In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear. Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.

For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered.
Brethren, that is the theme of our revelation. This gospel is delivered generally to all women and specifically to all Deaconesses; it is a special gospel for all women who are the children of God.

In my community, it is one person who starts commercial activities before others join. Since Deaconesses who are invariably the children of God, have come to learn a good example for all the inhabitants of the world, both men and women, this gospel must be fulfilled in you. Being modern Eves, the Deaconesses must lead their lives and conduct their affairs in a way commensurate with the lives of modern women. Wherever you go to, your behaviour should comply with that, set out by God Himself exactly, and directed by the Scriptures. The Father has specifically set aside this week for the Deaconesses in particular, the women and men and the inhabitants of the world in general to loosen that knot which was tied and to root up from your bodies all those canker-worms which do not give glory to God and to re-adorn you for the task ahead of you.

It is a very shameful thing, a disgraceful situation to find Deaconesses plaiting their hair, putting on ear-rings, putting on very expensive clothes. Shame has covered my face, and God Himself is disgraced. But what is pleasing to me is that the Deaconesses Handbook is going to be put out, and so those who are lying down in their houses, those who are on top of the hills, the Deaconesses who are yet born and the entire women population in the world as well as all men will read the Handbook and you will know what is expected of all of you.

It is something very shameful and disgraceful to see that the members of the various church denominations do not put on ear-rings, necklaces, bangles, they do not plait their hair and do not put expensive dresses but you, who are children of the Kingdom, where there is neither man or woman put on ear-rings, necklaces, bangles, finger rings, gold and other body adornment; you also plait your hair in different shapes and size and put on expensive dresses. You are true witness to the fact that since God created man, this is the very first time a woman preaches the word of God to both men and women. In this Kingdom, women have ignored the Western culture to preach in Britain and United States of America to the astonishment of the whites. Hitherto women were regarded as cooks and housekeepers. It is therefore incumbent upon all of you to put the word of God into practise.

You should know that in this Kingdom there is neither man nor woman and since there is no distinction both, women should cut their hairs as low as my own. Not men alone should trim their hairs but also women who grow very long hairs. You can see how nice my hair is. Also since there is neither man nor woman, no person should use ear- rings, finger rings, bangles and necklaces. Unless you stop plaiting your hairs and the use of ornaments and decorations, you are not qualified as a Deaconess, because you have not yet heard the word of God.

Can you now realise that your ten or twenty years in Brotherhood cannot pay you any dividend in as long as you continue to plait your hair, put on costly dresses, put on bangles, rings, hair, necklaces, and perm your hair, put on high heel shoes. When you come in here, you dress in white but as soon as you go out you put on the worldly dresses again. This means that you have not yet started. Do not forget that the keynote sermon, and opening address of the anniversary of the Deaconesses Week is that we are the children of God, and the children of God must listen to the word of God because this gospel belongs to them. It is, therefore, incumbent upon all women that wherever they are, whether in the house, or in the farm or in the market or in the office or while they are travelling, they should neither put on expensive dress nor plait their hairs nor perm their hairs, neither should they wear bangles, nor ear-rings, nor finger rings, nor necklaces, nor wig whether they are baby girls or adolescents, or ladies, or married women or old women. No woman should decorate her body with any ornaments. You have to be as natural as you were created.

That is the sort of life each of us has to live in Brotherhood, and all those who are the children of God must obey this special instruction. No matter your status in life, once you are a child of God, you should not spend money on expensive dresses and you must not wear such dresses too, you should not plait your hair, neither should you wear wig, bangles, necklaces, and earrings. When you wear these things you are not a Brotherhood and from now on you should not make a hole on your ear to put a ring. I have now closed all the holes on your ears.
If, as a woman, you are seen at the alter with your hair properly cut and you wear no ear-rings, finger rings, necklaces, and bangles, people will give thanks to God, and would testify that definitely there is neither man nor woman in the Kingdom of God. This action of ours is not carnal. This is a new world and the old world has passed away with its lusts and affections. Will it not surprise you when you have a good haircut and you stand before a congregation wearing nothing on your head, preaching and offering prayer because you realise that in this Kingdom there is neither a man nor a woman. It will flummox many in the world and it will be a thing of joy to the womenfolk.

If we profess to be the children of God but we disobey God’s instruction, what are we good for? What do you think that the cloth we wear portray? Who, in this wide world, is as wealthy as the Father in clothes and in money? Since I have shown an example worthy of emulation, you have to learn and adopt this system of lifestyle, life of modesty and simplicity. From now on no person in this new Kingdom should plait her hair or wear a wig, or bangle or earring, or necklaces, or finger rings, or expensive dresses; nor should men put on expensive suits, ties, shoes and other wearing apparels. This is not construed to mean that you should walk naked, what it means is that you should wear simple and less expensive dresses.

A great many of you who go to Europe and United States America do not seem to learn the lifestyle of the people from the Caucasoid race. You go there to study but you are neither acculturated nor acclimatised with the system of things because you come back home without adopting the same style of their dressing. Though they are millionaires and billionaires, though they are men of substance and means, yet they are very simple in their dressing. From where did they learn their simplicity? They learn from the Bible after hearing the words of God. When Queen Elizabeth made her royal visit to Nigeria, she appeared in the most modest and the simplest dresses which bamboozled a great many Nigerians. Personality does not consist in clothes and the word of God does no consist in clothes either. It is shameful to dress like a masquerade. When you dress in a flowing curious manner, some parts having wings like angels and others with unnecessary flourishes, it tantamount to disgrace, mere pretentious and ostentation. That is Satanic.

I have disgraced the whole world. That is why when you suit up, dressed with flowing gowns with an intention at this premises of seeing the Father but when you realise your folly, you soon change your mind because you cannot see the Father, as you are not properly dressed. And you then rush home to change to white before seeing the Father. Why did you not come with the worldly dress? This is an indication of those who do not believe in God. They are those who continue to wear all kinds of dresses that do not depict them as the heavenly hosts. They are infidels and unbelievers. If you observe how I look at the world you would not fail to wink your eyes, because I look at the inhabitants of the world as very minute and infinitesimal objects. It is how God looks at the world.
As the Leader that I am, you are witnesses that, I always demonstrate to you nothing else but the best examples. Do you not see how I move between 34 Ambo Street and 26 Mbukpa Road? It is very simple, economical to move between the two places with the natural means of impressive dresses and jump into a car and drive between the two places. By the way, where will these dresses lead you? Is it not mere pretence? It is said when you see the dead body, tears will come from your eyes. How many of you do tears come out of your eyes even though you have all seen the dead person? That is the Leadership I have come to provide the whole world.
I have never used a dead turtle while consulting my oracle; it is always the life turtle. Since I was born I have been as natural as I am. I have never used any type of ointment like Vaseline, pomade, Avon either on the head or on the body. If you use any type of ointment, it means you do not believe in God.

Sometimes ago, around 1960, I stood there at 26 Mbukpa when members came with their ear rings and necklaces, bangles and chains, I collected from them all, and others who were coming on the way were warned to remove theirs because something had happened. As at then, none wore such things inside or outside. But now as soon as you move out from this compound you wear all sorts of chains and bangles and earrings with crackles like the hunter’s dogs. If you are confronted, you will defend that you are going to your office, or that you are attending a function. If you see a Deaconess attending a function, you will have the greatest shock of your life. What will she preach to people when she appears in such a mood? People outside the fold will point at her and ask if she is not a Brotherhood. Is that not the work of darkness?

This does not imply that you should not wear shoes but that whatever you wear should be common and simple. Live moderately and be not high-minded because all the expensive apparels are nothing. As for earrings, wig, necklaces, bangles, gold, high-heeled shoes, you must not wear them again either in this Kingdom or in any other place. Tell the people in your office that Brotherhood does not put on earrings, necklaces, bangles, finger rings, expensive dresses, no person plaits her hair, every person lives the life of modesty. The same condition will apply to all the inhabitants of the world. If you continue to plait your hair and put on these forbidden apparels, it means you have not yet entered into the Kingdom. These instructions will be embodied in the handbook and if you fail to comply then you have yourself to blame. It is astonishing to find somebody buying one yard of cloth for hundreds of naira and the tailor charges seventy naira. Why are you so extravagant? The same can be said of the hair you pay twenty naira, tomorrow you change to another style and pay forty naira for it and next day you change to perming and coiling and you are charged between N60.00 and N150.00. That is the end of it. You cannot continue with these abominable lives any longer in this Kingdom of God. It can never happen again.
I do not want to see you with gold, if you have any throw them away, for such things are not required in this Kingdom. That is one of the things that constitute fornication and the sign of Satan. The angels are now being sent out to check those who still lust after these things, and if you are found with these things they will treat you as unbeliever because you have the mark of the “beast” on you. But we have been sealed with the mark of the children of God.
You do not realise that I AM ON THE HEAVEN OF HEAVENS, THE HIGHEST HEAVEN DECLARING THIS WORD UNTO ALL THE INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD, to all nations in the world and to heaven and earth. And all inhabitants of the world must carry out these instructions to the letter. I am making this declaration with tears in my eyes and sorrow in my heart, because despite all the gospels delivered among you, you are so stiff-necked, so hard-hearted, so disobedient and obdurate that you have refused to comply yourself. It seems that the work that is being done in your midst is going to be put to disuse. What is gold or silver, or earring, or plaiting of hair or expensive clothes? What is required is righteousness, and gentle spirit, humility, truth, and purity of life. Any man or woman, who does not comply with this advice, has not yet shown his or her preparedness to enter into this Kingdom of God. Notice that preaching is not as hard as practising the word of God.

As many as you are in the Kingdom, be you men or women who neither wear ear rings, nor necklaces, nor plait your hair, not wear bangles, nor ring, nor wig, nor expensive clothes, but you are simple and modest, dress in a mode indicative of shamefacedness and sobriety, and in addition you should be meek, gentle, good, righteous, truthful, and respectful, you will realise that it will not be difficult to convert every person in the world.
Now have we attained the wisdom of the truth? What I am telling you is already practised by some denominations. They neither wear expensive apparels, nor plait their hair and I can mention a few of them. Members of Jehovah Witnesses do not plait their hair. Do you see them with earrings and bangles and necklaces? When they see you with these ornaments and you profess before them to be children of God, they will not fail to laugh you to scorn. They are people of the world, who have not seen this Kingdom. The Apostolic Faith and the Faith Tabernacle members do not wear all these ornaments nor do they plait their hair and wear expensive garments. But look at you, the children of the Kingdom, you go about disgracing God and yourselves by plaiting hairs and weaving metallic ornaments.

DID THE ISRAELITES STUMBLE IN ORDER TO FAIL? NO. IT WAS BECAUSE OF THEIR MISTAKE THAT THE GENTILES WERE SAVED. BE CAREFUL THAT OTHERS SHOULD NOT BE SAVED THROUGH YOUR OFFENCES. In this context, if a member of Jehovah witnesses comes into Brotherhood, she will not have any problem, if any member from Apostolic Faith and the Faith Tabernacle comes here she will not have any problem also because they are already used to the conditions. But you who have remained here since its inception will be thrown overboard because of your recalcitrance and disobedience. When such person comes in they will easily practise the word of God, but you who claim to be Deaconess, a Prophetess, an Elder, a Chorister, a Christ student, Christ servant, “Obu’s child”, you continue to wear these things, where are you? Is that not the sign of the beast?
Earring cannot grant you entry into the Kingdom nor can necklaces, bangles, finger rings, plaiting of hair, expensive clothes take you into the Kingdom. It is only righteousness, gentle spirit, and purity that can offer you admission into the kingdom. Whenever an animal escapes a trap or snare no other animal will pass through the way of the snare but with men the position is different. If a man is caught in a snare, another person will still fall into it, and yet another person will still fall into the same snare, and yet man say he is very wise.

Do you know that plaiting of hair is an aspect of fornication? If you watch carefully, you will discover that some people plait their hair with different styles, some high and some to the side, some scatter the hair on the head, others punctuate the hair with beads. Is it not tending towards fornication and lust? And you have been taught not to be lustful. If you profess to be a child of this Kingdom, whether you are man or woman you should be mindful of wearing finger rings, ear rings, other types of rings.
Do not plait your hairs again, do not steal money to buy expensive apparel, but wear only very simple dresses and add to this love, mercy, righteousness, gentle spirit, humility, meekness; and put on such things that depict shamefacedness and sobriety before God but not excessive decorations and ornaments. God does not require it because it amounts to disgrace. I will repeat this sermon on Sunday when the NTA will cover it because the NTA is not here this night to carry the message to the listening public. I will therefore, repeat it on Sunday so that it is carried to all listeners, even though newspaper will carry the message. The purpose of repeating it is to disgrace all the women who profess to be Christians and Brotherhood women who suffer from hard hearing, and itching ears.

From now till December, all women must stop plaiting their hairs and rather have them cut. If you continue to plait your hair, while you are a Deaconess, you will lose your position. If you are a Chorister you will not sing again for God. If you want to continue to sing you will sing for Satan. If you are a Christ student you will be removed, if you are a Christ servant, or an Elder or a Prophetess, you will be removed. Whatever you are do not continue to plait your hair. Even if there are only two or three who are prepared to practise the gospel I will not mind because the time is at hand, in fact it is at the door.
Observe the long patience of God. It is said the Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is long suffering towards us and not willing that anyone should perish but that all should come to repentance. You are not afraid to carry all pieces of metals on your plaited hair and kneel before the Father to pray for you and while placing my hand on your head something sharp pierce my hand. You are not ashamed to see the Father with such instruments. The first lesson will now be read.


Brethren, have you heard what is read unto you. You have to show the light for the people to follow you. Let it be considered that we are stewards, and stewards must be found faithful. Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is the light of the world. You, therefore, must go forth to shine so that people may walk in the light. Tell the head of your Department that this instrument is an everlasting covenant imparted from the throne of God. It is decreed that every person must be very simple and modest in his dressing. If your boss is a woman, tell her that she should not wear gold or silver or expensive dresses. She should neither wear earring nor necklace, nor plait her hair but that all should be very simple in their dressing.

Have you noticed that if you go to Lagos, most women use the white head tie, even most Church denominations wear the white uniform. If you do not wear earrings, bangles, necklace and if you do not plait your hair, you will realise that within a short time you will convert the whole world.
At first most church denominations never use to go on blessing, but now all of them try to go on blessing. You are also aware that in the past the church denomination knew nothing about feast always celebrated in Brotherhood, but today they are celebrating the feast. In Government offices, the people celebrate the feast, in the companies, in firms and mercantile houses feast is being celebrated, even in villages and communities feast is being celebrated as Brotherhood celebrates. In the light of this we have to show forth this illumination because it is only when coming to 34 Ambo Street that you remove your shoes, and ear rings, bangles and necklaces and comb your hair, but as soon as you move out to the periphery of the compound you put back your shoes and ear rings and bangles and plait your hairs. That amounts to eye-service.

You are God’s building, you are God’s husbandry and you are the city of God and so you have to keep your body holy not only when you come here but also throughout your life. And until eternity, sanctity and purity should be mode of life in this Kingdom. From now till eternity NO WOMAN SHOULD MAKE HOLES IN HER EARS, NO PERSON SHOULD WEAR EARRINGS, BANGLES, NECKLACES, FINGER RINGS AND NO PERSON SHOULD PLAIT HER HAIR. NO PERSON SHOULD SPEND HEAVY SUMS OF MONEY ON EXPENSIVE CLOTHES. You must go the simple way, and show the life of modest for others to follow.
Our Lord Jesus Christ has bought us with His precious blood. Therefore we are His forever and so no person has the right to behave, as He likes. You cannot make your hair as you like. You must not wear anything you like but must be controlled by Him. When you put on the finger ring or the earring, you have committed adultery and fornication against our Lord Jesus Christ. When you use gold whether you wear it as earrings, or necklaces or as bangles, then you have adulterated the body of our Lord Jesus Christ. When you plait your hair in any mode or style or wear wig, you have disgraced our Lord Jesus Christ. There must not be found any differences between men and women in this new Kingdom.

It is said, there is neither Jew nor Greek, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian bond nor free, neither man nor woman but Christ is all and in all. Do you not sow the seed of division? If there are ten persons in the house, five of them plait their hair, wear ear rings, chains, necklaces and bangles but the other five have a good hair cut and do not wear any ornaments, is that not an indication of division between the two groups? When people, who are invited, gather together some wear very simple, modest and cheap garments; there is definitely division among them. What is the usefulness of wearing all these ornaments? A woman plaits one style of hair and pays so much and next week she goes in for another style. She changes style every week and spends much money on plaiting of hair alone. Will it not be simpler and cheaper if she cuts her hair and pay only fifty kobo or one naira and for the next two months she does not have to spend money again on her hair.

What stupendous action do you take when you spend your hard earned money plaiting, perming, washing, retouching, curling and reconditioning your hair with very expensive materials and oil like shampoos, setting lotions, relaxers, conditioners and neutraliser? Did you create yourself? Why should you use your body in such a stupendous way? Brethren, what I tell you now I am not speaking of my own volition, but God is speaking to you now that your adoring should not be the outward adoring of plaiting of hair and of ostentatious modes of dressing which are neither seen by God nor our Lord Jesus Christ nor are they pleasing in His sight; nor are they seen by any person but if you do not tell lies, nor prostitute, nor steal, nor cause trouble and confusion, nor indulge in the preparations of concoction, these are pleasing in the sight of God.

All the actions taken by the various church denominations in BUYING NEW CLOTHES FOR WEDDING AND FUNERALS BETRAY THEIR STUPIDITY AND THEIR UNBELIEF. If you watch how I look at these people when they came in here with various modes of costly dresses, high heeled shoes, large and cumbrous headgears, you would be sorry for them. Of course I do not take cognisance of them at all because they look very much like demons, and Satan. When you read REVELATION CHAPTER 17, YOU WILL SEE THAT WOMAN, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS SITTING UPON A SCARLET COLOURED BEASTS, ARRAYED IN PURPLE AND SCARLET COLOUR AND DECKED WITH GOLD AND PRECIOUS STONE AND PEARLS. HOW PEOPLE DRESS IS VERY SIMILAR TO HER APPARELS.
What do you think is the result of putting on costly apparel and wearing of gold and plaiting of hair? They are all signs of prostitution. The moment you dress in that mode, you become a centre of attraction and will create sensation so much that you deceive people. A man of God should not behave in that way and from now on all of you must not behave in such ostentatious mode any longer, but I know that there are some persons here, who from the day they were elected do not wear any ear ring, nor bangle, nor necklaces, nor finger ring nor expensive dresses, nor plait their hair. I know them and can mention a few of them. They are regarded by majority as being extremely humble and meek and that it is not the true expression of worshipping God because they do not wear expensive dresses. Have you realised that whosoever persists in wearing expensive apparels has not heard the word of God and does not know God?

Since the inhabitants of the world are eagerly waiting for such a gospel as this, I will make a repeat delivery of this gospel so that they can identify you when you wear expensive dresses, or gold or silver or necklace, or bangles or ear rings, or finger rings, or plait your hair, and they will rebuke and ask whether you have not heard what the Father preaches to you. I want you to be ashamed of yourself in Brotherhood.
The gospel to be delivered on Sunday will belong to the whole world and not only you. But since they want to see and thrust their fingers into the print of the nails, when they see on Sunday on the television they will always call your attention to what the Father has advised. They will promptly tell you “Sister, I THINK YOU ARE A DEACONESS, WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO DRESS IN THIS MODE, WHY DO YOU PERM YOUR HAIR, WEAR GOLD AND SILVER, CONDITION YOUR BODY, PAINT YOUR LIPS AND EYE LIDS, BLEACH YOUR FACE. I shall see how you will keep your face, and where you will keep your plaiting and decorating materials. An intelligent child sees danger far off and takes precaution but a foolish child wants to wait until the danger moves near before he begins to find a way of escape. Do not disgrace God any longer, because he is not a God of disgrace.

This is the final place of learning. Right now every person wants to do what is done in Brotherhood and you must walk according to the footsteps of the Leader, who does not seduce your wife or husband and does not take your money or children but who shows you His exemplary style of life which all the inhabitants of the world must adopt otherwise whoever resists the adoption stands condemned. Our Lord Jesus Christ has advised that whoever will be the greatest must first be a servant. He has also said somewhere else that whosoever is the greatest must enslave himself to others. What do you understand by these statements of our Lord Jesus Christ? Whosoever wants to be the greatest must be a servant and the greatest must also be a servant. This portrays ‘equality’.

I, your Father, do not wear shoes, but this does not imply that you should not wear shoes to the office, but your shoes should be very cheap and simple ones, because no person lives by such articles of dressing. Do not spend too much money to buy shoes or other articles of clothing, which you will never use. For the Deaconesses, from now on, they must dress modestly and this simple mode of dressing must be adopted by the Presidents, the Governors, the Prime Ministers, the Kings, the Emperors, the Traditional Rulers, the Lawyers, the Millionaires and people of all stations in life. You must all lead a life of simplicity and modesty so that you neither disgrace yourself or your God.
As I am imparting this gospel, the angels have been sent down to check and inspect and as you are being told, the whites and all others are being advised that our mode of life is not pleasing in the sight of God. Right now many people are going round the world imparting and disseminating the information to all parts of the world, the visionaries, the dreamers, the preachers and many others are now carrying this information to all nook and corners and many people are quite ready to live a life of simplicity and modesty, with shamefacedness and sobriety.

In every civilised country like the United States and United Kingdom, though the people are millionaires, you will discover that each person does not have more than three pairs of dresses at a time, a pyjamas (sleeping clothes) a business dress, and a dress for going to worship God. What about you? You have more than three large boxes full of clothes; some are displayed in the wardrobe, a box for shoes, another for ties and other things, trinket box, box of gold and for other ornaments. When you see other clothes, you will be attracted for that reason, you steal and deceive people and obtain money under false pretences. What time is left at your disposal to serve God? Do you think the Kingdom of God consist in these dresses?
Do you think that when we are talking about whoremongers and adulterers and adulteresses, we mean going to lie down on the bed with a man or woman? It refers to all those who plait their hair and wear gold and silver and dress in costly apparels; such persons are adulterers. Do you know that fornication, snuffing, smoking, drinking, stealing, lying, indulging yourself in the preparation of concoction, plaiting hair, wearing ear- ring, necklaces, bangles, rings and expensive dresses amount to prostitution and whoever do these things is in the same boat as a drunkard, harlot, snuffer and smokers.

Do you know that the owner of the vineyard has come? Why is it that people have refused to refrain from drinking? When they drink, they break people’s heads, they quarrel and fight. Why do you not stop wearing expensive dresses? What is the reason for ostentatious dresses?
Any person, who wears a simple dress to the Post Office, will remain there a whole day unable to buy even a stamp. Any girl who wears a simple dress and stand by the road side will not be recognised by any man, no person will even talk to her. This explains why you put on expensive apparels and gold, and plait your hair, but I tell you that such is abominable in the sight of God. But this has been said that not long the pride of the world will cease. It is said this world is passing away with its lusts and affections but whosoever does the will of God lives forever. You will observe that this world and all its lusts, gold, silver, costly dresses; ornamental and decorative materials are now passing away. This is the era of the reign of our Lord Jesus Christ. The scriptures have remind us that we did not bring anything into this world and it is certain that we shall not take anything out from it. And having food and raiment let us be there with content.

Notice how lucky you are now. You no longer involve yourselves in extravagant living. The gold-smith cannot take your money again, a beautician does not take your money again, the hair dressers does not cheat you again no matter what their charges are. You only cut your hair like a young man and you are free from such extravagance. That is exactly what God wants and that you be peaceful, be patient, be humble, and seek after godliness and righteousness. God only wants us to lead a godly life acceptable in His sight.
I can detect the difference between the life of the people in the world and that in Brotherhood. At Christmas times, there are always divorces and separations because if the husband does not give expensive clothes to the wife, the marriage will break up, the same thing happens during the Easter season, and at other festive periods, but in Brotherhood there are neither Christmas nor Easter dresses. Every person wears the white and there is no difference in the mode of dress and the demand for other types of dresses is always at bay.

Can you now see that in Brotherhood and its numerous fellowships and celebrations, if I were to say that people should wear anything they like for worship or for fellowship meeting or for launching, some people would wear dresses with mullet-colour like the sun, others would dress ostentatiously, others would not attend at all because they could not afford changing their dresses everyday. And so as it is, we all wear the white and no person can raise an eyebrow. But outside this place where people believe in putting on new dresses for all occasions, which they cannot afford, they will resort to stealing, or to prostituting or swindling or deceit and blaspheme against your God so that you have a new dress for Sunday. Such behaviour leads you straight to hell.
You should learn from the Leader. Do you not see what He puts on? Dressed in shirt and short like a schoolboy, indeed that is the most costly dress in the world. It goes without saying that preaching the word of God does not change any person, but when people observe your own behaviour, your mode of dress by not plaiting your hair, not wearing gold or silver or expensive apparel, that alone will convince them more than anything else. People are fed up with the various modes of dressing. When you put on any other dress outside white that amounts to roguery and swindling. You are a man dressed in tattered dress and you have not had the word of God because you fast and accumulate money in order to buy gold for your wife, buy expensive clothes and watches and shoes for her, can you see you fan the embers of coal to burn fast?
The lesson I now impart to you is not taken from a book, it is not gained from another person but is a manifestation of my lifestyle supported by the words of God. I have told you before that it was only in December 1944 during Christmas that I put on suit and tie for the first and the last time. Since then I cannot think of myself wearing such again because I am not a prisoner to continue to tie my neck. I live a simple life, I do not read it from a book, nor did I learn it from anyone but I was born with it. It is pleasing in the sight of God. THE EXPENSIVE DRESSES WE PUT ON, THE GOLD, THE APPARELS WE PUT ON ARE ALL ABOMINABLE IN THE SIGHT OF GOD. We now have to stage a go back to our original custom of wearing simple things. Our second lesson will now be read. If you are sleeping, the Deaconess Handbook will tell you all.


Brethren, have you heard that? You claim you want to serve God, you plait your hair, buy gold ring and bangles, put on expensive dresses, which God do you want to serve? You are told here that, as long as you can keep yourselves within the virtues of God, the virtues of love, of truth, of peace, of joy, of patience; that is profitable in the sight of God. Quarrelling is not expedient with women, nor is exasperation; laziness, theft, deceit, fighting, fornication and other vices are expedient with them. However they are very precious phenomena before God, the hidden treasures of God. So if a woman tells lies, steals, and fornicates the heavens will cry and weep and wail and mourn. As for the man, he is fit to go to prison; he is fit to be indebted to the people. Death is also good with the man but not for woman at all because a woman should be given to the truth, to goodness, to temperance, to patience, to humility, to love and peace and to joy, to self-control and lowliness of the heart.

I am praying God to spare your life to see the glory, which He had kept for the women. Because in this new world, whoever will obey the instruction of God will lead others, and reap the fruits of their brow. Remember when Adam and Eve fell from the grace of God, what did He say to Eve? What did He say to the serpent? The Lord God said unto the serpent, because you have done this by betraying the man, you are cursed above all cattle and above every beast of the field, upon your belly shall you walk and dust shall you eat all the days of your life. I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed, it will bruise your head and you will bruise his heel. Can you see what happened to all types of serpents, African python, cobra, rattlesnake, boa constrictor and others; they have nothing to eat apart from dust.
He said to the woman since you obeyed the serpent, I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception and you will suffer in your travail, in sorrow you will bring forth children, your desire will be to your husband and you will perpetually be controlled by a man. He turned unto the man and said because you have hearkened unto the voice of the woman and have eaten the fruit of the tree, cursed, is the ground for thy sake. In sorrow will you eat of it all the days of your life. You will suffer a great deal before you can make out a living from the soil. In sorrow shall you eat of it all the days of your life. Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth to you and you will eat herbs of the field. In the sweat of your face will you eat bread until you go back to the ground.
To Adam also He added, “For out of the sand of the earth were you made, for you are dust and unto dust shall you return”. Can you see the root cause of our suffering? That is why, if a man and a woman visit somebody’s house, instead of giving that man money, he will be given some intoxicating liquor to drink but money will be given to the woman. The man will not be given a kobo. And so wherever a person finds himself if he does not work hard, he cannot obtain even one kobo.

In matters of warfare, women are not at all involved. Men go to war though women also enlist in the army yet only men are really involved in the actual battle where they are killed and taken as war prisoners and women who are captured are usually spared their lives. From the beginning warfare had never been an occupation of women. Men have, from time immemorial, been exposed to pugnacious tendencies. They are enlisted and conscripted into the army and sometimes they declare wars on themselves and kill themselves because of their foolishness. But the Almighty God has kept women in a very safe and secure place. Men are breadwinners and they have to fend for themselves and their families. During the quests for these things, they are engaged with others in either tribal or inter-tribal wars, international wars, global wars and civil wars. They only suffer because of their stupidity but now you will be alive to witness the glory, which God had preserved for women, and they will enjoy that glory in this generation.

It is shameful and disgraceful for a woman to steal, or to fornicate, or tell lies, or to go on prostitution, or to be indebted to people or to drink and smoke and snuff. A woman is a vessel of love, of peace, of truth, of joy, of patience, of mercy, of humility, of purity, of righteousness, of self-control, of meekness, of precious intrinsic value for Jehovah God and His Christ. Women are the mothers of the world. When you plant your crops you harvest abundantly. That is why God chastens the child He loves and scourges every child He receives. The brightness of our future is dependent upon the goodness of our womenfolk. WHEN THE WOMEN ARE GOOD, THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BE GOOD ALSO. The mothers spoil children; women mislead husbands. If you look into all matrimonial homes you will discover that 99% of a hundred marriages that break are caused either by the mother of the wife or the mother of the husband. The fathers are not, as a matter of fact, responsible for any trouble in their children’s marriage homes because they are ignorant of what goes on there but the mothers who also poke nose into the affairs of their children are responsible for all the problems in the houses. All children are not so close to the fathers and therefore do not confide in them. All the confusion and trouble which children cause in the world are

attributable to the mothers of the children.
Remember when Herod celebrated the anniversary of his birthday, when Salome the daughter of Herodias danced dextrously before the people and Herod was pleased. He therefore promised with an oath to give her whatever she should ask. Not knowing what to ask for, she went to the mother for advice. The mother advised and instructed her to demand the head of John the Baptist in a charger. Can you bear the type of advice she gave to her daughter? In doing this she was satisfied that she had an opportunity to vent her revenge on John, because John had rebuked Herod that it was not lawful for him to marry Herodias the wife of his half brother Herod Philip. She, therefore, thought the best revenge for John’s rebuke was to demand for his murder. What was she going to do with the head of John the Baptist?
Is that not malice? So brethren, if women were to have patience, peace, love, humility, endurance, meekness, goodness, mind without malice, faith and self-control, then this world would have been a good place for all to live comfortably.

Men look at things outwardly, finding food for the family and how will they get money to send home. They are not mindful of little things, which matter. They always search afar off, leaving their immediate surrounding but women appear to be slow water that runs deep, to them charity begins at home. They are more meticulous. A woman can stay in London to run the whole of Nigeria, she does not come to Nigeria, you do not even see her here but she runs this country from outside. Any person who wants to commit any malice or atrocities, he must pass through a woman before he can succeed. That is why God is speaking to you now that when you know the truth, when you begin to practise truth, the whole world will rise in concert and follow you.
When anything happens and you ask a woman her opinion on the matter, she will tell you she knows nothing and that being a woman she has nothing to do there. This is erroneous; she has played an important role in the happening. A great many of you here, your wives have not followed you. If your wife is not a good woman she can ask you to you withdraw your membership. If you watch the Brotherhood world you will notice that about 99% of the Brotherhood population are either women or men brought by women. Not only in Brotherhood but everywhere else. Women are faster and more pushful than the men. What men cannot do, women can do. You have heard that a certain king lived and when David wanted to wage war against him the wife advised him that he should take the course of peace, before embarking on warfare.

If you have a good woman in the government, in the church, in the family, in the village or in any other place, there will be peace, love and truth. Men are very vocal in discouraging that women should be left alone. I do not leave them even an inch. Whatever a man is doing, rise up and do it. You complain you cannot pray, but I say rise up and pray. You complain you cannot preach, you have no knowledge, you have no experience but I say rise up and join hands together so that we can build this Kingdom. All women must rise up and all hands must be on deck. Men are fire but women are water. Can you quench water with fire? Always water is employed to put out fire. No matter how high the flame of fire, once water is poured on it, it will automatically quench itself. They are indications of peace. That is why no matter how things are difficult when a woman steps in everything is simplified.

God has given to the women power to teach, to instruct, to protect, to watch, to respect and honour, to pamper and nurture; and that explains why it is the women who brought forth the Lord. If you watch carefully, you will discover that a woman is more merciful than the man, more loving, more truthful and more humble than the man. Taking all in all women excel than the men because your father will run away and abandon you to fend for your life but your mother has never left you for a day. She sinks and swims with you.
This is therefore the opportunity for women to rise up and take the reins of everything, do not be despondent. The men bring about the problems we all have in the world. Since Queen Elizabeth took over the reins of government the government of the United Kingdom is very peaceful. There are not even rumours of wars. Wherever a woman rules, there is peace, unlike the rule of men which is attended with strife and manoeuvres. Brethren, I do not wish to over load you, the golden text will now be read.


Brethren, have you heard that? That is the only way out for every woman. From now women of all walks of life throughout the world must cut their hair like the men. Every woman must cut her hair low befitting the position of a child of God. This is so because this is the era for women so that wherever you go you can pray, preach and express your opinion like any other person. There is neither man nor woman. When you cut your hair as low as that of the men you are brother and sister, no person is a centre of attraction.

If you trim your hair it becomes disgraceful and awkward for you to wear earring or necklace, bangles or gold. But it is relatively very simple for you to cut low your hair. Many have already cut their hair. In this Kingdom there is neither man nor woman but Christ is all and in all. When you saw our Lord Jesus Christ, did you see Him with earring, gold, necklaces, bangles, finger rings? Did you see Him with plaited hair? So brethren glorify Him.

The Kingdom of God does not consist in these ornamental decorations and dresses and plaiting of hair but in peace and joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost. St Paul has said when he was a child he speaks like a child, he understood as a child, but when he became a man he put away childish things. Like St Paul you all are now old enough to put away childish things. You are now old and must follow the wind of change blowing across the world in this new age. It is, therefore, incumbent upon all the inhabitants of the world to adopt this change and dress in a way, which shows simplicity and modesty, the simple life of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A large proportion of our sufferings and afflictions result from plaiting the hair. When you plait your hair, it is indicative of the fact that you do not believe in God. When the inspecting angels going round the world find you with plaited hair, they will see at once that you have the mark of the beast and will regard you as an unbeliever, and you then have yourself to blame. And now war has been launched through the world with all women against plaiting of hair, and wearing of gold and silver, necklaces, bangles, earrings, finger rings, and expensive dresses.
In compliance with this instructions, go back home and sell all your laces and other expensive dresses, your gold trinkets, your high-heeled shoes, your rings and other decorations, as well as various oils and ointment. We have to abandon this style of life and adopt the simple and modest life of our Father that we may live to build this world because the new world has fallen into the hands of both men and women to build. And you are aware that in this Kingdom there is neither a man nor woman but Christ is all and in all. Men must be used in the world, women must be employed, children must be employed, old men must also be employed in the work of building the Kingdom, and all hands must be on deck. Do not keep yourself apart that you are a woman; we must join hands together in the construction process.

In the past, when you were going on a journey, you were fond of plaiting your hair, wearing expensive apparel, wearing gold and heavy trinket, with high shoes and heavy handbags. It has now ended; there is no more chance for such make-ups. From now on such state of affairs have been called to a halt. If you cut low your hair, you can stand here and deliver a sermon as a man, because Christ is everything to every man.
This is the glad tiding of great joy, which I have brought to you. There is, in this Kingdom, neither man nor woman, our Lord Jesus Christ is all and in all. If a woman neither plaits her hair, nor puts on expensive dresses, nor wears earring, nor bangles, nor necklaces, nor finger ring, if she neither steals nor snuffs, nor quarrels, nor fights, what stops her from preaching the word of God. As long as you continue to plait your hair and wear gold and expensive apparels, it means that you have not heard the words of God. Any woman who continues to pierce her ear to put on earrings, bangles, necklaces and plait her hair, has not heard the word of God, she is yet ignorant. Any person, who rejects these instructions, rejects God’s instructions.

Any man who buys gold for his wife, and ear ring, bangles, necklaces, rings, other trinkets, expensive clothes and give her money to plait her hair is not only Satanic but abominable. A man who knows himself must also know it is ungodly to wear gold, to plait hair, to wear expensive dresses and will surely bring it to bear on his household not to plait hair, wear gold and costly dress, but simple modest apparel. God does not require these modes of dress but truth, love, peace, joy, long suffering, righteousness, patience, humility, meekness, self-control and purity.
Now if you abide by His gospel, you will have peace, prosperity, the light of God will shine unto you, good health and your eyes will be opened and you will see the glory of God. You should take note that all those who have this mark of the beast, will be destroyed from the surface of the earth. When you read Revelation 14: 6 – 12 you will see what I am telling you.

So brethren, it is said one stroke of the cane is sufficient for the wise, I do not wish to be tedious unto you. Those who have ears let them hear. May God bless his holy words. Amen.

Thank you Good Father

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“And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold the Tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away” (Rev 21:3-4)