1st Lesson : 1 Corinthians 3: 9
“For we are labourers together with God, ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.”

2nd Lesson : 11 Timothy 2: 21
“If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work”.

Golden Text: 1 Corinthians 6: 20
“For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s”.

Brethren, the text read to you constitutes the theme of our lesson tonight. It is very clear that God cannot achieve His will and purpose or accomplish His work without man. Has that recondite wisdom been exposed to you? Just as you will not go to work in your farm without tools like matchets, hoes and so forth, so can God not do it alone without using man. Similarly, if you go to school you must have pen, books, rulers and other materials which will make learning easier.
We are God’s tools which He, as the husbandman, uses. But it is pathetic that man does not realise this very important role he is playing in God’s divine works. This explains why man continually defiles himself with reckless life. He is always in conflict with the will of God. That is why many people have built up a wrong concept that God does not exist. And to this end, His work is also made purposeless.
But man has forgotten that God is God of power, capability, and Omnipotence. Those who base their hopes on the mundane things such as money, marriage, education, position shall not only fail but shall be woefully disappointed. Those who continued to defile themselves saying, let me eat, drink, sleep or fornicate and to do other abominable things, are only postponing the evil days. Some say what sort of God is that who will not give man a breathing space to enjoy himself? That is why when God comes to you, He will either meet you fornicating, fighting, quarreling, beating your wife or children or doing one carnal thing or the other. Sometimes God will come to see you drinking, or preparing juju concoction. And in that circumstance, what do you want Him to do?

God used Our Lord Jesus Christ so willingly and readily because He surrendered Himself fully to the Father as a holy instrument of honour. The disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ were used because they had fully surrendered themselves to God. As soon as they were called, they never got themselves associated with carnal things. They sold all their possessions and pooled their resources together for their common good. But as soon as carnal pursuits such as engaging commerce and other mundane things reared their ugly faces, the work started to dwindle, and finally went into oblivion. Because where treasure is, there also is your heart. In this materialistic world where everybody is looking for mundane things or promoting the affairs of the flesh, the work of God is at its lowest ebb. But I want to remind the entire mankind that, man is the dependable and the indispensable tool for the service of God. It is man that God must use and nothing else. There is one spiritual song, which goes thus: “Since it had been the wish of providence that man must be the Field Marshall to lead, he must have to lead”. In the era of Moses, he was used by God to perform wonders, and later on Joshua was also used. God at all times uses man to reveal His power and glory. God equally used Eli until when he fell from grace to the grave.
God has never used trees, animals, birds or stones. And that is why He teaches us, changes us, saying that whether we like it or not, we must change to conform to the very essence of His glory and honour.

Man is the most precious thing that God had ever made, right from the smallest child to the greatest person.
Man is more usually and usefully employed than even the angel Gabriel himself. And the poser is – Which of the angels has ever proclaimed that He has begotten other than man? That is why when man goes to the tree to worship it becomes pathetic. It is the height of ignorance ever to go to worship any created thing instead of the Creator. That is why whoever says he worship God, must also worship man because man is the house which, God indwells as well as His city. No wonder then why Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “whoever accepts or worships Me, does not accept or worship Me, but the Father who sent Me. Therefore all the glory you profess to give to Leader Olumba Olumba Obu is not solely for Him, it is purely for the Father. When you say that you see Leader Obu here and there, it is not Him that you see, it is the Father Almighty that you see. It is God who is revealing Himself to you. You will recall that even Gabriel declared that he is the messenger of God. Brethren, as I am not going to take you further, let the first lesson be read:

1 Lesson: 1 Corinthians 3: 9
“For we are labourers together with God, ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.”

Brethren, do you know that you move with God wherever you go to? Do you know that you are His house, city, and vineyard? Now that you defile yourself, where do you want Him to stay? Why do you put your hands in things, which are at variance to His will and purpose? It is unthinkable to allow the mundane things to entice you and to cause you to derail from the path of rectitude. It is a common-place matter to note that nobody in the world would like to be used by God, and that is why they turn round to say that God does not exist. God created man as His City, house or vineyard and it is on this note that the entire humanity should realise this vital link and so remain pure and articulate. God uses man to speak, sing, dance, preach and to do everything. That is why God though not seen, but is better identified in human beings you are very familiar with. Whoever does not disassociate himself from evil communication shall have himself to blame.
Those who were fornicators, thieves, necromancers, juju doctors, felons, right now, they should keep off from all these unwholesome acts. Right now you are told not to eat fish, meat so that He may use you to do His mighty works. Keep yourself holy, and avoid inordinate ambition for money, clothing, wife, husband, children and other worldly possessions so that God can use you to perform His works. We are to be perfect even as He is perfect. You have to get into the vineyard because you are His church, and His instrument of operation. God cannot use trees, animals, birds or stones to do His works but man. If this wisdom did not reach you, start right now to do His work in the vineyard and you will see the immeasurable blessings that will be bestowed on you. You will really realise the beauty, the goodness and the benevolence of God.

I would like to remind you about the story of the king who invited the dignitaries of the land to attend his son’s marriage ceremony. But they never attended giving one lame excuse or the other to exonerate them from blame. He sent his servants to go and call them informing them that the wedding feast was ready. The first boasted that he had bought a land and he wanted to go and inspect his farm. The other said that he wanted to go and see about his merchandise and his business. One said he would not come because he was enjoying his honeymoon with his newly wedded wife. And further more, the rest even added insult to injury by treating the king’s servants disdainfully. The king became angry and eventually sent his servants to go into the streets and call the downtrodden, the destitute, the outcasts, the poor and the widows to come and fill the place. Consequently the blind, the lame, the untutored, and the rest of them came and enjoyed the marriage feast. The rich, the educated, the pastors, the lawyers, administrators etc, have all been called, but they refused to come. The king was able to celebrate his function with these rejected people.

The first to be called were the pastors, the popes, the apostles, the rich and the educated, but they refused to come. They think themselves too important and indispensable. Whenever they see the servants of God, they would advise their wives to give them one naira to go and buy food and eat. They were sent away in ignominy. That was why God whose wisdom is greater than that of man caught Paul who was a man of substance, a lawyer of great repute and a community leader of the first order. He was one of the best educated and well placed in the society. God used him to liberate the Jews, and principally the Gentiles. With his education he brought a lot of innovations, and single-handedly wrote fourteen out of the 26 books of the New Testament. His ingenuity surpassed the rest of the Apostles such as Peter who had little or no education. It is often said, “a big man talks to a big man”. And in fact, but for Paul the work of God would have suffered much set back. And that is why you are told to purge yourself of all the things of this world so that you might be worthy to be used by God for His purpose. May the second lesson be read once again.

2nd Lesson: 11 Timothy 2: 21
“If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the
master’s use, and prepared unto every good work”.

That is why you have to refrain from sin and sanctify yourself so that you are used, and do not get lost in the affairs of the world. Why did Lot’s wife perish? It was because she refused to heed the instruction of the angel that once they get out of the ill-fated land of Sodom and Gomorra, nobody should even look back to it. But Lot’s wife was disturbed about her golden earrings, bangles and costly articles of clothing. She went back to take her property but unfortunately she became a stone of salt till date. And that is why we are fully commissioned to go into the four corners of the world to inform them that the long expected Kingdom has arrived. All should purge themselves of all evil acts, vices and all things, which cause them to resist the will of God. The laborer is worthy of his hire. But right now when you proceed on ministry work, you go with shoes, bags or trunk boxes contrary to the divine instruction given to you. That is what has paralyzed the work thereby bringing poverty and wretchedness to the inhabitants of the world. Those who go with these earthly things are heavier and they are unworthy. Anything that is done with carnal consideration is already dead. It is spiritual mindedness which is life eternal.

If you want God to use you, keep off from all evil tendencies, from family, wife, husband, children, money and all other mundane things. Doing the work of God is different from cultivating the land and planting crops. It is equally different from engaging in commercial things. And to this end, all should refrain from theft, fornication, drunkenness, murder and idolatry. However, it is only the king who knows the secret of His Kingdom, therefore to take advantage of His blessings all must refrain from sins. God can only use you when you fully purge yourself of sins. No sinner can be used by God. This is the recondite wisdom of God, which has been given to you this early morning. It is a wrong idea to say that until you have money, erect houses for God, or buy things then shall you begin to do the work of God. Refraining from sins in the first instance, is just a good start in doing the work of God because when you leave sins, God will fully use you to do His works.
Christ Student Affiong has testified that the Holy Father is seen on white horse going to one sister in Ghana. This was done on a daily basis so that people living on the opposite saw a man in white short knicka and short sleeves shirt visiting the woman. The Father often opened the door, and had a talk with the sister and after a while, He would disappear into the thin air. Also testified is another wonderful testimony from London, where it is said that a Catholic member disclosed that the Holy Father used to conduct Bible Class lectures for them in the seminary. That story was exposed when the Catholic member identified the Father’s photograph from a Brotherhood member. But the greatest thing a person can offer to the Father is to refrain from sins, and to serve Him with a pure heart. Whoever does not hate his life, wife, husband, parents, children is not worthy of this Kingdom. That is why Our Lord Jesus Christ left His carpentry work as soon as He was baptised by John the Baptist. All the disciples left their various occupations to follow Him from house to house, city to city and from one sea port to the other for evangelical ministry. They surrendered all things to Him and started to pool their material possessions for their common good. Even in the Apostles’ era, when there was confusion about the sharing of love feast, they only ensured that the division and partiality, which set in, were stopped immediately. The Apostles continued in their evangelical duties, but appointed seven brethren of good repute to oversee the work of sharing the food equitably. But now you do not seem to be serious, you are joking. God has nothing to do with evil doers, for all juju doctors, fornicators, angry people or idolatrous people are just like a luxuriant fig tree with green leaves but with no fruits.

God uses His children in Brotherhood to do spectacular spiritual works in the universe. You are seen in water, in the air, India, U.S.A, Europe and in various planes of manifest. As you are here, the Father is using you to perform His duties in different parts of the world. You are being used to release people who are being detained in mystical prisons, in water, India. It is therefore unthinkable to argue that you have no money to go on ministry work. God uses you to liberate your family and community. That is why many people are saying that God is now on earth. He is using you to do great works. Do not say that you have no money to build house for God, simply surrender yourself to God by refraining from sins. All that God needs is to use you to achieve His objective. He alone knows what really He can use you for and the purpose. Read the Golden text again?

Golden Text: 1 Corinthians 6: 20
“For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s”.

Brethren, have you heard that? Have you used your body to glorify God? You are still saying that you are of flesh and blood and that you are a human being. And in view of this, you become an addict to vices. This is the height of ignorance you can ever dabble yourself in. Do not use ornaments such as earrings, bangles and dresses which make you look morally bankrupt. You have no moral right to misrepresent, for God is seen in you, your actions, utterances and behaviours. All the artificial things you put on make you look strange. You should remember that God lives within you, otherwise you render His works futile. Bishop James Ellerbe told the American brethren that God is physically identified in Africa. The Americans never came here for any business transactions such as trading, farming and so on, but just to come and behold the face of the Father. The delegates included Bishops, Pastors with good education and their enormous material substance. They do not come here because of court cases, sickness or any problems at all. They came here to see God. And it is gratifying to announce that Bishop Hill is now the Leader’s Representative in the United States of America. For 17 years, we had no Leader’s Representative in U.S.A, but now God has given us one. It will not be long; another planeload of Americans will arrive here just for the purpose of seeing the Father.

The Leader’s Representative, Bishop Hill has intimated that next Sunday, the activities of their visit to Nigeria shall be broadcast in the United States for millions of viewers to know and hear about the Holy Father. Bishop Hill has a personal Television Station. They shall also be released in Nigeria in the Cross River Radio Programme. What have they seen here that could have lured them to Africa and Nigeria?
That is why you are advised to allow yourself to be used to glorify God. If you do not pollute yourself with anger, fornication, eating meat and fish, you will see Him as He is. One gentleman was reported to have rebuked Elder Bassey that he was worshipping a man. He swore that he would do everything within his power to investigate the power of Leader Obu. Consequently, he wrote to a mystical organisation in the United States of America to assist him. He too needed power for protection. The American body wrote back to him to inform him that if he wanted power he should go to Leader Obu at 34 Ambo Street, Calabar. The letter was wrongly addressed to Elder Bassey who opened the letter and saw the contents without which his friend would have hidden it away. But very fortunately for Bassey’s friend; who is a university don, he accepted baptism into the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. He has since come to see the Holy Father. That is why you are told to respect yourselves, refrain from sinfulness especially fornication, which is the most stubborn sin, then you are free. It is ridiculous to say that you cannot serve God on the pretext that you have no money, car, wife, husband or children. You should purge yourself of all manners of sins, and once you do that fully, God can use you.

God does not pass through a tree or stone or animal to do anything. He uses man to achieve His aim. He has right from the inception of the world, used man to superintend His creations for Him. And God will continue to use man to lead. Therefore, man should purge himself of anything that can separate him from his creator. That was why Peter asked Our Lord Jesus the Christ how many times his brethren should offend him before he could retaliate. And Our Lord Jesus Christ said that it should be after seven times seventy times. Nobody should put his hopes on carnal things such as food, clothing, cars, charms or riches. For these are purely carnal things which are ephemeral. You should put your hopes on what shall not perish, which is the word of God.

Brethren, it is said a stroke of the cane is enough for the wise, I shall not take you much further. Let those who have ears to hear, let them hear. May God bless His Holy Words. Amen.

Thank you Good Father.
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“And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold the Tabernacle of God is with is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away” (Rev 21:3-4)