness), air, and all the things that were created and they all came into existence. The word is the Father and the creator of everything. Instead of man to worship the creator, he has gone astray to worship what is created. These explained why Job refused to blaspheme against God even when he was badly afflicted and his wife asked him to denounce God. He said that instead of blaspheming against his God he would rather curse the month he was conceived and the day he was born. He said so because he considered himself to originate from the stock of Reuben, born on first April. Levy and Simeon were born in May and June respectively. That is the system that astrologers use in foretelling events. That was why Job would rather curse the month he was conceived and the day he was born. Therefore, the words you toy with could be destructive or constructive.

Initially, God created everything in the world except man. Man came into being through the spoken word. It was pronounced, let us create man in our own image.
Zacharia’s wife was barren, but angel Gabriel came to him and told him that his wife would bring forth a male child and his name will be John. Those words came to pass and Elizabeth delivered a baby boy. If the words had said she would bring forth a baby girl, the same would have taken effect.

Your problem is that you do not know what the word is, and therefore do not listen to it and take it seriously. The word is spirit; it is life, God and power. Everything that you see was through the word and what is yet to come into existence shall be through the word. Many do not worry about the effects of the word, yet they claim to worship God. Is God not the word? If you fail to honour the word, would you honour God? This explains why you are enjoined not to allow evil communication to proceed out of your mouth. From now henceforth, you should only speak edifying words. Speak only the words that will bring peace, prosperity, love and all the good things. You are very careless and reckless with what you speak.
Every prophecy foretold by Angel Gabriel about John the Baptist; all came to pass one after the other. Also, everything that was spoken about Christ was equally fulfilled accordingly. After God had created man, He commanded him to go into the world and multiply and replenish the earth. These words have now come to pass so much that countries are now applying various family planning methods to check their population. Read the first lesson once again:

1st Lesson Ephesians 4: 29
“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers”.

Everything is a manifestation of the word. The word is God, power, life, angel, man, the tree, peace and everything. Without the word nothing would have existed. To reveal to you how foolish the world is, human beings have failed to note the fact that in the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the same was God. Man therefore is an embodiment of the word.
In your ignorance, you claim that man is not God. If man is not God what is he? Once there is stoppage of word in you, it means your life is finished. The world claims to know only God and nothing else. Whoever does not recognise the word does not recognise God. The whole world needs to be pitied. Human beings are dissipating their energies and wasting their time praying for money, husband, wife, children and all the material things. Many complain of problems from evil powers and so on. These people do not realise that it happens to one according to his belief and faith. The words that you speak acts accordingly in you. This is why you are enjoined to speak only positive words. You should at all times endeavour to speak only edifying words, words that are capable of bringing about spiritual upliftment. I will now prove to you why there is need to divorce yourself of evil words and to speak only words that are capable of bringing love, peace, good health, prosperity and all the good things. Unfortunately, even the Bible itself is filled with evil words. If you utter positive words about your self or another person, the same will come to pass.
The words of Satan bring about no good or useful purpose. Evil words bring about hatred, distrust, division, war, poverty and death. There are some words that can be spoken and a group of people would be thrown into confusion and would hold each other on the throat. The same confirms the fact that a city without a prophet is perished. And city that is without a speaker of edifying words of progress, peace, love, unity and wisdom is doomed. Once there was a particular city with one particular family that considered themselves created to be poor. The family was however blessed with educated and knowledgeable people, handsome and beautiful people. In terms of human resources, it was blessed greatly, but one thing they lacked was prosperity in material things. It was their belief that God created them to be perpetually poor. Each time a member of that family went out to marry or was to be married, the members of that family would firstly inform the suitor or intended bride that theirs were poor family from God. They believed and lived in that notion, and were even satisfied with the situation.

The situation could be compared to the encounter between the Ethiopian Eunuch and Philip. When Philip inquired of him whether he knew what he was reading, he simply answered by questioning Philip about the possibility without being led by someone. Except he was taught, he would not know. But for Philip, the Ethiopian Eunuch would not have been converted. On his way from a certain Jewish feast, Philip met the Ethiopian Eunuch trying to read the book of Isaiah. When he accepted ignorance of the nominations therein, Philip sat him on his horse and began to teach him as they traveled along. When they reached where there was water, he demanded that he should be baptise there. Philip agreed to baptise him provided that he believed that Jesus is the Son of God. He accepted this immediately and was consequently baptised. This goes to prove to you that any city without a prophet is doomed. Therefore, a city that is without a speaker and a practitioner of truth is doomed. You have been told daily that God; the Father is in our midst. Yet you do not know Him, the world is still searching for Him in the moon, sky, and sea, on top of mountain as if He is bound to a particular spot. Is there any one in your midst who understands the things that is seen every day? (Romans 10: 6-9). God’s position with men has been clarified in the above text. One day a certain prophet came to the city where the self-acclaimed poor family lived to preach. There as he was preaching, the wife of one of the members of the family told the story of their poverty to the prophet. The prophet laughed and asked the woman to repeat the story, and she did feeling so concerned.
The prophet immediately began to preach to her the words of the Bible as regards such belief. He pointed to her where it is said in the Bible that by a man’s words he would be justified or condemned. He explained to her that the family members were responsible for their fate. He then asked the woman to declare and believe fervently that from that moment their family was blessed with riches and prosperity. The prophet also asked the woman to tell her husband and children to make the same declaration and believe same. The woman, her husband and the children believed fervently and began to say as the prophet had directed. Others who watched them behave as the prophet had directed laughed them to scorn. The prophet did not charge the woman any money for that knowledge. He left after that. As the family continued to believe and say as they were directed, before that week ran out he was promoted in his place of work and his children who had finished schooling were gainfully employed. During the second week, the woman won contract to supply food to the prisons service. Within a short space of time that family became the richest in the community and has remained so even till this day. Such is the efficacy of word. That explains how profitable it is to think and speak positive words always.
Our Lord Jesus Christ stated that whoever believed in Him would not taste of death. He said that He is the bread of life and whosoever eats of Him shall have everlasting life. All these are words of life, peace, and prosperity. Whoever believes in them shall neither die nor be confronted with any problem. You can now realise that the poor family that became rich and did not resort to juju nor sacrificed to idol to be rich. They believed in the spoken word.

Whatever predicament you find yourself in, you are responsible. Your inability to practice the gospel comes from you. If you are fond of saying that you are unlucky, that people do not appreciate your God works and so on, the same will happen to you according to your belief and faith. You are always sighing and complaining of being worried by juju, mermaid, wizard and so on. This is because you believe in such things, so, they fulfill in you according to your faith, but if you do not believe in such they will also not be effective in you. If you believe only in God, you will see and have nothing other than God. “There was another case of a certain Queen who lived in a city that was so terrorised by armed robbers both in the day and at night. She felt so concerned. One night as she went into her room to sleep, she knelt down and prayed to God to change the robbers, give them employment and bless them. She said that the robbers were stealing out of despair as a result of lack and that they would not love to do so if they were gainfully employed. She committed all of them and their souls into God’s hands. As the Queen was praying inside her room, she did not know that the robbers had already surrounded her premises and some of them were even hiding under her bed. But as she echoed Amen, one of them emerged from under her bed and asked her whether she was aware that he was hiding under her bed, she said no. The robber made it known to her that they had planned to rob her that night but because of her prayer God had aborted their plans. The robbers came out one after the other confessing to the Queen about their plights and problems. They complained that they were married with children, some up to ten children. As such, they had problems to make both ends meet. They all confessed their wrong doings and expressed their belief in the Queen’s prayer that God would definitely help them and the Queen too. The Queen gave them some money but they would not take it because her prayer was sufficient. All the robbers quietly left. Before that week ran out, behold the robbers were gainfully employed and robbery ceased in that community instantly”. Can you realise now the effect of speaking words that are edifying? God is here with you, yet you do not know Him. He continues to do His will but none understands. Read our Second Lesson again:

2nd Lesson Colossians 4: 6
“Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man”.

If from now you season your words with salt, your problems will surely cease. Now that you know that the word is life, power, good health, God, Son of God, angels, wisdom, peace, joy and all the virtues, if you continue to speak only edifying words you will have no problem.
You will also realise that, it is God that kills, and He gives life. He exalts and debases and does everything. That is so because He is the word and the word is the origin of everything. If you say, ‘it looks as if I am going to be sick’, you will surely be sick. If you say, ‘it appears I will fall and die, you will surely fall and die. If you say that people do not love you and do not reward you positively for the good things you do to them, the same will come to pass. You should even draw a lesson from the case of our Lord Jesus Christ when He said, ‘I shall go to Jerusalem and there I will be tortured and killed but shall resurrect on the third day’. The same words came to pass as He had spoken. He also stated clearly that, nobody was responsible for His predicament that He offered His life voluntarily and could secure it back at will. If He did not give His life nobody would have been able to take it. Moreover, if He had not stated that God would make Him to resurrect on the third day, He would not have resurrected. It is said that the word is so close to your mouth and heart, and this is the word of faith, which we preach. Ever since you came to Brotherhood, have you heard any evil word spoken by the Holy Father? In as much as you do not know the power of the spoken words, then your claim to know God is false. That is why it is said that, none can see God’s face, but that one can only hear His voice. It is said: (see Hebrew 3: 7-8)
No person is capable of causing what is not in existence to come into being and what is existing to cease to exist, except the word of God. There is nothing the word cannot do. Our Lord Jesus Christ healed the sick, raised the dead and performed many other miracles. All these were manifestations of the word. It was the same word He pronounced on the barren fig tree to wither away.

Lazarus died and on the fourth day Christ went to the graveside, spoke the same word to the Father in prayer and Lazarus resurrected. Before He did the miracle, when Christ was told that His friend Lazarus was dead, He told them that he was not dead. That was the word that sustained Lazarus. To the leper and the rest of the afflicted who came to Him, He did nothing but merely asked them what they wanted Him to do for them? It fulfilled to each and every one of them according to their faith. With all these wonderful things done, do you still believe in Him? On the contrary, you are watching and waiting for a huge person with a long beard to come and tell you “behold I am the one expected”. He is right here with you very close to you. So also are death, sickness and other problems close to you on your lips. This is why you are warned not to allow evil communication proceed out of your mouth. Allow only words that are edifying to come out of your mouths.
I give you all these examples, and take enough time to fully expatiate on these facts, so that you will know and believe that the word is God, life, power, prosperity and everything. Without the word nothing exists. That is why it is said that in everything a man offends, but that any person who is able to bridle his tongue is perfect. Therefore a perfect man, is the one who does not speak evil words, and who believes in God, and believes that everything originates from the word: That was why Christ did not speak evil words but uttered only positive words. Christ knew that whatever word He uttered would come to pass. Even where people were starving, sick and dying, whenever Christ arrived there and uttered a positive statement, the situation became normal.
The occultists and metaphysicians rely on the spoken word as their weapon and not on leaves or any other thing. Equally if you go to a person’s house and speak only positive words, that God should bless him, protect him, give him long life and so on, the same will manifest for the man. Even the necromancer or juju doctor involves only the spoken words into the leaves, water or whatever materials they use. In the court, the judge relies purely on the words to decide a case. In the war front, except the commander speaks the word by way of command, would his troops open fire? The answer is no! Before a policeman would set out to arrest a person he has to be authorised to do so. All these explain the power of the word.

It is the Father, therefore, that does the work here and not you. It is for this reason that whoever you discharge of his problems stands so; discharged. The gospel, ‘What is Brotherhood’ explains that the trees, the ants, the grass, the fish, the birds, animals, human beings and everything created are Brotherhood. It is therefore very ridiculous when some of you would say that you are the only member of Brotherhood in your family. There is nothing positive the word cannot achieve. It can change black into white, imperfection into perfection, death into life and so on. A local adage has it that a cow uses its tongue to clean its young one newly delivered.
I have lots of things to teach you. This has prompted Me to desire that, I should be with you every time of the day to teach you. I have not even opened My bag yet to bring out My course contents. Good words constitute the Holy Spirit while evil words are evil spirit. Good words represent God while evil words represent Satan. So long as you continue to speak good words you identify with God and all good things will follow you.
If you speak the words of love, mercy, kindness and words filled with peace, patience, progress, togetherness and prosperity, all will surely happen accordingly. The truth, love, humility, peace and righteousness have now taken dominion all over the world. Time has since passed and gone when evil overwhelmed the world. Whoever is able to bridle his tongue, and does not allow evil words to proceed out of his mouth, is perfect and capable of ruling the world. Such is the person who knows the truth and has it. Whoever speaks the truth would know quite well that there is no impossibility with God.
That is why the Father constantly, pronounced positive words, words that are edifying. Soon you will realise that it is through these positive utterances that evil is conquered. Any person who gives you money, car, house, food and all the material things, but has no good words in his mouth is satanic. A person who does not utter evil communication is perfect.

The third illustration, to confirm the efficacy of word concerns a king who was exiled. One day a certain prophet went to that village to preach and there he met with a son to the exiled king. When the prophet asked him of his father, the young man said that he had been exiled. And when he inquired from him why they could not do something to prevent the king from being exiled, the young man said that, they had engaged the services of two hundred lawyers, prepared some juju, sacrificed human beings, bribed the council all to no avail.
The prophet asked the young man whether they offered prayer? Then he told the prophet that, the problem that took place did not call for prayer and that prayer could not solve it. The prophet asked the young man if he was still in need that his father should return and be restored to his throne. In his reaction the young man expressed the impossibility of that. The prophet directed him to persistently say “Thank you Father for making my father to return”. He did not ask him to burn any candle, incense nor to sacrifice anything. The young man continued to say this times and again until one day the village council rescinded its decision and recalled the king home. The ways of which God does His own things and perform His miracles confound human knowledge. This is because He does not follow conventional methods. That is why God’s way, cannot be understood by men. But if a human being does something, men easily believe it because his means is familiar and conventional.
If prayer cannot solve a problem, what else would solve it? Of the three, the word, money and conventional weapons, which is most powerful? In reality, there is nothing which money or man can do. Read the golden text once more:

Golden Text: James 3: 2
“For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body”.

There is a prayer of faith and the prayer of faithlessness. This is a big lesson on its own. There are vain words and also the words of God. There are words, which you can speak from morning till night and will not yield any good fruit. But a person can utter a word and it will be so effective and powerful even if it is a jot, as little as the mustard seed. That is why it is said that, the word of God is like the mustard seed that is so minute but, when it grows, all the birds in the air make their nests on it and animals in the bush take shelter under it.
This explains the reason why Christ told the Samaritan woman that, they worshipped what they knew not. That is to say it was quite unnecessary for them to go to the mountains or to Jerusalem to worship God. He is not limited to these places. You can stay wherever you like but speak just the word and it will come to pass. Be positive always and endeavour to bid people the peace of God and it will surely come to pass. The prayer of faithlessness is offered when a person requests of God to give him money, wife, husband, food and other material things. This means that such a person has only succeeded in piling his requests before God and left. Such will never be answered. But if you pray saying, thank you, Father, for giving me food or money or whatever you desire, it will be done accordingly. That is the prayer of faith. You have to continue to thank God for everything. But if you say to God, that if He could give you a wife, husband, or money etc, you would praise Him exceedingly. Such a prayer is a manifestation of disbelief in God.
I know that, what I am teaching you, is greater than you are; it is advanced for you. Even so, this is the time of truth, the fullness of time for all to practice the word of God. From today, do not utter evil words again, do not condemn, curse or abuse anybody.
Be steadfast in pronouncing only good words by the power of the spoken words. Whatever situation you find yourself, whether a sick person is brought before you, or you are in a precarious position, if you utter good and edifying words the situation will be changed from bad to good.

Beloved, it is said that a stroke of the cane is sufficient for a wise person. May the Lord bless His Holy Words. Amen.

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“And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold the Tabernacle of God is with is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away” (Rev 21:3-4)